Grisse (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Whoa! You got it!
What's wrong?
Do you think it had a family?
Don't be sad.
You know we don't kill for pleasure.
His meat will allow us
to eat tonight.
Can I shoot next time?
I want to be a hunter like you.
Do you remember when I told you
about those instincts?
Sharpen your senses
and then maybe you can be ready
for the next hunt.
But now, you help me.
Dek, we have to go.
But we haven't finished yet.
Use your senses. We have to go now.
Looks like someone is hunting
our deer.
Listen to me
we have to go back to the farm
but quietly.
All right?
Here, come Dek.
Listen to me.
Go the long way back to the farm.
Don't worry, I will distract them.
Hans! Did you get the fucker?
Hans! Fuck.
I'll get you, you bastard!
I'll get you both!
Drop your pistol.
Drop your pistol!
You're just a girl.
Walk back to where you came from
and we'll forget this ever happened.
Then you'd just shoot me in the back.
No, I won't.
You have my word.
Now, move.
I'll remember your face, sweetheart.
I'll remember your face.
Last warning!
I was worried.
Come, let's eat.
Ma, we need to leave in the morning.
There are too many soldiers
wandering around.
They are bound to come here soon.
I'll get us a cart and a mule.
We have been here for years
and they have not bothered us.
Things are changing, ma.
They're getting desperate.
They burnt Mr. Tanto's house
and killed all his cows.
Whatever it is
I can't leave this farm.
Your father worked very hard
to get this land.
And then he left.
Don't hate your father.
He had a responsibility.
He was a great warrior.
A warrior who left his family.
Don't forget he taught you very well.
No father will teach his girl
to fight the way you do.
He loved both of you.
But he had a calling.
You look just like him.
we should leave in the morning.
I will get things ready.
And you sound just like him.
I heard papa was a hunter
and a great shot.
Papa could shoot the wings off a fly.
In fact, he was the greatest
shooter in Grisse.
That's the town where he came from.
Listen, Dek.
What you saw, just now
the men in the forest
that is something that we've been
trying to protect you from.
You see,
there are some very
cruel men in the world out there.
I'm not afraid.
I know. You've always had
the heart of a lion.
But, why did they do that?
Because they want us to fear them.
Fear is how they get to us.
So remember
never show them your fear.
- Papa said that? - He did.
Now you sleep.
Are we going away tomorrow?
Maybe. We will see tomorrow morning.
Now you sleep.
I won't do it if I were you.
So, this is
where the sweet girl lives.
Get out.
Not before I blow
your ma's brains out.
Please get out.
You can kill me but leave her alone.
Well, put the gun down.
Just please get out!
So, it's just you
and your ma living here?
Seems like a nice house.
I could get used to this.
But your ma
she's too old for a fuck.
Let go of me!
You're a tough one, sweetheart.
I like it.
You're not like the others.
Hey Dek, I'm here.
- I'm sorry. - Kalia?
I can't feel anything.
No! I'm here, it's okay.
I'm cold.
Kalia, don't cry.
- Kalia? - Yes.
Don't be afraid.
Because you have the heart of a lion.
Dek. No. Dek.
Dek, wake up.
Did you kill him?
He killed my mother and my brother.
Those tragedies are not my concern.
You murdered a Dutch soldier!
But, since he was a deserter
and a coward
I will not kill you now.
I'll let the governor decide that.
Put her in chains
with the rest of the gang.
No! Please let me give them
a proper burial. No!
Shut your mouth woman!
- Burn the house! - No!
I will not let them burn!
Ma! Brother!
She's your fucking baggage
until we get back to Grisse.
If you lag behind
I'll kill you both.
Open the gates!
That's a fresh one.
You should come work for me.
Move. Come on.
Shut up!
Shut up! All of you!
You scum make any trouble tonight
I'll make sure you suffer.
Well, it's your turn to die tomorrow.
And I will fuck your mother
when I get out of here.
Is your head better?
Maran? Is that you?
It's been a while, Kalia.
It's been a long time.
It's been years.
I'm sorry about your mother.
And your brother.
And also for meeting again like this.
Thank you
for helping me.
Who is she?
You carried me here.
It was the least I can do.
It's her. The girl he always
talks about.
The one he was supposed to marry.
The daughter of Amir.
- The leader of the rebellion? - Yep.
He'a a legend.
He's a legend who led his men
and left his family.
Your father died a hero, Kalia.
We all followed him.
You will follow him
and die tomorrow as heroes as well?
Leaving your future
and loved ones behind.
We are not afraid to die.
The struggle will continue
with or without us.
Hey, remember me?
You were at my place.
I gave you my best girl! Hey!
That was pathetic. You think
you can fuck your way out of here?
Gee, look at yourself, you fat whore.
You have no idea what
this old pussy can do.
I can fuck my way out of
hell if I wanted to.
Not until you had a taste of this
bushwhacker right here.
It'll hurt you so bad
you wish you stayed in hell.
According to one of my girls
what Jambu has inside his pants
is a big major flipper!
Fuck you, you Chinese pig.
Come on, you mongrel.
Go back to China, you slit-eye snake.
I'll fucking cut your tail off.
Your mother was a traitor whore.
She fucked a white boy
- to give birth to you! - Fuck you.
I don't know if the both of you
noticed but we are all
dying tomorrow.
So let's not fight among each other.
And who the fuck are you?
I am Maran, leader of the rebellion.
I am Chi, Leader of Grisse's pussies.
Maran, last I checked
it was you and your so-called rebels
that got us into all this shit.
If it hadn't been for your rebels
the Dutch would've left us alone.
We're all fucking dying
- because of you. - I am fighting
for the freedom of our people.
My men sacrificed their lives
for all of you.
You scum only think about yourselves.
Your men died for nothing, man.
We never asked for your help.
I would kill for a spot of tea.
What the hell, my.
You are a really beautiful woman.
Please forgive my candor.
I've been trapped down here for
god knows how long.
Behind these cold bars.
And then you came along.
You speak more with your silence
than all of them with their
mouths wide open.
If you are not just a dream
the name's Moresby.
Pleasure to meet you.
Pardon me while I take forty winks.
Sleep does wonders for
the health, you know.
Now if you'll try it
tomorrow won't be so rough.
Be brave.
It will be over soon.
I'm not afraid.
Stay strong, my love.
I'll see you on the other side.
What the hell are we waiting for?
The entertainment only begins
when that fucking asshole
of a governor shows up.
Get in the back!
The Governor is coming!
Get out of the way! That's right!
Come on now! Let's move!
Clear the way for the Governor!
Back! Make way for the Governor!
Come on!
Now the pain begins.
Who are these urchins?
Thieves, Governor.
They always go first.
Let us serve justice!
Next group!
Now who are this lot?
Murder and treachery, Governor.
Read out their crimes, Braam.
I like to be entertained.
People of Grisse, behold!
We have in our midst
murderers and traitors.
We have an ensemble of villains
all deserving of rightful justice.
No more will you have to be robbed
or conned
while you go about your daily work.
No more will you have
to be forcefully pressed
into services of the flesh or opium.
No more will you be bullied by thugs
who dominate our street corners
and put fear into honest folk.
- Yes! - Let them go.
- Yes! - No!
Jambu, leader of the half-bloods.
Chi, leader of the Chinese clans.
Your dealings with the black market
thuggery, and murder
have finally caught up with you.
Today, you will both pay the price
for your crimes against Grisse.
Here, a fallen warrior from the East.
Fallen because of his penchant
for dragon smoke.
It breeds cowardice
and desertion in the ranks.
Look at him.
A shadow of a warrior.
He has put shame upon his own kind
and for that, there can be
but one way for redemption.
- Death! - No!
People, what you have here
a rebel, a lonely leader
of a rebel faction, responsible
for the deaths of Dutch soldiers.
Responsible for disruption
of the peace.
A rabble-rouser deserving
of the most painful of deaths.
My dear citizens of Grisse
if peace and prosperity
is what you cherish
if the safety and future of your
loved ones is your priority
then Maran represents
a threat to all of us.
A rebel is nothing but a disruptor
without an aim.
A rebellion is nothing
without a cause.
And I, as Governor of Grisse
have given you the courtesy of peace.
I have not given you cause.
Who's that pretty wretched thing?
Killed one of ours.
A rebel?
Not sure, sir.
They are all the same scum.
Are you a rebel too, sweet girl?
Probably are, inside.
A quiet one.
You are the worst kind.
The kind that you will never see
teeth or the lunge of the bite.
You only know when you feel the pain.
Here it is
I see that hatred.
That deep-rooted anger
waiting to explode.
Yes, you are the worst kind.
The one to watch.
People, I give you
the very scourge of our disease.
The witch from the forest
that haunts us.
She's no witch. She's Kalia!
Daughter of Amir!
Her mother and brother were murdered!
She did nothing but protect herself.
Quiet down.
What do you want?
You will all pay for this disrespect.
I'll start with the witch.
Kill them. Kill them all!
I've never heard the sound
of firearms so sweet.
I can feel my time here
is finally coming to an end.
My destiny, again we meet.
You are the worst kind.
Good gracious me
they are vanquished!
Open my cell!
I can fight too!
Damn you!
Look at me! I
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