Grisse (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

We are close to
surrounding the town, sir.
We are far from full strength.
We need many more men.
If I may
perhaps we could incorporate
the garrison troops into
our own battalion.
The Grisse garrison troops
are still alive?
What's left of it, sir.
Soldiers of Grisse
how wonderful to see
that some of you have survived.
I come to you for forgiveness
not mercy.
We are not worthy as soldiers.
Why so?
We allowed those urchins
to take us by surprise
with hatred and fire
I've never seen before.
Most of the men died
where they stood
and we retreated.
I am ashamed of my act.
I will die with my honour.
The dirty mercenary
lies through his teeth, sir.
We were ambushed by
a very well prepared force.
They planned it.
We had no chance and they
they captured our governor.
I smell you a mile away, sergeant.
Where is your weapon?
I lost it
- in the retreat. - Retreat?
A rout, sergeant
and you have no weapon.
So what use are you to me?
Take it.
Arm yourself.
Put the gun to your head.
I have two men in front of me
both of whom have turned
from an enemy we all share.
Both are willing to die
from their acts of cowardice.
As your commanding officer
I am disappointed.
But ultimately relieved
I have brave souls
seeking redemption.
That is a real soldier's soul.
Get on with it.
Men of the Grisse garrison
you all smell of the same filth
as your sergeant.
Ironically, you have yellower bellies
than our samurai over here
who at least displayed more courage
than you ever would.
Cowardice is a disease, men.
It will be contained here and now
in a single grave
and the darkness of a shallow hole.
I hope you all find redemption.
But mercy? Never!
- On the ground. - On your knees.
- General. - Get them down!
- On your knees. Faster. - No!
you took away my honour.
Honour left when you began
your life with us
my oriental friend.
But you still have
a journey of redemption.
You owe me.
Begin with telling me all you know
about those rebel rousing urchins.
By the time you receive this
Grisse would have been sealed off
from the outside world.
I offer you these terms.
Release the governor
and return the town
to my control immediately.
Deny my terms
and I will lay seige
and burn you to the ground.
Grisse will suffer the same fate
as all those other small towns that
have shown callous disrespect
to the Dutch crown.
I expect an answer by dawn tomorrow.
General Dewitt.
The man doesn't mince his words
does he? Very Dutch.
So you know him?
By reputation.
Dewitt is a man fallen from grace.
He is an eccentric
with the penchant for the bottle.
So why worry about his threats?
A mad drunkard with cruel, cold veins
and a history of violence
is not something you want
on your doorstep.
He is unpredictable.
I heard about him when
the British forces in Africa
encountered him running slave ships.
He left a trail of blood
wherever he went.
Well, we need to respond
or there will be more innocent
lives lost.
We can stand and fight.
We have the weapons.
- We have the men. - Whose men?
Your men?
My men?
Chi's bitches?
You call that a fucking army?
We have limited arms
ammunition, and men.
And hardly any supplies.
If we go head to head
we won't last long.
So what do you propose?
So our so called leader
has no solution.
The Dutch seldom negotiate.
But here he is giving you a chance
to answer his terms.
This so called parley's
somewhat unique.
So we can use it
to come up with a plan.
- Just buy time. - Yes.
Acquiring time needs
patience, stupid.
Like waiting for your
flaccid little cock to stand.
Shut your flap trap, you fat whore.
Someone needs to meet Dewitt
face to face to negotiate.
Maybe I should go since
this parley is a gentlemenly
thing between Europeans.
You'll sell us out. I will go.
As the elected leader, I will go.
I should be the one who meet with
Dewitt. He will not expect me.
But first, I need to see Dan.
Open this door, you simpleton.
Don't let me repeat myself
over and over again.
Do you know who I am?
He doesn't give a damn, governor.
Why don't you pipe down
and give us all some peace, eh?
I don't think we're going
anywhere too soon.
How dare you.
An officer speaking to me like that.
You will regret those words.
All of you, scum!
Quiet down!
We had a lovely moment
my little witch
before you and your rebel
decided to be treasonous.
I am your governor.
The Governor of Grisse.
But you're not anymore.
My father will make sure
that you hang.
He will never let his son die here
in this shithole.
Your father?
Yes, he is an important man.
And do you want to know
something else?
Tell me.
Come closer.
I'll tell you something
very intriguing.
I'll tell you a secret.
But there's something that I need.
I can't seem to go without it.
What is it?
Tell me.
And then I will give you what you
You dare to negotiate with me?
Give me what I need!
Are you hurt?
He's gone mad.
We should just kill him.
Dewitt will never know.
He said something about his father.
Tell me what you know.
His father was on the
Council of Lords in Batavia.
Explains why he got the job here.
Was he always like this?
He's a rich man's son.
A brat before he became a monster.
We thought it was the drink
or the opium
but he's on something else.
You live within the hell you created.
You're just as much
of a monster as he is.
I'll see to it myself that you all
are taken care of very slowly.
Either hanging from a noose
or meeting the end of
a very dull axe blade.
Mind if I accompany you?
Only if you have something
important to say.
I don't need a chaperone.
I offer nothing but my interest
which will engage you on
the pertinent matters of the day.
Then you have my ears.
How about over tea
Miss Kalia?
I believe Ms. Chi could rustle up
something far more civilized than
Mr. Jambu.
Very well, then.
Look at me like that again
and I'll put a hole in your head.
There's no reason to be uncivilized
lawman. We're peaceful people.
We're gonna run out of business
if we don't do something quick.
You should have killed Chi when you
had the chance, and then the street
will be ours.
There's no point fighting for
a street that has no way in or out.
We're like rats
feeding on crumbs.
It's the lawman that's getting
in our way.
He needs to go.
How about the samurai upstairs?
Have you found
a comfortable place to stay?
Most of the rooms here
are festering or infested.
Yes, I'm in the governor's residence.
Not too shabby!
Probably the best digs
in a town like this.
I find it cold, draughty
and hard to sleep in.
I was finding myself
looking at them books
wishing I could read them.
So he has a library?
Yes, he does.
Must be a fascinating place.
I'm sure it's filled with
a wonderful volume of books.
Yes, all the knowledge.
Power is nothing without knowledge.
And the execution of that knowledge
is nothing without experience.
Is that what you intend
to share with me, Mr. Moresby?
Of course, Miss Kalia.
And much more if you wish it.
I wish to know more about the parley
you spoke about earlier.
I need to be prepared
to meet with Dewitt
and I understand you work for
the East India Company, Mr. Moresby?
But I am sure your interests
are similar to the Dutch.
I admire your acute
and correct assumptions.
For the matter of the company, yes
our interests are diverse and in
some ways are similar to the Dutch.
Before we talk about
your company's interests
tell me more about
how you Europeans parley.
Looks like you need another puff
of the magic dragon.
Seems the life has left you
without it.
Now you listen to me, samurai
I am no charitable man
and your pleasure
at my leisure isn't going
to last long for you
unless you start doing some chores
for me or paying rent.
And I know you have no coin.
Good boy.
Now there is a nuisance
walking up and down the street.
A self-proclaimed lawman
but a man that can be rid of
by the right person.
Use that blade of yours.
Make it quiet and quick.
And make it look like that Chinese
whore had something to do with it.
You do this well samurai
I'll have much of this
waiting for you.
You're not smoking until you do it.
No man can stand straight
after a few rounds
of the dragon smoke.
You understand, samurai?
I take this now and the rest later.
Those are my terms.
You do it your way
but you do it tonight.
Jambu! What happened?
I told you to stay out of trouble.
Holster your weapon.
I was robbed, lawman.
He went down the alley.
Now go do your job.
Who robbed you? How many men?
He was hooded. A loner.
Most certainly a man.
More likely one of Chi's ilk.
You two, check the alleyways
that lead to the back gate.
He couldn't have gone far.
- All right. - Go.
Now tell me, Jambu
what was taken from you?
I didn't think you had anything
valuable left.
We are robbed daily, lawman.
Since the Dutch are dead
things have become
a little dicey in these parts.
We need to protect our own.
Right, lawman?
I'll take a look myself.
You go do that, lawman.
Stupid cat.
Did you find anything?
- Let's hit back. - Okay.
You found what you were looking for?
I was merely enquiring
on your well-being
saw the bed empty
and presumed you were out.
I was rather distracted by
these impressive books.
The ones you mentioned today.
I could have shot you
if I didn't recognize
the style of clothes you wear.
Saved by some style.
I noticed your interest when
I talked about these books.
What are you looking for?
All right.
You have me.
I'm looking for ledgers of commerce.
Imports and exports
of opium.
Sources of farms and suppliers.
It's something our companies
compete head to head on.
The information may be in this room.
I'm sorry I was not so upfront.
Is there anything else
you need to tell me, Mr. Moresby?
If there is more to this
than meets the eye
then you would be the first to know.
I assure you, Miss Kalia.
I have much to consider
since our talk this afternoon.
I need to focus on my negotiation
with Dewitt.
Then I wish you good night
Miss Kalia.
Sleep does wonders
for the health you know.
Tomorrow won't be so rough.
Mr. Moresby
if I ever find you in
my quarters again
I will not hesitate to shoot you.
Oh it's you. I thought
I was due for a spot of mugging.
I've been watching you ever since
we let you loose.
Happy to be such an inspiration.
Enough of your stupid mind games
You are an outsider
and you are not to be trusted.
Is this a matter of security
or simply the machinations
of a jealous heart, my dear man.
Smart fucking mouth!
You're incredibly emotional
for a lawman, sir.
Best we leave this without violence.
There's enough gossip
in town already.
Keep your opinions to yourself.
Stay away from Kalia.
That's for her to decide, my friend.
You lying dope addict.
You think you can get away
with turning on me, huh?
Or that brain of yours turned to shit
'cause of all that fucking smoke?
Get up, now. Get up.
A nice souvenir from
our brief relationship, samurai.
Guess I need to get the job
done myself.
What shall we do?
Feed him to the pigs?
No. Dump him outside
that pig Chi's place.
A warning to her and
her fucking bitches.
Did they find it?
They did, sir.
It's abandoned and ruined.
I understand it was a temple.
It appears so sir, but
it's surrounded by thick forest.
They could ambush you.
Or we could ambush them.
You seem doubtful
of my approach, adjutant?
No sir, I'm not doubtful.
Just concerned for your safety.
And also, that letter
Why would you parley if
you've clearly laid down the terms
if you don't mind me asking so, sir.
An invitation to parley
is something I do not often see
especially if we are dealing
with so-called urchins.
So, I shall call their bluff.
Understood, sir.
bring me another bottle.
Penelope would appreciate it.
Right away, sir.
Where's your weapon?
I don't want to provoke him.
Coming in with a gun
will show that you mean business.
Besides, he's not expecting a girl.
You think I'm incapable
of doing this without a gun.
I didn't mean it that way.
But you think that way, Maran.
You always have.
I'm coming with you.
The agreement was I come alone.
I'll take my best men.
They won't see us.
Oh, who told you
how to prepare for this?
Last night
I saw you with him.
Looking after my interests
or spying on me?
Look Kal, all I'm saying is
we cannot trust the Englishman.
We know nothing of his true motives.
That may be so.
But we need more allies than enemies.
That's why I need to trust you.
You can always trust me.
I wouldn't touch him
if I was you, my dear.
He's better off there.
Chi, this man stood with you
on the gallows and fought with you.
Does that not matter to you?
No, not really.
In reality, it was each man
and me for himself.
Well he saved your life
and maybe some of ours too.
And look at him now.
There's nothing to save.
All right.
Up we go.
You're there.
Oh, come on!
The mutt will die by then.
Take him here.
Thank you, Chi.
Don't think I run a charity, eh?
You pay for his room and board
I'll get him to his feet.
But if you're not back here tomorrow
he's going to be out
on the streets again.
If we still have a street.
Get out through this gate
walk into the forest path.
It will lead you to the temple.
You won't see us
but we're with you all the way.
be careful.
All right. Let's keep her alive.
I don't want your stinking food!
Give me what I need!
I told you. I need it.
Ah, my dear friend.
Such is the cruel twist of irony.
You! What are you doing here
Come to gloat?
A good gloat comes only
with an opportunity, governor.
What do you want?
Something you want too, no doubt.
You can get it for me?
If one knows it's whereabouts
then it would be possible for me
to retrieve it for you.
Along with the ledgers
and formulas of its creation.
Then I can't help you my friend.
No, wait!
Come back!
I'll tell you!
I'll tell you!
Here he comes.
I did not expect a messenger.
I am not a messenger.
I'm K
I am the elected leader of Grisse.
What is your name?
An elected leader?
Democracy seems to have
moved rather efficiently.
But it's tainted with blood.
The blood of innocent Dutch people.
What about the blood of
my innocent people
over the last two centuries?
We can refer to history when you show
a better understanding of it, Kalia.
I understand from what
I see around me, sir.
You haven't seen anything yet.
Please, have a seat.
Let's get straight to the point.
I assume you and your rebels
have pondered the pros and cons.
What will your answer be?
I know you see me
as a simple farm girl
half your age with no experience.
So I will try to keep
my answer simple, sir.
We will not surrender
until you bring down our walls
and kill us all.
That won't be too much
of a problem, Kalia.
And if you try
for every trigger you pull
a Dutchman will fall.
But before we die
we will kill the governor.
This won't look so good for
a military man in your position.
Long on hair, short on brains.
Now you look like a man
and not a beggar.
My katana
Cleanse yourself first.
Once you are ready
you can go and take it yourself
my handsome warrior.
I see he's still alive
He's not a rotting corpse.
I have your town surrounded, Kalia.
And I have all the time
in the world to starve you out.
The governor will starve
before we do.
But not before he tells us
everything he knows.
And what does he know?
We know that he is more than
just an important man's son.
We have something you need.
That is exactly why
you are not attacking us
like the other towns in the past.
And so we parley.
Allow the civilians
and the wounded to leave.
Provide us with some basic provisions
and we will finalise
our terms for surrender.
Provisions is out of the question.
But if it's time you're buying
you've got yourself until
sundown tomorrow to surrender.
You may leave, Kalia.
And Kalia, safe passage.
I have her in my sight.
Hold your fire.
I'll deal with her personally.
I thought we had her covered
by the sharpshooters.
I thought so too, sir.
Maybe it's a blessing in disguise.
She's curiously interesting.
I see you. I can smell your blood.
Are you all right?
Put our plans in action.
Make men go first.
Sir, our original contact
met an unfortunate accident but
we found a willing replacement, sir.
He better be up for the task
or it will be your head.
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