Grimm s06e09 Episode Script

Tree People

Previously, on "Grimm" [gasps.]
What are you drawing? I promised Mommy I wouldn't tell you what I saw in the tunnel.
You know what these symbols mean? She just said it might be dangerous.
Nick! What the hell was that? [ominous music.]
So you felt the arm come through the mirror in the spice shop? I saw it first, and then I felt it.
It choked her.
And we're talking that same skull creature you and Eve saw in this bathroom mirror.
- Yes.
- Anybody else seen anything - in your mirror since? - Not me.
No, but I don't think we would.
It seems to be connected to Eve, or Or? Or it's after her.
These spirits and entities sometimes have a way of attaching themselves to people of our world.
But when Eve saw it here, so did Nick.
Maybe it's after Nick too.
That makes sense.
I mean, Nick and Eve are pretty deeply connected.
I mean, you know, they were.
And you haven't seen it any place else? Just a dream.
Must've been one hell of a dream.
That wasn't a dream.
Honey, you don't have to worry about this.
We can take care of it.
I don't think so.
Diana, if it wasn't a dream, what was it? I don't know what you call it.
Is it something that's not a dream, but it's also not real? It's something that's not real yet.
Something that's going to happen? Uh-huh.
Do you know where? In the other place, through the hole in the mirror.
I'm sorry, "Through the hole in the mirror"? Okay, we need a buddy system 'cause nobody can look into a mirror by themselves until we figure this out.
And you are staying at our place until we do.
No, no, no, listen to me.
- It's - You do not know - what you're saying.
- It's a known fact.
Chicks dig camo, all right? It makes you invisible to the deer and irresistible to the ladies.
Look, I ain't taking advice from someone that's French-kissed their cousin.
Aw, get out of here.
She had a boyfriend It's not like anything was really gonna happen.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down.
- Okay, give me the - [indistinct muttering.]
Buh-bye, Bambi.
I think I got her.
I think I got her.
[laughing and cheering.]
Oh, more beer.
I got blood.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, I got her! I got her! I'm right behind you, buddy.
[leaves rustling.]
[branches creaking.]
[ominous music swelling.]
Hey! [laughs.]
Ralph! Ralph! Ralph! Dev? Hey, man, this ain't funny.
Ralph! [panting.]
Dev, the hell did you do, man? Hey, Dev, what the hell's going on here? [yells.]
Dev? [gasps.]
Dev! [branches creaking.]
[dramatic music.]
Dev Dev.
[engine revs.]
[dramatic music.]
[car smashes, glass shatters.]
[horn blaring.]
[tense music.]
- Ready to shave.
- Coming.
Wait, by the way, when you saw what Eve saw in this mirror, how did you get it to go away? I didn't.
Yeah, it just looked at me and went away.
- Because it saw you? - That's what Eve thinks.
Well, what do you think? I think it knows I'm a Grimm, but this skull thing is connected to Eve in some way.
Maybe because she's a Hexenbiest, which is why I'm worried about you.
I'm not gonna be looking in any mirrors without you.
Okay, go for it.
You see anything other than me? - No, you? - No.
What if this thing isn't afraid of Grimms? You know, I kind of like you with the stubble.
Me too.
[phone ringing.]
It's Wu.
You want coffee? Please.
[phone ringing.]
Hey, what do you got? Hey, picked one up from the sheriff out on Highway 30.
Should've been just a DUII, but he is refusing to get in the ambulance and leave.
He's ranting that his friend was killed by a monster in the woods.
Seemed like it might be up our alley.
You won't believe it, but I'm not The sheriffs are not taking it very seriously.
Okay, give me a mile marker.
Be there as soon as we can.
Driver's Ralph Rotterman.
Crashed sometime last night.
Reported at 5:18 a.
by a passerby who called 911, but did not stop due to Mr.
Rotterman's ranting and bleeding.
Judging by the carpet of beer cans inside, the "Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants" part seems like an understatement.
A lot of ammo.
- Any sign of rifles? - No, not inside.
Sheriffs took a look around, so did I, couldn't find anything.
You let them know that we'll handle it.
They will be relieved to hear that.
Get out of here, I'm not going anywhere.
Let go of me! Hey, hey, you gotta do something! Hey, bring it down.
Bring it down.
- Okay.
- Tell us what happened.
Okay, Dev Dev and I were out driving last night, right? And I stopped the truck, and he just ran in the woods, and then and then I heard him scream, and I thought he was kidding.
But then I I found him and he was getting all strangled by these plants or something, and then one of them just stabbed him.
And then this this thing it it just came out of nowhere, okay? It was like a like a monster.
It was a monster.
I know I know you think I'm crazy.
I know you think I'm crazy, but I'm not.
It was real, it was - We're gonna help you.
- You believe me? - We'll find your friend.
- Okay, yeah, yeah, Okay, okay, look, it's way back in the forest.
It's all the way up that dirt road.
Why don't you just show us where it happened? - Okay.
- Wanna get into a car? - Yeah, let's go.
- Hey.
Come on, I'm not gonna hurt you.
Come on.
[ominous music.]
It was crazy.
I heard him scream, and so I was running as fast as I could.
Look, I didn't know what I was gonna find, but I sure didn't think it was what I saw.
Okay, come on, come on.
All right, this is this is where the screaming stopped, but it's not where it happened.
- This your rifle? - No, it's Dev's.
Dev shoot this deer last night? Maybe, I I don't know that's I didn't see Look, that's not what - I'm trying to tell you.
- Oh, so nobody ever informed you that hunting at night with a spotlight is poaching.
You think poaching's the problem here? - My friend is dead! - Show us.
This this is where it happened, all right? This this is my rifle.
Do not touch the rifle, Ralph.
We'll take care of it.
Tell us what happened here.
Okay, I I found Dev on the ground, and he was covered in plants and stuff, and then I I tried to help him, and this stem it just came right through his chest.
And there was blood everywhere, and that's what killed him, okay? I watched him die.
Is that Dev's blood on you? - Maybe.
- What happened next? This thing came out.
It was all covered in leaves and moss and mud, and it had vines for arms, and it picked him up.
- It picked him right up.
- What did you do? I I shot it, but it didn't do nothing.
And then And then I ran, you know, 'cause I thought - it was coming after me.
- And do you know where Dev's body is? It was right here.
That was the last I saw.
Either this guy's telling the truth, or he killed his friend and is trying to cover it up.
How do you guys wanna handle this? Get CSU out here, sweep the area.
Take the rifles as evidence.
See if they were fired.
All right, then let's get these dogs out here, see if they can find the body.
Sweat him a little bit.
Come with us.
[bell jingles.]
We have other work to do first.
- I wanna see that mirror.
- Not alone, you don't.
- Are you sure we wanna do this? - Not entirely.
Where is it? [suspenseful music.]
I broke this mirror.
And it shattered into pieces, and the pieces all came back together.
It's not a magic mirror.
It belonged to my mother.
It's been in my family since I can remember.
I think, as long as none of us look into it, we're probably okay.
Let's hope.
Yeah, no window I can see.
Oh, that's not good.
[ominous music.]
Okay, that's enough of that.
Diana said that through the mirror is the other place.
Yeah, we need to figure out what the hell is going on with this other place.
There might be only one way.
Which is? To go there.
Dev's last living relative is a grandmother in Mississippi.
Both he and Ralph have records, mostly of the yahoo type: DUIs, criminal trespass, hunting without a license, waste of deer and elk.
So not your run-of-the-mill tree huggers? No.
What'd you get? Both rifles were fired.
Ralph had two bullets in the magazine, and you took two out of Dev's, so assuming they never had a chance to reload, and my addition is correct, they each fired one shot.
The deer took one bullet.
And Ralph was never hit, which leaves one bullet unaccounted for.
Ralph said he shot the monster unless Dev was his monster.
- Dev was Wesen? - Maybe.
Dev could've woged, Ralph freaked, shot him, buried the body.
Or Ralph just didn't like Dev and killed him and made all this up.
So Dev is not the first person to go missing in that general area.
Three others in the last five years.
Bodies never recovered.
Any reports mention a monster? No, but there is something that garnered by attention.
Usually people that go missing in the wild are hikers, mountain bikers, joggers, but these three were not.
Their vehicles were found abandoned, no suicide notes, no last arguments with spouses, nothing.
Just parked vehicles in the woods.
Sounds like a classic alien abduction.
Hadn't gone there yet, but I'm hoping.
Dev and Ralph were poaching.
See if you can find what the other three - were doing out there.
- Yeah.
We'll take Ralph through it one more time.
Maybe Ralph forgot to mention the spaceship.
It was shaped like a man.
It killed my friend.
Okay, so Dev shot the rifle, and he killed the deer.
Yeah, he I already told you that.
You shoot your rifle to kill a monster.
- Yeah, it killed Dev.
- Maybe you and Dev had a little too much to drink; - you had a little argument - No, no, no, no, we had - nothing, all right? - Maybe you thought - Dev was the monster.
- What? - No! - Maybe you saw - Dev change into him.
- You shoot animals in the dark.
Killing a few animals isn't the same as killing a person.
Look, I saw my friend get killed.
You two are in here.
You're wasting time.
You should be out trying to stop this thing.
The blood on your jacket wasn't yours.
- 'Cause it stabbed him.
- It was Dev's blood, wasn't it? Yeah, I was trying to help him, that's why it was on my jacket, okay? I tried to shoot this thing.
But Dev got in the way, right? No no.
Yeah, yeah, okay? But it was it was Dev was already dead.
It didn't matter, okay? I was trying to shoot the thing.
Okay, look, hey, it was awful, okay? - It was crazy.
- [knocking.]
It was You have to Results came back from the lab on Ralph's jacket.
We already got the report.
Not Ralph's blood.
Different report.
And it's not blood.
They found something else.
Oh, please tell me we're not going "Deliverance" on this.
No, large amounts of chlorophyll.
Lab tech said it was in a concentration that doesn't exist in nature.
One sample from Ralph's jacket had the same amount of chlorophyll usually found in a tree.
And I'm not talking sapling.
More like Giant Sequoia.
We're talking plant blood? Well, Ralph said the thing he saw was covered in vines and leaves.
It doesn't exactly sound Wesen.
I'll check the books and see if there's anything close.
[ominous music.]
I I would like to practice my English.
Not many people speak it out here.
So your daughter has drawn a very unusual combination of symbols.
Some ancient, some unknown to me, which suggests that they are coming from her own imagination.
However, I ask myself how this young daughter of Sean Renard knows such ancient symbols in the first place.
And why would she draw them? So is there something I need to know about her mother? She's a Hexenbiest.
I suspected this.
Are you together? No, it was complicated.
Sean, everything with you is always complicated.
Does your daughter have your abilities? She has more than me and her mother combined.
What? You mentioned that Diana drew what she saw in the tunnel.
I find this interesting.
What kind of tunnel is it in Oregon of all places that would have this combination of symbols? I don't know.
I suggest you find out because I think much of what she has drawn is not from her imagination nor from anywhere we know.
Call me when you find out.
I think it will be very important sooner than later.
So this mossy, muddy, leafy, rooty-arm description sounds like something out of an apocalyptic environmental nightmare.
Hey, that's all we got.
You couldn't find the body? Not a body, body parts, or clothing.
So it took the human, left the animal? - Yeah.
- Well, maybe it only wants humans.
Something cannibalistic like a Wendigo.
We were able to find other missing person reports in that area.
We don't know if there's a connection yet but we haven't been able to find any of those bodies either.
Well, the woods are lovely, dark, and deep, and full of dead bodies of all sorts.
You said the missing victim was poaching? Took us right to the deer they shot.
Huh, I wonder if it could be a Curupira.
That's Brazilian, right? Yeah, oh, or the one from Russia.
Ooh, a Leshy.
What are we talking about? Well, there's some Wesen that are ecologically wired to protect the natural environment - they live in.
- Yeah.
Usually forest Wesen who do not take kindly to disrespecting nature.
You know, it's like if someone went into your house, broke in, shot your dog, ate your cat, fished in your aquarium, set your kitchen on fire, and peed in your bed.
It would have the same kind of effect.
And, by that, he means if you mess with their territory, they will seriously mess you up.
So do we know of any of those in this area? Not me.
Uh, this one's not from here either, but you know anything about a Kinoshimobe? - Uh-uh.
- Japanese? Yeah it matches Ralph's description.
It looks like something that could bleed chlorophyll.
"There was insufficient information of the Kinoshimobe considering these observations of Akemi Ando Araki are unreliable and opiate-addled.
His findings detail the elusive solitary beings, and though other recorded accounts are exiguous" That's one of my favorite words.
"There is a testimony regarding its human form, if indeed it has one, and those captured are never seen again, lost to the Boscage.
" Boscage, anybody? - Not a clue.
- Has to do with a lot of trees.
It's like a grove or a thicket.
"Lost to the Boscage for eternity.
" So the bodies are never found.
Maybe he does eat them, or he feeds them to his furry forest friends.
So no description of what it looks like when it's not woged.
Maybe he never woges, right? I mean, if it's an environmental protector, maybe it's always in, like, protector mode.
Could be.
So if it is a Kinoshimobe or a Curupira or whatever, and it's killing someone that's destroying where it lives, I mean, isn't there a law that allows you to defend their home? Yes, but the circumstances of the defense are always taken into consideration.
No, she's right.
What if it's, like, a deep, biological drive? That would be like blaming a spider for killing a fly.
Not that a web is a home, I'm just saying we're in a moral green area, if you will.
[phone ringing.]
Wu? Yeah.
Wu's got something he wants us to see.
We'll call you when we find out what that is.
- Okeydoke.
- Okay.
If this dude is Wesen That is no Wesen I've ever seen.
[ominous music.]
I went back 20 years this time.
There have been at least ten disappearances in the same part of the forest.
All within the last five years.
Ran background checks, every single one has a record.
Punished or fined for crimes against nature, and not the Bible-thumping sex kind.
I mean poaching, polluting, et cetera.
Then it's gotta be the Kinoshimobe.
I'm assuming that's Wesenese for Sort of an eco-revenger.
Dev's being punished for shooting the deer.
But Ralph didn't shoot the deer, which is why he was spared.
We go back out there first thing tomorrow morning.
[ominous music.]
[leave rustling.]
[dramatic music.]
Huh? [gasping.]
[dark music.]
Okay, so do we know what to do with this Kinoshimobe if we find it? Well, the book didn't have much to say about it.
It might not even be Wesen.
We find Dev's body, and maybe we'll learn something about how this thing operates.
Well, you couldn't ask for a prettier place to get brutally murdered.
Let's spread out.
[bird caws.]
[solemn music.]
[twig snaps.]
[squirrels chittering.]
You guys, I got a truck.
Looks like they've been dumping toxic waste.
There is also blood on a chair.
- Any bodies? - Not yet.
Headed your way.
I copy.
[dark music.]
Ooh, I hope it's not as bad for us as it smells.
That's really disgusting.
We're gonna have to call the EPA.
No driver? Except maybe for that.
Blood's not dry yet.
Truck's registered to a Patricia Vetvark.
1037 Lee Street, West Haven-Sylvan.
And, surprise, she's got herself a record for illegal dumping of toxic waste on public lands all over the state.
Been fined seven times and never gone to jail.
Slap on the wrist.
Got slapped harder this time.
She owns a hazardous waste treatment company, G&K Waste Solutions.
Dumping in the woods should not be considered a solution.
Everyone who went missing went missing in the same part of the woods.
Yeah, within about five square miles.
Do you have that list of them? - Not on me.
- Well, you wanna get it? Of course.
Allow me to tell you where they went missing.
Arnold Quinn, went missing at the Newton Trailhead.
Sina Menjivar, last seen where Wildwood Trail meets Newton Road.
Stephanie Katz, end of BPA road.
Esteban Mendez, intersection of fire lanes 15 and 12.
Roger Markowitz, Newton Creek Bridge.
I think we got a perimeter.
There's more.
Not sure we need it.
We need to see what's there.
This is where Arnold Quinn went missing.
If we cut through here, we should get to the center.
[ominous music.]
This is where I was this morning.
That's one hell of a tree.
Yeah, it caught my attention too.
I have this weird feeling.
What kind of weird feeling? "Not normal," weird.
Yeah, but when you get a weird feeling, it's different from when I get one.
I'm getting a weird vibe here too.
Okay, now I'm getting a weird vibe feeling.
But I don't know if it's yours or mine.
That doesn't look like chlorophyll.
Yeah, it's damp all around.
This looks like a man's face.
Okay, now I really do have a weird feeling, and it's all mine.
There's another one.
Oh, my God.
This gives a whole new meaning to "family tree.
" Oh, I know about this kind of tree.
I didn't think of it before because it's not Wesen or monster, per se.
It's just a tree, except it survives on human blood.
Well, that explains the blood around the tree.
- It's called a Jubokko.
- Never heard of it.
Are you suggesting that this tree can somehow move? From what I know, Jubokkos are rooted to the ground just like any other tree.
Okay, that doesn't exactly explain the faces.
No, but we think we can.
Oh, my God.
- How did that happen? - We have no idea.
But every one of them has a criminal history of environmental degradation.
Okay, so either somebody carved these ignoramuses' faces into the tree Or the tree absorbed them into itself.
Oh, anybody know how that works? Well, Ralph said he saw Dev being dragged away by a monster, and that is Dev right there.
Yes, and I am guessing that is the bullet hole that Ralph put in Dev's head.
Maybe the Kinoshimobe and the Jubokko are working together.
So the Kinoshimobe kills them and feeds the Jubokko tree their blood.
It's like a beautiful symbiotic relationship.
We found the tree, but how do we find the Kinoshimobe? Well, it responds to environmental damage.
You might have to go out there and cause a little harm.
- I don't know how I feel about that.
- Me either.
Well, maybe there's something we can do to make it seem like we're harming the forest.
Like fake toxic sludge? Oh, wait, I think I have an idea.
- What? - My brother and I, we used to have so much fun with this book when we were kids.
Where is it? Oh, yeah.
We used to make this strange goop.
"Humano-Reptiliana: Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment.
" Aw, yeah, Vle di Bouyi.
Oh, it smells terrible, and it's really only harmful to Wesen with scales.
Grimms in the South used to use it to lure out Galenchidas from the swampy marshes, and catch them and chop off their heads.
Our childhoods were very different.
It poses no known threat to the environment.
I think it causes some gnarly skin rash to reptilian Wesen, but that's about the worst it does.
My brother and I, we used to mess with our neighbor, this nasty Skalengeck.
He ate my best friend's Chihuahua.
How long does it take to make.
Uh, a few hours; it's pretty involved.
I mean, how much do you need? A lot, we really want to get this thing's attention.
All right, let's get on it.
Okay, say we do find this plant dude.
How do we deal with it? Considering what happened with Dev I'm not sure bullets are gonna be enough.
We're gonna need something sharp.
[ominous music.]
Yep, looks like a Jubokko, all right.
I gotta say, for a tree that survives on human blood, it looks pretty harmless.
Get closer.
Sweet Moses.
Gives you a real sense of being one with nature.
All right, you know there's a thing called pareidolia that tricks the brain into thinking it sees faces in inanimate objects, and it can happen because of sleep deprivation.
And none of us is particularly well rested.
You're not hallucinating.
I sleep like a baby, and that tree, right there, is full of faces.
Yeah, well Yeah, okay, it is.
Let's do this.
[dramatic music.]
Hope this works.
Smells like it might.
Make sure you pour it all around.
I got kind of mixed feelings about this.
I mean, I love trees.
It's not a normal tree, Monroe.
Yeah, but still.
"I think I shall never see a poem as lovely as a" blood-sucking Jubokko tree.
Just in case.
Any guesses as to how long it's gonna take? Well, if anybody did to my home what we just did here, I wouldn't wait long.
Does anybody get the feeling we got this wrong? Uh, what about the faces in the tree? Maybe we're underestimating the Kinoshimobe.
I mean, it could know this is a trick.
Assuming it has that kind of mental capacity.
Maybe it's not toxic enough.
Why don't you give Rosalee a call, see if she can spice it up.
All right, but we can't go nuclear.
I still have to live with myself, which is already challenging enough as it is.
[phone ringing.]
Rosalee? Hey, is it working? Not exactly.
Yeah, we dumped it, but nothing's happening.
We need to spike it.
You got anything that would do just a little damage? Turpentine might work.
It's natural, made from pine sap, but still pretty toxic.
How long would it take to make another batch? Don't need to, I'll just bring the turpentine to you.
It's not harmful to pregnant women, is it? Not unless I drink it.
I'll be there soon, send the directions.
- I'll do it.
- Thank you.
I'm sorry, is anyone else questioning the wisdom of this? I mean, the thing we're trying to coax out and kill is actually trying to protect the forest.
Yeah, and killing a few people to do it.
Yeah, but those people are killing the forest.
Killing them is all right? I just don't see how you can blame the Kinoshimobe for protecting its habitat.
Especially when it's doing it in an organic, all-natural, free-range kind of self-defense.
Well, if it endangers this species it's going down.
[phone ringing.]
Hey, are you close? Yeah, I just pulled off the highway.
I'm on the dirt road.
Okay, good, can you see our tracks? Uh, yeah, I see them.
Okay, we're about, I don't know, half a mile in.
[car clunks.]
Road's a little rough.
Yeah, just go slow.
Okay, see you in a few.
All these faces seem like they're in a great deal of pain.
Almost like they're still suffering.
This payback is permanent.
Rosalee should be here by now.
[car spluttering.]
[car creaks.]
[car dinging.]
[ominous music.]
Oh, crap.
[phone ringing.]
Where are you? We've got a problem.
I think I hit a rock.
I'm leaking oil.
Okay, just stay where you are.
I'll come to you.
[leaves rustling.]
Monroe, I [branches cracking.]
Rosalee! Oh, my God.
Monroe! Monroe! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Rosalee, where are you? Nick! This way.
[dramatic music.]
Rosalee! Monroe, over here! Oh, thank God.
Oh, my God, I saw it.
It was right behind me.
- Where'd it go? - I have no idea.
All right, we're getting you out of here, now.
Whoa, is that the Jubokko? Oh, it's so beautiful.
Not once you get to know it.
Get in.
No! Oh, my God! Nick, Nick! [gasping.]
- What the hell was that? - That wasn't in the book.
That is in the book.
[leaves rustling.]
[ominous music.]
I I don't know if you can understand me, but I'm a Grimm.
Don't think he's much of a talker.
Oh, crap.
[dramatic music.]
[Kinoshimobe thuds.]
[ominous music.]
[Jubokko creaking.]
So what do we do now? You can't arrest a tree.
After what it did to Rosalee, I'm fine to chop it down and cut it into firewood.
With all those faces in there? That's just too terrible to even think about.
The Kinoshimobe's dead.
Or whatever you call that.
More like entombed.
Talk about back to nature.
So we've done all we can do.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, let's go.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
[ominous music.]
When the Jubokko opened itself up and gathered the dead Kinoshimobe back into Could we call that a womb? I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and say "a womb with a view.
" Wow, you really went there.
Gathered back into itself, we discovered its - Symbiotic relationship.
- Right.
Its symbiotic relationship.
And no Grimm had previously been able to make that connection.
The Kinoshimobe takes those that harm the forest.
Bringing them to feed the Jubokko.
- Maybe "sacrifice" is better.
- Yeah, it is.
Sacrificing them.
You know, I just had a thought.
What if the Jubokko took the Kinoshimobe to protect it from us? I don't know, but I gotta get back.
I'm done for tonight.
Yeah, yeah, me too.
You still gonna sleep like a baby tonight? Yep, I'm sleeping with this.
No more adventures like that while you're pregnant.
Probably have to cut back a little after the kids are born too.
They will be adventure enough.
Uh Oh.
You don't think No, I mean, that's pine.
We should probably paint the ceiling.
- Yeah, I think that's a good idea.
- Yeah.