Griselda (2024) s01e03 Episode Script


[tennis ball thwacking]
[men grunting]
[woman] Hi, Danny!
[man] Hey. Happy Friday, Danny.
Hey, my man. Could I get a lesson?
I gotta work on the strokes.
- I don't want any trouble.
- No?
[Danny groans]
Fuck the lesson.
Papo Mejia says hello.
Wait, no.
[both grunting]
[people screaming in distance]
["Gloria" playing over car radio]
[Griselda singing along in Spanish]
- [in Spanish] Chucho, bags in the trunk.
- Yes, ma'am.
[groans softly]
[song continues in background]
Hello, my girl.
Got you some treats.
- [gasps]
- [woman in English] Hey!
- Ooh!
- Hey.
[Isa in Spanish] Listen.
You're being too kind. You spoil them.
All that stuff's cheaper up here.
Yeah, right.
Mmm. Look.
[gasps] Finally, the new scale. Ah.
[chuckles] Like she got a mink coat.
Weights are off, profits go down.
Less money for Griselda.
Keep thinking like that.
You'll get that mink.
Darling, I've got news.
And there's something you should see.
- Hold on. Look what I got Ozzy.
- [Uber] Huh?
Where is he?
- Living room.
- Okay.
You get my Cheetos?
Do not wipe your hands on the couch.
Look what I got you.
[Dixon grunts softly]
[kung fu movie playing on TV]
Mom, what are you doing?
It's a Jaguar fish. It has to be alone.
[Griselda] But look how pretty it is.
It'll eat the other fish.
[Arturo sighs]
He okay?
Not since that fucking motel.
[Dixon laughs]
What'd you want to show me?
[in English]
What the fuck happened to you?
This asshole jumped me at my club.
You have to kill him, Ms. Blanco.
Calm down, McEnroe.
[in Spanish] It was Papo's guy.
Took his product.
What's his problem?
That guy can hold a grudge.
It's not just him pulling this shit.
A lot of guys around town are taking shots
at each other, including Amilcar.
[in English] He broke my hand.
How am I gonna give lessons?
[chuckles softly]
Tell your boss that
I don't know, you were in a bar fight.
I'll send Dario to check on you.
They know that he's around,
they won't fuck with you.
[in Spanish] Let's go to the country club.
[in English] Let's go, pretty boy.
I'll talk to your boss.
- [in Spanish] So, you said you had news?
- [door closes]
I got a call from the Ochoas.
Rafa Salazar wants to meet
with you and Panesso to talk about it.
What for?
My guess is
they'll want to buy you out.
So what?
I just walk away?
[grunts softly]
People respect me, the job I do.
Think about all the shit
you have to deal with every day.
This week, it's a tennis pro with
a busted face. Next week, maybe worse.
A buyout could be a good end to this.
[pensive music playing]
- [camera shutter clicking]
- [indistinct police radio chatter]
[in English] So, the shooter walked up,
opened the door, shot the driver. That it?
[in Spanish] So, the man came,
opened the door, and shot the driver?
No, the driver saw him coming and went
to get out before the shooter got there.
[in English] He says the door was already
open because the driver went to get out.
Huh? No, no, no. [hesitates]
That's confusing as fuck, Hawkins. Uh
Ask him to demonstrate.
[in Spanish] The detective
would like you to demonstrate.
Um, the shooter approached
as the driver opened the door.
[June] Mm-hmm.
Then El Loco I mean, the shooter
put his hand on the roof
and shot him in the face.
Give us a second.
[in English] A word, Detective?
[indistinct chatter]
What's up?
I think he knows the shooter.
He slipped and said, "El Loco,"
which is a nickname for Amilcar.
[tense music playing]
Shit. Really?
Okay, um
Ask him if he wants to come back
to the house, check photos.
He's a doper, Bill. That might scare him.
- Maybe kick him loose. Take it slow.
- Just fucking ask him.
[in Spanish] Let's assume for a second
I stopped working
in the "party supply" business.
I wouldn't be so busy,
always on the phone, running around.
You could make us lunch, take us
to soccer practice like other moms.
We could have more time together,
maybe go on a trip.
A trip? Where?
[Uber] Brazil.
Hawaii'd be cool.
- Ooh!
- Hawaii.
[chuckles softly]
["Yours Truly Love" playing over radio]
[in English] Everyone keeps asking ♪
[Dario in Spanish] This thing with
the Ochoas bothering you?
Can tell when you're distracted.
I think I was pretty focused.
I'm not talking about the sex.
I'm talking about
that thing you do
with your hand when you're tense,
when you're nervous,
and you play with your ring.
What'd I say about talking?
Your loss. Women say I'm
a good listener, amongst other things.
Women you pay.
Make sure the boys don't see you.
Listen to her.
Good thing for you I'm so fucking good
at sneaking in and out of places.
[in English, over radio]
One in a million, no chance for me ♪
[indistinct chatter]
One in a million
Just outta my reach ♪
You're one in a million ♪
One in a million ♪
[in Spanish] Need to
stop buying so many snacks.
Our bras are no longer gonna fit.
Mm-hmm. [chuckles]
I heard about that thing with the Ochoas.
Always wanted to fuck Fabio. That hair.
[sighs wearily] Oh, no.
I'll see if I can get them
to throw that in the deal.
You know, the Ochoas
aren't the only ones who are famous.
People in Medellín are asking about you.
They say there's a lady narco up North,
and no one believes it.
But I tell them it's absolutely true.
You know what they call her?
[Griselda] Hmm?
"The Godmother."
Tell them to stop making up stories.
[pensive music playing]
[dramatic music swells]
[Griselda] "Godmother."
[Rafa] So
welcome to the Bahamas.
Flight wasn't too bad?
I was waiting for you.
Heard a lot about you.
Pleasure to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
- Finally.
- Good to meet you.
How are you?
I want to show you something.
This way, please.
I dream of three things.
Wet, hairy pussy,
one day riding an elephant,
and this.
You can get high like this.
[inhales deeply]
The Ochoas are the biggest suppliers
in Colombia, right?
But when business slows down,
it's time to expand.
So what do you do?
Get some partners
and buy your own fucking island
right outside the United States.
Not for the pretty beaches or palm trees,
but for the enormous
private airstrip you're standing on.
We'll send a bale at a time.
How? You're going
to move all of that at once?
Drop 'em in the bay
with transponders to fish 'em out.
We'll fly in twice a day.
We can send a hundred kilos per week.
Bras are good, but this?
Dear Lord
[transponder thuds]
So, how about we have a drink and talk?
I'll wait for you at the house.
See you there.
Jesus, that's enough powder
for every nose in America.
They brought us here to intimidate us.
I'm a supplier.
A small fish compared to this.
Not sure what he's gonna offer,
but whatever it is, take it.
Are you seeing this?
[in English]
How's it going with the witness?
He's thinking about coming in next week.
Nice work, Moneypenny,
but no protection
until he agrees to testify.
And we stay on Amilcar.
Well, Bill, I noticed that
we didn't get any prints from the scene,
which is not good since we have some
on file for Amilcar we can match to.
[sighs] Yeah, it happens.
Assholes wear gloves.
Or Remember when the witness demonstrated
how the shooter stood over the car?
He was left-handed.
He put his right hand
on top of the car door.
But the techs assumed
the guy was a righty,
so they only dusted for the handle,
that's why they came away with no print.
Okay. So, what, you want me
to pull the car out of impound,
have it reprinted
because you've got a theory?
You have theories all the time, Bill.
I got insights, honey. And an insight is
I know what an insight is, Bill.
Yeah, you're real sharp.
Uh, which makes me wonder
why you keep forgetting your job
is to translate,
make sure that the coffee is hot,
and to get the witness to talk.
Jeez Louise.
[tense music playing]
[in Spanish] Why the fuck
do you keep looking at me like that?
Like what?
Like you know something I don't.
That's just how my face is.
you don't want me to talk.
If it's something useful, then say it.
For example, who's that?
Marta Ochoa.
- [imperceptible]
- Fabio's cousin.
And Rafa's girlfriend.
You can stop looking now.
[chuckles softly]
[indistinct chatter]
[Rafa in English] This
This is Max Mermelstein.
Max is gonna oversee
the smuggling side of the operation.
He's smart.
And the Ochoas
will like a gringo in the ground.
- [in Spanish] Isn't that right, Max?
- [in English] I'm a fat Jew engineer.
Makes me an unlikely suspect.
- [laughs]
- [chuckles]
But this is not
just a smuggling operation.
Moving that kind of volume will allow us
to control the prices of the coke.
Which means we'll control the market.
And we wanna do it top to bottom.
So you'll have your own distribution too?
[in Spanish] That's right.
[Max in English] Easier that way.
The Ochoas are a family business.
Don't want any trouble.
Otherwise, you got this fucking jumble
of dealers pissed off over rates,
- turf, history, endless scores to settle.
- [whispers in Spanish] The trunk.
- [whistles]
- [Max in English] Better to start fresh.
Not have to deal with all that shit.
[Rafa] The Ochoas really appreciate
what you've set up in Miami.
But they feel it's time for you
to step back and let us build on it.
[intriguing music playing]
Fifteen million dollars,
and you walk away clean.
[in Spanish] Both of you.
[in English] Let me ask you a question.
So, this offer is because
you don't want to deal with us?
Or is because you don't think
that we can do this?
Sometimes, tearing down the house
is easier than patching up what is rotten.
But I don't see what is not
to like here for you, Ms. Blanco.
You walk into the sunset
to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Don't have to worry about the cops.
Some asshole dudes
shooting you in the back.
I mean, how long can you keep this up?
I can't accept your offer.
[tense music swells]
You understand the Ochoas will own Miami,
whether you do this or not.
And there will be no consideration.
[in Spanish] Isn't that right?
[in English] I understand.
[in Spanish] Okay. Fine.
Good luck then to both of you.
[German] How could you do that to me?
[Griselda] Calm down, German. The Ochoas
know how valuable what we have is.
That's why they want it.
That buyout was nothing compared
to what we'll make going forward.
There is no fucking going forward.
Don't you get that?
They're taking Miami with their ocean
of coke, and there's no stopping them.
I have a plan.
Another of your fucking ideas!
We've worked too hard for this.
We just give it up?
We owe it to our people.
What about me?
Did you even think of that?
You backed me when no one else would.
I don't forget that.
You'll be my partner.
Twenty-five percent of what I make.
How does that sound?
[Arturo] I reached out to all the dealers
and they've agreed to meet with you.
But they're skeptical, to put it mildly.
Darling, you know
I've always backed you, but this
- [doorbell rings]
- [knock on door]
[door opens]
- [Arturo in English] Hey.
- [Carmen] Hey.
- [Arturo] Come in. How you doing?
- Good. There you are.
- [Griselda] Hey, sweetie.
- This month's tickets for you girls.
Still no first class.
Hey. You okay?
Yeah. I just have
a lot on my mind right now.
I added a little extra.
I know you got a new car.
About time I got rid
of that piece of shit, right?
I do love driving my new beauty.
[Griselda] Mm-hmm.
It ended up working for both of us, huh?
Let me know when you need
your next batch, okay?
- Bye, sweetie.
- [Carmen] See you.
[door opens, closes]
[in Spanish] Look at you.
"Godmother" for real.
What are you gonna tell her
when there is no next batch?
Or the girls,
when they can't smuggle anymore?
Hopefully, I won't have to.
If this works, there'll be plenty
of money and work to go around.
[Isa] Don't pay attention to him.
You took us this far.
- And got Panesso on board.
- Listen, kid.
It's one thing to convince one man
and very different to convince 20.
[Griselda in English] Rafa Salazar
is saying that he wants us out
so that the Ochoas
can create a simpler system.
That's bullshit.
What they're really saying to us
is that we're not good enough.
That we're stupid.
Then how do we do this?
We fucking come together. We unite.
None of you take the fucking buyout.
[disgruntled murmuring]
And then we're gonna tell them
that they're not fucking moving
one gram of cocaine in Miami
unless it's through us.
That's how we're gonna take control.
We're gonna tell Rafa that we already have
his fucking system in place.
We know how it works,
and they're gonna get what they want,
and we're gonna fucking keep what is ours.
I don't know about any of you,
but I'm not gonna fucking give it away
to those motherfuckers for nothing.
And all we have to do
is fucking stick together.
And we're gonna make
the big money for ourselves,
for our families
and keep what is fucking ours!
- Yeah.
- Fuck yeah!
- Yeah!
- Go to town!
- [man 1] Yeah!
- Let's do it.
[Papo] Okay.
I have to admit, it sounds good.
Even if it's coming out
of this fucking bitch's mouth.
- [men laugh]
- [Papo] But here's the question.
[tense music playing]
Who's gonna run this thing?
We're gonna share the profit
between all of us based on territory
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Who is the one in charge?
We're working as a group of equals,
but someone has to go talk
to the Ochoas, and it's gonna be me.
"A group of equals."
Sounds like some bullshit.
This is just another fucking way
for her to run us like we work for her.
No. It's about what's good for all of us.
- Who the fuck cares who's in charge?
- I fucking care who's gonna be in charge.
I'm not taking orders
from a woman that I don't fucking trust.
[man 2] Man's got a point.
How do we know
what you're saying to the Ochoas?
[man 3] Where's Amilcar, Rivi?
What'd he say?
Amilcar's got too much heat
on him right now.
Papo and I are here
to see what she had to say.
You think he's gonna do it?
He's determined to take the buyout.
There's no fucking way
I'm doing this without Amilcar.
[Griselda] Hey, come on. Just think
about what you're passing up.
The fucking money, and
[Papo] It was a good try.
[tense music playing]
[in Spanish] We turned down
15 million for this shit?
[Griselda] Rivi.
Just give me a chance
to talk to Amilcar. I can convince him.
You want to talk to him?
Get in.
[car door closes]
[sucks teeth]
[mimics gunshot]
[engine starts]
[tires screech]
Open the glove box.
[snaps fingers]
Put them back like they were,
with the label facing out.
[Griselda] How long
you worked for Amilcar?
Said I'd drive you to see him,
not have a conversation.
Not good at talking?
[inhales sharply]
Depends what about.
How to approach your boss?
Know what I think?
You respect what I said back there.
Or else I wouldn't be in your pretty car.
Have you been under surveillance
from the Miami PD and the DEA?
Amilcar's being linked to a murder.
He's getting cornered in all directions.
The Ochoas are the only light he can see.
[operatic music playing over speakers]
[Griselda in English]
Thank you for seeing me.
I know we've had our differences,
but I hope that Rivi
had a chance to explain.
Rivi says so, I listen to him.
Yeah, he seems very smart.
Couldn't get through this without him.
I'm here to tell you my plan.
- Let's discuss how you and I
- I already know your plan.
- Sal called me.
- Ah.
Get the villagers together
to stop the big bad ogre.
Look, I admire anyone who can stand
in front of these assholes
and convince them to do anything.
But I've always wanted to go see opera
in Lake Como, you know?
They got this murder they wanna get me
for with this witness who may talk.
I think this is gonna
have to be a friendly drink.
Unless, you know,
you wanna spend the night.
But to be honest
[clicks tongue]even that
wouldn't change my mind.
[Griselda] Listen.
Okay, now, Rivi's gonna drive you home.
[Griselda breathing heavily]
[in Spanish] We going or not?
[in English] Hey.
Did you forget something?
Did you say
there was a witness to that murder?
I'll kill him for you.
It'd be suspicious if you do it.
This way, the heat on you dies,
and you can join our fucking union.
[glass clinking]
[whispers] Let someone else
do your dirty work.
- [Griselda moaning]
- [Dario panting]
[slow instrumental music playing]
[in Spanish] That's the address
where the witness lives.
Take Chucho.
I know what it's like
to have blood on my hands.
First time I killed for money, I was 14.
For a long time, the only thing I knew
is what it's like
to have blood on my hands.
So what changed?
I came to Miami.
Point is, killing your asshole husband's
not the same as this.
So what should I do?
Let them come in here and take everything?
I just want you to know
what this will cost you.
[somber music playing]
[door closes]
[man in English]
I've done all the hard work here.
[captain] What's on your mind?
Sir, I appreciate
you asked me to join Homicide,
but it's not really working out.
I know the guys
can say some off-color things.
No, sir. If I let that bother me,
I'd never leave the house.
The hours and the frustrations
that you guys deal with here,
it's not worth it for me.
Honestly, the only reason
I even became a cop
was because I needed
the benefits for my son.
Well, you could have fooled me.
The way you work, it seems like you care.
And you're good.
Well, put me on a desk
where I can smile and answer the phone.
And I could, uh, pick up
my kid from baseball practice.
If that's what you want.
Thank you.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[dogs barking]
[gun clicking]
[in Spanish] Don't think too much.
We get in and out, quick.
You ready?
[suspenseful music playing]
- [rattling]
- [lock clicks]
[female newsreader on TV] Good evening,
welcome to the Action News at 10
[newsreader continues indistinctly]
[whispering] Shh. Shut the fuck up.
[Chucho] Get the fuck down.
[woman] Honey?
[screaming] No, no, no!
- [woman sobbing] No!
- [shushes]
[baby crying]
[Dario shushing]
[Dario] It's okay.
[tense music playing]
- No, but
- Pay me.
[chuckles, mumbles]
[Uber chuckles]
[dishes clattering]
[telephone ringing]
[indistinct chatter]
[in English] Hello?
[Dario in Spanish] We've got a problem.
Witness has a wife and a baby here.
[tense music playing]
A wife and baby
Kid's maybe six months.
If we let them go, they'll go into hiding.
What do you want to do?
[indistinct conversation echoing]
[music intensifies]
Do it.
I'm having nightmares.
Will you read to me?
Come here, baby.
You're safe with me.
No one can hurt you.
[telephone ringing]
[Dario] It's done.
[line disconnects]
[breath trembling]
[somber music playing]
- [camera shutter clicking]
- [indistinct chatter]
[indistinct police radio chatter]
[officer in English] It's out of control.
[June] What is it, Bill?
You don't wanna see that shit, June.
[captain] Worst I've seen in a long time.
[June] That's our witness.
[June sighs]
This is not your fault.
I know, sir.
So, uh, why am I here?
We need your expertise in here.
[captain] Child services will be here
in about an hour or so.
[pensive music playing]
[baby cooing]
[Amilcar] The case against me is over now.
Thank you.
Now, you saw how those dealers and Rafa,
they only accepted anything
if it came out of a man's mouth, right?
Let me be clear.
This is not me trying to take away
something that's rightfully yours.
You've earned it.
This is just me saying that,
honestly, if your plan is gonna work,
I'm in charge.
But you're gonna consult me
on every fucking decision.
[Amilcar] Behind the scenes,
we work together.
In public it's me.
Intelligence analyst,
translator, and a nanny.
Can you believe that?
Uh, Officer Hawkins?
Julie Barnes, Social Services.
He's, uh He's pretty calm now.
[chuckling] Yeah. Hi.
Oh, oh, oh.
[baby cooing]
We'll find him a good home.
It's better that he never know this one.
Come on.
[somber music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Amilcar] You get an integrated system
with people who know the city.
It'll be efficient with no infighting.
And I will manage it all for you.
Any problems with any other dealers
will be my responsibility.
So all you have to worry about
is getting me product.
Think you can pull that off?
Bring them together?
[Amilcar chuckles]
Already have.
We just need your stamp of approval.
[soft instrumental music
playing over speakers]
It's not exactly what we had in mind,
but I think it's a good solution.
The Ochoas will approve.
[Amilcar chuckles]
[Max] Congratulations.
You now run every dealer in Miami.
[Amilcar] Well, let's celebrate.
[Rafa] Waiter, champagne.
I want you both to come
to the Mutiny tomorrow night.
Meet the others. Hmm?
Congratulations, partner.
Sorry. I'm going to the restroom.
[indistinct chatter]
[woman] That's wonderful. Yes.
[in Spanish] Congratulations, Griselda.
But you deserved
more than a simple "partnership."
- It'll do for now.
- Mmm.
When it no longer does,
you may need my help.
When a man like you offers me help,
I assume he means something else.
[Rivi] Hmm.
- A man like me?
- [Griselda] Hmm.
You think I'm one of them?
They're full of rage.
Can't see past their two front feet.
And this one,
you have here?
Your attack dog.
[mimics dog growling]
You fuck him yet?
- [siren wailing distantly]
- [typewriter clacking]
[Billy in English] Hawkins!
What the fuck? Had the fucking lab reprint
that car after I told you not to?
Oh, I'm sorry, Captain. I know.
I know I shouldn't have, but I
But that asshole killed our witness.
[captain chuckles]
You were right as fucking rain.
Prints are a match with Amilcar.
You're joking.
No, ma'am.
Enough to put in for a warrant for him.
Nice fucking work, Hawkins.
Just make sure to, uh, put it in a memo.
- Last day. No more memos.
- [captain chuckles]
Nice work, kid.
Last day.
And I finally solve one.
[upbeat Spanish music playing]
[Isa in Spanish] Listen up, ladies.
Griselda's about to be
the new boss of Miami.
So we're celebrating tonight.
Get ready to party.
- Whoo!
- [woman laughs] Hey!
Buy whatever dresses you want.
Need to look sharp.
[Pilar] And what about our hair?
Yes, for that too.
Sweetie, what about nails?
You know what?
Buy whatever you want. You deserve it.
[women screaming]
Thank you, Godmother.
[reporter in English on TV] A couple
was murdered in their home yesterday,
leaving a baby behind.
[in Spanish] Turn that off.
We want to hear.
[reporter in English] One of the couple
may have been a witness
in a federal investigation.
- [in Spanish] I said, turn it off.
- [Uber] Mom!
[door opens]
[Griselda] You're late.
[clicks tongue]
[TV turns on]
[reporter in English] A source who spoke
off the record indicated
[footsteps approaching]
[in Spanish] We have the party
at the Mutiny tonight
to celebrate the new deal.
We're gonna run this town now.
[Dario scoffs]
Sure, we'll run it.
You okay?
What do you mean?
Thought you didn't care.
It was a lot, what I asked.
Nothing I haven't done before.
What bothers me is you had to do it.
That this is what it takes
for them to see you.
[indistinct police radio chatter]
[in English] Hey, uh, are you Hawkins?
Yeah. Why?
I'm Diaz.
[in Spanish] How are you?
[in English] I'm Special Assignments.
I cover important homicide,
narcotics cases.
Yeah, I know who you are.
[chuckles softly]
Well, you know, we've been after Amilcar
for, uh, quite a while now,
but I saw you got the hit on the print.
You made the warrant.
I just wanted to say thank you.
You're welcome.
What are you, uh
You're moving or something?
Um, I decided that Homicide,
it wasn't for me.
[Diaz] Hey. [sighs]
You know, we're
We're about to go roll on this asshole.
There's nothing like
putting cuffs on one that you earned.
You wanna come along?
See how it feels?
[operatic music playing]
I think Bruno
might have gone a little short this time.
[Rivi] Nah, it looks good.
[siren wails]
[tires screeching]
[intense music playing]
- Show me your hands!
- Don't move!
[gear stick clicks]
[officer 1] Stop, asshole!
[officer 2] Get him! Get him!
[Amilcar] Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!
[sirens wailing]
Get us out of here! Get us out of here!
Rafael Amilcar Rodriguez,
step out of the vehicle.
[dramatic music playing]
[woman 1 screams]
[June] Police! Everybody down!
- [gun fires]
- [woman 2 screams]
- [Amilcar] Move!
- [woman 3 screams]
- ["Gotta Go Home" playing over speakers]
- [crowd cheering]
[in Spanish] Where's Amilcar?
[in English] When we hit those islands
There's gonna be a big hello ♪
[song slows down, muffled]
[German] Griselda.
[in Spanish] What's going on?
Can I talk to her for a minute?
[song continues playing normally]
[Griselda] Where's Amilcar?
He was arrested about an hour ago.
But I got rid of the witness.
Fucking cops had something else on him.
Well, I can still convince them
to let me be in charge.
Papo got Amilcar's territories.
And he doesn't want
to be in business with you.
What's more,
he already made a deal with Rafa.
Son of a bitch. Why didn't you call me,
German, try to stop him?
[German] Griselda.
Because I'm going with him.
What are you saying?
I brought your dealers with me.
But they're my dealers. Loyal to me.
Come on, they're aerobics instructors,
hairstylists, tennis pros.
You give them more money,
you threaten them,
and those motherfuckers
happily switch sides.
German, I trusted you.
Why the fuck didn't you take the buyout?
Rafa, just give me a moment to explain.
[in English] Why?
You got nothing to give him.
I told you I was gonna fuck you back
one way or another.
[in Spanish] Rafa, listen.
This whole idea
was mine from the beginning.
I know what you're about to say.
You think we don't do our homework
before we come into a city?
I know who opened the markets
with all those rich people.
I know it was you.
Those other idiots could never do it.
[Griselda] Good.
So we can figure this out. Make it right
No. I don't think so.
- But you just said
- Uh.
I know what I said.
You think I'll give
all the power to some mouthy, smart bitch
rather than these two idiots
that I can control?
[scoffs] I don't think so.
The truth is
you scare me more than they do.
Like I was saying, Max
[in English] The door is that way, bitch.
Gotta go home, home, home ♪
Gotta go home, home, home ♪
Gotta go home, home, home ♪
Gotta go home ♪
- [song continues, muffled]
- [breathing heavily]
[in Spanish] What happened?
Are you okay? What happened?
I killed those people for nothing, Dario.
So those assholes
could just take it all from me.
[Diaz in English] She showed more guts
than any cop I saw in a long time.
And I've seen bad motherfuckers in my day.
- Well said.
- Hey. To June.
[all in Spanish] Cheers!
[in English] Well done, kid.
Hey, give us two minutes.
Two minutes, boys.
Excuse me.
[upbeat song playing over speakers]
[indistinct conversation]
You all right?
Uh Honestly? I'm still shaking.
I'm not sure if I'm terrified or
Explain to me why you quit Homicide.
Had my reasons.
What's it matter, Diaz? You got your guy.
I got one, June, okay?
This is just the start.
Look, I'm putting together
what they call a CENTAC.
It's a central tactical unit.
Feds, local agents.
Actually, I was having
some trouble with the funding,
but what you did today will help.
What I did today?
The higher-ups see what's happening
around here. They want something done.
And it's fucking up
our community, our people.
Not just crime. The way they see us.
So you're gonna change
the way they see us.
Not bad on camera, right?
One hell of a fucking day, huh?
To going out in style.
Going out in style.
[clears throat]
Enjoy that desk.
"Enjoy that desk."
Okay, Diaz.
I'll join your CENTAC.
Long as you promise me
not to get me in any more shootouts.
I can't promise it,
and I'm not sure you want me to.
[pensive music playing]
[Dario] Mm.
[music intensifies]
[music fades]
[captivating instrumental music playing]
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