Grimm s02e15 Episode Script

Mr. Sandman

Previously on Grimm.
You How long have you known about me? If you and I could overcome our differences, we will make history.
What about Adalind? She wants the key, for my brother.
And why didn't you give it to her? Because I trust you more than I trust my family.
You'll be having some fun.
And so will I.
Nick tells me you know what's going on.
Let's just say I've been initiated.
Well, welcome to the club.
This will eradicate the intense desire you two have for one another, and put you back in a more normal and even emotional state.
And if this doesn't work? - I wish I knew.
- And what about Juliette? I hope she's gonna be okay, but right now I'm just trying to give her a little bit of space.
I just want you to know the truth.
My my brother, Lonnie.
He was just the kindest person, you know? He was always there for me, no matter what.
And I I just miss him So much.
It's not fair.
I know it doesn't seem like it, Molly, but you're doing really great.
Would you like to share with us? Um My name is Andre.
My wife's name was Suzie, and she died of bone cancer.
She suffered so much that she had a big heart.
Always doing things for others.
Truth is, she was a much better person than I ever was.
It's, uh it's taken everything I have to keep going without her and, uh Some days they're worse than others.
This is one of those days.
I'm guessing South Africa? Oh, you've got a good ear.
Most Americans think I'm, uh, Australian.
Immediately go to the "shrimp on the Barbie" thing.
You're a long way from home.
Yeah, I came for a job.
And to get away.
Your wife sounds like a wonderful person.
She was easy to talk to.
Like you.
I feel the same way.
About you, not about myself.
No, I know what you didn't mean.
I, uh I need to go.
I have a long walk.
You know, I could give you a ride If you like.
- Uh - I'm sorry.
Forget I asked that.
No, it's that's really thoughtful.
But you don't know me, and I well, I know that you're still in love with your wife.
And that you're gonna have a hard time sleeping tonight because you miss her, which is the same problem that I have because of my brother.
Yeah, it's Not easy.
I wouldn't mind talking a little bit longer.
Who is there? See, now this is just what I didn't want to do.
I know.
Just let it go.
I don't want to cry anymore.
But I want you to.
Ooh, ow! What did you do to me? Oh, my God! God! No, it stings! I can't see anything.
I can't see anything! That's better.
That's all I want.
What did you do to me? Somebody help me! Somebody help me, I can't see anything! Please, somebody help me! Aah! You sure about what you saw? Oh, I'm sure.
He's a hexenbiest.
I can't believe our Captain is a hexenbiest.
Well, technically, he's a zauber-biest, being male.
But I've never heard of either being royal.
Something's not adding up here.
I'll tell you what's not adding up is a Captain in the Portland police department is at least part hexenbiest, has royal blood, and woke Juliette up from her coma with a kiss.
Wait a minute.
Do we know who his parents are? - I don't.
- Me neither.
Then that would be something to find out.
Because if one of them's royal and the other's a hexenbiest then he wouldn't be fully accepted as a member of the royal family.
Might be why he's so interested in you.
If he has you working for him, it could give him a big advantage dealing with his family.
That's probably why he gave you the key back.
Yeah, he wants you on his side.
But whose side is he on? And how many sides does he have? That's what we need to find out.
Either way, he's got some big hairy plans.
Anybody want some more I'll take that as a "yes.
" Thank you, Monroe.
- We got a domestic? - Don't know.
Looks like death by bookshelf.
There's a victim underneath it.
Renter of the apartment is one Molly fisk.
Can't be positive it's her underneath the bookshelf, but she didn't show up for work this morning.
A co-worker called it in.
Molly works at the Portland state admissions office.
The woman who reported it was worried about Molly because her brother had recently been killed by a drunk driver.
- Any sign of forced entry? - No.
When we came to check, front door was unlocked.
Got two coffee cups, one with lipstick.
She had company.
Hopefully we can get some prints we can use.
It looks like someone didn't play nice.
We got a cell phone.
Maybe we can find out who was here last night.
a grief support meeting at first methodist.
All right, guys.
Lift it up.
Ready, one, two, three, up.
Her face is pretty bruised up.
She's wearing all of her clothes, nothing ripped.
Maybe it wasn't sexual.
It could have been an accident.
She could have pulled it back on herself.
Whoever it was might have gone before it even happened.
There's something wrong with her eyes.
Maybe she was punched.
Could have been the bookshelf, but these eyes are really red.
Eh, let's flag it for the M.
We thinking a homicide? Or just a "book-icide"? Got some bruising on her wrists.
Could be someone was holding on to her tight.
Let's see what we can find out about her grief support meeting.
That's Molly.
And her brother, Lonnie.
What time did she leave last night? Meeting broke up about 7:30.
Then there was coffee and cookies after that.
My God.
I can't believe she's gone.
Did she stay after the meeting? Yes.
She was talking with a new member.
He introduced himself as Andre.
First time he'd ever been to the group.
He and Molly seemed to connect.
I think they left together.
You get a last name? We never ask.
Do you remember anything about him? Mostly I remember his accent.
Either Australian or South African.
I'm not sure which.
Yeah, we can be there in about a half hour? Great.
's got something for us.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Fraulein Schade.
- Frau Pech? - Yes.
- I've heard so much about you.
And I, of you.
I knew your mother well.
Me too.
It was a great loss for all of us.
Thank you.
And for what the Grimm did to you.
You know.
I could tell before you opened the door.
I didn't realize it was that obvious.
To me it is.
And I sense something else? I'm pregnant.
Oh, yeah? Who is the unlucky man? Well that's where it gets interesting.
It's one of two, actually.
And they happen to be brothers.
Well, half-brothers, technically.
You're carrying royal blood? Do you have any idea how much that child will be worth? I was hoping you could help me with that.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
It would be my honor.
She suffocated.
Her windpipe was crushed.
Whether she was in a fight or not, I can't be sure.
But the most interesting thing is her eyes.
She was blind.
What? She had a driver's license.
No one said anything about her being blind.
I think it just happened.
Look at her eyes.
It looks like sand.
Take a look at that sand in the microscope.
- What is it? - A parasitic infection.
After medical school, I spent three years studying tropical diseases in Kenya.
The victim's symptoms resemble river blindness, but the difference is those parasites were transmitted through the bite of a fly and migrate through the skin.
In this infection, the level of irritation in the anterior chamber appears to be from direct contact.
It also suggests that the nematodes were in stasis and came alive in the tears of the eyes.
How was she infected here in Portland? Unless she just got back from Africa in the last few days, I have no idea.
I wish I could be more help, but since the host is dead the parasites are also dying.
The one thing I know for sure is these babies are still just babies.
Aah! I can't see! Why are you doing this to me? Kelly.
Kelly, come on.
I know you're not still sleeping in there.
Kelly! I left my keys in the room.
Kelly? Help me.
Help me.
Casey, help me! Who's in there with you? - Help.
- Kelly! Hey, get away from her! I can't see.
Kelly? Kelly! Kelly! Andre! Andre! Kelly! Are you okay? What happened? Casey, I can't see! Who did this? Who did this to you? He did this to me.
Who? You're sure she didn't go to Africa? Uh-huh.
That's all.
Thank you.
Let me guess.
Never in Africa.
Wyoming was as close as she got.
I just talked to a doctor at the C.
No known cases of river blindness here in the states because the black flies that carry the disease don't live here.
Well, one is living here now.
And I don't think we're dealing with your run-of-the-mill black fly.
I don't either.
This is the sketch of Andre based on what the methodist grief counselor said.
Where? All right, on our way.
Our guy hit again, but this time the Vic is still alive.
What did you give me? Um, I could, uh Show you the ingredients.
What's the problem? Are there any side effects? Well that's always a possibility.
What what exactly are you feeling? It's not really what I'm feeling so much as what I'm seeing and hearing.
Do you want to tell me about it? It's not exactly a Ghost, but when I look at it it vanishes, so I'm just hoping that this is all related to what you gave me 'cause I don't particularly want to be going any crazier than I already am.
Maybe I should just come to your house.
Would that be okay? Yeah, that would be great.
I don't I don't want to be alone right now.
You need to tell us what happened to your sister.
Our mother died.
Two weeks ago.
We've both been having a really hard time with it.
I came home.
I forgot my keys.
I couldn't get in, and Kelly didn't answer the door.
And I heard her cry and I got worried, so I ran around to the back door.
I went in, and when I got inside she was laying on the ground, uh, rubbing her eyes and screaming.
Did you see this guy near the house? He might have been the guy I saw inside.
I did see a car pull away really fast, across the street.
You didn't see who was driving? - No.
- Can you describe the car? Uh, it was old.
It had tail fins.
Could have been a Cadillac.
- What color? - Red and white.
Okay, looking for a red and white Cadillac with fins.
That would be a '59 or '60, if I've got my classics right.
Do you know where your sister was before she came home today? Yes, she was at her grief support group at the willamette community center.
Can I go to the hospital now, please? - We have her number? - Yeah, got 'em.
- Go ahead.
- Thank you.
Something you might want to see inside.
Same M.
Gets himself invited in for coffee, then blinds them with something.
He picked up both women at grief support meetings.
He knows they're vulnerable.
We better put together a list of grief support meetings.
But why blind them? Maybe so they can't identify him.
Why? No sexual assault on the first victim.
And nothing obvious taken.
But he's gotta be taking something from them.
Besides their sight? I'll put out the A.
on the Cadillac.
Let's get the M.
to the hospital, look at her eyes.
Make sure we're dealing with the same thing.
This is where it all started.
I came home, I closed the door and locked it, and then all of a sudden the floor was gone.
Gone? As in, not there? Yeah, it was just a big black hole, and then after that I started hearing things, and then I started seeing things.
I am not making this up.
I believe you.
Could you tell what the voices were saying? No, not really.
Except for one, which I heard clearly which was, "I just want you to know the truth.
" - Whose voice was it? - I don't know.
Everything happened so fast.
Just like what I saw here, which was this figure kind of hunched over.
What was it doing? Scaring the crap out of me.
I'll bet.
- Can I ask you a question? - Of course.
What kind of a spice shop are you running? Well, I carry a lot of alternative medicine for ailments that don't really respond to traditional treatment.
- Like what I had? - Yes.
What about what I have? First we have to find out what that is.
Okay, then what? Then, I can get Shh! Do you hear them? No.
Where is it coming from? It's right behind you.
Look! It's right there! Did you see it? It was right there! I'm sorry.
Is it gone? You really didn't see it? I'm losing my mind.
You're not.
You have to believe me.
You're not.
Juliette? What are you doing here? You wanted me here.
No, I don't.
You have to leave.
I'm trying.
This is over.
It has to be over.
- Kiss me like you did before! - No.
No! No! Oh, this is truly disgusting.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Sorry I'm late.
- It's okay.
It looks like we found something.
It's called a jinnamuru xunte.
All right, so what are we dealing with now? Let's see.
"Departed London, April 16, 1905, arrived.
"Kenya, may 20th.
"My third trip to the interior "where I encountered one of the most fiendish "wesen known on the dark continent.
"It took me 14 days, but I finally captured "the beast who has been terrorizing villagers.
"He blinds the innocent, "feeding off their tears like an opium addict.
"The tribesmen call him, uh, "jinnamuru xunte, "which roughly translates as 'tear-stealing evil spirit', "which I find ironic since until recently he was the local parish priest.
" Mm.
So confession, right? Guilt.
That's perfect for tears.
It's like a jinnamuru xunte smorgasbord of grief.
"When I removed his brain from his severed head, "I discovered it was swollen, blackish, and crawling with vile red worms.
" All right, anybody want to take over here? I got it.
"The jinnamuru xunte will often revisit "his victims, targeting their family members whose tears are readily available.
" So he returns to feed off the grief he's caused by blinding his victims.
Yeah, Burkhardt.
I went to the hospital to visit your second victim.
All right, are we dealing with the same thing? Oh, that's a definite.
But the difference is, this victim is still alive, which means so is the parasite.
You remember those little worms you saw in the eyes of your first victim? Well they're rapidly getting bigger by the second.
We need to talk to your sister.
She's asleep right now.
The doctor just gave her something to put her out.
It was a horrible night.
She was in a lot of pain.
Just hoping that she doesn't lose her sight.
She tell you anything about the guy who did this to her? No.
She screamed his name a couple of times.
It was Andre.
Did she describe him in any way? Only that he had an accent.
She's always liked guys with accents.
How did he do this to her? We We won't know until we find him.
Casey! Kelly, are you Oh, God! I need to get a doctor! Oh, God, it stings! It stings! Oh, God! It stings! Casey! Casey! Help me! Help me! Casey! Griffin.
Where? We're on our way.
They found the caddy at Santa Lucia high school.
- Help her! What's happening? - Get Dr.
Meeks in here, now.
The car's there.
Nobody's come to it since we got here.
There's a grief support meeting going on in the school.
All right.
Two guys take the back, one guy on the caddy.
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
Looks like it's breaking up.
That guy that just came out looks like him.
Yeah, it is! Get out of the way! Out of the way, out of the way.
I'll get the stairs.
- I'm going up.
- I'll get this way.
I got him! Hey! Stop! Put it down.
Hands over your head.
Get on your knees.
That's right.
Come on.
Gah! Aah! Aah! No! - Nick, what happened? - Oh! He blinded me! I can't see! He went out the window! He's running.
Officer down! Santa Lucia high school.
Suspect is on the move! Hold on, we're gonna get you to the hospital.
No, no hospitals, it's not gonna help.
Call Monroe.
It's really starting to sting! Aah! Hey! What the hell's wrong with you, man? You ran in front of me! - Out! Get out! - Unh! He should have been here by now.
I mean, he should have been here by now! Ugh, this is very nasty.
These parasitic worms have barbs that hook into the eyes which make them impossible to wash out.
You sure you're looking at the right book? Oy, God! What are we supposed to do? I don't know.
I'm gonna find something.
By the way, I was with Juliette last night.
- What? - She's, like Having sort of hallucinations.
- From the stuff we gave her? - I guess.
Aw, Nick.
This is bad, man.
Actually, it's terrible.
Look, Rosalee and I, we've been working on this for a while, okay? And the only thing that we've been able to figure out for sure is these worms, okay? They have barbs That actually hook into your eyeball.
- Monroe! - What? I'm telling him.
It's better to know.
I would want to know.
I think.
I don't know, maybe I wouldn't.
I'll shut up now.
Okay, we have to keep his eyes open.
The worms thrive in the dark.
Light slows them down.
Nick, open your eyes.
Can you see anything? No.
I thought you couldn't see.
How'd you know it was me? I don't know.
I just knew it was you.
Okay, we need to get light into his eyes.
Monroe, will you grab that lamp? Okay.
All right, I just want you to keep staring right here.
Nick, I am so sorry this happened to you.
We're gonna do everything we can.
We were just at the hospital And the last woman who got attacked had no eyes left.
Oh, my God.
I think Rosalee found something.
What are you talking about, man? How do you know what Hank, Monroe.
Could you come in here please? There is a cure.
Oh, thank God.
But we have to pull his eye out.
Pull his eye out! How is that a cure? No, no, no.
Not Nick's eye.
The eye of the jinnamuru xunte.
It's like it's like a vaccine.
We need the antibodies that only the host carries.
That's why he's not blind.
Okay, so How are we supposed to pull out one of this guy's eyes? - With a spoon.
- Ugh.
Oh, that's gotta be uncomfortable.
Are we supposed to do this while he's still alive? Yes, and he has to be in full form.
Full woge? How much time do we have before these worms finish their meal? The next three to four hours are crucial.
After that it's too late, okay? So we need to keep you lying down and looking directly into the light.
That is the only way we're gonna slow this thing down.
That him? Yeah, that's him.
Hold tight.
Hey, how's Nick? What did the doctor say? We've got to find the son of a bitch that did this, and we don't have a lot of time.
Yeah, well just grabbed a guy out of his car And jacked him.
I've got an A.
out on him and the car.
I'll call you the minute I get something.
He just took a car.
What? This isn't gonna do any good unless we get the guy's eye, right? I know, but we need to be ready in case we do.
Tell me you got something.
We found the hijacked car, abandoned, at the corner of Quimby and Aspen terrace.
And what about the suspect? No sign of him, but we're canvassing the area.
- Hank.
- Keep looking.
Hank, I know where he is.
He abandoned his car at Quimby and Aspen terrace.
- You heard that? - Yeah.
That's Kelly's neighborhood.
She lives two blocks away.
And remember, in the books it said the jinnamuru xunte would often revisit the victim's families, going after them.
He never went back to the first victim's family.
She didn't have any family.
Kelly does.
Casey, her sister.
And if she goes home, she'll be alone.
You might be right, Rick, but you've gotta stay here.
No, you don't know what he sounds like, Hank, I do.
He makes this noise.
Nick's gotta go.
We all do.
Here, pack this.
If we find him and make the extraction, we only have a few minutes to mix it into a paste and apply it to Nick's eyes.
Let's go! No! No! No! Get off me! No! No! Unh.
Nick, you and Rosalee stay in the car.
- Hank - Listen to me, stay put.
Now if he's in there, I need you to cover the back.
You okay with that? I'm good.
All right.
Aah! No! No! Get off me! He's in the house.
No! Help me! Aah! Casey, are you in there? It's Detective Griffin.
Help me, please! Help me! Casey, it's okay, it's okay.
No! Aah! - What are you doing? - I'm going in.
Casey! Casey, it's me! Detective Griffin.
Oh, thank God.
He was here.
He was here.
Okay, okay.
- He was here, he - Hey, stay here.
I'm going after him.
Watch your step.
I'm right here.
He came out the back.
Did you see him? No.
Are you sure? If he did, I didn't see him.
- Nick! - Shh.
Get Hank.
Go! Oh! Whoa! Stop! I'm with the police.
I'm with the police.
It's gonna be okay, all right? He's in the attic.
Come on.
Nick, hang on! - Up here! - Nick! Whoa! He's got him.
- Quick, get his eye! - Okay.
Oh, God.
Oh, God! Oh! - Come on.
- It's stuck! Come on, while he's still out.
Be careful.
- Good man.
- Ugh.
Get him back.
- Ugh! - Oh, Nick.
Trust me, dude You don't want to be seeing this.
All right, Nick, I'm gonna put this on your eyes.
It's gonna sting a little bit.
Oh, my eye.
Ow! I know, but you gotta let it work.
Ahh! Unh! Okay, I have had just about enough.
What the hell do you want? Nick?