Grisse (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Everybody, calm down!
Knowing the absence of authority
unfortunate events happen.
We can deal with this
by quickly electing a new leader.
Who the fuck are you to tell us
what to do, rebel boy?
You made it worse.
Business was good
before you came to town.
I am the leader of a local
rebellion army.
And with my expertise
A leader needs influence.
I am the biggest supplier
The biggest supplier of lies
you cheating bastard.
Unlike you I serve all equally man
- You think you can fuck - and woman.
your way to the top, Chi?
Like I said, I can fuck my way
to the moon and back!
People, my men and I
have fought the Dutch for years
and we've earned our victories
in blood.
That is why I am
the most suitable person
to oversee this town's interest.
But you did not win this town.
She did.
- A woman? - Not just any woman.
Her name is Kalia.
Daughter of the late Amir
the true leader of the rebellion.
And now she is the true hero
of Grisse's freedom.
I've known Kalia and
her father for years.
But experience is what is needed
for the task that lies ahead
not heritage.
You fought under her father.
You witnessed his fighting spirit
as clear as you saw
her bravery today.
You saved us.
She has earned her place.
The old man has a point.
Sisters should stick together.
I vote for the fucking bitch.
Yes vote for Kalia!
I need medical attention.
I told you just now.
Did you not hear me?
Are you mute?
Are you hearing-impaired?
I have an injury!
See, I am bleeding!
You can't do this.
You don't have the authority.
No authority!
We do now.
Do you know who you are dealing with?
Do you know who I am?
Pray do tell em', chap.
The suspense is killing me.
Go on then.
Tell them who you are.
I bet they can't wait to hear
all about it.
This is going to be so much fun.
It must've been 10
15 years ago.
We were observing
a tiny Dutch encampment
planning out an attack
on a handful of Dutch soldiers.
We were not familiar with the area
but your father insisted it was safe.
What we didn't know was that
we were standing
right on top of an ant colony.
Those ants got all over us
so we had to strip naked
and jump into a nearby river.
And the soldiers didn't notice?
Oh, they did!
We were caught in the river
but your father was twitching so much
from all those bites
those soldiers thought
he was soft in the head.
And when they asked him questions
your father pretended
he pretended he was a mute.
Your father sure had his antics.
But his quick-thinking
and his instincts saved all our lives
that night.
I am not in the mood to
save your life tonight.
So you better put that cigarette out
and then get yourself to bed.
I'm not Amir, my dear.
He always listened to your mother.
Bless her soul.
But tonight, I will do as you say.
It's a new era.
Who could have thought?
Amir, you tricky bastard.
Your father saved that old fool
not only a few times.
Many times my husband
wanted to quit the resistance
and go home.
But then your father convinced him
to stay and fight and not to give up.
But, then you get lonely?
Your father also missed his home
very much.
But he had a higher purpose.
To save his home
I'm sorry.
A thousand apologies.
I would rather stay with you
and Aunt Ningsih.
You are Grisse's guardian now.
This is where you belong.
We'll be back in the morning
to help you tidy this up.
Don't worry.
You will get used to it.
Being a diseased whore is bad enough
but being caught red-handed
it makes you a fucking thief, Chi.
Looks like you're getting desperate.
Sending your girls
to pick up my crumbs?
He who doesn't feed his dogs
feeds the thief.
Your mongrels must have
encouraged her.
As our ancient Chinese ancestors say
"A thief has more than two hands".
Your ancestors were whores
and scum that passed on
useless words of wisdom
to one inbred generation to the next.
The stench of a scheming swindler
follows your mongrel ass everywhere.
I guess that's all
your tramp mama taught you.
Enough! Now watch me beat
the shit out of your fucking whore.
I would rather have my tits
nailed to my knees!
No! Stop!
Where are you going?
I am sorry.
You can't leave.
It's just not who I am.
The town is falling apart.
The town will be fine.
The people will sort themselves
- out. - No. They will kill
each other.
And it will be our turn next.
But you have Maran.
But we choose you.
Your father wasn't afraid.
He would have never run away.
Break it up!
If you don't break it up
I'll arrest all of you.
We need to do something about this.
It's easier said than done.
Let's clean up this mess.
This town needs to know
who's in charge.
We need to set an example.
Take them out.
What took them so long?
Get up!
Unless the Dutch have returned
because they forgot their
stroopwafel or kaas
I can't see how this could be
good news for you, old chap.
Well, I don't know about you, chap.
Old chap.
But I am someone of importance
to my country and that is why
I am getting out today
and you are not.
Shut it!
I think you can take these off now.
Did you hear what I said?
Are you hard of hearing?
I've heard every word you have to say
from that asshole you call a mouth.
How dare you.
Do you know who I am?
Nobody gives a shit.
What's your name?
I will report you
as soon as this is over.
Where do you think you are going?
This is unacceptable.
Move it!
This will be the day of reckoning!
Yes, it will be.
Because you are so important
we have a special one
just for you.
What are you doing?
What the people want.
Maran, look at them.
The people want peace, not this.
They are the enemy, Kalia.
They need to be punished.
And they will be.
But not like this.
We need to show the people
that we are not weak.
Taking a life
does not make you strong, Maran.
And sparing a life
does not make you weak.
The Dutch took lives
because they were afraid.
They feared us.
We do not act out of fear.
If we went around killing people
as they did
we would be no different than him.
Grisse is a free town now.
We are not afraid of our enemies
and we will fight them until the end.
But never forget, there are laws
and they are to be respected.
Those who break the law
will answer to Maran.
Free the civilians.
What about him?
Lock him up.
Get up.
Move it!
Back so soon? What
they haven't returned to save you?
That's just ghastly!
You are free now.
Well, it's been grand
I must say, old chap.
Cheer up, old boy. Our paths will
most definitely cross again.
It's just a matter of time.
Come on.
Thank you.
I don't want any trouble.
And trouble there shall not be.
I simply need a shave.
Don't worry, old boy
I'm good for it.
Thank you.
You're quick with that thing
I'm not samurai.
Isn't that a samurai sword?
Katana is samurai sword
but I'm not samurai.
Well, suit yourself.
All I care about are those
fucking samurai moves you got.
Come in handy here.
I don't know your story, samurai
and frankly, I don't give a shit.
One thing I could tell you
these are fucking strange times.
We need all the help we can get.
Looking for work?
I work alone.
Are you sure there's nothing
I can offer you
in exchange of your services?
A tit for tat.
We made a fucking sweet deal
Tiger penis.
This gives men more energy
extra stamina
harder, faster, stronger.
Look around
this is a brothel.
I need something for pussy
not dicks!
What else you got?
Let me find it.
- Faster. - Okay.
I got one.
Made from limestone and many
healthy herbal mixtures.
For tightening and drying
over there.
We need to create some kind
of a barrier. No, a wall.
We should keep the two sides
separated. No mixing
no contact, no interaction.
What are you rambling on, law man?
You want this up your ass?
See? No respect.
Maran, we cannot separate the people.
This town needs to be united.
I've already seen families
pack up their things and leave.
We must band together.
Just separate Chi from Jambu.
It's easy. It's clear. It's done.
Wall? An innovative idea
but you might've more pressing
matters at hand.
Although if I may say so, young lady
unity is indeed
part and parcel of peace.
Excuse me, who are you?
I know that voice.
We've had the pleasure of meeting
unfortunately, not under
the best circumstance.
Moresby, a representative of the EIC
the honorable East India Company
at your service.
Yes, I remember, in the dungeon.
Please forgive my pasty countenance.
I haven't had much time to frolic
in the sun.
Well, it has been delightful
to see you again
Kalia, yes.
Well, good luck with the wall
old chap.
It might come in handy
when the Dutch come back.
Good day.
When do you think the Dutch will
come back?
Maybe very soon.
This is far from the end.
- Kalia - Are these the pressing
matters that you were referring to?
The Dutch, as a colonial empire
will not take this defeat lightly.
You are David to their Goliath.
You don't have to listen to him.
We've beaten the Dutch before
we can beat them again.
- It's that simple. - Believe me
I wish it were that simple.
We know what's at stake
so go mind your own business.
Let him speak.
I am British.
I represent the other colonial empire
so I can think like they do.
The shame in losing a small town
like Grisse in their eyes
is no different than losing the whole
Dutch East Indies.
One town then another?
The Dutch will act on this plague.
This is the calm after the storm.
But there is worse to come.
Of course
it is the matter of the British
we are presently here
in small numbers
and can be of service.
I can try to get you my company's
support in supplying firearms
and soldiers, an advantage the Dutch
would never see coming.
And why would the British want
to help us?
You said so yourself.
You are the other colonial empire.
You're no different than the Dutch.
But we are.
At this moment at least.
We have no quarrel with you.
So what do you suggest
we do in the meantime?
Well, you've already answered
your own question, Miss Kalia.
Unite your people.
Form a council.
Get the most powerful members
of the community together
in one room on equal ground.
No discrimination.
Everybody equal.
Precisely. Democracy.
A people's government.
I would be happy to advise you
on the council.
I am quite seasoned
to such matters of diplomacy.
She doesn't need any advice from you.
Thank you, Mister Moresby
for your counsel.
I will be in touch.
Of course.
At your leisure.
We know nothing of that man.
He cannot be trusted.
That might be true, Maran
but at this moment
he's making a lot of sense.
Are you seriously considering
making him an advisor to the council?
I need all the help I can get.
You must be careful.
That's why I have you.
I can count on you for that.
Compliments of the house.
Hey, it will be different this time.
I know it. I can feel it
in these old bones of mine.
We can't stay here, Djarwo.
It's too dangerous.
The Dutch will be back.
I'm sorry.
Open the gate!
Hey, open the gate!
- What's going on? - The Dutch!
They ambushed them in the forest!
Come on, Djarwo.
Check everyone else!
See if they're still alive.
Where is Aunt Ningsih?
They're all dead.
Don't be afraid, Kalia.
Your father's spirit
runs deep in you.
This is where you belong.
Your people need you.
The town is sealed, sir.
We encountered refugees.
Any survivors?
No sir, just as you ordered.
So let's get on with the siege.
Shall we?
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