Grimm s05e07 Episode Script

Eve of Destruction

Previously on "Grimm" The others were dead when we got here.
- Who is this? - Keep the phone.
There was a phone ringing by your bed.
It was Chavez's phone.
- Adalind? - Meisner? The last thing Chavez said before she died was, "they're coming to Portland.
It's war.
" Looks like a gang-related rampage.
Happened around midnight.
It's all over the city, three different neighborhoods.
They made me do it.
They made me! Why are you doing this? I thought they were gonna kill me.
I didn't have a choice.
I don't want to die! Shut up! You know who this is? Monroe, it's a trap! Xavier set you up! Inside, come on! Juliette? _ - Oh, my god! - That looked like Can't be! That was her.
That was Juliette.
How? You told us she was dead.
Her hair was different, the way she moved was different, But it was her; I know it was her.
But she died in your arms, Nick, you said.
She did.
She did.
So whoever took her body brought her back to life? I know it doesn't make any sense, and I can't explain it, but I know what I saw! And she looked right at me.
She saw me too! It looked just like her.
Well, whoever it was, she just saved our lives.
Where you going? To talk to Trubel.
She was there that night.
She has to know what's going on.
Juliette's alive? We all saw the same thing.
Okay, this is just too weird.
Fingerprint the bodies, and let's get the hell out of here.
We do not want to be tied to this.
It's Rosalee.
Hey, Rosalee.
Where's Monroe? Are you okay? He's not answering his phone.
I'm right here, honey.
I'm sorry.
I dropped my phone.
We're all okay.
Oh, my god.
Thank god.
Oh, my god.
I was worried sick.
Are you all right? Yes, yes.
I'm still with Xavier.
What do you want me to do with him? Where are you? In my car.
He's sitting right next to me.
Don't let him out of your sight.
We need to talk to him.
Yeah, I definitely need to talk to him.
Where? - Precinct? - No.
It's not gonna be that kind of questioning.
Take him to the spice shop.
We're on our way.
And if he tries anything Don't worry.
He won't.
Don't you move.
What's wrong? I just saw Juliette.
What? She's alive, and you know it! - No, Nick, I - Tell me the truth! I swear to god.
I have no idea what happened to her! But you knew she was alive.
I mean, not for sure.
She's either dead, or she isn't! All I know is that she was alive when Chavez took her, but I didn't know if she was gonna survive what they were gonna do to her.
And what was that? Break her.
What are you talking about? Juliette's alive? Yes, I just saw her.
Oh, my god, no.
Chavez knew that Juliette was a Hexenbiest and wanted to use her.
- For what? - A weapon.
That's why they took her.
Where did they take her? Where are you taking her? Where are you taking her? Let me go! Where are you taking her? That was the last time I saw her.
They sent me on assignment that night.
It wasn't till I got to bangkok that I heard rumors about them trying to turn a Hexenbiest into a warrior, but nobody told me if it worked.
It did.
She just took out 20 Wesen who tried to kill me.
- By herself? - Yes.
Where is she now? - I don't know.
- Well, somebody does.
Meisner Might.
If he knew where Trubel was, He probably knows where Juliette is.
She's right.
How can I get to Meisner? Chavez's phone.
Uh, I swear I never Shut up! But you have to believe Shut up! You fly-eating son of a bitch! You set us up? We tried to help you! You're safe now.
That's all I care about.
Tell us the truth, or we leave you alone with Monroe.
Who got to you? Uh, I'm I'm not I'm not Who set us up? D-D-Dallas and Billie were the only ones who talked to me.
They wanted me to join them.
Join them? To do what? It's too late.
They're crazy.
They can't be stopped.
From what? From taking over! All Wesen must join.
Anybody who doesn't agree with them Will be killed.
You don't understand.
This is happening now.
It's a revolution! There's no stopping them.
- Nick.
- I want to see Juliette.
I don't think that's a good idea.
I don't give a damn.
Where is she? The woman you knew doesn't exist anymore.
I want to talk to her.
It's not that easy.
You should've told me she was alive.
Give me a little time.
What'd he say? He said he needed time.
That's it? And that Juliette doesn't exist anymore.
What's that supposed to mean? Where'd they take you? Some old warehouse.
I don't know.
It was dark.
And that story about escaping, Hitting a guy over the head with a brick You made all that up? It's what they told me to say.
Now, why'd they pick you, Xavier? Why didn't they kill you like the other shop owner? You're not going anywhere unless you tell us.
Because I Because I know Monroe.
What? They they showed me a picture of Monroe.
Are you kidding me? They started asking questions.
What kind of questions? About the Grimm.
Because you're friends with him.
This is about getting to Nick? And the people around him.
So you being all afraid to pick Billie Out of the lineup, that was just for show? Just so you could lure Nick into an ambush? Well, I didn't know you were gonna go with him.
I'm sorry, is that supposed to make you feel better? They were gonna kill me.
What was I supposed to do? How about telling us the truth? You have to help me.
Oh, no.
Calm down.
No, no, no.
They're gonna kill me.
- You really don't have to - Breathe.
Breathe! - Oh.
- Oh, my goodness.
Man! All right, calm down.
I am sorry.
Um What are we gonna do with him? He's seen these guys.
We let him go, they'll kill him.
Maybe that's not such a bad idea.
I mean, he did lead us into the Teutoburg Forest.
Famous ambush of the Romans by the Germanic war chief Arminius? Three Roman legions were decimated by an alliance of Germanic Tribes? Come on, it's, like, Rome's Greatest defeat.
You mean like the Alamo? Yes.
You know, close enough.
Let's put him in protection.
I want to know everyone he came into contact with.
Where are you taking me? Someplace safe.
I really am sorry, Monroe.
Save it.
They have your picture now.
They'll be breaking down our door next.
I know.
Maybe we should talk to the Wesen Council.
That's exactly what I'm thinking.
They need to know what's going on.
Where do you want him, Captain? Holding cell.
We pressing charges? 'Cause I'm all for that.
Putting him in a cell until we can set up protective custody.
Different way to go.
Meanwhile, got something ids on all the bodies at the factory.
Some local, some out of town.
Most of them have records.
But the woman who led us there, Billie trump, not among them.
She got away? Never found her body.
Let's hit her place.
Maybe we'll get lucky.
Trubel with you? - Yeah.
- Was it Juliette? It was, but it's complicated.
Coming back from the dead usually is.
You okay? Not exactly, but there's not much I can do about it now.
Look, Billie Trump got away.
We're headed to her place now.
- I'll meet you there.
- No, we got this.
You got a lot going on.
Juliette has got to be connected to this.
She either followed us, or she knew we were being set up.
Well, guess that means I'll see you there.
I need you to stay here while I'm gone.
We need the bomb squad.
We've got a cache of explosives here.
Copy that.
Bomb squad has been alerted.
Clothes are still here.
Let's put 24-hour surveillance on this place.
I doubt she's coming back.
Even if she doesn't, somebody will.
Got some photographs over here.
Wonder what mom and dad would say If they knew what their little girl was up to.
Lucien How did this happen? She wasn't like anything I've ever seen before.
She? A Hexenbiest.
Killed them all.
I'm sorry.
I failed.
It's just one battle.
And our army is growing.
We will honor our dead And find the bitch who did this.
Sit down.
You're making me nervous.
State your name.
Hello, this is Rosalee Calvert.
Rosalee Calvert, your identity is confirmed.
What are you reporting? I need to speak with the Wesen Council.
Please call me back as soon as possible.
It's an emergency.
The Council will review your request.
There's something I didn't tell you.
What? When we were ambushed tonight by, like, 20 people who were trying to kill us, the only reason we got out alive is because somebody saved us.
Trubel? No.
Um Juliette.
What are you talking about? Juliette is the one who saved us.
Like, she's alive.
Monroe I mean, her hair is really blonde, but Nick said Trubel killed her.
We all saw her.
That's impossible! No, I know.
It's impossible.
Except we all saw her.
I mean, just for, like, a split second, but Juliette's alive? I think she is.
Oh, my god, how? We don't know yet.
Nick is trying to figure it out.
Is this another back- from-the-dead thing? 'cause I'm really not ready to host another jack the ripper party.
Let's just hope it's not something worse.
Urgent call from Rosalee Calvert.
Now what? She didn't say.
She wants us to call her back.
See what it's about, huh? But when we left the room, they were everywhere, but they were all dead.
So this blonde Juliette Killed them all by herself? I mean, she was the only one out there when we got out, so I think that's the Council.
This is Rosalee Calvert.
It's Alexander.
What are you reporting? A number of Wesen shop owners were attacked by Wesen last night.
- In Portland? - Yes.
And a lot of their shops were destroyed.
- Was anyone killed? - One.
And the same people tried to kill Nick and Monroe.
Tell him about the mark.
Oh, and they're leaving behind a mark Four lines.
You've heard of it? The English translation is "Black Claw.
" We've been told they kill Wesen who refuse to join their cause.
We are aware of the problem.
This has been happening in other places? It's being addressed.
I can't go into detail right now.
The Council needs to do something about this.
We are.
I'll get back to you.
Black Claw? Everything all right? Yeah.
Kelly's asleep.
I think Adalind may still be up.
Thanks for staying up.
If you want me to leave, I can find someplace else to stay.
You're not going anywhere.
Look, I don't blame you for what happened to Juliette.
If you weren't at my house that night, I'd be dead.
Nick, I should've said something.
I just can't believe this is happening.
She was dead.
I saw her die.
And now what? What, she saved my life? This has got to be really weird for you.
I want some answers.
Rosalee just called the Wesen Council.
The group is called Black Claw.
And the Council knows about them.
Well, what are they gonna do about it? We don't know.
Alexander is gonna get back to us.
And, Nick, Monroe told me about Juliette.
You really think it was her? I know it was her.
Oh, my god, this is insane.
Let me know when you hear back from the Council.
You ever hear of Black Claw? Oh, hell yeah.
My last two jobs had to do with them.
Here? No, Lisbon and Bangkok.
But they're here now.
I mean, from what I know, they're everywhere.
What else do you know about them? They're Wesen, all kinds.
Not afraid of dying for whatever it is they believe in.
That's why Chavez wanted you? I think so.
All right, get some sleep.
You're still awake? It's kind of hard to sleep after finding out that the woman who tried to kill me and you and helped the royals steal my daughter is alive and well.
I'm not gonna let her hurt you.
You heard Trubel.
She's a weapon.
And what if she goes after Kelly? What if she's like the old Juliette and wants you back? I know you feel responsible for what happened to her - Adalind.
- And that makes you vulnerable.
It makes me and our son vulnerable as well.
Juliette being back does not change the way I feel about Kelly or you.
You sure? I'm sure.
Mounting reports from Juárez, Damascus, Istanbul, and several cities in sub-saharan Africa are equally as troubling.
According to our agents, this political unrest in Asia and Europe is being instigated by Schwarzkralle.
They are organizing far beyond what we thought them capable of.
This threatens all of us, and it cannot be tolerated.
We need to take the vote on implementing our response.
Make no mistake.
We are at war! And we can have no mercy on those responsible.
All in favor.
Occultatum libera! Nick.
What's going on? I don't know.
Trubel just left.
You shouldn't have come here.
Why didn't you tell me she was alive? - You can't be here.
- Where is she? I'll contact Burkhardt when the time is right.
That's not good enough.
You're still hurt.
Don't make it worse.
What did you do to her? What we had to! Nothing from Trubel? Not yet.
I can't believe she would just leave like that.
She wouldn't.
I know what I'm doing is important and Kelly needs me more than anyone else, but I wish there was something I could do to help you.
And I wish that having this baby had been our choice.
I can't help but wonder if you think this should have been Juliette's child, not mine.
I had a chance for a normal life with Juliette, and you gave that to me when you stopped me from being a Grimm.
That wasn't exactly my intention at the time.
I know.
But still, we had a chance, and we didn't take it.
I wish I could take it all back Everything I did to you.
Except for Kelly.
Except for Kelly.
That was so not a good thing to do.
I wouldn't say that.
It's just a little complicated right now.
Mm, yeah.
I've thought about it a lot.
Me too.
Thinking about it's a lot safer.
I don't think there's anything safe about us, but if anything ever does, you know, get going, we should make sure it is about us.
- Who is it? - It's Trubel.
Where have you been? I saw Meisner.
What did he say? You're gonna see Juliette today.
He'll contact you later.
It'll be a public place.
Are you sure that's a good idea? I have to deal with this.
Yeah, you do.
We found Billie Trump's parents.
They live in West Linn.
Oh, we should pay them a visit.
That's what I was thinking.
Any word on Juliette? I'm supposed to meet her today.
You talk to her? Not yet.
I'll talk to you when I get in.
Yeah, I'm staying here.
I'm tired, and I'm hungry.
We lost a lot of good soldiers, and it hurts.
It hurts to the core.
This pain is so dark, it will never go away.
They were our friends, our families, people we loved.
They were willing to give their lives for something that they believed would change centuries of repression and fear and humiliation.
And they will not be forgotten.
Spread the word.
The days of hiding in shadows are over, but the nights of vengeance have just begun.
What about Xavier? They're all dead because of him.
The cops still have him.
He'll pay for what he did.
Jed Looks like Billie had it pretty good.
- Gavin Trump? - Yes? I'm Detective Burkhardt.
This is Detective Griffin.
We'd like to talk to you about your daughter, Billie.
What's going on? They're police detectives asking about Billie.
Oh, my god, what happened? Is she all right? Billie was involved in a violent confrontation.
There's a warrant out for her arrest.
What? - Is she here? - No.
When was the last time you were in touch with her? Last time was about two, maybe three weeks ago.
Do you know if she was involved in any groups or gangs? Gangs? No, not Billie.
Do you know a Dallas Cruz? No.
Why are you asking all these questions? What's she done? Have you ever seen this? If you know about the Black Claw, you need to tell us.
We have nothing more to say to you.
Your daughter is in real danger.
Billie is living her life with courage and conviction.
And we have never been more proud.
Now, get off our property.
We're done talking, Grimm.
So much for upstanding citizens.
I didn't do anything.
I didn't hit him! No, he tripped onto your fist.
Then why are you putting me in jail? Bed-and-breakfasts were all booked up.
Hey, wait.
I remember now.
I wasn't even there! That's why you're not here.
No, I wasn't there! Hey, man, you're not hearing me.
I wasn't even there, man! Who's that? Could be Alexander.
About time.
This is Rosalee Calvert.
- They're all dead.
- What? The Council, every one of them.
- What? - I barely made it out myself.
Oh, my god! Oh, my god, who did this? One of the Council members.
I had no idea he was Schwarzkralle.
It all happened so fast.
I probably shouldn't have called you, but No help will be coming.
- What are you gonna do? - Run.
What happened? He hung up.
Wait, so the Wesen Council's What, wiped out? Just gone? Lousy son of a bitch.
He had it coming.
That guy I hit, he deserved it.
The cops, they don't care if you got a reason or not.
They don't care if it's justified.
I know I was right.
He ruined me.
And I lost everything 'cause of that guy, Everything that I worked for my whole life.
So I hit him.
Yeah, and I'm the one that they put in Jail.
You don't even know what I'm talking about, man.
Well, I'm sick of it.
I've had enough.
W-what are you doing? Hey, what are you doing? No, no, no.
Guard! Guard! Guard! Whoa! You should've listened to Billie.
She told you what would happen.
Guard! Guard! Guard! Guard! Soon as we showed them the mark, Billie's parents backed off.
Told us to get off their property.
They said Billie was living a life of courage and conviction.
You do a background on the parents? We did.
No priors.
A couple of driving violations.
So we have a normal middle-class mother and father Who are backing their daughter's involvement In a radical violent Wesen organization.
Actually, they said they were proud of her.
Well, at least they're being supportive.
We got an attack in the jail.
Do you see it? Oh, my god! Do you see it? Put it down! Officer, put the gun down! - What the hell is it? - Put the gun down! Can't you see it? Tell me It can't be real.
Oh, my god.
I'm sorry.
It wasn't human.
Oh, my god.
This was not a random act.
This was hit.
They knew Xavier was in Custody.
How? They must have somebody on the inside.
All right, from now on, we have to assume we've been compromised.
Anything to do with Black Claw, we deal with outside this precinct.
It's Monroe.
Yeah? You need to get down to the spice shop, like, as soon as you can.
What's the problem? It's Black Claw, but we can't talk about this on the phone.
And "ah"! And in! Push! If it hadn't been for you, I'd have been dead a long time ago.
Yeah? We found out where he's gonna be.
We have one hour.
They're here.
Rosalee just heard back from Alexander.
It's bad.
The Wesen Council doesn't exist anymore.
What? They were all killed last night by Black Claw.
All except for Alexander.
That's how we found out.
Somehow he got out.
The Council knew about Black Claw? Yeah, except they call it Schwarzkralle.
Means the same thing.
- Well, where's Alexander now? - On the run.
When word gets out the Wesen Council's been wiped out, I don't even know what's gonna happen.
I think Xavier knows a lot more than he's telling us.
Xavier's dead.
What? We put him in a cell before we could Get him into protective custody.
Somebody got to him.
He was killed by a Coyotl who woged in front of the jailer.
Like, intentionally woged? Like he didn't care if anybody saw him or not? Yeah.
Oh, god.
These nuts are woging in public? That means we've crossed a very dangerous line.
_ I need to go.
Now? I just got a text.
I'm meeting Juliette.
- What? - When? - Right now.
- Oh, we got to back you up.
No, no, no, I have to go alone.
They'll know if I don't.
Hold on.
You trust this? Nick, what if it's a setup? Then I'll handle it.
Nick, wait a minute.
You don't know what you're dealing with here.
This woman is not exactly in the most stable place right now.
She just killed a whole bunch of people, albeit to save our lives, but You know what? Maybe there is no albeit.
Maybe saving our lives had nothing to do with it, you know? Who knows why she killed them? Well, that's what I need to figure out.
Nick, why? Because I need to bury her One way or another.
So not cool.
This just doesn't feel right.
I thought you were dead.
Oh, Juliette.
My name isn't Juliette.
What am I supposed to call you? They call me Eve.
Why Eve? Because I'm starting over.
Do you really think it's that easy? It wasn't easy.
You want to know what isn't easy? Knowing that you set me up And that you set up my mother.
What, are you gonna pretend like you don't remember? I remember everything.
I would have killed you.
Well, the night is young.
What did they do to you? What they had to.
This is Chavez? You're dead, but you don't have to stay that way.
It's going to be difficult to speak for a while.
You will learn how to focus that rage If you survive.
They saved me.
Did they? And I saved you.
Why? Tell me why.
Look at me! Why did you even agree to meet me here? Because they need you.
For what? - Police.
- Let me see your hands! Hey, police, hey.
I'm on the job.
There was a man attacked inside the restaurant.
How many we looking for? Two.
One of them's right there.
There's another one inside also dead.
Both weapons are inside on the floor.
Threat's over, but secure the area.
There are some people inside.
I want to get them out.
You off duty? No, I was meeting one of my CIs.
That's a victim there.
First suspect's right here.
You do that? I didn't want to risk shooting in a restaurant.
Yeah, Burkhardt.
It went well.
The man is Samuel Rankin, one of the organizers for Black Claw.
This was the one opportunity we had.
The others are his bodyguards.
You probably figured that one out.
A lot of innocent people could've been hurt.
That's why we wanted you to be there.
What the hell is this, some kind of test? It was.
I'll be in touch.
Sorry about the mess.
Did you see Juliette? No.
What? She was supposed to meet you.
I met Eve.
Who's Eve? I have no idea.
It went well.
What's next? Get some rest.
You're going to need it.