Grimm s02e11 Episode Script

To Protect and Serve Man

All units, report of a 4-15, disturbance in progress.
Pine and Southeast 57th Avenue.
Unit 18, copy, en route.
I live here, there's a terrible fight.
Please, ma'am, get back in your house! Unit 18, request backup! Police! We're coming in! This one's gone.
- I got a pulse.
- 10-71.
in the southeast quadrant, I'm gonna need an ambulance.
I have two down.
Something's moving! Police! Stay down! You're under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
Those guys they're animals! I'm advising you to remain silent.
Didn't you see them? - Don't move! - What are they? What the hell are they? They looked like monsters.
Listen no! Don't move.
No, no, no, listen to me! They wanted to eat me.
Don't let 'em get me! No! They were trying to kill me.
They're monsters! They were already out of eclairs.
Thanks, I'll get the next one.
Hank, you already got this one, which I didn't even get you.
What? Oh, sorry.
You okay? Yeah, I guess.
"Yeah, I guess" means no.
I ever tell you about this guy I arrested seven years ago, Craig Ferren? I don't think so.
Shot two brothers.
One died was a local councilman or something.
Brothers were unarmed.
Ferren was an Iraq vet, had some issues.
Got sentenced to death.
What about it? Well, when I arrested Ferren, he claimed the two brothers turned into some kind of monsters.
Tried to attack him.
I have a feeling I know where this is going.
The guy's claims were totally outrageous.
There was no evidence to support anything he was saying.
I walked into that house that night, those two brothers looked pretty damn human.
Anyway, my testimony helped land Ferren on death row.
And now you have a new perspective as to what Ferren said he saw.
Ferren could be telling the truth, right? Maybe.
Yeah, maybe he was just high or drunk.
Maybe he was telling a story to justify what he'd done.
Or maybe he saw something that can't easily be explained.
There's always that.
Look, I need your help on this one.
You want confirmation.
Well, if it's a Grimm thing or not, wouldn't you? Well, I can't do that without taking a look at the evidence, talking to the defendant Thanks, Nick.
I was hoping you would say that.
Craig Ferren is scheduled to be executed tomorrow night at 9:00 P.
We've got 361/2 hours.
Ferren not only claimed that he saw The Kreski brothers turn into hideous monsters, he also claimed they were cannibals.
At the time, it all sounded ridiculous.
Fangs, claws Like he was building an insanity plea.
Even if what Ferren saw was real, believing him it's not gonna get him off death row.
We gotta find something concrete, something that The rest of us could believe.
Detective Robert Anderson worked the Ferren case.
What happened to him? Works white collar for the feds now.
I'll give him a call.
Yeah, I'm aware of that.
No, I haven't forgotten.
I just I got pulled away on some business at city hall.
Yeah, I'll be in soon.
Craig Ferren shot two innocent, unarmed men.
All evidence showed the crime was premeditated, and his guilt was undeniable.
Ferren admitted he was the shooter.
No, we're not saying Ferren didn't do it.
Well, then what the hell are you doing? Some of Ferren's claims may have been justified.
He may have been attacked.
Find evidence the Kreski brothers had weapons? - No, that's not it.
- Then what? Craig Ferren accused the Kreski brothers of being cannibals.
We conducted a thorough search of Kreskis' house, found absolutely nothing.
But did you dig up their yard? Check the rest of their property? We interviewed friends, neighbors, co-workers.
You're talking about two guys who were liked and respected by everyone in their community.
And, no, I did not dig up their damn backyard.
Hank, you're not responsible for this guy being on death row.
He's responsible.
Let justice prevail.
Don't get me wrong.
I like Nick a lot.
But you don't love him.
I don't know if I love him, I just met it feels like I just met him.
So what's wrong with that? You know, I wish I could re-meet my husband again.
It's a little bit more complicated than that.
Complicated? There's someone else.
"No"? Really, no? Like I said, it's complicated.
So what's Mr.
Complicated's name? That's not important.
- Are you sleeping with him? - No, no.
- You're sleeping with Nick.
- No! I'm not sleeping with anybody.
But you have feelings for this other guy.
I don't understand it.
I barely know this other guy, but I can't stop thinking about him, and it's driving me crazy.
Monique Dyson? Detective Burkhardt, Detective Griffin.
Is this about Craig? I was the arresting officer.
Can we talk to you for a moment? I thought you looked familiar.
What do you want? I want to try to help him if I can.
Why? Well, it's hard to explain, but some of the cases we've been working on recently have Given us kind of a new perspective.
And we want to apply that to Craig's case while there's still time.
We met at Oregon state.
I was studying marketing.
Craig wanted to be a mechanical engineer.
He dropped out to join the army.
He was very patriotic.
Iraq changed him.
He came back with terrible headaches, nightmares.
He could never sleep through the night.
Wasn't he being treated for PTSD? You wanna call it that.
He was prescribed a bunch of drugs, which he downed with alcohol, though he'd hardly ever been much of a drinker.
We know he was arrested.
Dui, couple of public drunkenness charges, got into a few scuffles.
Craig had his issues, but he wasn't a murderer.
He was just starting to get his life back together when all this happened.
The prosecution, the media they called him a "loose Cannon," a "ticking time bomb.
" That could not be further from the truth.
It's ironic, isn't it? That Craig's the one being portrayed as the monster.
So you believe him? I'm not inside Craig's head.
I don't know what he saw, but I believe he saw what he said he did.
It haunted him.
Still does.
Everyone told him he was crazy, so he started to believe that he was.
He even told me that he didn't want to see me anymore.
I just didn't listen to him.
Has anyone else seen these letters? Yeah.
I represented Craig Ferren at his murder trial.
Lot of good it did.
I filed every appeal I could, and every one of them was rejected.
Unfortunately, he got the legal defense he could afford.
According to the transcripts, you only called one character witness, Ferren's girlfriend, Monique.
Guys, she was the only one that really got along with him.
What about some of his army buddies? Good idea.
So on cross-examination the jury could hear about how well he handled a gun? What an efficient killer he was? I'm a public defender.
I'm not a miracle worker.
I deal with 15 cases a day.
I have no personal life.
Can I offer anybody a tissue? Did you investigate any of Ferren's claims? What, about the Kreski brothers? I looked into them.
They were clean.
And if they were cannibals, they must have ate up all the evidence.
Did Ferren ever describe to you what they looked like when they were monsters? Oh, he did better than that.
Ferren drew these.
I submitted them to the judge.
When she stopped laughing, she refused to let them be entered into evidence.
His psych evaluation said he knew the difference between right and wrong.
This could just be a wild goose chase.
Not a goose, wild or otherwise.
A Wendigo.
Wendigo? That doesn't sound German.
It's not.
This is from 1759.
"After the disappearance "of the magistrate and his wife, "I tracked what I believed to be a Wildermann "through Starksboro into the Camel's Hump forest.
"It was there I first heard of the mythical Wendigo "from the chieftain of the algonquin tribe "that had provided me refuge for the night.
"I soon learned "that these terrifying beasts are no myth.
"I came upon the cave of the Wendigo, "rife with human remains, having been the scene of many murders and cannibalistic acts.
" "Two days later, I encountered "the Wendigo himself.
"His eyes seemed to glow.
"His breath was hideous "with the horrible stench of burned flesh.
"I made the terrible mistake of wounding him, "which only made him more ferocious.
"I was lucky to escape with my life, as I surely would have been his next dinner guest.
" Dahmer was a Wendigo? Someone in my family thought so.
Says they usually dig pits to bury the remains under houses or in basements.
If this is what Ferren saw, then it was self-defense.
I think it's time we talked to Ferren.
Look out, y'all.
There's cops.
What do they want? - I don't want to know.
- Neither do I.
I got nothing to say to you.
You don't have to talk, but you've got 31 hours left, so what have you got to lose? You're here to clear your conscience? This is my partner, Nick Burkhardt.
He specializes in Unusual cases.
We might be able to help you, if you'll let us.
I want to hear about what happened the night you shot the Kreskis.
Read the transcripts.
I have.
I want to hear it from you.
It was a mistake.
I didn't see anything.
You didn't see this? We got it from your lawyer.
And the interesting thing is it looks just like this.
It's called a Wendigo.
You're not the only one who's seen them.
What the hell's going on here? We believe you.
It's a little late for that.
I'm done here.
Their breath smelled like burning flesh, right? You claimed the Kreskis were cannibals.
You see any evidence of that? No.
Then why did you think that? I was there to fix their sink, right? Do the job, get my money, get out.
They started laughing, like they'd been drinking or something.
I don't know.
Then they said, "we'd love to have you for dinner.
" They started laughing even harder.
I said no.
I just wanted to fix what needed to be fixed.
Then one of them said, "no, you don't understand.
We'll be fixing you for dinner.
" I thought they were crazy.
Then what? Then I got spooked, and I tried to leave.
And that's when that's when you saw them change? It was horrible.
Teeth like needles, twisted lips, yellow eyes.
It was a nightmare.
And I fought 'em off the best I could.
Somehow, I got my gun out of my toolbox, and I started shooting.
And then I ran.
But nobody's gonna believe you.
We can't prove to the D.
That Ferren shot two Wendigos.
We need to prove the brothers were killers.
Yeah, which means we need evidence of their kills.
In the book, didn't it say Wendigos bury the remains of their victims where they live? And the defense never dug up the yard.
Where's the house the Kreskis lived in when Ferren shot 'em? Mill Park.
Man, this neighborhood has changed a lot in seven years.
Oh, man.
What? This is where Kreskis' house used to be.
- Hello? - Juliette.
Hi, it's it's Sean.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Um Listen, the other night Was a huge mistake.
But I think it's a symptom of a much bigger problem that we're both experiencing.
Look, I don't know how it is for you, but for me, it's just getting a lot worse.
So I've been thinking about some possible solutions.
No, the solution is simple.
We never see each other ever again.
Yeah, I'm not so sure that's gonna work.
Yeah, me neither.
There's someone who I think might be able to help us get through this.
How? I'm not sure yet, but would you be open to trying? Okay.
There's a shop in the pearl.
It's on fulton street.
Hold on.
Sir, the district attorney wants a word with you.
Okay, I'll call her back as soon as I'm off the phone.
She's here.
Well, uh, bring her in.
I have to go.
Can I call you back? Yeah.
My guess, living room would've been here.
Well, we can get sonar, scan the place.
If the bodies were here, they're probably still here.
Gonna need a warrant to dig.
That's not gonna be easy, and we're running out of time.
We need to talk to the Captain.
He's got company.
He's about to have more.
Sorry, Captain, but this is really important.
Detectives Burkhardt and Griffin, you know the district attorney.
Lauren and I were just talking about you.
She's heard about your visit to death row today.
I must admit, it's the first I'm hearing of it.
That's why we're here, sir.
You're causing quite a stir.
We just want to make sure no stone is left unturned.
You're the arresting officer.
Your testimony helped put Ferren on death row.
You better have a damn good reason for digging into this at the 11th hour.
Well, what is it? You find some compelling piece of new evidence? Or is it that you don't want this man's death on your conscience? Oh, this isn't about me.
We feel there might be some credence to some of Ferren's claims.
What, are you saying he didn't do it? No, Ferren killed Miles Kreski and injured his brother.
That's not in doubt, but then this case is closed.
End of discussion.
Hopefully, this will be the last I hear of it.
Ferren's going to die tomorrow night.
What's she scared of? That this might screw up her campaign for mayor? Nobody wants voters to think that they made a mistake before an election.
But let me just add, you didn't really give her a compelling reason for what you're doing.
And you really believe this man is innocent? We think it's worth checking a few details.
Before he's put to death.
I won't stand in your way.
But this is gonna get an enormous amount of attention.
And trust me, if you're wrong, this is not the kind of attention you want.
Nobody's gonna give us a court order to jackhammer up the floor of that market looking for bodies when we don't have any evidence that they're there.
All right, look.
There's no reason for both of us to stick our necks out on this.
Yeah, and how are you gonna do this without me? - I don't know.
- Neither do it.
And I'm sorry I dragged you into this.
You didn't.
My family did.
Well, as long as you got somebody else to blame, let's do this.
You know, if we can't find bodies buried under the house the Kreski brothers lived in, maybe we need to find where they lived before that.
Or after.
Johnny Kreski survived the attack.
If we find him, maybe you could push him a little? Get him to Woge? That would at least prove he's what Ferren said he saw.
Won't stop the execution.
That'd be great.
We know the truth, and there's nothing we can do about it.
I might be able to persuade him.
Might look like we forced a confession out of him.
What if Kreski's still doing what he did when his brother was alive? Burying bodies where he lives? If we find a body or two, it might prove he's not the innocent victim everybody thought he was.
Then we need a place to dig.
Let's find out where he lives.
I'll do database, you take DMV.
No arrests, no priors, one speeding ticket last year, paid.
One Fender bender.
All here in Portland.
Looks like he's still around.
I got an address and a license.
Now home of your local grab-n'-go convenience market.
I guess he hasn't updated his license address since he moved.
Here's something.
Looks like there was a bench warrant out on Kreski.
Skipped out on jury duty.
Summonses were sent to three different addresses, all P.
None of them recent.
So what aren't we doing? Sleeping.
So where the hell is he now? What are you still doing up? I couldn't sleep.
Oh, 'cause of me? No.
What do you remember from the night in the hospital when I woke up? Well, mostly I remember that you didn't remember me.
I was just so excited you were awake.
What do you remember? Just a lot of strange dreams.
Like what? Like something being taken away from me.
Well, I guess that would've been me.
How does that happen? How does one specific part of your memory just vanish? I think it was the cat scratch.
Nick, I've had a million cat scratches, never lost my memory before.
Well, this was different.
What do you mean? Do you remember anything about the night you went into the coma? I was at Monroe's.
That's all.
You don't remember why I took you there, what he said to you? No.
Do you remember anything that happened before that? Yeah, I was standing in the rain and crying, but I don't know why.
Why, were you with me? Yes.
Do you know why I was crying? Yes.
You want to tell me? Juliette, I want to tell you, but you wouldn't understand.
Nick, please.
Help me understand.
Juliette, if I told you now, it wouldn't make any sense to you.
I'm glad you know what's best for me.
I finally got the report from missing persons.
Each zip code Kreski lived in reported slightly more than normal missing persons during the time he lived there.
Same goes for his time in the house where Craig Ferren shot him.
I got the address on Kreski's car registration.
Box in forest grove.
I also pulled his tax returns from last year.
Last job he had was at Willamette builders supply in forest grove.
Looks like we start at willamette builders supply in forest grove.
We've got seven hours.
That's John.
Yeah, he looks a bit older now, but, yeah, he works here.
Assistant manager.
Is he in some kind of trouble? We'd like to talk to him.
I think he's doing inventory in the back.
Follow me.
Hey, John.
Couple of Detectives here to see you.
John Kreski.
Detective Burkhardt, Detective Griffin, Portland police.
If it's about Craig Ferren, I got nothing to say.
Well, there's a possibility the case might be reopened.
A little late for that, isn't it? We have to ask you a few questions about what happened that night.
You can ask, I'm not gonna answer 'cause I did all my answering seven years ago, so I'm gonna go back to work.
And you guys can have a nice day.
Craig Ferren found out about you and your brother.
Now he couldn't explain it, but I can.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You like the taste of human flesh, Johnny? What? Ferren drew this.
Pretty good likeness of a Wendigo, wouldn't you say? Now, what do you think? Is this you, or is it your brother? My brother's dead.
Get out of my face.
Oh, what's the matter? You got something to hide? Bodies maybe? Leftovers from last night's dinner guest? Ferren is the monster! He killed my brother, tried to kill me.
And he's gonna die for it.
You go to hell.
So? He's a Wendigo.
Ferren was telling the truth.
I wish that was enough to arrest him, but we need to find some bodies.
We're gonna find out where he lives, and the manager should know.
Rosalee's Monroe, it's me.
Rosalee, how's it going? My aunt's getting better.
I think another week or two, and I can get out of here.
I just wanted to see how things were going with you.
Hey, I got a customer.
Okay, I'll call you later.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- You said you could help me? - True.
But as I told you before, I need to see both of you.
I'm bringing her in tomorrow.
Now I need to make sure we have complete privacy.
What, you want me to close the shop? I'll pay whatever it costs.
Now how long is this gonna take? Uh, well, um I have to assess the situation, and I'm guessing maybe half an hour for that.
And then based on what I find out and also based on my consultations with my, you know, professional colleagues, I can hopefully formulate some kind of a treatment.
How long is that gonna take? I won't know until I talk to the two of you.
Sorry, I can't be more specific than that.
This is a very complicated issue.
These compulsive romantic entanglements can be highly combustible, bordering on the, like, nuclear.
Which is why I'm sure you'll be here tomorrow.
About what time would you like to do this? I I'll call you when I know the exact time.
I'll do my very best to get you De-obsessified.
- So what are we doing here? - Search the house.
- Do we have probable cause? - Hell, yeah.
There's a warrant out on him.
He skipped jury duty.
Works for me.
Let's check the floors.
Maybe there's some loose boards, a concealed door, something.
Floor's all linoleum in here.
Hey, Nick.
Scratches on the floor.
That refrigerator's been moved a lot.
Strange place to put access to a crawl space.
Yeah, unless he didn't want someone to find it.
After you.
Sorry, Craig.
I'm afraid it's time.
Stand up, turn around, face the wall.
Hey, Nick, check this out.
All right.
Help me move this.
Oh! Oh! Well, that should be enough to stop the execution.
Let's get forensics down here and call the D.
Hank! Hank? You get him? I wounded him.
It's not good, is it? No.
Tonight's execution of Craig Ferren demonstrated two things to this community that justice has been accomplished for the family of Miles Kreski and the people of the state and that the office of the district attorney remains as tough on crime I think we should change "office of the district attorney" to "my" office.
Personalize it.
I like it.
Blood trail leads out.
I'm going after him.
- No, you gotta call this in.
- Nick.
If you want to save Ferren's life, this can't wait.
Nick, this is my deal.
I pulled you in on this.
I'm going after him.
You call the D.
- Dispatch.
- Yeah, this is Burkhardt.
I need you to patch me through to the district attorney.
Sorry, Detective, I think they're gone for the day.
No, this is urgent.
It cannot wait.
I'll ring the office.
- What? - This is Detective Burkhardt.
You need to stop this execution.
On what grounds? We tracked down John Kreski in forest grove.
He's a killer.
Ferren was telling the truth.
- Do you have Kreski in custody? - Not yet.
Look, if Ferren dies, you're gonna have to explain why you didn't do anything.
You really want to take that chance? What do you got? Bodies buried underneath the house, and if we're right, we're gonna find more bodies buried underneath the house the Kreskis lived in when Ferren shot them.
There's no house there now.
It's a market.
If you don't call the governor and stop this thing right now, I will.
- You're a Grimm? - It took you long enough.
Stay down! Killed that monster in self-defense just like Craig Ferren.
You get the D.
? Yeah.
What'd she say? I don't know.
Kreski interrupted the call.
There's no time left.
Warden Stocker.
I understand.
The governor has issued a 12-hour stay of execution.
What a mess.
Get me out of here.
How many people did these guys kill? Enough to get Ferren a retrial.
Just in the Nick of time.
Clean up, aisle four.
There were at least eight victims.
Could be more, they're still sifting through it all.
We're going to present our findings to the press in about half an hour.
So how you want to handle this? I think it's your call.
Well, you did call the governor.
And we're not running for mayor.
Just a few hours ago, Craig Wendell Ferren was to have been put to death.
Based on new evidence discovered by the tireless efforts of two Detectives in our Portland police bureau, that execution has been stayed pending a reopening of the case.
As district attorney, I have always fought for justice and will continue to do so as mayor.
II don't know what to say.
I don't know why you believed me when no one else would.
I believe there are things we don't understand in this world.
That doesn't mean they don't exist.
Did you see what I saw? It doesn't matter.
But whatever happens, you need to know one thing.
You are not crazy.
But you did see him.
Well, that's a long story.
Be right with you.
I don't know about this.
Juliette, please.
We have to try.
Oh! Sorry.
Oh, boy.