Grimm s04e22 Episode Script

Cry Havoc

Previously on Grimm You're choosing her over me.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if Nick was in mortal danger and needed Mummy's help? What's in it for me? A whole new life.
With a family that values what you are.
No! One step closer and I'll snap her pretty neck.
He may not be dead, but he's not gonna be feeling too good after that many rubber bullets.
What did you do to me? I think we cured you.
Hey! I can't believe you got here.
Trubel? Kelly? Juliette.
Thank God you're here.
Nick's not home, but I am, and the front door's unlocked.
We got her! And we've got her.
"O, from this time forth, my thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth.
" No! No! It's his mom.
Oh, my God.
What did you see when you were here? I didn't see this.
But One of the guys outside, a Hundjager, he followed me.
If one of them followed you, there's gotta be more of them around.
We can't stay here.
Nick, Nick.
This could be a trap.
Trubel's right, Nick, we gotta go.
Nick, look at me.
Hey, look at me! This is a trap! Burkhardt's in the house.
Kill him.
He's not alone, there are two people with him.
Doesn't matter, kill them all.
You're good with children, she's rather taken with you.
They're coming.
We gotta go! Nick, they're Hundjagers! They're coming to kill you.
Let's go! Come on! Let's go! No! All right, let's go.
They're gone.
Find them! I'm going back.
Hold on.
There's more people out there.
It'd be suicide.
Hey, he's right.
We gotta keep moving, Nick.
Hold on, come on now.
They're not the ones responsible.
We have to find the ones that ordered this.
The Hundjager I killed was Verrat.
It's the Royals, Nick.
What'd you do with the one you killed? I hid the body.
Show me.
I'll have Wu meet us.
What is this place? It's a rental.
He followed me here.
That's him.
He say anything? No time to.
Soon as I saw he was a Hundjager I didn't wait.
What'd you do with the head? I kicked it under there.
Still there.
We need to find these guys.
Adalind might know where they are.
Adalind? The Adalind? Just get the head.
What are you thinking? This guy's Verrat, he was working with the Royals.
I think we can use him to find them.
He's kinda dead, Nick, I don't think he's going to be answering any questions.
What's going on? The Royals killed Nick's mom.
What? Open the trunk.
I'm sorry, Nick.
Is that? A head.
So you wanna call it in? No.
We're doing this my way.
I can't believe they shot me with rubber bullets.
Well, we had to make whatever was inside you think he was really dying.
Otherwise he might not have left you.
And if it really was Jack the Ripper, he was from the 1800s, so he would have known about guns, but not rubber bullets.
So, he would have thought he was really getting shot.
And I was really getting shot.
Those things hurt.
Take this, you'll feel better.
I'm just glad he bought it and went back to wherever he came from.
Wherever the hell that is.
I still killed three women.
That wasn't you.
And I'm in charge of finding the killer.
I've got half the Precinct looking for him.
Well, they never found the real Jack the Ripper.
They're not going to stop until they find somebody.
That's a problem.
You need a somebody.
Bud, it's us, open up the door.
Don't you guys ever sleep? Trubel! Hey, Bud.
I like your bat.
When'd you get back? I mean, welcome back, it's good to see you, like really good to see you.
Where's Adalind? She's asleep.
I need to talk to her.
About what? The Royals have Diana.
What? I thought she was with your mother.
My mother's dead.
Kelly's dead? Oh, Nick I'm going to kill whoever did this.
That would be Kenneth.
He took over when the King recalled Viktor to Vienna.
And Rispoli.
He's in charge of the Verrat.
Where were the Royals staying? Here, at the Penthouse at the Hotel deluxe.
Do you think they're still there? Well, they couldn't have known they'd get Diana tonight.
Nick, I want her back.
Can you get into the Penthouse? I think I still have the key.
All right.
Get ready.
We need you to drop something off.
She's pregnant? It's mine.
Nick, the Royals aren't gonna stop.
They could come looking for you at Monroe and Rosalee's.
He's right.
They want you dead.
We need to warn Monroe and Rosalee.
I'll call 'em.
Bring them back here.
Do have any plastic wrap? Plas What? Is this really my granddaughter? It is.
I can hardly believe it.
Look how much she's grown in such a short time.
She truly is special.
May I present Ms.
Juliette Silverton, without whose help this would not have been possible.
Juliette, this is King Frederick Von Co That's plenty.
I cannot thank you enough.
You will be well taken care of.
A whole new life awaits you in Vienna.
I've always had a soft spot for Hexenbiests.
Look at you.
You are so beautiful.
Come give your grandfather a hug.
Oh! How I have longed to hold this child.
At last where she belongs You've made me a very happy old man.
Feed and bathe her, dress her properly.
Your Majesty.
Be sure she's ready to travel.
Come, Diana.
It's Rispoli.
Put him on speaker, he should be part of our celebration.
You're on speaker with the King.
He would like to congratulate you on a job well done.
We've had a setback.
The Grimm got away.
Where is he? We don't know, we're searching the area now.
Well, clear everyone out.
Meet me back at the hotel and we'll deal with this.
I promise, I'll take care of the Grimm.
I suggest you keep that promise.
Where would he be? He's looking for me.
Then you're coming with me.
She stays here.
She's done her job, now you do yours.
So, what is this Grimm like? He won't stop.
Hello? Is anyone here? It's really good you got here when you did.
I guess so.
Oh, I'm serious.
Nick really needs you right now.
I just can't believe they killed his mother.
It was pretty awful.
What about Josh? Is he still with us? I mean, he's not He's okay.
Huh, it must be you.
Aren't you gonna get it? I mean, what if it's Nick? - Nick.
- We need to talk.
Yeah, we're on our way there, Bud's driving.
I'll be in touch.
I'll call you when we get back to his house and when Monroe and Rosalee are safe.
See, it was Nick.
Just makin' sure we're okay.
anyone in a three-mile radius.
Captain, I'm glad you're back.
What have we got? Our first lead on the "Ripper" killings.
Show me.
We thought we were at a dead end.
The first two murders were prostitutes, killed in same the vicinity where they worked.
Then there's the third murder.
And we can't find any connection between this one and the first two.
Except the way she was killed.
Then we got a break.
There was a fourth attack tonight, in the same area where these two bodies were found.
Who reported it? The victim, Judith Nichols, another working girl.
- She give a description? - A pretty good one.
Tall, 6'4 ", 6'5", well dressed, slender.
Anything else? Yeah, and you're gonna love this.
What? He has a British accent.
Guy thought he was Jack the Ripper.
So how'd she get away? This is the weird part.
Three men came to her rescue, one of them wearing what she thought was a police uniform, but it was probably a security guard 'cause there's no record of this guy getting arrested.
Yeah, I don't know, maybe they took the creep out and beat him to death.
Not that we think that's a good thing.
Well, keep me posted.
I swear to God, if I have to cut up another body for a potion Or heal the Captain one more time Let's drink to something.
To something.
You know, we still haven't heard from Nick.
Or Trubel.
We should call him.
Yeah, you're right.
Except the phone's way over there.
Monroe, Rosalee, it's Trubel.
And me, Bud, I'm with her.
What's wrong? A lot.
They killed Nick's mom.
Hundjagers working for the Royals.
They have the kid.
Oh, my God, no.
Where's Nick? Looking for 'em.
We gotta get you two out of here.
You can stay at my house, 'cause nobody really cares about me.
I mean, not that nobody cares, but the Royals don't even know who I am! I mean, I don't think they do.
Oh, my God, you don't think they could No, Bud.
They don't even know about me.
How would they know about you? Let's go.
You're right, you're right.
We're both under the radar.
Which is why I think we should get the hell out of here.
We should go.
I got plenty of toothbrushes.
And then immediately called security after that.
And then, from there What've we got? Hey.
Excuse me.
Something pretty grisly.
One of the guests found a head in a closet.
This is, uh, the hotel manager, Mr.
I'm Detective Burkhardt, this is Detective Griffin.
Who found it? One of our hotel guests, Miss Schade.
Housekeeping heard her screaming, immediately called hotel security.
They notified me.
I, uh, just can't believe it.
Where's the guest? Oh, right in here.
Miss Schade, these are Detectives Burkhardt and Griffin.
Can you tell us what happened? I came back to my room, I'd been gone a couple of days, and I opened the closet door and there it was.
It was awful.
I'm pregnant, you know.
We're going to need the names and vehicle information of everyone who's staying in this room.
Right away.
Security, I'm gonna need you to pull some records.
Copy that.
You Okay? I almost went into labor with all that screaming.
Well, you did good.
Looks like they haven't packed up yet.
Now what? Now we find out what vehicles they're driving, put out arrest warrants for Kenneth and Rispoli.
It worked.
There's a printout of the names and vehicles waiting at the front desk.
APB's on everything.
Have an officer take Adalind back to Bud's.
You stay here.
I'm sorry about your mom.
I know how much that hurts.
She died trying to save my daughter.
This must be difficult.
Your life changing so drastically.
You must have loved your Grimm, you sacrificed so much.
I thought it was a sacrifice.
I'm not so sure anymore.
A Hexenbiest with your powers could be a very valuable asset to someone who respects them.
Like you? My family has a long history with Hexenbiests.
We've always embraced the very things for which others have burned you at the stake.
But I can imagine the confusion you've experienced not being born to it.
You're Sean's father.
That is true.
Just to be clear, you tried to have both Sean and his Hexenbiest mother killed.
More than once.
That was the Queen, not me.
Well, if the Queen tries anything like that with me The Queen is dead.
You're beautiful.
Any private plane.
They should be traveling with a very small child.
All right.
Gotta go.
What is it? She was set up, Hank.
My mother was smart, there's no way she would've showed up if she didn't think she was safe, especially with the child.
Why would she come here at all? You didn't contact her.
Well, somebody did.
And the only way could've been from my computer So who had access? Only me And Juliette.
Kelly would have trusted her.
With her life.
I think maybe she did, Nick.
Officer Kenneth Bowes-Lyon.
Hands behind your head! Now! Okay, okay.
Get down on the ground, all the way down, now! Get down! Hands behind your back.
Let's check him.
Hold him.
Do you have anything in your pockets? I think there's been a mistake.
Get him up, get him up.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
Keep driving.
Get him in.
Leaving Portland, are we? Our destination? Where are you taking me? Where you belong.
I doubt that.
Your Majesty.
What happened? The police were waiting for Kenneth at the hotel.
He was set up by the Grimm.
This Grimm is really becoming annoying.
Would you like me to go back and get Kenneth out? No.
Let the Grimm have him.
They both need a little closure.
Get ready to go.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Get out.
I take it this isn't standard procedure.
Lay down.
If you're going to put a bullet in the back of my head, just do it.
I'd always heard how badass you Grimms were, but your mother was a complete letdown.
Of course, I did have the element of surprise on my side.
How'd you get Juliette to help? She didn't take that much convincing.
One good romp in your bed.
Well, let's just say her needs weren't being met.
Where is she? The King's delighted to have his grandchild back.
She'll be well rewarded.
She's changed the course of history, just so you know.
Too bad you won't live to see it.
This is crazy.
I'm going back.
No, no, no.
This is the way Nick wanted it.
Okay, look, I'm sure Nick can handle this guy, but he killed Nick's mom.
What if he kills Nick? Then we finish what he started.
For my mother.
Juliette's with the Royals.
They have Adalind's kid.
Get back to the Precinct.
Triangulate Juliette's cell.
We need to get to them before they're gone.
On it.
What do you want to do about the body? Nothing.
We're going after Juliette.
Hey, we're gonna need some help on this.
Last time you pulled a gun on Juliette, it didn't go well.
Trubel? That's what I was thinking.
I can't believe Kelly got killed.
How did that happen? I feel so bad for Nick.
Were you with him when he found his mother's body? Yeah.
But it wasn't her body.
What? They put her head in a box for him to find.
on, my God on Oh, they're animals.
Nick's gonna need us now more than ever.
And Juliette.
Wait, shouldn't she be here? Nick didn't tell you? There were some side effects to him getting his Grimm back.
I remember, but Juliette's a Hexenbiest.
No way.
She torched the trailer and almost killed Monroe.
And me.
I can't believe this.
Believe it.
Somebody's out there.
It's Nick and Hank.
Juliette's a Hexenbiest? Yeah.
And she's with the Royals.
That bitch has my kid? She helped the Royals take her.
We're going to need you on this.
You got it.
Never should've left.
I'm putting you on speaker.
I triangulated her cell.
She's in North Plains, outside our jurisdiction.
I don't care.
Didn't think so.
It's a big gated compound.
Only one road in.
About a mile off the highway.
You got an address? I'll meet you there.
Not this time.
It's too risky.
I don't want you getting pulled down with what I have to do.
Considering who's in the compound, my guess is it's going to be heavily guarded.
How we going in? Quietly.
We need some things from the shop.
Coming with you.
Me, too.
Well, someone needs to stay here with Adalind and Bud.
Just in case.
Yeah, yeah, that's a really good idea.
'Cause if anybody does come here, it's just me and Adalind, and, you know, the little guy.
I'll stay.
You better come back.
I'll be okay, I promise.
How are you feeling? Tired, angry, scared.
Now, which poison do you want? There's still some Siegbarste Gift.
That stuff'll take down an ogre, it'll take down just about anything.
Bring it.
This is cool.
What kind Of weapon you gonna use? I'm good.
Nick, if we do find Juliette, what do you want us to do? Kill her.
Getting close, about a quarter of a mile.
We should pull off soon.
Car behind us.
Coming in kind of fast.
She's right.
Let's pull over, see what he does.
Not good.
Let's not get caught in the car.
Nick I know you told me not to do this, but after what they did to your mom, I gotta be here.
Just so you know, I left my badge at home.
I'm glad you came.
How we doin' this? Leave the cars here.
We walk.
And no noise.
Could I still bring a shotgun? Just in case.
You never know.
Bring it.
Jeez, Rosalee! Don't be sneaking up on me like that.
You need a break, I'll take over for a while.
Good idea, I'm a little jumpy.
Say, uh, you know I've been thinkin' about what's going to happen once Adalind has her baby.
So have I.
You think Adalind and Nick are going to, like, you know, move in together and And get married? No.
Oh, good, good.
'Cause I don't think that'd work.
I mean, Juliette was just so right for Nick.
The, uh, old Juliette, not the crazy new one.
I wonder what they're gonna name the kid.
And what do you say, we put this one right there.
What do you think, Princess? Is this a beautiful castle? Well, that wasn't very nice.
Oh! You are going to be the builder of Kingdoms! Your Majesty.
The pilot just reported they are five minutes out.
Time for us to go home, Diana.
Take her, please.
We're going to have a nice ride to a big boat.
Two guys in front of the house.
I hear something.
I don't hear anything.
Me either.
That's gotta be their way out.
Juliette is not getting on the helicopter.
Wu, take the knife.
Oh, hell.
If I'm not back in 60 seconds We'll be gone.
Hey! They're back.
What happened? They got away.
All of them? They had a helicopter.
You didn't get Diana? I'm sorry.
What about Juliette? Was she there? She got away, too.
Oh, Nick You can go back home now.
What about me? Where am I supposed to go? You stay here with Bud till we wrap all this up.
You go home.
I'll handle the Captain.
Nick did everything he could, but they got away.
My father has Diana now.
There's nothing we can do about it.
You tell Adalind? Yeah.
I'm glad I don't have to, again.
Captain, there's a few bodies up there It's out of our jurisdiction, isn't it? Yeah.
Shoot anybody? One.
With a shotgun.
Well, there's no ballistics, nothing tying you to them, so Don't worry, I'll handle it.
If it's any consolation, Kenneth is dead.
Well, that is some consolation.
I still have to deal with what I did, though.
But that was Jack.
Yeah, but I can't explain it and they won't stop looking.
What we need is a suspect that's about your height.
With a British accent.
What are the chances of finding that? We're going on a big ship across the ocean and take you home.
You know, you really are a princess.
What do you see? What? What is it? What Get your hands off me.
I am the King! One more push! Here it is! Here it is! Down with the King.
He'll make a good Jack.
I just wish I could tell him how much I appreciate this.
Maybe Jack'll tell him.
I didn't know Kenneth was going to do that.
She trusted you.
I know.
I thought they just wanted Diana.
You betrayed her! Do it, Nick.
Kill me.
Just do it.
Do it.
You can't put me out of your misery, huh? I hope you're not going to tell me you're still in love with me.
Get out.
After everything I've done for you, you think that's how we're going to end it? You should have killed me when you had the chance.
I'm done fighting, Juliette.
Maybe I still love you.
Maybe that's something that just never goes away.
I'm done.
I know.
I wish I was.
Goodbye, Nick.
Goodbye, Juliette.
No! No! Juliette! Nick.
Juliette! No! No! Get her!