Grimm s04e12 Episode Script


Previously on Grimm Time to go.
Go where? Portland.
The only people who have any connection to your child are there.
So, we will be, too.
Oh, my God.
How did this happen? I don't know.
Found someone you can talk to.
I don't need a therapist.
This is not a therapist, believe me.
Hello, Juliette.
I believe we have a great deal to talk about.
"Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are.
" Once he has begun, you must not, at any time, do anything that interferes with his communication.
Connection with the spirit world is not easy to achieve and difficult to sustain if there are any distractions.
Do you understand? I do.
If he is successful, if Laszlo finds your husband, there is no guarantee your husband will accept him.
Spirits can be unpredictable.
But if he finds union with his spirit, you will see him change into Fado, an ancient holy spirit.
Do not be frightened of this change.
It is proof of his emergence.
Are you ready? I am.
She is ready.
Are you? Of course.
Laszlo is ready.
Say his name.
What do you want to say to him? I miss you, Louis.
I miss you so much.
It's so hard to keep going alone.
I feel his presence, outside.
He is coming in now.
He is here with us.
Where? Where is he? What's happening? Oh Oh Don't be frightened by what you see.
Anne, Louis is here, beside you.
Yes? Yes.
He loves you and misses you, more than life itself.
He thinks about you every moment of every dying day.
He thinks about how you met at Colonel White High School.
He's saying something about your hair.
Does that mean anything to you? Yes.
Yes, he always liked it long.
He still does.
Louis, why do you have to leave? There's more to He's gone? But why? Bring him back, please.
He had to go.
Something was wrong.
He said that I could try again Tuesday.
I can feel my husband with me.
It was so wonderful.
Laszlo, I saw him change into Fado.
If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have believed it.
Oh, wait.
Let me it takes a lot out of him.
He'll need a couple of days to recover.
But now that he has made contact, it will be even better next time.
Tuesday, right? That's what he said.
Oh! Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Fifteen hundred.
You could have gotten more.
I was very good tonight.
We'll get more.
She's coming back.
Too bad you won't be here.
Who are you? Doesn't matter.
What do you want? Pictures.
- Henrietta, I need your help.
- You do.
Sean told me about your sudden change of life.
That must have been very shocking.
Well, how do I stop it, how do I make it go away? Are you sure you want to, before you understand your true self? Yeah, I don't wanna understand my true self.
I just want my old self.
Well, show me what you got.
What do you mean? Show me what you are.
I don't know how.
How did you do it before? I don't know, it just happened.
Well, this has happened in a very unorthodox way.
But until I see what we're dealing with here, I won't be able to help you.
I'll try.
No, no, no, no, you're working too hard.
Let me help you.
Ah! Now we're talking.
How do I stop it? Relax.
Let go.
You have to let it happen, you can't make it happen.
So can you help me? Perhaps, but it's gonna be challenging.
You have to practice your Woge, learn to control it.
Right now you're like a A five year old with a loaded gun.
I could hurt somebody.
Yes, of course.
You now have access to a primal force of nature.
Who else knows about this? Only Sean.
You haven't told the Grimm? No, I'm afraid to.
That's wise.
Grimms are not known to be fond of Hexenbiests.
His natural instinct would be to take your head off.
I'm sure he loves you.
You don't need to panic.
I need a little bit of your blood.
Why? You want your true self back, don't you? It's getting hot.
It's really hot.
Hold still.
What are you doing? Seeing what you're made of.
It has to syncretize.
How long will that take? No telling.
I'll call you when I have something to show you.
I think I've been here before.
You had your fortune told? Actually I did.
About 20 years ago, at the Cleveland County Fair.
I was supposed to be a rock star and rich.
But that was in Ohio.
However, now I happen to be talking about this MO here.
It's the same as we had with that security firm.
Rather large stab wounds to the chest, the ones with scorpion venom.
So, thanks to my quality late night caffeine-fueled trailer time, I would suggest we're dealing with a Manticore or something similar.
Who reported? Landlord came by this morning to collect the rent.
Instead He found the bodies.
Am I right? Yep.
Looks like a Manticore.
Guess we can rule out robbery.
Anything on the vics? Mabel and Laszlo Kurlon from the Czech Republic.
Been in Portland just over a year, and renting the shop for nine months.
How many ways in? Two.
Back door was unlocked.
Front door was unlocked.
Lights were still on.
So whoever came in didn't have to work for it.
They just came in for the kill.
Maybe they got a bad fortune.
If the fortune tellers were any good, they would have seen this coming.
Got an appointment book.
Last appointment last night, 7:30.
Got a name? Well, if I could read it.
Starts with a "P.
" Let me work on it.
Where's the landlord? I got him outside.
They've been tenants for nine months.
I've got all the receipts back at the office.
They always paid on time in cash.
I didn't demand that, I take checks.
They just wanted to pay in cash.
Were they married? They said they were.
Nothing like this has ever happened at any of my properties.
I saw the bodies, how the hell were they killed? We're working on that.
Were they worried at all? Did they mention anything that they had problems with? Not to me.
They always just seemed pretty normal.
Well, but for what they did.
They ever tell your fortune? By that, I mean did they ever tell you how they told fortunes? No, I'm not much on fortunes.
I don't want to know, you know? Did you ask for any references? I asked, but I never checked.
I think they said they were in Reno before here.
We need you to put down all the references they told you.
I can do that.
Looks like I got a match on Anne Peyton.
Got an address in the south-east and a phone number to go with it.
Could she be the Manticore? She was the last one scheduled to see them.
If she is, she's not gonna make a move on three cops.
This is my favorite picture of Louis and me.
We were on vacation in Vermont.
We were so happy.
It was right before he was diagnosed.
Tell us what happened last night in the session.
Oh! it was amazing.
I wasn't sure if I was just making a fool of myself or what.
But a friend of mine went to them, and she said it was incredible.
And that's why I went.
And it was! Did you see any physical changes? Oh, yes.
Yes, uh, Laszlo channeled this spirit called Fado.
I know how it sounds, but I swear it was real, I saw him change.
His whole face, he was something completely different.
It's, it's kind of hard to describe.
He had fur and he was sort of animal-like.
You must think I'm crazy.
Who was in the room with you when it happened? Just me and Laszlo and Mabel.
You said Laszlo changed.
Did Mabel change in any way? Oh, no.
They didn't do anything wrong.
I communicated with my husband last night, I'm absolutely sure of it.
I mean, they were worth every penny.
I just, I can't believe that somebody would kill them! I wanted so badly to speak to my husband again.
I'm sorry, it's just It's been so lonely.
He'll wish he never brought it to a vote.
What have you got? Confirmation.
Sent by Jonathon Wilde moments ago.
Mabel and Laszlo Kurlon.
Numerous violations of Section 32.
The outstanding warrant goes back four years.
They eluded the Marechaussee longer than most.
They never learn, do they? The money's too easy, I'm afraid.
Authorize payment.
There's more.
Wilde is asking for another Eigenverantwortung.
Authority to kill whom? Hmmm.
I'm afraid no one is going to miss you, Mr.
Love to travel but glad to be home.
Minus the unpacking and paying the bills part.
Don't forget the laundry.
Not much fun in that either.
But we had such a great time.
Well, we sure did.
Okay, back to reality.
I wonder if I should call Nick, tell him we're back.
That didn't take long.
No, you know, just in case something, like, pertinent happened while we were gone.
Go ahead.
You sure? Actually, I'd kind of like to know too.
So the widow is not your Manticore? Oh, she's not even Wesen, according to Nick.
But Laszlo had to be.
And he wasn't hiding it.
He was using it.
That's why she was so convinced he was talking to the dead.
He Woged.
Yeah, you see something like that, you'll believe anything.
The Manticore had to have shown up just after she left.
The shop was still open, lights were still on, doors unlocked.
So if we have a Manticore that's going to a Wesen for a fortune, the Woge is not gonna work.
He'd know he's being scammed.
Sounds like motive.
He was pissed.
Unless it's a Wesen Council thing.
A what? Not everything's in the books.
Monroe, you back? Yeah, just got in.
We had an awesome time, but, you know, glad to be back.
Yeah, no, just checking in and Can Hank and I come by? We need your help.
What, now? Well, if you're not too busy.
Uh No, we're not so busy right now.
We're on our way.
Yeah, okay, well, see you.
Nick and Juliette coming over? More like Nick and Hank.
That didn't take long.
It's no castle.
It's no dungeon either.
Aren't we glad to be done with all that? I may never forgive you.
Perhaps this will help you.
You did all this for me? Why wouldn't I? We're in this together, aren't we? How do you mean that? Simmer down, I have my own bedroom.
Well, this is all very beautiful, but when do we get serious? Don't make the mistake of thinking we're not.
We did not come all this way again to go back empty handed.
No, we did not.
I suggest we start meeting with our people sometime tomorrow.
They're anxious to get going.
Tomorrow would be fine.
No Let me.
Sir Oh, come on, I never get to open the doors in my own home.
It'll be a thrill.
Cousin Sean, I didn't expect you so soon.
I didn't expect you so soon either.
Do come in.
This is familiar.
Reminds me of when my brother Eric came to town.
Did you ever find his killer? Not yet.
But we haven't given up.
We believe it's a man named Meisner.
Perhaps you know him.
Where's Adalind? Here.
I didn't think you'd ever come back.
I didn't think you'd steal our baby.
Before this becomes a domestic, shall we put the past aside and discuss the future? Last time you were in town, you threatened to kill me and my mother.
And that's a little hard to put aside.
Heat of the moment, things get said.
But I'm not here for revenge.
I underestimated you and I regret that mistake.
I don't have the child.
You gave her to Nick's mother! That's a little hard to put aside too.
I gave her to the one person I thought would protect her.
I wonder what the Resistance would say if they knew you'd betrayed them.
But they do know.
And I'll tell you what I told them.
I don't know where the child is, and I have no way of finding out.
We're going to remain civil.
At least for a little while.
You're the Captain of a police department.
You have means at your disposal.
I suggest you make use of them.
We're not leaving without the child.
You may not like it, but you're part of the family, mistreated though you were, you still have the blood.
Hasn't exactly been thicker than water, has it? No family is perfect.
But those that wanted you dead are dead.
And it's time you think about your relationship with this family as it is now, not as it was then.
Welcome to Portland.
Well, we've broken the ice.
Let's have lunch.
It's like we never left.
Welcome back! Good to have you two back.
- Portland wasn't the same without you.
- Oh.
Welcome back.
Thank you.
How are you with all this? I'm getting through it.
So, what do you got? Manticore.
Another one? That's what I said.
I mean, they're just about impossible to kill.
Well, this one killed two people last night.
We also think the vics were Wesen.
We don't know for sure? Well, they were dead.
They were fortune tellers.
We interviewed their last client and she described what sounded like a Woge.
During the fortune telling? Yeah.
Then my guess is, they were breaking Council law.
Oh, boy.
So this could have been a sanctioned hit.
- If they were on the list.
- List? There's a list? The Council keeps records of Wesen who violate Council law.
Sometimes they send out their own people, like Alexander, sometimes they use Marechaussee.
Marechaussee are only in it for the money.
I mean, strictly mercenary.
They're basically bounty hunters.
Wesen bounty hunters? Yeah.
Big money.
Not much of a health plan, but Nick, if this is Wesen Council, I'd just stay out of it.
As a Grimm, maybe, but not as a cop.
Well, at least let me see what I can find out from the Council.
Juliette! Yeah? Ow.
What happened? I hit my head.
I'm sorry.
On what? Stupid pepper mill.
You hit your head on the pepper mill? Yeah.
I dropped the fork and then I bent over to pick it up, and hit the side of the stove and it fell on my head.
It's quite a bump.
I'll be okay.
Casey, talk to me! Casey! I can't do this anymore.
Oh, what, you don't love me? Don't say that, Casey.
This is interesting.
Now you're telling me what to say? It's not like that.
I'm just so tired of being You know what I can do to you.
Yes, yes.
You still tired? No, no, I'll work.
I'll do whatever you say.
You're gonna work twice as hard tonight and prove it.
Yeah, baby.
See, I got two hot ones.
You're gonna love the love.
Yo, hang on.
Hey, big man, you looking for a good time? No, I'm working.
Then quit wastin' my time.
Some weirdo in the alleyway Hey.
Yo, what the hell's the matter with you? Rosalee Calvert, your identity is confirmed.
What are you reporting? I'm not actually reporting anything, I have a question about two Wesen deaths in Portland last night.
Were they sanctioned by the Council? Is there a Marechaussee in Portland? The Council will review your request.
What'd they say? Not much.
They said they'll review my request.
I'm thinking, maybe we shouldn't have asked that.
I guess we're gonna find out.
Looks like our vics were living pretty much off the grid.
No bank accounts, no tax returns.
I can't find a vehicle registration or a driver's license for either one.
Sounds like people who don't wanna be found to me.
Well, except the bounty hunter did.
I need to see you both.
We got a problem? We do.
My cousin Viktor is back in town, with Adalind.
- You've seen them? - I have.
They know about your mother, and that we gave my child to her.
So they think we know where she is.
I don't think they care whether we do or not.
But they made it very clear they're not leaving without Diana.
So I suggest you tell Juliette, and watch your backs.
I don't know when or where, but they will make a move.
How long is Henry gonna have to keep this on? Until the stitches are out and completely healed.
I'm sorry, Henry, but that's the way it's got to be until you're feeling better.
These are his meds.
It's gonna be one a day, preferably at night.
All right, big boy.
You're all done.
Nick, you home? No, still at work.
Yeah, me too.
I'm almost done though.
You want me to pick up some food? Juliette, Adalind is back in Portland.
What? Yeah, the Captain just told me.
You need to be careful.
Give me a half hour.
I wanna get home before you do.
Juliette? You all right? No! Not with Adalind back.
She's in town with Viktor.
They know my mom has Diana.
We have to warn her.
I just sent her an email.
I don't know if she'll get it or If Adalind tries anything, I swear to God I will rip her throat out.
Well, that might be a little easier said than done.
She's a Hexenbiest.
I know what she is.
It's from my mom.
"Got your message.
" There's an attachment.
Oh, my God, that's Diana.
She's beautiful.
She looks so happy.
Yeah, my mom's getting a chance to be a mom again.
Yeah? I just got home.
Yeah, I can be there in 10 minutes.
I'm sorry.
I gotta go.
You gonna be okay? I'll be fine.
You know, be careful.
- Hello? - Rosalee Calvert? Uh Yeah, she's She's right here.
It's them.
I think the Council.
This is Rosalee Calvert.
The Council has determined that you shall take no further action with regard to your inquiry.
The Council is aware of your relationship with the Grimm, who has interfered with the Council on numerous occasions, therefore you are advised not to assist him in any way.
If there is any violation, penalties will be imposed.
There will be no further communication on this subject.
Pretty significant record if you're interested, but it's mostly vice stuff.
Started pimping about six years ago, based on his first pandering charge.
Not sure who that belongs to yet.
- Run the numbers and check for prints.
- Yeah.
I guess our bounty hunter hasn't left town.
One of his girls was working the corner, she witnessed the attack.
We found her hiding behind a dumpster, pretty freaked out.
Not sure she's gonna be much help.
She is positive she just saw the devil in the flesh.
Not that far from the truth.
Rosalee? We just heard back from the Council.
It's not good, dude.
What'd they say? They basically told us to stay out of their business.
Like, totally out of it, including not helping you.
And they said there would be penalties if we didn't comply.
So the Council sanctioned the kills.
Suffice it to say, they know what's going on.
Well, we've got another body.
Oh, God, Nick.
If this is a Wesen bounty hunter, he's still working.
Look, you two stay out of this, let us deal with it.
I'm sorry.
I know this isn't a nice way to come back from a honeymoon.
Nick, seriously! You don't wanna piss off the Wesen Council.
Not any more than you already have.
Can't you find somebody else to handle this one? Well, you know that's not gonna happen.
I do.
I do know that.
Be on your guard, okay? If they're using a Marechaussee, killing is their business.
He's not gonna let you arrest him.
So just be careful, Nick.
We have a determination on Nicholas Burkhardt? Apparently.
What have they decided? They decided he's interfered once too often.
Do you agree with this decision? Unfortunately, no one is interested in my opinion.
They're making a mistake.
No one is interested in your opinion either.
Toxicity reports concludes the victims died from an "Excessive dose of neuro-toxins and enzyme inhibitors "associated with the family Buthidae, "the closest match being" Scorpion venom.
We definitely got ourselves a Manticore.
Gentlemen, we have hit a little pay dirt.
Not one, but two clear prints, one not belonging to the owner of the cell phone.
And we were able to get a match.
Jonathon Wilde, from Archer City, Texas.
Two arrests, one for murder, identified by witnesses, but charges were dropped due to lack of evidence and no known association with his victims.
How did the victim die? Neuro-toxins and enzyme inhibitors associated with Scorpions.
Okay, we've got our guy.
What do we know? Well, I did a little looking into this type of hit, and pulled up half a dozen scattered from Bangor, Maine to San Diego, California, all unsolved.
But I did manage to find motor vehicles registered to Wilde.
One for a motorcycle, one for a truck.
APBs on both.
Make sure it goes wide, in case he's on his way back to Texas.
At least this time we've got prints tying him to the scene.
This is everything I know about Kelly Burkhardt.
Only photos of her are over 20 years old.
There's no driver's license or passport in her name.
And the last documentation is of her death.
But she is still alive.
Very much so.
She was last seen driving a 2008 Ford F-250 crew cab, Oregon DOV 4-12, registered to Juliette Silverton.
Burkhardt could be a long way away by now.
I'm sure that's what she'd like us to think.
Although my gut feeling is that she's close by.
She's got a six-month-old girl with her.
If I find them, how do you want me to handle it? Just tell me where she is.
I don't want her to know she's been found.
See what I can do.
Just watch your moves.
There's a lot of other interest in the same subject matter.
And Sam, one more thing you should know.
What? She's a Grimm.
Good to know.
We got a match on the motorcycle.
Did you check room registration? Okay, stay put.
Do not engage the suspect unless he tries to leave.
Consider him armed and dangerous.
We got a match on Wilde's motorcycle.
He's at the Beacon Motel, room 12.
We won't know if it's our guy until you make him Woge.
I'll make him Woge.
Down on the ground, now! On the ground! You're under arrest for murder.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law.
You killed three people.
You have the right to an attorney.
What are you doing? I didn't do anything.
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.
'Cause you're a Manticore.
What? What you're talking about? Did he Woge? Not yet! Nick! Why are you doing this? I know what you are! Hey, Nick! That's enough! He's under arrest.
We're taking him in.
What if he's the wrong guy? What if he's not the Manticore? He is the Manticore.
Then why didn't he Woge? He doesn't know you're a Grimm.
He's a professional.
He's smart.
I'll get him to Woge.
Has this ever happened before? Not that I know of.
What if he's wrong this time? All we've really got is one fingerprint.
That doesn't prove he's the Manticore.
I better go in there.
We have your fingerprint, puts you at the scene of the crime.
What scene of the crime? How much was he worth? Uh, how much did you get paid? I didn't get paid anything! All right, look, I paid for a hooker tonight, if that's what this is about.
But I didn't kill anybody! You kill people for a living.
You're a bounty hunter, a Marechaussee, and you work for the Wesen Council.
What are you talking about, man? You're crazy! Nick! Let's just lock him up.
I didn't do anything wrong! This isn't right.
I'm innocent.
You're making a mistake.
Do not go near this guy under any circumstances.
You understand? Yes, sir.
Now we can only hold him so long.
We have to figure how we're gonna charge him.
If you're sure he's the right guy.
I don't know.
I just cracked Wilde's iPad.
You gotta see this.
That puts him at the crime scenes.
That may be all we need.
Hold on.
You gotta see this.
That's why he didn't Woge.
He knows who you are.
You're crying? Seriously? I don't feel so good.
Well, let me get you some warm milk.
All right.
Eww! So ugly.
Henrietta? Now? Guess that's a now.
I've never seen anything like this before.
I'm not sure how deep it goes, or if it even stopped.
What is it? It's what happens when the syncretization doesn't syncretize.
What did this? You.
This is how powerful you are.
No, I said I didn't want this.
You don't have a choice! What? You are what you are now.
No! And there's nothing we can do to change that.
I know this is not what you wanna hear.
Not what I wanna hear? Are you kidding? You must learn to control yourself! Now don't forget, they used to burn witches at the stake.
So this is what I am now, forever? There's nothing anyone can do to change that, Juliette.
You have to learn to live with it.
No! Photographs don't prove he killed anybody.
Well, they prove he was at both crime scenes.
I'm not sure that matters, Nick.
Can't get a conviction on a Manticore.
I'm more worried about the Wesen Council putting a hit on Nick.
Suspect got out.
He'll be coming after you, Nick.
I'm going home.
Juliette's there.
Nick, I really need to talk to you.
There's a guy after me.
He probably won't come to the house, but I'm not taking any chances.
I'm on my way home.
Okay, the doors are locked, I'll get my gun.
If you wanna see her alive, come alone.
Juliette? Juliette! Get out.
I'm not here for you.
Behave yourself and you won't get hurt.
I said get the hell out.
This is my business.
Stay out of it.
I warned you.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe he should come home and find you dead.
Oh, my God! Easier to kill a Grimm when he's emotional.
Maybe he should come home and find you dead! Juliette! Where is he? What the hell happened? He missed.
I was lucky.
I am so sorry.
This never should've happened.
And I swear to God, it's never gonna happen again.
You can't protect me, Nick.
That's something I'm gonna have to do for myself.
Come in! You've heard from our bounty hunter? Yes.
The Grimm is dead? Not exactly.
Well, I hope the Council doesn't take this personally.
Or the Grimm.