Grimm s03e20 Episode Script

My Fair Wesen

- Previously on Grimm - The attack was pretty violent.
- No! - Somebody had a really big knife and a really bad temper.
Looks like a black knight with blood on it.
- She's a Grimm.
- You've heard that before.
It doesn't mean anything.
__ So Theresa's staying for dinner? Nobody calls me Theresa.
Uh-huh, so what do they call you? They call me Trubel.
Trubel that's an interesting name.
Trubel might have to be staying with us for a little while.
She needs to lay low.
- This have to do with a case? - Little more than that.
And by little more, you mean She's a Grimm.
- She's a - Yeah.
Sounded just as weird to me too.
You're a Grimm, but she just found out.
Can I talk to you for a second? Excuse us.
How do you just find out you're a Grimm? Uh, sort of like me.
I had no idea what I was until aunt Marie told me, and she's never had anybody tell her.
Then how do you know she's a Grimm? - Monroe saw her.
- Monroe saw her? And she killed three wesen.
She's a murder suspect? Well, not technically a suspect, because we know she did it, but it was self-defense.
They attacked her.
She has no idea what she is, let alone what they were.
First your mom shows up with Adalind and a baby.
And now you bring home a Grimm who barely knows she's a Grimm, and she's killed three wesen.
- I know it's a lot.
- You think? She's been on the run for years.
I mean, she thought she was crazy.
She just needs a little help.
You really think you can help her? I took her to the trailer, tried to explain what she was as best I could, but that's a lot to take in for someone as young as she is.
Juliette, she just needs a warm bed, a roof, and a little understanding.
For how long? Well, a little while.
I think we're gonna have to play it by ear.
Where is she? Trubel! - Sorry.
- It's okay.
Why don't we try some silverware and eat at the table, though? It's been a while since I ate with other people.
I asked your boss for your number I never wondered which way we'd go Oh.
Ooh! I am so sorry.
- That's all right.
- I am so sorry.
It's just an accident.
We'll take care of it.
I'm gonna need to see what's in your bag.
Let go of me.
Aah! Nice.
Very nice.
Very good.
Something go wrong? I'll take that as a yes.
Where's Cammy? She, um She made a mistake.
Was she caught? Was Cammy caught? - I saw her run away.
- And you didn't go after her? We we thought she'd meet us back here.
We'll discuss it upstairs.
Bless this family and this food we are about to eat.
We take nothing for granted, for we know that our strength comes from putting the family first.
For no sacrifice is too great I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I know.
Come on.
It wasn't my fault.
I know.
Why don't we talk about this in private? At least I got away.
You shouldn't have gotten caught.
I won't get caught again.
I came home.
And where else would you go? Look at me.
This is your family.
And without family, you're nothing.
Would you like seconds? So are all of the grimms so normal? You should meet my mother.
She's been called a lot of things, but normal's not one of 'em.
- Does that mean we're related? - Maybe a few centuries ago.
From what I can tell, it's like a recessive gene.
Must be a relief to know you're not the only one at least.
So you see these wesen things too? No, I'm not a Grimm.
So how do you deal with this? Deal with what? You know, being married to someone who can see what we do? Um, we We're not married.
You can get out any time.
Hey, here's a clean pair of pants and a shirt for you to sleep in.
- I'm fine with what I have.
- Okay, cool.
Well, I'm just gonna leave it there in case you change your mind.
We are down the hall if you need anything.
I won't, but, uh, thanks for the Chinese.
No problem.
Good night.
How long am I supposed to stay here? Till I can figure out what to do.
Look, if you need me, call me, okay? I don't want you to go.
- I'll be right across the hall.
- You need to stay here with me.
I'm not so sure that's a good idea.
- You afraid of me? - Of course I'm afraid of you.
Well, I'm afraid of you too.
Then why do you want me to stay? Because I'm more afraid of being alone.
I'll take the couch.
No, you won't.
I had a child to hold.
I don't anymore.
But for the short time I had her, I felt something I've never felt before.
I did too.
I never felt like I needed anyone before.
Do you think Viktor will take care of her? I believe she will be well looked after.
Will we ever see her again? I don't know.
No! No! No! Would you be more comfortable in a jail cell? Because that's where you're gonna end up if you walk out on this.
You don't owe me anything.
I know the world you've been living in.
I can help.
Why do you care? Because I'm like you.
It's not easy.
Plus, I had help, and you didn't.
I haven't quite worked this out, but I just think this might help us both.
You might have seen some things I haven't.
Besides, I like having another Grimm around.
Is she staying? For now.
A lot for her to learn.
Where are you gonna start? Hello.
Yeah, just one second, he's doing his exercises.
Put him on speaker.
So how'd it go last night? Everybody still alive? Yeah, for the time being.
Look, I need your and Rosalee's help with her.
And by help, you mean What you did for Juliette.
- Oh.
- Nick, this girl is a Grimm.
She can already see us.
No, no, no.
She's used to every wesen trying to kill her.
She needs to know that We're not all bad.
This is the next step.
All right, all right, Nick.
Just tell her to leave that machete behind.
- She has a machete? - Thanks, I appreciate it.
Delta! Delta! - Delta! - Delta, come here! - I see him.
- Delta! - What are you digging at? - Bad dog.
Oh, my God.
Hi, Nick, Hank.
Rosalee, Monroe.
This is Trubel.
Come on in.
Well, I'm Rosalee.
And I hear you met Monroe yesterday.
I never really had a chance to properly introduce Blutbad.
You, uh, really got a thing for clocks.
Oh, yeah.
Big fan of time in general.
I mean, you think about it history, music, love.
A long life, right? None of it would work without Timing.
And speaking of, we might want to get these other introductions out of the way.
So why don't we just start with explaining what a woge is? I know what it is.
Okay, well, there's also, like, um, stages.
So there's Kehrseiten.
And they are non-wesen, non-Grimm types.
That would be me.
And they can only see us when we want them to.
And grimms, like you, on the other hand, also can see us when we don't wanna be seen.
You ready? Here goes.
See? No big deal.
See, everything's fine.
How do you know I'm a Grimm? Um It's your eyes.
They get really dark when we woge.
It's kind of scary.
Really? Yeah, we're not talking kiddy pool dark.
We're talking, like, all the way down to your soul, deep-type dark.
- Burkhardt.
- So that went well, right? Still friends? This is so weird.
You know, everybody telling me what I saw wasn't real, I made it up.
Well, honey, you didn't.
Look, this is new for for all of us.
Nick is the first Grimm who didn't try to kill us.
So this is as important for Monroe and me as it is for you.
But not all wesen are like us.
So you need to be careful.
We gotta go.
There's a body in forest park.
What about Trubel? Um We can take her with us.
How are we gonna explain that? Ride along.
Yeah, we can say she's a, uh What? Criminology student? - Oh, perfect.
- Great idea.
That's the best.
Your mother's house went through probate.
It was determined at that time that your mother had not filed taxes for the last seven years.
Once legal fees, the irs, and the state were paid, there was a balance of $1,500.
42, most of which has gone to pay the storage unit where her personal possessions have been stored as per your request.
It's a good thing you showed up when you did.
Rent's only paid through the end of the month.
It would've gone up for auction in 60 days.
I hope she left something of value for you in there.
Were you close with your mother? I didn't mean I had such high hopes for you, honey.
I was everything to her.
Where do you think you're going? With you isn't that what I'm supposed to be doing? No, this is a crime scene.
This might not have anything to do with wesen.
Don't I wish.
Hey, it's not like it's the first dead body I've ever had to deal with.
Just keep your voice down.
The fewer questions people ask about you, the better.
- What do we got? - Uh, another weird one.
Looks like the vic was exsanguinated.
What's that? This is Theresa.
Criminology student.
She's here for a ride along.
Oh, thinking of becoming a cop? Right.
Well, it means that the victim has lost all of her blood.
Crime scene's this way.
Try to just watch and listen.
That's what I'm doing.
Body's wrapped in plastic.
Fully clothed, buried about 6 inches under.
Who found it? Dog named delta and his two owners.
Out for a run.
Looks like some high-end clothes.
Cuts don't look like they were made by a blade.
Looks like puncture wounds.
Doesn't look like she's got a drop of blood left.
Gotta be wesen.
Who's "Vesson"? You were saying? It's, uh German.
Yeah, it means that, you know, "there's no blood left.
" Huh.
Okay, uh, you guys ready for me to run prints? Yeah.
Scanner's in the car.
I'll be right back.
You've got to understand, these are cops.
You can't go talking that stuff to just anybody.
- Sorry.
- I think she's right, though.
Yeah, I know she's right.
You okay? She's young.
What the hell kind of wesen makes marks like that? - Trailer.
- Right.
Not much here, Jenny.
I thought someone saw me.
Whoa, what's the matter? I didn't want you to think that - What? - That I'm like Cammy.
Don't worry, nothing bad is gonna happen to you.
Unless you do get caught, 'cause then they'll want you to talk.
I wouldn't.
Tell me why you wouldn't.
Because I love our family.
We all miss Cammy.
The family needs someone to take her place.
- Donna.
- Yes.
Find us another one.
You know, I think it may be time to move the trailer.
That's not a bad idea.
I've seen one of those.
Where did you see it? Chicago.
Dude picked me up, offered me dinner.
Then I found out I was supposed to be the main dish.
Yeah, we ran across one of those.
You cut off its head? No, we shot him.
Oh, I guess that works.
You wouldn't happen to have an extra gun, would you? Can we just stay focused on this? Hey, check this out.
Same markings as on our vic.
You recognize it? You remember Ryan? The intern? How could I forget? "Leben-s" um, sauger.
That's German, right? - Yeah.
- Yeah, I'm getting this.
"Lebensaugers are known for coercing their victims through fear.
" Hang on.
Wu, you're on speaker.
Got a juvenile record on your victim.
Took me a while to get it cleared.
Camila Reynolds, age 18.
Arrested three times, the latest for shoplifting six months ago.
Last known address, the new beginnings halfway house downtown.
- Thank you.
- Hey, Wu.
Can you check with robbery? See if any high-end stores have been hit recently.
Anything with young girls.
Yeah, you got it.
Let's hit that halfway house.
You think you can What is it? Siegbarste.
That's what killed my foster parents.
That's why you ran away? Yeah, it would've killed me too if I hadn't.
Did you see who it was? No, only that That it was a monster.
That's that's why I ran.
Well, I think you've had enough for one day.
I can take you home.
No, I'm done running.
It better be here.
No, you need to stay in the car this time.
Fine with me.
Been in and out of places like this too many times.
Should be somewhere in the backlog.
Here it is.
Such a shame.
She was a sweet girl.
Well, it says here Camila attended several job interviews.
It's mandatory for the girls to go to job interviews before they emancipate.
Once they're 18, they have to leave.
There's only so many beds.
Any of the jobs pan out? Cammy was a sweet girl, but she never thought very highly of herself.
Not a rare thing in girls who have no family.
She hang out much with any of the other girls here? Anyone she was close to? - Her roommate Megan.
- Megan still here? Yes, you can talk to her.
But she's gonna be pretty upset if you tell her what happened to Cammy.
Jeane, have you seen Megan? - No.
- See if you can find her.
I wanna speak with her.
Yes, ma'am.
Hey, there are cops inside, and they're looking for you.
- I'd get out of here.
- Okay.
Yeah, I'll do that.
Megan, could you talk to these guys for a second? - Sure.
- Thank you.
Hey, Megan.
Can you answer a few questions about Cammy? Yeah.
- She mention any boyfriend? - Not to me.
Anybody here you think she might have confided in? No.
Places like this, you learn your problems are exactly that: Yours.
Well, if you do remember anything, give me a call.
Yes, sir.
She didn't tell you anything.
This might come as a surprise, but people aren't always honest.
Not much we can do about it without a little leverage.
You know she's wesen? - You clock that? - No.
I saw her woge, or whatever you call it, when her friend was warning her about you guys.
We need more than that to bring her in.
Hey, that body was found with designer clothing, right? Yeah.
How's a girl from a place like this gonna afford gear like that? You come from nothing, you can't help but brag to someone.
She's lying! Trubel! What the hell is she doing? - Hey.
- What the what did Cammy tell you? You're a You were gonna say "Grimm," right? Don't kill me.
You know Cammy? I know she's dead, and I know she had something lined up after this.
What was it? - I don't know.
- What was it? She she met a woman named Donna.
Free rent and good clothes, and she didn't have to hook or anything.
Where do I find her? She met her at O'Bryant Square.
Do you think she killed her? - Hey! - You okay? What the hell do you think you're doing? O'Bryant Square It's where Cammy met someone named Donna.
That's who gave her the job.
Promised her good clothes and a place to crash.
And I probably would have found out more if you guys hadn't butted in.
Yeah, Wu.
Got a hit from robbery.
Want it? Anything good? Store downtown got ripped off yesterday.
Over 17 grand worth of merchandise.
Security footage I.
'd your vic.
Camila Reynolds.
Looks like our vic was mixed up in some sort of high-end heist ring.
So she was a shoplifter? That's not exactly foreign to a kid who's been in the system most of her life.
Except someone dressed her up so she'd fit in.
We got a lead on a woman named Donna.
Might be picking up girls in O'Bryant Square.
Dresses a few street girls up, teaches them how to act.
Make anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 a week.
Modern-day pygmalion.
Any idea why they killed the vic? She almost got caught coming out that last store.
Could be she was becoming a liability.
We're gonna coffee and doughnut O'Bryant square tonight, see if we can find out who this Donna is.
We think they might be looking for a replacement.
So how's the ride along going? Oh, fine.
Homicide takes a strong stomach.
You see a lot of weird stuff.
Not everyone can take it.
It's not so bad.
As long as you don't have nightmares.
Tell me about it.
Good luck.
This better be it.
What? Oh, come on! Open, damn it! I never knew being a cop was so boring.
Oh, you're not bored? Part of the job.
Hey, what about her? Clothes aren't cheap, and she looks like she's looking for somebody.
Probably having an affair.
Maybe they're in love.
What do you think? She's probably having an affair too.
No, that's gotta be her.
Well, even if it is, we have to wait for her to make a move.
What if she doesn't? Then maybe it's not her.
- Hey, got any change? - What? Change, you know, like quarters, dimes.
- Trubel! - I'm hungry.
You got some change? No, sorry.
Change? - What is she up to now? - Mm.
Sorry, no.
Any change? You got any change? - Oh, crap.
- Hold on.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
If it's her, you're gonna blow it.
Let's just see what she does.
I'm just I'm looking for something to eat.
Why don't you go home? If I had one, I would.
- Like my shoes? - Yeah.
Would you like a pair of shoes like these yourself? I can't eat shoes.
You work, or you just like to beg? I don't like doing this.
Well, maybe you'd like to do something for me.
Some things nobody can make me do.
No hooking.
Just shopping.
What kind of shopping? Come with me.
Damn, I think Trubel's got her.
We gotta stop this now.
I don't see her! There.
She's getting into a car.
Get the plates! Damn! That's all I could get.
I need a BOLO on a gray BMW x6.
Partial plate 5 5 Romeo Sierra.
She's a smart girl.
She survived on her own for a long time before now.
I was supposed to protect her.
I brought her into this.
And you'll get her out.
We just have to stay focused.
BOLO will come up with something.
So when you say shop, you mean, like, without paying.
That's what we're talking about here, right? - You got a problem with that? - Not unless I get caught.
Who said you got the job yet? You still gotta meet Ken.
Who's Ken? Ken takes care of us.
Donna, you did well.
She is beautiful.
Maybe a little rough around the edges.
We'll manage.
What's your name? Theresa.
It's pretty.
Come in and make yourself at home.
This is Vanessa and Jenny.
Come on, girls.
Say hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Donna's told you a little bit about what we do here? Let's see how you clean up.
- Tell me you got something.
- Ran the partial.
One BMW with "55rs" registered to a Donna O'Hara.
Got a record for fencing stolen property.
Vehicle address is 24 southwest stark, apartment 320.
You want me to send some units down there? No, let us check it out first.
So what's the deal with Ken? Well, what kind of cut do you guys get? That good, huh? Don't let him hear you talk like that.
Why? You don't know a thing about him.
The girls that do this just end up Jenny, you're scaring her.
You think you can walk in these? No.
Well, try.
Perfect fit.
- There's no one home.
- Yeah, well, we're going in.
Nick, we need a reason.
Somebody's yelling "help.
" That girl's rubbing off on you.
- Still have the tags on 'em.
- She's not here.
What are we looking for? I don't know, but we gotta find something.
Damn, girl, you are hot.
Not let's see if you can sell it.
Walk for me a little.
Don't worry, I'll teach her.
Just gonna take a little practice.
Do you have any family? Not anymore.
Let me see you smile.
A good smile can be your best weapon.
She's gonna be great.
Same type of garment bag the victim was buried in.
Looks like they've been casing stores from here to Seattle.
She was paying bills.
Electricity, gas, cable.
She's got a bank account.
Maybe we can get access.
Hold on.
- What? - There's two gas bills.
One's for this address, one's for another.
Northwest industrial.
Worth a look.
Wish I had stuff like this.
Put the clothes back on the rack, please.
Tomorrow we'll see what you can do.
Just gotta get my stuff.
You staying someplace? No, I-I stashed it.
I gotta get it before somebody else does.
Whatever things you've got, you don't need anymore.
Oh, I won't be gone very long.
You won't be gone at all.
What, I can't leave? Why would you ever want to? You're part of the family now.
New girls spend their first night with me.
You shouldn't have done that.
What the hell? Get out! Get out! Get out! - I'll kill you, you bitch! - What happened? You don't know what he'll do.
I do! Get out! Now! You brought me a Grimm! - A Grimm? - How do you oh, crap.
that's the car we're looking for.
This is it.
There's a light on upstairs.
It's locked.
I'm getting the car.
It's all right now.
It's okay.
We gotta get you out of here.
Open, damn it! Aah! She's gonna get herself killed.
There's a learning curve to being a Grimm, remember? Well, most learning curves don't draw blood.
Maybe she'll choose a different life.
She'll always see them.
There's no running from that.
I screwed up, didn't I? Well, you found the girls, so Hey, it's okay.
I messed up, I know it.
I'm just not used to being the hunter.
And I guess I got carried away.
I need to know more.
I hope you're still willing to help me.
Why don't we talk about it in the morning? Okay.
You look like you could use some sleep, so You kind of do.