Grimm s05e03 Episode Script

Lost Boys

Previously on Grimm They grabbed Trubel.
I tried to stop them.
They drugged me.
I woke up and Juliette's body was gone and my mom's head.
They took everything.
- They have Truble or not? - I can't say.
You just did.
Want to hold him? He won't break.
I don't want to raise him by myself.
And he's as much of you as he is me.
I don't know if that's good on either side.
"Occultatum Libera"? They're coming here.
Translated, it would mean something like "free what's hidden" or "free the hidden.
" What the hell does it mean? It's war.
__ Come in.
They're almost done.
So am.
I just have to put Kelly in the car seat.
I'll get him.
How long have you lived in this house? Shh.
About six and a half years.
I never thought I'd be here forever, but I didn't know anything about being a Grimm when I bought it Now that I think about it, you were my first.
First what? First woge I ever saw.
Remember that? You were coming out of a coffee shop.
I was with Hank and you looked at me.
As I remember it, you were looking at me.
You scared the hell out of me.
You scared the hell out of me too.
I guess you were my first as well.
I'd never seen a Grimm before.
Sorry to interrupt.
Can we grab the crib? Yeah, it's ready.
I'll get it; here I'll get him in the car.
You ready to go? Wow.
You kicked ass yesterday.
Yeah, it was pretty nonstop.
How much did we do? Check this out.
Oh, I kicked serious ass yesterday.
What? There's just a little Just a little too much of Catuaba.
I might've doubled dosed.
I can cut that with some bayberry.
I'm not sure you could cut that with a chain saw.
- Nick! - I can't stop it! Let go of the gun! Whoo.
That was close.
I know this is gonna sound weird, but I miss Juliette.
The old Juliette before she turned I miss that Juliette too.
But I'm more glad the bullet missed you.
Mother! Come back! Come back! Mother! Don't leave us! Where are you? Come back! Mother! Is she Mother's left us.
How could she do this? We loved her! Maybe we didn't love her enough.
I loved her more than enough.
Let's go.
Hurry up, Big John! Come on! What the hell? Miss? Hey! You okay? Miss? What do we do? Oh, my God.
We find another mother.
I found a lady here So this is home? Yeah.
It's safe.
Nobody knows where we are.
I can kind of see why.
It looks nicer on the inside.
- So kid - friendly.
It's a little barren, but I got us enough to start Where's your furniture? It's in storage.
I didn't want anything from the old house, I didn't want the movers to know where we moved.
I don't want anybody to know where we are.
Is that the only access? - Well, there's a heavily - bolted door to the fire escape, and there's the roof, which you can only access from here.
And this It's not even in the city plans.
I think it was built during prohibition Leads down to the tunnels beneath the city, Shanghai tunnels maybe, but it's been blocked off.
This room's for you and Kelly Aren't we a little exposed? Not really.
Three inches of solid steel.
Well, it's not exactly charming, but I do feel safer than the other place.
After everything that happened, I'm not taking any chances with my son or with you.
Where will you be? Just down there.
And bathrooms? Only one: in the corner.
We'll get used to that.
I will need to get a few things, though, like food.
Use this credit card to get whatever it is you need.
The entrance code is on the paper.
This is the key to the door, and this is the key to the car parked next to mine down below.
Juliette's? It was.
Is that a problem? No.
Hank? Yeah, I know where it is.
I can be there in 20 minutes.
If this is where I'm supposed to ask what time you're gonna be home, don't worry, I won't.
Home sweet home.
It's my fault Mother got away.
I was on watch, and I fell asleep.
It's because of what we are, isn't it? Real mothers would never abandon their children.
No matter what they were.
She got what she deserved.
I don't think she's doin' so good.
Drink this.
Be careful.
It's still hot.
Drink as much as you can, and then try and get some sleep.
I can't sleep.
It's hard to breathe She needs some real medicine.
We have to take her to a doctor.
They'll send me back.
Big John and me will go get some medicine to help stop your cough.
What about the police? Last time I went into town, I almost got caught.
We have no choice.
Woman's body reported by Dennis Bridger, local rancher.
This is him right here.
Did he hit her? Not according to him.
Found her right where she is.
Didn't touch her, called it in, stuck around till we got here.
- Any ID? - Nothing.
Use the IBIS.
Run her prints.
No shoes.
Scratches on her feet; she been running a long time.
Big head wound.
Marks on wrists.
Someone's been keeping her tied up.
That's exactly what I'm thinking.
She's in the system.
Wendy Henley.
- Record? - No.
Missing person.
Reported over two years ago.
Let's get the case file, see what we know.
Check with the DA.
If she signs off on it, make the arrest.
You got it.
We should catch up.
I was afraid you were dead.
I was afraid you were dead.
I heard they sent Kenneth.
They did.
Seems the police suspected him of some kind of Jack the Ripper.
Guess he got here at just the right time.
What are you doing here? I thought you should know the King had an accident.
What? From what I've been told, he fell out of his helicopter somewhere over the ocean.
The body has not yet been found.
Diana was with him.
She's safe.
Don't worry; she's with friends.
Apparently Viktor wasn't too happy about being replaced by his cousin, Kenneth.
None too happy with the King either for doing it.
So Viktor struck a deal with the Resistance? A little payback.
They gave them your daughter And you took care of the King.
Let's just say I happened to be on the helicopter at the same time.
That puts Viktor on the throne.
For now.
In case you're wondering, they haven't found the helicopter either.
Where's my daughter? I want to see her.
They didn't tell me.
I just wanted you to know what I did.
How do I contact you? I'll contact you.
By the way, I was never here, and you don't know any of this.
Bit of a cliché, but such is life.
Hey! What are you doing? Stop it.
I swear to God, it's one thing after another with you.
Do you want to go back to foster care? No.
Then let's get what we came here for.
Let's go somewhere else.
This was the last time our victim Wendy Henley was seen in public: July 12th two years ago.
Her husband reported her missing that night.
- You remember that case? - Yeah.
Trail went cold.
There was no body, no ransom note, no witnesses.
Well, we got a body now.
There was no ID for the girl in the case report.
Anybody ever ID her? No, they tried, but there was no report of a missing kid.
Victim never comes back to the car.
How long before the husband reported her missing? Six hours.
If I recall, the husband was the primary suspect.
He had no alibi but was never charged.
Not enough evidence.
No history of marital problems.
Patrol came back six hours later, found her car right where she left it.
Talk to the husband.
Tell him his wife's body's been found.
See if you can get a read on him.
May I help you? Do you have any stuff for a cough? Well, depends on the cough.
For a wet cough, I'd suggest eucalyptus.
But if it's a dry cough, the sandalwood.
Depends on the symptoms.
It's a bad cough, and you can't really breathe so good.
Well, the strongest thing I have is goldenseal.
You make a tea with it.
How much is it? Depends on how much you need and that depends on Oh.
It's broken glass.
Don't touch it.
I'll get the broom.
Hey! I saw that.
Hey! You stole it.
- Let go of me! - You're not leaving.
- No! - I'm calling the police.
You're hurting me! Wait, I need those! Oh, yeah? I don't hear you coughing.
It's for my little sister.
Please! If I had money, I'd pay for it.
I'm gonna let you up.
You try that again, I'm calling the police.
Where are your parents? I said, where are your parents? I don't have any.
Where do you live? Nowhere.
Please, it's for my little sister.
She's really sick.
Don't ever try that again.
- Why weren't you scared of me? - I've seen worse.
So I actually got a couple of extra Whoa! Easy! What happened here? Sticky fingers.
Shoplifter? He's getting away! I got him.
He was an Apgadnieks.
Did he try to hurt you? He was just trying to scare me.
Well, at least you caught him.
I did.
But I let him keep it.
Excuse me.
Pardon me.
I'm sorry, uh what? He didn't have any money.
I'm not sure that's how a business is supposed to run.
He said it was for his little sister; she has a bad cough.
A little goldenseal, not the end of the world.
Rosalee He doesn't have any parents.
Who wouldn't believe a fine, young, upstanding Apgadnieks.
Tell you, two things I know about kids.
One: they're the future and should be cherished.
Two: they're lying little bastards.
Are you really that cynical? Realistic.
What if we decide to have a couple, huh? You gonna feel that way about them? Oh, no, I was just talking about kids in general.
You know, not our kids.
I got to go.
Keller's display-watch popped a wheelie.
I won't be long.
And stop being such a softy Except to me.
Oh, so the softy thing's conditional? Oh, yeah.
You're a softy.
Only for you.
Oh, I can't believe it.
I can't believe it Is this your wife, Wendy Henley? Yes, that's her When was the last time you saw her? July 12th, two years ago: the day she disappeared.
Do you have any idea why she'd be up off that road? Any friends or relatives in the area? Up there? No.
Anyone ever contact you about her? No.
Your wife have any exes or people in her past with a history of violence? No.
I already answered all these questions before.
They searched my house for God's sake! They searched my office.
They searched my parents' house.
I didn't kill my wife! Sorry.
I Just I thought she was dead two years ago.
Where the hell has she been? Who would do this to her? She had pretty hair.
Who? The lady that gave you the medicine.
She must have been really scared of you.
She wasn't.
But they're always scared when they see what we are.
I don't know; maybe she's seen others like us.
I mean, I told her Lily was sick and she just gave it to me.
But why? I don't know.
Maybe she cared.
Whoa! Watch where you're going! I forgot.
Pay attention.
Sorry, Peter.
You can't keep forgetting.
Kelly, you're too young to appreciate the irony of this, but the car we're driving belonged to a woman who tried to kill me.
Of course I tried to kill her too.
It was all very complicated.
Adalind? Yeah? Remember me? Lane from Berman, Rautbort? Of course I remember you, Lane.
How are you? Great.
Last I heard you got snatched up by some richer-than-God European firm.
What was it, Switzerland? - Austria.
- Austria, right.
And who is this little dude? This is my son, Kelly.
Wow, you're married now Or not.
With a kid.
So who's the lucky dad? Anyone I know? No.
Well, family life agrees with you.
You look great.
So you moved back to Portland.
Yeah, I did.
Well, that's perfect timing.
You know, if you ever feel like coming back to work.
Berman would hire you in a second.
Really? Oh, yeah.
Berman hated to lose you.
And just between us, if you decide to come back, ask for more money.
He'll pay it.
Thanks, Lane.
Well, hopefully I'll see around.
When are you going to be done with that clock? 'Cause I want to close up early, unless you can't get away.
No, no.
I can be done in, like I don't know, 20 minutes? That work? There's a customer.
Want me to call you back? - No, I can hold.
- Okay.
Hey, who are you? Lily.
My brother said you were very nice.
You gave him my medicine for free.
Your brother? Oh, your brother.
He told me you were sick, but he didn't have any money.
So you care about us? Well, sure.
Honey, you're not here all alone are you? Where's your brother? Here.
Don't hurt her! Be careful! Rosalee! Rosalee! Oh, my God.
Rosalee! Rosalee! Rosalee! Husband was pretty shook up.
Do we suspect him? Don't think so.
He was pretty shocked when he saw her body.
No evidence signs of abuse other than the markings on her wrists.
Rape kit came back negative.
She wasn't emaciated.
Somebody was feeding her.
If she was on foot, she couldn't have gotten far.
We're checking the surrounding area.
- Geez, Nick, there you Ar.
- What's wrong? Something happened to Rosalee.
I came back to the spice shop, and she's gone.
Somebody grabbed her, Nick.
I heard it on the phone.
I was talking to her when it happened.
We're on our way.
You think she'll like it? Yeah.
She likes us, doesn't she? It's all right.
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
Why are you doing this? We need you.
Where are you taking me? Don't be afraid.
Where are you taking me? Home.
Tell us what happened.
Okay, so This kid came into the store, and apparently he tried to steal some stuff, but Rosalee catches him, right? But then he says his sister is sick or whatever, so she gives him the stuff, lets him go, but then he came back.
And I was on the phone with her.
I mean, I heard the whole thing they took her.
There were these other voices, okay, and they took her! You have a name of the kid? No, Rosalee thought he was homeless or something.
You know, she felt sorry for him.
Did she describe him? No, I saw him when he tried to escape.
But I didn't get a very good look at him.
He's, like, a kid.
I don't know, 15, or whatever.
But Rosalee did say he woged to scare her, you know, when he tried to get away.
He's Apgadnieks.
So I don't know why they would take her.
All right, the bank down the street has surveillance.
That's where we start.
We're home.
You can get out now.
This isn't right.
You need to take me back.
We're not taking you back.
This is where you live now.
Hey, did you hear what I said to you? You need to get out now.
Get her.
Hey, I tried to help you kids, but you are now in a lot of trouble.
Try anything, and Big John here will have to hurt you.
That's not what we want.
They'll be looking for me.
And believe me, you do not want these people to find you.
You get to sleep next to me.
Miguel, help me get this camp up.
I can't reach! What time did Rosalee call you? - 6:32.
- All right.
We'll start a few minutes before that.
If these kids are homeless, there's no way they got out of the spice shop without being noticed.
I don't know about that.
If they're homeless, maybe they had a shopping cart they put her in and covered her up or whatever.
All right, this is when you got the call.
Nothing of them on the street.
This isn't helping.
That's me! That's when I got there.
They were all gone by then.
What the hell are we gonna do? Okay, run it back.
Play it again.
- Wait.
- What; what'd you see? I'm not sure.
Keep going.
Doesn't that look like the truck from the other footage? What other footage? There's other footage? - The Wendy Henley case.
- Yeah, pulling it up.
What for? Who's Wendy Henley? Missing persons case from a couple of years ago.
What the hell does that have to do with Rosalee? Got it.
I don't understand - There.
That's the same truck.
You said the boy told Rosalee he had a little sister.
And there was There was a girl's voice on the phone.
Rosalee was talking to her.
Could the girl in the Henley footage be the little sister? They're using the girl as bait.
So what, you're saying the same kids who took Rosalee could be the same ones who took her? Well, what happened to her? What? We found her body on the side of the road this morning.
Oh, my God; you're telling me they're killers? We'll put a BOLO out on the truck.
That's not good enough! Where'd you find the body? Service road off Highway 30.
Okay, that's where we start, but I need her scent.
Whose scent? The dead woman's.
Where is she? Got it.
Let's go.
I brought you a blanket.
Sorry; I can't untie you yet.
We've been abandoned by other mothers we loved before.
Listen, I know this is gonna be hard at first, but you'll get used to it.
Get used to what? Being loved.
You don't kidnap loved ones.
I'm just gonna warn you now, Mother.
If you so much as think of running out on your children, I'll find you and kill you myself.
You're in our world now.
This is where the body was found.
Give me a second.
It's a little stale.
I can smell you guys here too.
Oh, yeah.
That's her.
She came from this direction.
Up there.
There's no trail.
Probably fell.
That would explain the cut on her head.
- I've got berries.
- Do you like rabbit? I picked the berries myself.
Picking berries is easy.
They don't run away.
I'm the one who caught the rabbit.
The trap caught the rabbit.
All you did was skin it.
- Shut up.
- You shut up.
She likes my berries better anyway.
I like to save them for dessert.
That's 'cause you're an idiot.
Stop it.
No fighting at dinner.
Aren't you gonna eat? It's really good, Mother.
Please, Mother.
Come on, you have to eat something.
Still got it? Yeah, but there's more Same as I picked up on the road.
She wasn't alone.
And it's all coming from the same direction.
This way.
Time for bed.
You're right here, next to me.
Mother, can we have a story? What kind of story? - A good one! - A long one! With fighting.
How about the tale of the Grimm and the Wolf? That's the one my mother always told me.
What's a Grimm? A Grimm is a hunter.
What does it hunt? A Grimm can see Wesen, but they don't always know which are good or which are bad, so they hunt them all.
What's a Wesen? Shh! Let her tell us the story.
The story begins with a boy.
But not just any boy.
This boy changed into a wolf, but only when he got angry.
He couldn't help it.
His parents warned him that he should never show anger in front of strangers because you can never tell if that stranger is a Grimm until it's too late.
But the boy, he was proud of what he was.
So he was a boy and a wolf? He was Blutbaden.
Have you heard of Blutbaden? Did he listen to his mother? No.
And that's always a mistake.
It's getting stronger.
Once the boy realized he had woged in front of a Grimm, he realized his mistake.
The Grimm knew he was a Blut Button? Blutbad, yes.
The boy saw the Grimm's eyes turn as black as a night without a moon or star in it.
But by then, it was too late.
The Grimm had cut off the Blutbad boy's head.
I don't like this story very much.
Well, it's not finished yet.
The parents of the boy wanted to seek revenge on the Grimm.
So they decided to set a trap for him.
It's really strong here.
Monroe! This is it.
That's the truck.
Wait a minute.
I got Rosalee.
We're close.
Mother? Mother! No.
Where is she? No, no.
She left us.
She left us! Why did you do that? Because she's a bad mother.
Get her out.
We warned you about what happened to mothers who abandon their children.
This has gone far enough.
Don't make me hurt you.
Wait! She's like me! She's the same as me.
You're the same as me! My real mother.
You all need to listen to me.
Someone's coming.
- Monroe! - Who is it? My husband.
He's looking for me.
No, no, no.
You can't let them take her.
We won't.
Rosalee! She's ours! You can't have her.
He's a Grimm! He's gonna cut off my head! You little Monroe! Stop.
Don't hurt him! Oh, my God.
They're just kids.
No, no, no, you can't leave.
What the hell? They didn't hurt me.
I don't wanna go back.
Just need you to sign the statement again.
Now what? Child Services take over.
A judge will decide where they end up.
So they go back into the system.
They do.
Where they learn to be even more angry at the world.
I'm sorry I couldn't be your mother.
This world doesn't seem fair sometimes.
It can be pretty painful.
I wish I could make it better for you.
Lily? Maybe I could write to you, maybe send you some goldenseal for I never want to see you again.
I hate you.
New place, couldn't sleep.
Isn't it the baby that's supposed to keep the parents awake? Kelly's got a lot less to worry about.
For now at least.
Nick I don't want to be alone right now.
I know this is well, whatever it is, but maybe just for tonight, you could sleep in our room? I'm sorry.
This is too weird.
I think we're beyond weird at this point.
Thank you.
You can only do so much.
I know.
But when I was staying with them Staying? You make it sound like a Holiday Inn.
I told them a story my mother used to tell me.
It was a Wesen story, so of course the Grimm killed him in the end.
Of course.
It hit me that these kids have no idea what they are.
Really? They really don't know they're Wesen? No.
I mean, they know they're different, and that I'm different and you're different, but they have no idea what our reality means.
Well, look, whatever kind of family you have, reality is relative.
You know, normal is just the middle of the mess.
I just hope they find the help they need.
I'm Warden Hooke.
I want you to know your friend Lily is well.
She's not our friend.
She's our sister.
You guys think you're tough? I know what you are.
So show me.
I said, "show me.
" Good.
Boys, I'm offering you a chance to join others like yourselves, to stop hiding what you are.
Repeat after me.
"Occultatum Libera.
" all: Occultatum Libera.
What's it mean? It means you have a new family.
Let's go.
It's time.