Griselda (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Rich White People

[lock clicking]
[soft emotional music playing]
[sucks teeth]
[in Spanish] So, Dario, you find anything?
[Dario] Not much.
You got any idea why she shot Alberto?
Because of what he had to do, sure.
Yeah, she had a lot of pride,
but you have no idea
how she moaned when I fucked her.
I made her do everything,
and she liked it.
But once a whore, always a whore.
She was a prostitute?
Of course she was.
Any idea where she worked?
Emilio's. Maybe he knows something?
We'll see.
You find that bitch, Dario,
so I can kill her.
You hear me?
Yes, sir, I'll find her.
[upbeat Spanish song playing]
[airplane whooshing]
[indistinct chatter]
[women chattering]
[man whistles]
Welcome to Miami.
- Thank you.
- [Chucho] Welcome.
Good to be here.
Come on, we are finally here.
I'm glad you're here.
I can't believe it. Look at you.
You haven't aged a day.
You look even younger.
And you, more beautiful.
Well, that's because these are new.
Like them?
[chuckles] Better believe it.
Where's Arturo?
Well, there he is.
[in English] Hello!
[in Spanish] Arturo! Get in already.
We don't have time for your bullshit.
I thought it'd be fun to travel
with all these women, but it's been hell.
- Liar. You loved it.
- [both chuckle]
How are you, darling?
Better now.
- Let's get to work?
- To work.
- [Arturo grunts]
- [imperceptible]
[Arturo] Let's make some space.
[Ozzy] If there are steps,
why would I jump?
[Uber] You can do it.
- [Ozzy] You guys almost fell.
- [Uber] Don't be scared.
No, I'm not going to jump.
- One, two, three!
- No.
I won't jump.
If there are stairs, why would I jump?
[Dixon] Hey, Arturo!
- How are you boys doing?
- Good.
Have you boys
been taking care of your mom?
- Obviously.
- Of course.
Yeah? How are you?
- Good. How's Alberto?
- Uh
Remember that he went on a trip
after we came to Miami.
- [Arturo] Mm-hmm, hmm.
- [women chattering]
[Dixon] Ah!
[woman laughs]
[both] Hello, hello.
- [both chuckle]
- [women laughing]
Who are they, Mom?
Stop staring, they're friends from home.
And stop trying to trick Ozzy
into jumping those fucking steps.
[Dixon and Uber chuckle]
[woman 1] What an ugly-looking pool.
[woman 2] No water, how great.
I thought the States were more fancy.
[woman 1] At least it's near the beach.
[woman 2] No.
Hot as shit out here.
Isn't it?
Can we get a beer or something?
I don't "get beer."
I'm Ms. Blanco's pistolero.
Hope you're a lefty.
[Griselda] Next one.
[upbeat music playing on radio]
[woman 1 murmurs]
How are you?
[woman 1] I'm good.
Mm. Excuse me.
Go ahead.
Here it is, boss.
Thank you.
Good work.
Thanks. Beats the shit out
of sucking cock all day.
Very true.
- Here is your key.
- Thank you. [gasps]
- What a beautiful bracelet, boss.
- Mm.
You're beautiful as well.
Stay out of trouble.
It's okay, no problem.
[Griselda] You'll get your money
as soon as I get paid. Look at him!
Keep them away from my boys.
The boys could learn a thing
[chuckles softly]
What is your name?
My name is Carla.
[Isa] This way.
What I came here for.
[telephone ringing]
[detective in English] Miami is
a great southern city, gone to seed.
It used to be Sinatra,
pink Caddies,
tits on the beach.
Now it's just a bunch
of shitty liquor stores,
old Jews in lawn chairs,
and a whole lot of thugs from down south.
We are facing down
this brown wave of crime, Rosa.
Which is why I need you
to be truthful with me.
Tell it straight.
[in Spanish]
He said he's glad you came in to help.
It's important
for witnesses to come forward.
Any information you've got
may help us solve this crime.
I didn't see anything.
[in English]
She says that she didn't see anything.
Well, of course she didn't.
Okay, so you are a uh, waitress
at El Floridita restaurant,
is that correct, Rosa?
[in Spanish] You're a waitress
at El Floridita restaurant, correct, Rosa?
- Yes.
- [in English] She says, "Yes."
Yeah, I got that.
And it is your sense
that there are drug deals
that go on in that back room.
[in Spanish] Is it your sense there were
drug deals taking place in the back room?
A lot of things were happening back there.
[in English] There were
a lot of things taking place.
Who did you see go into the back room
on the day of the murders?
[in Spanish] Who did you see go into
the back room on the day of the murders?
There was a woman.
[in English] What?
What was that? What?
She said that there was a woman.
With men?
- [woman in Spanish] With men?
- Yes, with two men.
[in English] Yeah, with two.
So, a girlfriend?
Let's hope you're not
a total waste of fucking time there, Rosa.
Any of these muchachos
ring a bell there, mamacita?
[in Spanish] Wasn't so bad, right?
[Rosa chuckles] No.
[woman] Who am I kidding, he's an asshole.
[chuckles] Don't worry,
I'm the only one here who speaks Spanish.
But you're a cop
Just not a detective like him.
They call me an "Intelligence Analyst."
Is this your first?
No, I have another one.
- Me too.
- Yeah?
- [woman] But my boy is 12.
- [Rosa] Uh-huh?
And he doesn't stop eating.
[both chuckle]
Hey, Rosa.
I noticed you hesitated when Jensen said
the woman you saw
at Floridita was not a girlfriend.
She didn't walk
like a woman who's a girlfriend.
- Really?
- Hmm.
How'd she walk?
Like a boss.
[Arturo] Ten kilos at $25,000 a key.
That's 250K.
One load every month,
three million a year.
A toast.
- Arturo.
- No, no.
I remember very clearly
my friend being told
many times
she could never do this on her own.
- Thank you.
- And now look at you.
And to my brave Arturo.
I'll never forget you
covering for me with Fernando.
And flying with all those women.
Ah. [inhales sharply]
Well, speaking of Fernando,
what are we going to do with him
now that you decided not to disappear?
You have to be ready for him.
I will be.
He's got Dario looking for you.
[tense music playing]
[Dario] You ever hear anything from a girl
who used to work for you, Griselda Blanco?
[man] Maybe.
How about now?
Been a long time.
But last week, she called.
What about?
No fucking clue.
Just heard the girls talking.
Next thing I know,
a dozen of 'em took off.
A dozen girls left?
- Like you heard.
- Where?
I wish I knew, man.
I wish.
Fucking costing me a fortune.
But these bitches love keepin' secrets.
[telephone ringing]
[taps on door]
[man laughs]
Hey, man. It's fresh, so fresh. Seventeen?
[knocks on door]
Hey, ladies.
- Welcome to paradise, my king.
- [whistles]
Any of you know Griselda Blanco?
Who's asking?
An old friend.
I haven't seen her in a while,
and I want to get back in touch.
Anyone here maybe know where she is now?
A friend.
Not as far as I know.
[in English] Yeah.
[in Spanish] You?
You work with her back in the day?
With that bossy bitch?
She's just jealous. Pure envy.
Jealous of Griselda?
- [woman] Mm-hmm.
- How?
- Griselda taught herself to counterfeit.
- [lighter flicks]
Worked her way out of here.
You don't say.
Like she never could. [chuckles]
I heard her husband rescued her.
The husband?
- [both laugh]
- Listen to him.
Who said that? Hmm?
A man tell you that?
That's bullshit.
Griselda did it all on her own.
Good for her.
Good for me too.
Tell me about yourself.
What do you like, you got any hobbies?
Actually, she's more my type.
What a shame. No?
It's your loss.
[Dario grunts softly]
[door opens]
- [sighs]
- [door closes]
Look, I just need some information.
It sounds like you're the only one here
who didn't like Griselda.
Your boss said some of the girls
went to see her last week.
Any idea where?
I liked her more than that.
[chuckles softly]
[tense music playing]
Where did she go?
They went to Miami.
- [music playing loudly in adjoining room]
- [indistinct chatter]
Stop that! And turn it down!
[man] Okay!
[music volume turns down]
Madam, she needs you.
[in English] What's up?
I came to see how
the house hunting's going. Find a place?
Not yet.
You're probably too busy
setting up another coke deal.
That's what's in the suitcase, right?
What, you put that lump in a suit
and had him buy
15 round-trip tickets for Medellín?
I'm an idiot,
I should have known it was you.
Instead, I'm waiting for you
to convince me you're out of the life.
An opportunity came up, so I had
An opportunity good enough
for you to forget the shit show
you just got away from,
or was that a lie too?
It was the truth. But it's a chance
for us to make the kind of money
I'm going to need more plane tickets.
You're gonna have to find
another travel agent,
because I want the fuck out of this.
This shit is insane.
We're over-the-hill ex-wives
of fucking drug dealers.
I know what I'm doing.
Don't buy plane tickets
from me again, okay?
Never should have let you
anywhere near my business.
Carmen, come on. Your business
won't survive without this money.
You're gonna get caught,
Griselda, or worse,
and I don't want to be around to see it,
or what happens to your kids.
[engine revs]
[operatic music playing]
[operatic music continues over speakers]
[elevator dings]
[in Spanish] Go ahead.
[Arturo sighs]
[man] This way.
[Amilcar in English] Hello.
Please try one.
From a Persian in Palm Beach.
Also happens to have excellent hash.
Thank you.
This is Arturo.
He helped me bring the product.
- [Amilcar] Oh.
- Hi.
- [Amilcar] Good to meet you.
- [Arturo] Nice to meet you, sir.
So, I have it all. Ten kilos.
Oh, the modern woman.
Used to sell makeup door-to-door.
Now it's smuggling coke.
- Ten kilos 25 grand, $250,000 total.
- [Amilcar] Hmm.
[inhales deeply]
[clicks tongue]
Well, I'm not buying your coke.
Excuse me?
You see this dog over here?
That's Papo Mejia.
He's my current supplier.
Now, he and I had
a little disagreement over price, right?
I think you settled it, right?
Yes, she did.
I told him a woman offered me
better product at a lower price, and, oh
[exhales sharply] That did not sit well.
- You fucking used me.
- [Amilcar] Uh-uh, free market.
This happens
when you fuck with a man's living.
You did try to fuck him.
[Papo] Go back to being a housewife
or a stewardess
or whatever the fuck it is you do.
I worked my ass off to bring
that coke here based on your word.
We had a fucking deal.
I'll take it off your hands.
What do you say 5,000 a key?
That's not even
a quarter of what it's worth.
What are you going to do with it?
Bake a cake?
Fuck you and your monkey. Neither of you
- [in Spanish] The fuck did you call me?
- Calm down.
[in English] This bitch
can't mouth off in here like that.
[in Spanish] Griselda, we should go.
[in English] You go when he says.
[tense music playing]
Now, most people would take your coke
and dump your body in the bay,
but lucky for you, I'm a gentleman.
I'm going to tell every dealer
in Miami not to touch it.
And you'll be back.
Hey, hey, hey.
[in Spanish] Let's go.
You heard what he said?
That coke's worthless if we can't sell it.
We might as well have a suitcase
filled with baking soda.
[breathing heavily]
A lot of fucking good that'll do
when Dario catches up to me.
[indistinct chatter]
[telephone ringing]
[male cop laughing]
- [in English] Let's see what happens.
- [chuckles]
[Martin] June.
Headlights are on.
[male cops laughing]
Seriously, Martin?
You really think that's funny?
Turning up the AC so my nipples get hard?
Well, at least mine still get hard.
[male cops exclaim and laugh]
[captain] A woman, huh?
[June] The waitress said, she saw a woman,
who's clearly not a girlfriend.
And there's a cigarette
from the back room with lipstick on it.
A cigarette?
From the ashtray at the table,
where the men sit to make the deal.
As opposed to the one to the side
where the girlfriends are usually parked.
Our witness likes me, because I actually
listened to her, unlike Jensen.
Yeah, well,
Billy is a little bit of a cracker.
But these Latin dealers, June.
No woman's making deals,
let alone shooting anyone.
You know that where you come from.
Maybe she's a witness
that can help us find the shooter?
Look, June, this is Jensen's case.
Your job is just to gather intelligence
and put it in a memo.
Sir, have you ever read any of my memos?
They're great.
["We're Gonna Get Back Together"
playing over radio]
Baby, it's been so lonely ♪
Since I've been away from you ♪
[coin clatters]
And honey you know
I've been sitting at home ♪
Being lonely too ♪
I can almost taste your sweet lips ♪
And I'm still
A hundred miles from home ♪
[indistinct chatter]
[footsteps approaching]
[Carla in Spanish] Hey.
How long are we gonna sit here?
I could be home making real money.
Give her time, she'll pay.
- Is that so?
- I promise.
Calm down.
[knock on door]
Come in.
Girls asking about being paid?
Don't worry about that.
I'll focus on the boys I have to feed
and the fucking coke I can't sell.
Shit, these are nicer
than the ones in my room.
They're mine. I'll give you a set.
Last time we did this was between johns.
So we're back where we started.
Fucked one way or another.
[both chuckling softly]
[Griselda sighs]
You know this is the first time
I've ever left Medellín?
[Griselda] Hmm.
And all I've seen is this shitty rat trap?
Remember how we used to blow off steam?
We'd have a good time.
Come on, let's go out.
The last thing
I want to do right now is party.
Griselda Blanco's best out there living.
Not in here,
staring at the fucking ceiling.
I don't care
how nice the fucking sheets are.
We do have a lot of coke.
[both chuckle softly]
[boy in English] Why do I have to?
There are some things
you gotta do even if you don't want to.
- But I hate playing catcher.
- I know, but you can't just quit.
You and Dad quit being married.
Look, we decided
that it was better this way.
Which happens in life.
But there are some things
that you gotta do, no matter what.
Like, my job,
which I really have to get back to.
[in Spanish] Mm, kiss.
- [in English] Your gun's in the glove box.
- I know where my gun is.
Yeah, just like the car keys
the TV remote, the big salad bowl
Okay, I get it, Eric.
- I'm sorry it's
- A long day.
I know.
[car door closes]
[glove box closes]
Smart aleck.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [soft music playing over speakers]
[in Spanish] You sure
these people are even alive?
They look dead.
You wanted fancy.
Fuck it.
Like the good old days.
Let's go rescue them.
[slow instrumental music playing]
Let's go.
[women screaming]
[slowed, distorted screaming]
[man on TV in English] You get the idea.
We're not playing around.
[in Spanish] I have a plan.
Thank God,
because we're sitting ducks here.
Assuming they get past you, Chucho.
- What do we do?
- We get more cocaine.
- More than the ten kilos we can't sell?
- Much more.
And how exactly
do we pay for this motherlode?
We don't.
We get a float from Panesso.
I paid Panesso for this coke
and he was a grade-A dick about it.
- Why the fuck would he front you product?
- Because you're going to get him up here.
And I'll show him
the potential of my idea.
And he'll want in. Trust me.
This is the country of dreams.
I know you felt it
when you got off that fucking plane.
That sensation that it can all be yours.
That feeling is more powerful
than love, money, anything.
But it turns out there are people here
whose dreams have already come true.
And when your dreams come true,
you lose something precious.
The feeling that comes with something new.
With the unexpected.
The people I'm talking about
are white.
And they're rich.
Those sons of bitches
that have everything.
They represent a huge, untapped market
no one's ever thought to touch.
And in this suitcase
we have the power to bring the excitement
back into their boring lives.
What do we have to do?
Give them a taste.
So they know what it feels like.
[in English] Okay.
[in Spanish] And how do we do that?
With them.
You're the best saleswomen in the world.
You're not gonna work
in a brothel anymore.
You're going to be working for yourselves.
You'll be making a fuckton of money.
So they're going to sell cocaine?
No, Arturo.
They're going to give it away.
[typewriter dings]
[object thuds]
[upbeat percussion music playing]
[copier whirring]
[upbeat music playing]
[Billy sighs]
[Billy in English] Hello, June.
"On the night of"
"Among the suspects
at the Floridita murders
is a female drug dealer."
"The simple fact that a woman was able
to operate at this level in this world
makes her a person
of interest in our ongoing efforts
to untangle the Miami narcotics scene."
So, I had Horatio keep an eye
on that bitch that tried to snake me.
She's up to some shit.
She called up
all this hot ass from Medellín.
She's got them giving out freebies
to all the rich people
in Coral Gables and Kendall.
On the golf course, at the tennis club,
even at the fucking aerobics classes.
She's showing them
how the powder makes you feel.
She's giving out samples
trying to set up her own market.
Right up the fucking turnpike.
She's wasting her time.
Not to mention her coke.
Sit down.
You know these people,
they don't want to do business with us.
Let alone buy our dirty drugs.
They're gonna wake up wondering
what they were doing
and then they're gonna go on a sail.
[in Spanish] And that's all.
[in English] I had a cousin
like this woman.
She would always turn up
when you don't expect.
Stirring up shit.
Telling my wife I'm cheating on her,
and you think, "What's the problem?"
"Shit, she's just a bitch."
[tense music playing]
But then there she is.
Fucking shit up.
Were you cheating on her?
[chuckles, clears throat]
[in Spanish] Going to do something?
Or no?
[in English] No.
But I'm not saying you shouldn't.
[in Spanish] All right.
[sinister music swells]
[elevator dings]
German, welcome to Miami.
How was your flight?
Long as fuck.
Hopefully not a waste of time.
[Griselda] Hmm.
Twenty years I've been making
hairy-backed assholes smile.
That one's in his own league.
- [Arturo chuckles]
- [Isa] Huh.
[Griselda] German.
[music playing softly]
Look at how bored these people are.
These people need more than a stuffy bar
and a couple olives
floating in their drinks.
These people need what you have.
But they can't get it.
Because they're too scared
to go where it's available.
Which means we have
a thirsty market waiting to be filled.
Griselda, I'm a supplier,
I'm not some street vendor.
That's why we'll make a great team.
Because I'm going
to set up that new market.
And I need your coke.
So you thought what?
"I'm going to bring
this idiot Panesso to a fancy hotel,
dressed up all nice, flatter him,
and he'll give me
everything I want." Yeah?
Remember Medellín?
No, you don't.
Couldn't be bothered
to even spit in my direction.
You and all your asshole friends.
Never gave me the time of day.
And now you bring me here to juice me?
Don't fuck with me.
German, you and I are not so different.
You know where I come from.
The shit I put up with.
You think the Bravos made me feel welcome?
Right, 'cause with those tits
and that ass,
you're some kind of underdog.
We all have our strengths.
But it's the dream,
that's why people come here.
I wipe my ass with the American dream.
And with everyone who convinces themselves
that one day they'll be on top.
A bunch of idiots.
All of us come here deceived,
believing that this
is the land of opportunity.
And when you least expect it,
you've been fucked.
I know you're right.
But I've been screwed over too.
And no fucking way
am I letting this opportunity pass me by.
Just imagine, German,
what you and I can do together.
This ass, these tits, your coke.
- How much we talking?
- A hundred kilos.
Who do I look like, an Ochoa?
You do this,
you won't need another buyer ever again.
That's how big this is going to be.
All due respect,
you're a fucking housewife.
I don't believe
you could move that kind of volume.
Now get that one-armed idiot
to drive me back to the airport.
German, wait.
I knew you weren't going
to just agree on faith.
[softly] I've got
something special planned.
[in normal voice] Stay.
I only need one night.
It'll be worth it.
Better be.
I wouldn't even front
100 kilos to my own son.
And I kind of like the fucker.
[gripping music playing]
[airplane whooshing]
[indistinct chatter]
[vehicle door opens]
[knock on door]
[Uber] Mom, it's me.
Come in.
Could I get money for pizza?
[Griselda] Mm.
Well, you know
it's there in case anything happens.
Don't tell your brothers.
[in English] Okay.
[in Spanish] I'll be back late.
Tell your brothers to pack their stuff.
Tomorrow we're getting out of here.
Going somewhere nicer.
Go, my son.
[upbeat jazz fusion music playing]
[lively chatter, laughter]
[in English] Hey, yeah.
[in Spanish] What if
this doesn't work with Panesso?
It will.
- Have some confidence.
- Hmm.
Relax and enjoy the party.
[people cheering]
[distorted moaning]
- [upbeat music playing on speakers]
- [lively chatter]
[in English] Absolutely. Thank you.
All right, it's a pleasure doing business.
[women whooping]
[women squealing]
- [in Spanish] How much so far?
- Already sold three keys.
Well, German?
Hell of a party,
but you can't do this every week.
Not everyone
I invited here is rich, German.
Some of them are people
who work for the rich.
Look at him, he's a tennis coach.
And her, she's an aerobics instructor.
A valet.
They've all agreed to be our dealers.
So you can keep selling
to the rich white assholes.
[Isa] Griselda.
Got a problem outside.
[in English] What the fuck?
Get the fuck out of here!
And all you assholes,
go back to the Coconut Grove.
What's your fucking problem?
This is a private party.
[music stops]
I guess bitches work
for bitches, huh, Horatio?
Where's that big mouth boss of yours?
I want to talk to her
about this fucking Love Boat shit.
[Griselda] I'm here, Papo!
What do you want?
You're scaring my guests.
[tense music playing]
I want for you to forget about all of
this bullshit. Get it out of your head.
A fucking yacht? Really?
This is not Amilcar's territory.
I can do whatever the fuck I want here.
Is that right?
[crowd screams]
If any of you wine-drinking motherfuckers
buy even a gram of coke
from this fucking bitch, then you're going
to deal with me, Papo fucking Mejia.
Come on, Papo. Is this smart?
To threaten these people?
They're lawyers, they're bankers.
I bet Amilcar isn't here because
he doesn't want
to be close to anything so stupid.
- Don't touch her, motherfucker!
- Hey!
- Maybe I put the next one in her.
- [in Spanish] Let her go.
[gun cocking]
[in English] Come on, motherfucker.
Come on motherfucker, shoot me.
Shoot me in front of all these people.
[German] Hey!
Get the fuck out of here.
Who the fuck are you?
I'm her partner.
Hey, everybody! This fucking asshole
wants to ruin our party.
[crowd booing]
[in Spanish]
Motherfucker. Get out of here.
[glass shattering]
[Isa in English] Fuck you!
- [man 1] Get out of here!
- Let's get out of here.
- [man 2] Go home!
- [man 3] Adiós, motherfucker!
[woman] Leave us alone, party pooper!
[crowd cheering]
[in Spanish] Partners?
You're pissing off the powers that be.
You must be doing something right.
Anyone who can stand up
to that son of a bitch, I want on my side.
A hundred keys a week.
And then
Sky's the limit.
You keep dreaming, I'll keep making coke.
- [upbeat music playing]
- [crowd cheering]
[lively chatter, laughter]
[Griselda] Next trip, I pay double.
[women cheering]
Shit, it's like that,
I am done fucking for money.
[Carla] Mmm.
Gonna be some sad dudes in Medellín?
No way!
[Griselda] Go.
- I want you to have this.
- [gasps]
- Seriously?
- Mm-hmm.
[chuckles] Beautiful.
Thank you.
You will not regret this.
We've spent enough time
on our back to know what people want.
- Thank God it was good for something.
- Hmm.
See you in two weeks, Isa.
With more girls, more coke.
And it's all ours.
[van engine starts]
Take care.
[women laughing]
Behave badly.
[women cheering]
[telephone ringing]
- [in English] Hello?
- [Griselda] It's me.
We did it.
We didn't get hurt, we didn't get caught,
and we just made a fucking ton of money.
You calling me at 5:00 a.m. to rub it in?
I'm calling because
I'll need more tickets,
and I don't want all that cash
to go to a fucking stranger.
No, it's because
you can't trust them, Griselda.
I know how this works.
All you're after is a source
who won't get you in trouble.
Carmen, come on. I just had a great night,
and I want to share it with my friend.
I help you with your agency,
and you help me bring more girls.
What's wrong with that?
We deserve this.
I don't know, Griselda.
In six hours, when I sober up,
I'm going to stop by,
and you're going to sell me
a fucking ton of tickets.
[chuckles softly]
Yeah, okay.
[pensive music playing]
[men chattering and laughing]
[in Spanish] Hey, you should be asleep.
[tense music playing]
Hello, gorgeous.
Uncle Fernando came up to see us.
That's right, my love.
You all left town in such a hurry.
I didn't get to say goodbye.
Come in.
Take a seat.
Boys and I were just catching up a little.
Now that your mom's here,
there's something I want to know.
What reason did your mother give you
for why she left Medellín?
- [Griselda] Fernando, the boys are tired
- Shh. [tuts]
I want to know. I want to know.
What did she say exactly?
Alberto hurt her, so we left.
[Fernando] I see. That's what I thought.
What she told you is bullshit.
Please, Fernando
Don't you think
your sons should know the truth?
I will tell them.
The real reason your fucking mom
left town is she killed Alberto.
- What?
- I thought you said he was on a trip
- She killed my brother!
- [Griselda gasps]
What do you think about that?
What would you all do?
If one of you were killed,
what would the others do? Huh?
- Don't hurt her, please
- Sit the fuck down and shut up.
Please, Fernando,
don't do this in front of them.
Don't do this here, my room's next door.
- You want to go to your room?
- Yes.
- Let's go.
- Start walking.
Stay here.
[door closes]
The only thing better than fucking you
will be killing you.
Your brother was a monster, he beat me!
You shot him in cold blood, cunt.
[Griselda] He made me sleep with you!
[Griselda whimpers]
You killed him because you hated him.
Because he told you,
you were a piece of shit.
- [muffled grunting]
- Old slut.
[Griselda whimpering] No.
[Griselda whimpers]
[breath trembling]
I have to go to the bathroom.
You stay put.
[Dixon grunts]
[gasping, echoes]
[echoing] Die, you fucking whore.
- [Griselda whimpers]
- [muttering indistinctly, echoing]
- [gasping, whimpering]
- [Fernando] Eh?
[Griselda cries] No.
- Kill him.
- [Griselda] No.
- [gun cocks]
- [Fernando] Fucking kill him now.
[intense music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[Griselda whimpering]
Everything will be okay.
[mellow music playing]
[Griselda panting]
Go check on your brothers.
Thank you.
Don't thank me. I didn't do it for you.
Then why?
I don't know.
I've never killed a kid.
I've never killed a kid.
This is yours.
[ring clatters]
What are you gonna do now?
Help me clean this up
and then we'll talk.
["Salut" playing]
[song continues]
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