Grimm s03e15 Episode Script

Once We Were Gods

Previously on Grimm.
Someone outside the family is carrying royal blood.
What do you suppose a royal offspring would be worth? We must trust each other or there will be no stopping the royal families.
They will dominate the world again.
I want you to get to Adalind before they do.
- You must leave immediately.
- You didn't get her? Then someone tipped them off, and they escaped.
Someone close to you has betrayed us both.
Hey, you're gonna be okay.
Now that we know what we're dealing with, what do we tell Wu? We can't risk involving him in something that he doesn't understand.
But we can't let him think he's going crazy.
I know what I saw! ___ Hold on.
Hold on, give me that light.
There's not supposed to be a room here.
Look at that.
We better get somebody from the university here.
Careful, watch your step.
Ss phaedra,1946.
Athens, Cairo, Malta, New York.
You want us to open it? Yes! Here, help me open it.
Oh, my God.
I still think we should tell him.
You saw how he was.
Even if we wanted to tell him, he is not ready.
All I know is after I faced my first beast whoa, Hank, we're right here.
My first wesen.
Not that some wesen aren't more bestial than others.
Don't get me wrong.
You saw how messed up I was.
Put a few bullet holes in the closet, couldn't sleep without my shotgun, but once Nick explained things and you did too took some getting used to, but here I am.
That's because Nick was your partner.
You already trusted him.
Yeah, I mean, if I hadn't already been connected to Nick's world and loved him and trusted him, I don't know what my reaction would have been.
Yeah, but your life's a lot better now that you know, isn't it? It's better with Nick, but if I wasn't with Nick, I'm I'm just not so sure I'd wanna know.
Like most people, wesen is not for everybody.
It's one thing seeing a Fuchsbau or even a Blutbad, but an Aswang? I mean, they scare even us.
If that was your introduction to wesen and then you were told you're not imagining things, that could fry your brain.
I mean, I know I'm repeating myself here, but it could fry your brain for good.
I have to agree.
I think we should wait and see how Wu responds to treatment.
Maybe he'll be okay.
What if he's not? Then we have to tell him.
Originally, it was discovered not right.
It's not right.
They have no respect.
It's unholy! What do you expect from people who desecrate graves? You've called this discovery momentous.
Can you tell us why? Usually, a sarcophagus depicts a pharaoh or some other important personage carved on the surface, but this depicts an Anubis an Egyptian God of the dead.
Well, now that it's up, we do it, right? Yeah.
We do it.
Well, we've waited 70 years to see your 3,000-year-old mummy.
We can wait a little longer.
This is Suzanne li reporting from the new home of the mummy at the university.
Let's do this.
We got it.
Let's get it out of here.
Not before I do this.
We gotta go.
You know if somebody's supposed to be in the lab? I heard something.
Unoccupied as far as I know.
You! Stand out where I can see you.
I'm shot.
No! Sorry.
I screwed up.
Hey! I heard gunshots.
What's going on up there? Then the Aswang would flick its long black tongue and eat the baby.
No uh, actually, no, not at first.
It would insert its tongue into the pregnant woman's stomach and suck out the amniotic fluid, and then it would eat the baby.
What else did your grandmother tell you about the Aswang? The Aswang has sharp claws.
It can climb walls and trees and get you anywhere you are.
That no place is safe.
Can we talk some more about your experience when you saw the Aswang? Yeah.
What would you like to know? You said other people were there, but they didn't see it.
How do you explain that? What I saw felt real.
How could it be real if you're the only one who saw it? You guys can wait in here.
Thank you.
Well, hopefully he can talk to us this time.
- Hey.
- Nick, Hank.
How you feeling? All right.
Welcome to club meds.
We can, uh, sit over here.
Well, everybody misses you, says hi.
Gotta say, you look better than the last time we were here.
You guys were here before? When you first got here.
Don't remember that.
So are they helping you here? The good news is I'm not clinical.
Just a little paranoia.
No tumors or lesions in my brain.
Just the voice of my long dead grandmother.
Don't worry.
I only see her in my dreams.
How's the food? Memorable in so many ways.
Look, if you guys wanna stay for lunch, I think I can probably get a reservation.
Well, I'm sorry, but we have a homicide.
God, how I miss the sound of a homicide in the morning.
Yeah, you're starting to sound like you.
We'll be back soon, okay? Hope it'll be to take me home.
The cabinets were spray painted.
We got one campus security dead and another one wounded.
One of 'em attacked the campus cop who shot the other one.
Now that's the cop's gun there.
He dropped it in the fight.
How's he doing? He's pretty messed up about his partner getting killed.
Was he able to get a look at who attacked him? Sort of, I guess.
He said he looked like that.
It was dark.
Figured he must have been wearing a mask.
And also, the cop said that the lid to the sarcophagus was open, but it's closed now.
Nothing in his pockets, no wallet.
Have C.
run his prints when they get here.
Got two shell casings here.
Could be the dead guy or his buddy grabbed the other cop's gun, shot this cop coming through the door.
Worst thing that can happen your gun gets used to shoot somebody.
Doubt they keep any cash in here.
Maybe they broke in to steal the computers.
Why'd they open the sarcophagus? - Curiosity.
- Yeah.
I'd be curious.
Oh, my God.
What happened? Sorry.
You can't come in here.
Step back outside, please.
No, I'm Professor Vera Gates.
This is my lab.
I need to check the sarcophagus.
Let her in.
We were just about to take a look.
Thank God it hasn't been damaged.
That's a kind of strange shape for a mummy, isn't it? We haven't started our examination yet.
It could be a deformed human or some sort of manufactured religious artifact.
scan will let us know for sure.
Until then, let's close it.
Any idea what those painted symbols mean? "I protect the dead.
" Mean anything to you? It's part of an inscription found in Tutankhamun's tomb.
Some people think of it as a curse.
What do you consider it? I just want my lab back.
I have a lot of work to do.
As soon as we're done with the investigation.
You think the mummy walked? Oh, I don't know.
What do you think? I hope not.
You asked for me? Yes.
I'm still working.
Well, for a few more minutes.
It's armagnac.
It's very good.
You're gonna need it.
Have I done something wrong? Actually, yes, but it's not too late to make it right.
All you have to do is tell me the names of all your friends in the resistance.
Go on.
Drink up.
He's all yours.
Dead intruder is Robert Jason Taylor.
Records for civil disobedience and vandalism.
What about the other man? Just got confirmation from interpol.
Karl John Herman, 27.
Dual Swiss-U.
His prints were on the gun.
That means Karl Herman's our killer.
Well, he is on the terrorist watch list.
Wanted for arson, theft, and homicide.
He targets museums, breaks in, leaves graffiti protesting the desecration of the dead.
Could explain his interest in the sarcophagus.
Campus cop said whatever attacked him looked like what was carved on the sarcophagus.
The mummy inside is also in the shape of an Anubis.
So you think it's possible that it's wesen, fully woged, mummified, and alive? Probably not.
But we do think that Karl Herman could be wesen.
Same kind as the mummy.
- That's a hell of a connection.
- Strong family ties? Well, let's try to untie them.
What the hell's taking you so long? Yeah, I know, but mistakes happen.
It couldn't be helped.
I'm gonna do it tonight.
How is not your problem.
Just be ready.
How the hell did you get here? What have you done? What are you talking about? Your baby.
She's right here.
But it's freezing in here.
The fire went out, and there's no wood left.
I saw her.
I picked her up.
She's been with me all night.
I could hear her heartbeat.
I swear I was holding her in my arms.
How is that possible? I think she's the only one who can answer that.
That is definitely not Kehrseite.
Is it even possible to mummify a wesen in full woge? I guess so.
I mean, if the wesen were kept alive in a heightened state of fear or agitation.
And if the right drugs were used to preserve the woge.
But once it's mummified, it couldn't wake up, right? No, when you're dead, you're dead.
So this is a mummified Anubis.
It could be.
Hence the carving on the sarcophagus.
- Anubis are wesen? - I was just going to ask that.
Lots of Egyptian gods were wesen.
That's why we're depicted as animal-like creatures on the tomb walls.
Way back when, wesen were actually, well, worshiped.
Tefnut, Ammit, Bast, Khepri.
Total rock stars.
The campus cop said he was attacked by something that looked like an Anubis, so they're still around.
Well, yeah, they're not extinct, if that's what you're thinking, but it wasn't this dude.
He'd be dead.
So then there had to be another Anubis in the room.
Yeah, well, this one is a cold-blooded killer with a political message.
Sorry, I'm not really up on my hieroglyphs.
You, uh you know what this says? "I protect the dead.
" Beati paoli.
Beati paoli, right.
But you really think nowadays around here? Somebody wanna tell us what this Beati Paoli is? It's a sicilian vendetta society made up of different wesen, dedicated to the protection of wesen culture.
Yeah, it was created in the 17th century.
They go after, like, museums, archeological digs, antique auction houses.
They'll even go after private wesen collectors if they're trafficking in stolen wesen antiquities.
Growing up, every angry young wesen wanted to join their cause.
And I'm not saying I condone their methods, but if this mummy really is wesen, I have to agree, displaying it woged is totally grotesque.
It's immoral.
It's a sacrilege.
This mummy is not only a part of our heritage.
It's our ancestor.
Sorry, I just we feel kind of passionate about this.
Well, I guess it's time we hit the trailer.
You guys wanna come? Oh, yeah.
Love to, but our wedding planner's coming, so this tall guy is stuck with me.
Oh, hey, it's not gonna be so bad.
No, that's not what I was thinking.
It's just Maybe we should inform the council about what's happened.
It's been all over the news.
I'm sure they would have heard it by now.
Besides, if it really is the Beati Paoli, the less we're involved, the better.
I guess so.
But we were gods once.
What happened? It's not real.
It's not real, it's not real.
It's just a dumb dumb story.
It's just a dumb story.
It's just a dumb, dumb story.
I found something.
"Cairo, June 11, year of our lord, 1928.
"Five days ago, I received an urgent request "from lord Herbert of the royal geographic society.
"Two of their Egyptians been brutally murdered "at a dig near Karnak.
"From witness statements, "I suspected the murderer was wesen.
"As luck would have it, "I had brought my bell and howell eyemo, which enabled me to film some of my investigation.
" You don't happen to have that film, do you? I might.
There are a lot of old films in that cabinet down there.
Worth a look.
"Cult of Kali.
" Look for something Egyptian.
How about a hieroglyph? Same type of sarcophagus that's in the university.
He looks a little like you, Nick.
Please, no full beard ever.
Why's he doing that? He just woged.
You can see that? Yeah.
Can't you? No.
Me either.
Is there anything more in the book? Yeah, there's more.
"After some coercion, the Anubis confirmed he was a member of the Beati Paoli.
" That's what Monroe and Rosalee were just talking about.
"He told me that because Anubis "were seen as gods by the Egyptians, "pharaohs in the old kingdom believed that "if they were buried with a mummified Anubis, "they were assured of becoming gods themselves.
"They tortured to death thousands of slaves "in search of Anubis, but only a few were ever successfully mummified in full woge.
" That's terrible.
No wonder they're pissed about displaying their ancestors.
"The Anubis further confessed "that it was his intention to steal the mummy "and give it a ceremonial burial.
"After assuring him I would do that, I dispatched him to his ancestors.
" Well, at least we now know Karl Herman wasn't there to redecorate the walls he was there to steal the mummy.
Well, if he tried once, he'll try again.
We better warn Professor Gates.
What part of "closed" don't they understand? Sorry, we're I know.
You're Monroe.
Sorry, we were never properly introduced.
I'm Alexander.
Relax, please.
I didn't call the council.
Why are you here? I want to talk to the Grimm.
I'm not seeing any sutures, no evidence that he's been sewn together.
this is incredible the cervical vertebrae and muscle tissue connect directly to the skull.
It's all one body.
This is unlike any deformity I've ever seen.
It's possibly the result of genetic mutation.
Professor Gates, sorry to disturb you.
We just need a couple of minutes.
Not now.
Now check out the claw-like hands.
There's no evidence of fabrication.
If this mummy has been faked, I have no idea how they did it.
Professor, we need to talk.
What is it? We have reason to believe that the people involved in the break-in will try again.
We suggest you move the sarcophagus to a more secure location.
There is no more secure location.
The entire building is secure.
Well, it wasn't the other night.
Well, it is now.
And do you have any idea who this man is? Yes, we have.
It appears their agenda is political.
Well, I don't care what their agenda is.
This is science.
I won't be scared into not doing my research.
This man is not your normal radical.
He's already killed once, and I don't think he's gonna give a damn about your science.
I've already hired additional security.
My lab is guarded both day and night.
Now, why don't you do your job and catch this guy and let me do mine? I think this is one of the most important discoveries of the century, and I will not be intimidated by some activist thug.
Excuse me.
I think you did a pretty good job there.
Oh, yeah.
I convinced the hell out of her.
- Hey, it's me.
- What's up? Remember that guy, Alexander, from the council? Don't tell me he's back.
Actually, he is back, here, at our house.
Are you and Rosalee okay? So far.
He says he just got back into town and he wants to talk to you.
Put him on the phone.
Just, you know, cutting out the middleman.
Nick, how are you? What do you want? I'd rather not do this on the phone.
If you're nervous about us meeting, you pick the place.
Just stay there.
All right.
What's that about? Wesen council.
- Now what? - Alexander's back.
Why not? Where the hell are you? We want names.
Where are Adalind and Meisner? Where did you take them? Sebastian, I'm very forgiving, if I have reason to forgive.
This situation is, how shall we say, very fluid.
So you can either change your mind or choke on your heroics.
No! Hey.
I just wanted to see how you're doing.
Not so bad, considering.
Well, I'm here.
I'm glad you came.
Look, I, um I've kind of been through something similar.
When I was in the hospital, all that time after I got out, I had horrible nightmares and dreams.
Do you remember the night that I fired the gun in the house? Oh, yeah.
There was some crazy stuff going on in my head.
Yeah, I thought Nick was gonna lose his mind 'cause you couldn't remember him.
And then when my memory did start coming back, I thought for sure I was seeing ghosts.
Really? I didn't know that.
It scared the hell out of me.
I couldn't see it clearly, but it was so real.
It was your memory coming back.
Did the ghosts go away then? Once I realized what it was, but when it was happening, I was living in a nightmare.
But how did you ever get past the feeling that what you saw was real? I decided it didn't really matter whether it was real or not.
I had to lose my fear of it.
And then what happened? I got better.
Glad you're here.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
Thank you for coming.
I wish I could say the same.
How long have you been here? Oh, a couple hours.
I need your help.
Really? I didn't know you asked Grimms for help.
Depends on the circumstances and the Grimm.
Well, what is it you think that I can do for you? The Beati Paoli.
You've heard of them? I have.
Are you aware that the man you're after is a member? - Karl Herman.
- Yes.
Look, I don't care what group he belongs to.
He's a murderer.
We don't condone what the Beati Paoli does, but we also don't usually get in their way.
We also feel strongly that wesen remains should not be put on display.
It's disrespectful and dangerous to the wesen community.
But by killing the guard, he's gone too far.
The council wants him stopped.
If you came here to kill him, I'm just gonna tell you right now, I'm not gonna let that happen.
We know.
That's why the council wants you to stop him, which is why I'm going to tell you what I know.
Karl Herman will make another attempt.
And you know this how? Because he called the council and asked for help in stealing it tonight.
What did you tell him? That he's violated council law by killing the Kehrseite, which is a capital crime.
You want me to kill him.
You're a Grimm.
That's what you do.
I'm not going to execute him for the council.
He needs to be dealt with soon.
I believe he's going to ask Professor Gates for her help, whether or not she's willing to give it.
Yes, you don't have much time.
Neither do I.
I have a plane to catch.
Good luck.
Is it me, or was that weird? The council asking a Grimm to kill a wesen? Yeah, that was a little unnerving.
Who knows? Maybe the council likes how it turned out the last time they sent Alexander here, you know, when you beat the crap out of the guy.
Alexander just left.
Professor Gates isn't answering.
- How'd it go? - Well, he told me that Karl Herman's gonna try again tonight, and he's gonna use Professor Gates to do it.
I couldn't get ahold of her.
Did you get the plates off Alexander's car? Yeah, he drove away in a rental.
Called in an apb.
Watch, don't engage.
Just in case we need to know where he is.
So why is Alexander just showing up here tonight? Unless he isn't just showing up here tonight.
I'll check Alexander's rental.
See when he picked it up.
Nick, what happens to this mummy is important to us.
Yeah, we'll let you know.
We need to get to Professor Gates' house.
Yes, the police arrested the suspect a few hours ago.
We no longer need extra security.
Yes, I'm sure.
I'm going down to the lab myself to check things out.
This is where he dropped 'em off.
They can't have got far.
We'll find them.
It's so much better to cooperate, isn't it? You go for a nice drive, breathe some fresh air, and here we are.
The only thing you have to worry about now is that we find them.
Thank you for helping us.
So weird to think of myself as "us.
" Do you have someone? I did.
My girlfriend was killed two years ago by the royals.
And not quickly.
I'm sorry.
I'm looking forward to the time I make them feel sorry.
Where are you? The cabin with Adalind.
Have you heard from Sebastian? I've been trying to contact him for two days.
That's not good.
Does he know where you are? Not exactly, but he can point them in the right direction.
I suggest you move, and the sooner, the better.
Well, that's not gonna be easy.
There's three of us now.
Can you get to Zurich? I can try.
If you make it, contact me.
I'll make arrangements to get you all out.
We have to leave.
I've kind of been through something similar.
I was having horrible nightmares and dreams.
I thought for sure I was seeing ghosts.
I decided it didn't really matter whether it was real or not.
I had to lose my fear of it.
Professor Gates? Professor? She's not here.
He's got her.
They gotta be headed to the university.
- Should we call it in? - No.
This guy's wesen.
He's already killed before.
I think we have to deal with him.
Yeah, give it to me.
Okay, thanks.
Alexander picked up his rental car three days ago and hasn't returned it.
He lied about how long he was here.
What else is he lying about? We have to get a patrol car to cruise the university, see if they can pick up Alexander's car.
How many guys you have working here? - Just me.
- Where's the extra security? Pulled off about an hour ago after you caught the guy who broke in.
- Who told you that? - Professor Gates.
- Have you seen her? - Not yet.
She said she's coming down, though.
Have you checked the lab? Just did.
Everything's fine.
What's the problem? Stay out front.
If Professor Gates shows up, let us know.
Got a hit on the apb.
Alexander's rental car is parked behind this building.
We're gonna need some eyes on that car.
You're going to make yourself crazy with all this.
But how does the council know about our relationship with Nick? They probably figured it out when we dealt with the Grausen.
I don't like us being the middleman between the council and Nick, okay? I mean, let's not forget, this guy Alexander he's an assassin.
Hey, Nick, you all right? What's going on? Look, I'm glad you called.
I what? Alexander.
Where? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
We're on our way.
Oh, God.
What are we doing now? Come on.
You have no idea what an important discovery this is.
This is not a discovery.
It's a sacrilege! Oh, my God! Karl, stop! I think we're done.
We're not done.
Until it's done right.
How long was I out? Just a couple of minutes.
I don't understand.
It looked exactly like the Anubis.
You took a pretty bad bump to the head.
The mind can play tricks on you.
I've seen some pretty weird things myself.
I couldn't have seen what I thought I saw.
What you've been through is very stressful.
You feel up to making a statement? Ma'am, come this way.
- How is she taking it? - She's blaming stress.
Probably for the best, and what about Alexander? We think he came here just to make sure you stopped this guy? - No.
- Me either.
Still warm.
They can't have got far.
How much further? We need to keep moving.
We're almost there.
I hope you've got Alexander.
- We're looking right at him.
- The Anubis? He just loaded it into his car.
What do you want us to do? Nothing.
Just sit tight.
You're a thief.
Among other things.
You lied to me.
You did what we needed you to do.
You mean give you enough time to get the Anubis out.
You got your murderer.
Even trade.
You should have just told me what you wanted in the first place.
You might not have agreed.
I still haven't.
I don't expect you to understand why this is so important to us, but I can't let you stop me this time.
We're not going to.
This time.
This is really kind of touching.
Except for the part where we helped them steal a 3,000-year-old mummy and burn it.
It's not like we do it every day.
You ready to go home? Oh, yeah.
Let's get out of here before they change my mind.
Did I hear that you guys lost an Egyptian mummy? How'd you hear that? Weird news travels fast in here.
- So how you feeling? - Good.
They help you figure out what you think you saw? Yeah, pretty much.
So you don't think what you saw was real anymore? Real? No.
It was never real.
That's one thing I'm sure of.
Well, that's good.
Yeah, guess so.
It was all just in my head.
And that is where it's gonna stay.