Grimm s06e12 Episode Script

Zerstoerer Shrugged

1 Previously on "Grimm" Nick and I found something in the Black Forest.
And I wanna know what's written on that cloth.
So it is a calendar.
For something that hasn't happened yet? March 24th.
Dad is just gonna help us find Nick and Eve.
- Where are they? - The Other Place.
Through the mirror.
It took Hexenbiest blood to cross over.
A stick? It's how Nick was able to follow Eve.
The stick didn't go through.
It can't.
It doesn't belong there.
What is this place? There's Wesen everywhere.
- [growls.]
- [grunting.]
These are the symbols that were on the cloth.
And in the sky.
This skull thing is not after Eve, and it's not after Nick.
There's been a lot of prophecies about something called a Shaphat.
It means "child bride.
" This beast wants our daughter.
[staff bangs.]
[both grunting.]
[dramatic music.]
[Zerstoerer growls.]
[staff humming.]
You have any ideas? [hissing.]
Oh! This is a waste of time.
I know how to get in there.
Well, then if you can get in, I can get in.
No, it's Hexenbiest blood, not Zauberbiest blood.
- There's a difference.
- Then we find a way to get me in, because I'm not letting this thing anywhere near my daughter.
Here it is.
My family Bible, Wesen version, passed down on my father's side since 1598.
The Abrahamic belief is that the dead go to a specific plane of existence after death and that hell is ruled by a fallen angel.
This is not the time for Bible study.
No, no, no, this is apropos.
If we think of this Other Place as that plane and the skull guy is the fallen angel, AKA the devil, Satan, Lucifer, whatever you wanna call him, I mean, maybe it's not hell per se - It looks a lot like it.
- It's different.
There's no lava, no fire, no brimstone.
It's a garden.
Now, I'm not saying the Garden of Eden, but I'm not not saying the Garden of Eden.
The prophecy heralds a world overrun by beasts, but the fires of hell rage within the beast, not on the land.
I thought the devil carries a pitchfork.
Well, technically it's a trident.
I mean, he's not a farmer.
Or if he is, he's the scorched soul kind.
Well, whatever this is, it certainly doesn't - have any prongs.
- Mm, looks more like a staff.
Yeah, this is all really interesting.
I don't think it's helping us get to where he is.
I think I know how to do that, but you're not gonna like it.
- What did your friend call Diana? - The Shaphat.
Right, and if what she suggests is true, my thinking is, Diana's got a lot of clout in this Other Place.
She can do some pretty amazing things, like appear in places she isn't and read markings on a cloth that we can't see.
She already knew about the Other Place, and she knows something wicked is this way coming.
So if anyone could open the door No, absolutely not.
If we just give her the stick No, she's not going in there.
I'm not saying for her to go there.
I'm saying to let her open the mirror the way Nick did, and then Renard and I can go in there and get Nick and Eve back.
[ominous music.]
We have to get that staff away from him.
Ready? [bats chattering.]
He can kill us, but he's not.
He's trying to trap us.
Nothing about the Other Place, but the Zoroastrians believe there will be a 3,000-year struggle between good and evil which ends with a final assault by Azi Dahaka.
Ragnarok brings a huge flood, um, the sky is on fire, and all life gets swallowed by wolves.
So I guess if you're a wolf, that's good news.
There's something from Slavic paganism about protecting Ursa Minor, the Little Bear.
But if left unprotected, Little Bear supposedly gets devoured by the Doomsday Hound, and Let me guess: we're all doomed.
Anything to suggest how to stop what we're dealing with? Not really.
Look at this.
Looks like a skull guy.
It's in German, I think.
Not modern German.
This looks much older.
My guess is, it's Althochdeutsch.
You read Althochdeutsch? Nope, but the Internet can.
"Finstarnessi ubil fâhan" means "Evil darkness trapped.
" Can't say that makes me feel any better.
"Grimm ziohan.
" Well, we know at least one word.
"Ziohan" means "to pull.
" Grimm pull Grimm pull what? What about "barn kwena"? "Child wife.
" Back to the Shaphat.
Grimm pull child wife? Try "folgên enti fliohan.
" "Follow and flee.
" Okay, wait, so if we're unscrambling this correctly: "Grimm pull child wife.
Follow and flee" means what? Release the evil into the the Other Place.
And it needs a Grimm to pull something to follow and flee.
Okay, does that mean it needs a Grimm to get him out of the place he's trapped? Out of there into here so he can get Diana.
Oh, my God, what's today? March 24th.
Oh, my God, that's the day.
That's the day that was predicted that the planets would align and something very bad was gonna happen.
This is why the skull guy went after Eve now, so she would go after him now so Nick would go after her now.
So it could use the Grimm to get here and get Diana.
Okay, we cannot open any portal for Nick and Eve.
'Cause they won't be coming back alone.
I'm going in there.
I'm the only one who can.
Look, I'm not so sure.
You may be able to open it, but it might be possible for me to go in instead of you.
- [phone ringing.]
- Okay, I think you're right.
I think you're the only option, and we should do it, but you should, like have a rope tied around you or something, just Hey, what's up? Monroe, stop what you're doing.
Well, why? I mean, I think we found a Stop what you're doing.
We can't open the portal.
It needs Nick to go through so it can.
[eerie music.]
[electricity crackling.]
- Diana! - Diana! No.
No, no! Don't open it! - No, Diana! - Close it! Close it! Diana, stop! Stop! Oh, my God, I think we're too late.
Nick, it's opening! Eve, ah! Nick! Eve! [both grunting.]
[tense music.]
[glass shattering.]
[both grunting and groaning.]
Eve, Nick! - Diana! - Nick! - Oh, my God.
- Mommy, it worked.
I got Nick back for you.
Yes, you did.
Diana, you okay? I'm okay, Dad.
I'm so glad you're okay.
What happened? Diana used the stick.
I-I don't think that's such a good thing.
I mean, you guys are back, and that's a good thing, - but Rosalee said - What? She said not to open the portal 'cause you wouldn't come back alone.
Are we alone? Seems like it.
Whatever tried to piggyback a ride probably didn't stand a chance 'cause the mirror's, like, totally shattered, so You're not woged.
I didn't feel it change.
- [door bangs open.]
- Nick! - Oh, Monroe! - Eve! - What happened? - Everyone's okay.
Okay, wait.
Skull guy's not here? Nobody came back with them? Well, no, but look at the mirror.
[dramatic music.]
God, maybe the book was wrong.
Why did you call me to tell me not to open the portal? I mean, what did you find out? Nick we think you were tricked.
By skull guy.
He was there.
We were trying to kill him.
He could've killed us, but he didn't.
No, he needed you there to open the way from his side so he could cross over with you.
This day was predicted from all the symbols on the cloth.
We think that everything is supposed to happen today, March 24th.
Wait, did he follow you here? I don't know.
Well, then maybe he didn't make it here as predicted.
We better hope he didn't.
[metallic creaking.]
Ten bucks, regular.
[wind gusting.]
[leaves rustling.]
[ominous music.]
It's the perfect storm.
So skull face lured Eve to him, using her as bait for Nick, allowing him to hitchhike here.
And the hitchhiker didn't need a guide to this galaxy.
He just needed a Grimm.
Well, we could be wrong.
I mean, I'm not fluent in Althochdeutsch, and Internet translators aren't the most reliable things in the world.
But if you're right and this is all in some old Grimm book, that means this could be predetermined.
We're talking fate? Yeah, in a way, which, of course, means this conversation was supposed to be.
Okay, this is one big existential migraine.
What was it like there? It was a lot like the Black Forest.
You mean where we found the stick? Yeah.
It was actually beautiful.
Except there were woged Wesen everywhere.
They were woged all the time? Even after they died.
Oh, Lordy, Lordy, this sounds a lot like my family Bible.
A beautiful place overrun by beasts where the fires of hell rage within.
Close enough, from what we saw.
Was there anybody else there besides Wesen? There were people.
Very primitive.
They called anyone who wasn't Wesen "Gehfleisch.
" I'm sorry, they called you what? You know that? No, but I can translate it.
It means "walking meat.
" They spoke German? That's sort of all we heard.
It's probably what Zerstoerer had in mind for us.
Zerstoerer? Zerstoerer, that means "destroyer.
" That's what they call skull man in the Other Place, and they were all terrified of him.
He was very tall.
He had green eyes.
He was carrying a very powerful staff.
You're different now.
What? I think part of you stayed in the Other Place.
Do you feel different? I don't know.
I-I guess a little bit.
[dramatic music.]
I don't feel it.
It's gone.
She's not a Hexenbiest anymore.
Okay, isn't this a good thing? I don't know.
Maybe it is.
None of us are who we used to be.
- [Diana hyperventilating.]
- Diana? What's wrong? - You okay? - No.
No, no, no, no, no.
- Shh hey.
- [whimpering.]
He's coming! He's coming! - He's coming! - Oh, sweetie.
- Honey, you're safe.
- He's coming.
He's coming.
- You're safe.
- He's coming! He's coming! [eerie gurgling.]
[electricity crackling.]
[glass shattering.]
- [thud.]
- [breathing heavily.]
[ominous music.]
Hey, the bathroom's for customers only, so I don't want any trouble, so just aah! He's here.
Honey, we're not gonna let anything happen to you, okay? Don't let him find me.
Please, don't let him find me.
Do you know where he is? We'll protect you, no matter what.
You're safe.
I promise.
All of us.
We're not gonna let anybody near you.
Honey, come with me, okay? Come on.
I spoke to my Russian friend.
They showed me the tunnel.
And the stick.
We told him everything, Nick.
His friend has reason to believe that this Zerstoerer guy is after Diana.
Now, there's a prophecy about something called a Shaphat.
A child bride for evil.
I'm not letting that thing anywhere near my daughter.
You and Adalind need to hide her.
Zerstoerer has connected with Eve and you in your loft, so that's out.
And he connected with Eve in the spice shop, so I don't really trust that place either.
There's Renard's or maybe here.
No, there's no safe place.
I know exactly where you can hide her.
Where? The cabin in the woods where all of this first started.
You mean where I took you to find that postman who kidnapped the little girl? That's his place.
And where you gave me the key.
Nick! I brought the key.
Here, I'm giving it back to you.
It's why I called you here.
Well, if Zerstoerer finds us there, we're gonna be too far to get any help.
None of us are connected to that cabin in any way that he'll ever know about.
Yeah, but he might just be connected to Diana anyway.
You know, like how he found Eve and then you.
Then it doesn't matter where we hide her.
Okay, well, is there some way we can camouflage her? I think there might be a way to make her invisible to him.
The Nuukh Suens? You know it? Yeah, my mother used it on me more than once when I was a child.
Yeah, it's seven herbs, the sete ervas, ground into a powder and used with a Nazar, the evil eye charm.
When a Hexenbiest administers it, it conceals the child from harm coming its way.
It worked for me, I think.
The Royals were looking for me, and they never found me, so I have an old bracelet with a Nazar on it, and I'm pretty sure we have all the herbs here.
I'm gonna go check.
What did you guys do with the books? I wanna find out as much as I can about Zerstoerer.
In the cellar, we left them out and open.
We were kind of in a hurry to get here.
Rosalee and I will go with you.
No, if Zerstoerer is connected to me, I should go alone.
No, none of us are doing anything alone.
Wu and I can go to the precinct and see if the Zerstoerer came through.
I'm sure, wherever it was, somebody had to notice.
Yeah, I bet he's hard to miss.
[eerie music.]
[ominous music.]
This can't be good.
I'm taking you somewhere to hide Diana.
I'm not leaving you.
You can't stay with me.
It's not safe.
I'll be there.
I won't let this thing anywhere near us.
And Rosalee's making something to shield Diana.
The Nuukh Suens.
That could work.
And I guess the safest place for Diana is the safest place for Kelly.
Hey, guys, I got the stuff we need.
[ominous music.]
It's not gonna hurt, is it? - Nope.
- No, not at all.
You know, my mom used it on me when I was your age.
You should probably do this.
[mystical music.]
Okay, here we go.
Just think of it as fairy dust.
Mom, there's no such thing as fairies.
I forgot.
Stand up and close your eyes.
Okay, you can open them.
Is that it? I didn't feel anything.
Well, that's good.
Yeah, sometimes it's a very good thing not to feel anything.
We should get going.
[ominous music.]
This is where it all started for me.
Where is she? A Grimm.
I've got some pretty fond memories here too.
[both grunting.]
Ah, ah! You? What were you doing here? Come on, honey.
Here we go.
Nick and I met here to settle our differences about the key.
Oh that.
Yeah, we both decided it couldn't fall into your hands.
When you were working for the Royals.
That was before I had a baby with you.
Or you.
Simpler times.
[door creaks.]
[dark music.]
It doesn't look like anybody's been here for years.
What happened to the owner? He was my first Blutbad.
I assume you didn't arrest him, then.
Didn't really give us much of a choice.
[delicate music.]
That's a pretty bed.
Did a girl live here? Hank, she's here! It's okay, honey.
We're police.
Not for long.
How long do we have to stay here? I'm not sure, honey.
We have to keep you safe.
So he won't find me here? Hey he's never gonna find you, okay? No, he won't.
I'm going back to the precinct to help Hank and Wu.
Call me if you need anything.
[tender music.]
I love you, son.
Nick! I thought I lost you once already tonight.
Be careful.
I love you.
I love you.
[indistinct chatter.]
So far, no reports of any kind of skull face guy with a staff.
Okay, well, we just got a 911 call.
Doesn't say anything about a skull face guy or a staff, but we got bodies, one with his eyes blown out, and a lot of dead bats.
Good enough for me.
I showed this to Renard and Adalind.
It looks like Zerstoerer.
And the staff he's carrying is pretty similar too.
Except his had a lot of cracks in it.
Well, I mean, if it's as old as this one, it would make sense it had a bunch of cracks in it.
And then there's Israel, formerly known as Jacob, before crossing the river Jordan with his staff.
- Looks like the same big stick.
- Mm-hmm.
And here, the one Judah gave his daughter-in-law Tamar.
And look at this.
I know that painting.
That's "David Victorious Over Goliath" by Gabriel Joseph Marie Augustin Ferrier.
Look what David is holding.
Oh, my God.
I thought David killed Goliath with a slingshot.
He had a staff too, but for some reason, that part of the story isn't promoted.
Apparently David left this exact staff to his descendants, and the Davidic kings used it as a scepter until the destruction of the temple, when it miraculously disappeared.
- [scoffs.]
- [door slams.]
[ominous music.]
[slow footsteps echoing.]
- [gasps.]
- Oh, Trubel! Oh, my God, am I glad to see you.
Where's Nick? I went to the loft.
Nobody's there.
Neither is the stick.
You could not have shown up at a better time.
What's going on? Is Nick okay? - Well - We have a lot of catching up to do.
[indistinct police radio chatter.]
This is a lot of dead bats.
And yet I'm not surprised.
I don't think a lot could surprise us - after the year we've had.
- Year? - Try years.
- Do we wish we'd never known? Not at all, unless the real question is, "Are we crazy and don't even know it?" Wish I'd never known that.
Gotta say, I'm not a big fan of bats, dead or otherwise.
You ever seen anything like this? - How many bodies? - Are we talking bats or people? Uh, let's start with people.
First one's in the office.
Apparently electrocuted, but I can't see any down power lines.
And his outfit's a little weird in the sense that he's not wearing one.
Naked in the gas station, that's a dignified way to go.
Well, at least he's got underwear.
What about the second victim? Men's room.
Bled out from a big-ass stab wound.
Must've been a hell of a fight.
Shattered the bathroom mirror.
We'll take that one.
See if you can ID the exhibitionist.
I hate to think about where he keeps his wallet.
[ominous music.]
Talk about peeing in the wrong place at the wrong time.
If I didn't know that somebody could go through a mirror and believe me, I wish I didn't know that I'd think this got broken in a fight too.
Let's check out the underwear guy.
Any guesses as to where his clothes went? Well, either this is how he gets his kicks, or someone took them.
I'm gonna call Nick.
- He needs to see this.
- Yeah.
Well, I've slept in worse places.
I don't wanna go to bed.
Shh, it's been a long night, and you haven't slept at all.
Just try to get some rest, honey.
I'm not tired.
I know.
Just try.
We can't hide out here for the rest of our lives.
We won't have to.
This thing is gonna find us one way or another.
And when it does I'm gonna kill it.
I don't think it's gonna be that easy.
No, neither do I.
But the three of us aren't gonna be that easy either.
No we're not.
[ominous music.]
[horn honks.]
[tires screeching.]
Watch it! Are you drunk? Get out of the road, you idiot.
Watch it! Why would he come through here? Maybe it was the only mirror he could find.
Then the prophecy came true.
Yeah, looks like he was stabbed with something pretty big.
Guess he brought the staff with him.
It's probably what he fried the other victim with.
Hey, surveillance is up.
Nice stick.
You got any spare change? Come on, man, we need some money.
Watch it! Are you drunk? Damn right, we're drunk.
You got any money or not? Got any money or not? Hey, ass-wipe we're not amused.
Get out of the road, you idiot! Gonna need a bigger stick than that, jughead.
[glass shattering.]
What the hell, man? [screaming.]
What the hell? Rah! Raah! What the hell? Rah! Raah! He must be cold.
- Sure looks it.
- He's human.
That is not what he looked like in the Other Place.
This guy doesn't look like skull guy Except for the staff.
Maybe this is his woged form here.
[dark music.]
Okay, where's he going now? Get a shot of his face.
Put out an APB.
Include the staff in his description.
- I gotta call Adalind.
- Yeah.
[line rings.]
[cell phone ringing.]
Nick, are you okay? Yeah, where's Renard? He's here.
Diana's asleep.
- All right, he needs to hear this.
- I can.
He's here.
Where? In Portland.
He's already killed two people.
Oh, my God.
He can woge into human form here.
We don't know where he's going, but we're doing everything we can to track him down.
He's not gonna be able to hide for long, at least not the way he's acting.
I don't like sitting here and doing nothing.
- We should trade places.
- You're not doing nothing.
You're protecting Adalind, my son, and your daughter.
I'll call you in a few.
Just got a report of a body under the Hawthorne Bridge apparently attacked by some kind of giant snake.
So this Zerstoerer guy has Moses' staff? - I mean, the Moses? - Possibly.
Or the "Ruyi Jingu Bang" wielded by the immortal monkey king Sun Wukong.
Or the Kaladanda, the "Staff of Death" used by the god Yama in Hindu mythology.
The point is, it could be any one of these things or all of them combined.
We don't And this big stick is supposed to help him make Diana his child bride and destroy the world as we know it.
So long story short, we just have to destroy the Destroyer dude, or we're toast.
There's still something about Zerstoerer's staff that's bothering me.
It was completely cracked up, as if it had been put back together by a lot of different pieces, and not one of all of these texts references anything like that.
Yeah, something bothers me about it too.
I mean, if it's as all-powerful as it's supposed to be and belonged to all the people it supposedly belonged to Then how did this Zerstoerer guy get his grubby mitts on it? I was just reading about this.
There's a prophecy about a staff with the power of the gods, and it can't be destroyed.
Hang on.
Right here, I got it.
I got it.
"The staff was broken into 100 pieces "and scattered throughout the world to keep its powers out of the hands of evil.
" Do we think that's the staff Zerstoerer has? It sure sounds like it, don't you think? What if he put all the pieces back together before he got trapped in the Other Place? Nick couldn't even get into the Other Place without the stick.
What if the stick is a missing part of the staff? Oh, my God.
What if the stick we found in the Black Forest was actually buried by the Crusaders to keep the staff from ever regaining its full powers? Maybe that's what Zerstoerer is here for.
I hope we're wrong, 'cause if we're right Zerstoerer's coming for the stick that Nick has with him right now.
[indistinct police radio chatter.]
How many ways can this Zerstoerer kill you? Why this guy? Must've got in his way.
[cell phone ringing.]
But why here? What's this place got to do with Diana or any of us? It's Eve.
Yeah? Nick, we need you to come to the spice shop right now.
Me or all of us? Just you.
All right.
Gotta head back to the spice shop.
We'll take it from here.
[wood creaks.]
[ominous music.]
[slow footsteps.]
[door clicks open.]
[Diana breathing shakily.]
- [screams.]
- Diana! No! - [electricity zaps.]
- [grunts.]
- [roars.]
- [screams.]
- Diana, hey, it's okay.
- Honey, wake up.
- Diana, wake up.
It's okay.
- No, it's not! - It's okay.
- It's just a dream.
- It's just a dream.
- No, you don't understand.
What? What don't we understand, honey? He doesn't just want me.
He wants my brother too.
He wants us both.
- Honey, come here.
- Shh.
It's okay.
It's okay.
What'd you find out? Trubel! Oh, I'm so glad you're all right.
When did you get here? Just today.
What about Black Claw? Black Claw's done.
The war's over.
- There's nothing left? - Every cell was destroyed.
That's not why I'm here.
I came because I had a feeling something terrible was happening, and it looks like I may be right.
Which takes us to the stick.
We think it's a missing part, possibly the only missing part left of Zerstoerer's staff.
- What? - Yeah, that would explain a lot, because historically there are tons of examples of things with extreme power being taken apart.
- Like the pyramid in Giza - the capstone is missing.
Or the myth of Osiris, whose body was cut into pieces and then put back together so that he could rule.
Basically, we think it's why the Crusaders buried the stick.
And that's why there were so many cracks in Zerstoerer's staff.
And he sure as hell better not get ahold of the stick you and Monroe found.
From what we've been reading, if this staff ever gets put back together, he'll be unstoppable.
[cell phone rings.]
It's Hank.
What do you got? Just got a hit on the APB.
He's still in the area.
We're headed back to the precinct.
I'll meet you there.
Where was this guy? Under the Hawthorne Bridge.
Then that's where I'm heading.
If you see Zerstoerer, don't do anything.
- Call me.
- Nick.
Whatever you do, don't let that stick out of your control.
It may be the only power you have against him.
[dramatic music.]
Just got this from a surveillance camera three blocks west of Hawthorne Bridge.
- Any more bodies? - Not that we know of.
I tried shooting this guy in his world.
Didn't work.
He's in our world now.
Let's weapon up.
As many as we can carry.
[man screaming.]
[man screams.]
Dispatch, 531.
Reports of a B&E, 20th, east of [footsteps tapping.]
Two officers down, Southeast 3rd and Main.
- Backup needed.
- [cell phone rings.]
- Burkhardt.
- I just saw him.
He killed two cops.
Trubel, are you near Southeast 3rd and Main? I was.
I'm following him.
And we're not far from the precinct.
He's headed your direction, but I lost him.
Stay away from him.
We're on our way.
Trubel's here? Yeah, I saw her at the spice shop.
- [people yelling.]
- [gunshots.]
- [man groaning.]
- [glass shattering.]
[glass shattering.]
[staff bangs.]
- Wu! - [groans.]
[somber music.]
Nick Nick - Nick - No.
No! [grunts.]
[Nick groaning.]
You're gonna die, you son of a bitch.
- [gunshots.]
- [yelling.]
[ethereal choral music.]
Aah! No! No! No! [yells.]
[objects clattering.]