Grisse (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Another drink?
Or is that one too many
for a quick fuck?
Wallow in your own shit then
you moody bastard.
Two whiskeys, my lovely.
Speaking of shit
what's that stink?
You expecting any company, stranger?
I've got all the company I need.
He's just not so talkative
this evening.
If you must know
he's taking a little rest.
- He's asleep. - Who the fuck
are you talking about?
Where's that accent from?
A little privacy please.
Me and my brother
we like to drink in peace.
Oh you're awake now.
Welcome to the land of the living.
No? Don't worry
we're going to have a little drink.
As soon as this half breed
nincompoop leaves us alone.
You call me a fucking half breed?
You should look at yourself.
The difference between us
and you small town mongrels
is that we travel the world
on the ships of the BIC
out of Cape Town, Africa.
So you work for the Dutch.
I should kill you just for that.
All right, Kobus?
Yes, we work for the Dutch
for a long time. But as you can see
it didn't turn out so well for us.
More so for Kobus than me.
Drink up, Kobus.
Nothing like fire in the belly, aye?
He hasn't had a drink in a while
you know. It makes his head better.
It preserves the skin.
I'm giving away your beauty
secrets now, aye Kobus?
Who the fuck are you
you sick son of a bitch?
I'm Kurt
and this is my brother Kobus.
My twin brother, Kobus.
My better looking twin brother
I've never seen you out here before.
How the fuck did you get in?
Now, why would you care, unless you
my friend want to get out?
I must tell you it's not
such a good idea.
It's a little bit hectic out there
with all the Dutch soldiers
in the hills.
I want you out of my fucking bar.
You stink like shit.
You're scaring all my customers away
with that stupid head of yours
and that stupid accent
you understand me?
Aye? No, it was your idea.
I wanted to go to the chinese bar
- across the str - Get out!
And take that rotting piece of shit
with you.
Now look here, my friend
no need for unkind words, my dear.
My brother Kobus
he had no quarrel with you.
And you hurt his feelings.
He's not going to take that kindly.
You're a fucking drunkard.
What the fuck is that piece of meat
ever going to do to me, huh?
Jump out and bite me?
He just told me to kill you.
You should know better than to insult
those less fortunate than you, aye?
But you'll soon find out
how hard it is to do
wIth a hole in your head.
Drop the gun
or I'll shoot the jar.
He won't look the same again
after I'm done with him.
So step away.
Mm, I like you.
You're sassy, my pretty.
Fancy going upstairs
for a little bit of threesome
- with my brother, aye? - Fuck you!
She's fucking mine.
You'd like that wouldn't you, Kobus?
- Weapons down! - Drop it.
- Down! - Drop it.
Drop it.
I can see we have a problem.
I like to protect my brother's honor.
He was insulted
by this piece of fuck.
There's no honor amongst thieves.
So lay down your weapon.
Lay down your weapon
or we will kill you.
And we'll take that jar
and throw it down the sewers
so the rats can have it.
Ya, good point Kobus.
All right, lawman
I'll drop my gun
as long as me and my brother
can share the same cellie.
He's afraid of the dark.
What happened to you?
Thank you for looking out for me.
When you drink water
do not forget who dug the well.
It is me whom you
should be thanking, samurai.
If it wasn't for me
and my girls nursing you
you'll be swine shit.
Pardon me, Chi-san.
As my kind benefactor
I will always be in your debt.
How about you start
servicing me tonight, huh?
I'm just dying to wet that dry
fertile patch of mine.
I'll do my best to please you, Chi-san.
Ah the sound of an ominous failure.
I don't need a boy
I need a real man.
Anyway we'll have time to discuss this.
I've all the time in the world
now that you're in my debt.
So, what happened with Dewitt?
I think he's testing us.
I asked for some time
and he said we will meet again.
But I think he's just using it
to finalize his plans.
I heard you had a fight.
So now, you owe Maran a debt too.
You'd be dead if not for
that boy looking after you.
Anyway the council will need
some answers and a plan.
And I hear we have
another damn meeting tonight.
I just need to talk to a few people.
Trust no one, my dear.
You don't even have to trust me.
But know that
I have full faith in you
and I'll throw in my lot with
your judgement.
I have to be a bitch
to survive in this world.
In yours
you'll have harder decisions.
I don't envy you.
But know that I'll make it
a little easier.
After all I am the bosom of this town.
Afternoon, sir.
Another message from Batavia.
No further men will be sent
until Lord Van Klein
assesses the situation.
Damn those fat grubby worms
in Batavia.
I need more men
not a damned Lord from Batavia.
Sir, Lord Van Klein may arrive
as early as this evening.
That is quick.
The matters of the blood
seem to move far quicker
than the matters of sovereignty.
Very well then.
We shall prepare dinner
during which I shall reprise
the situation to his Lordship
and his son's predicament.
Shut up, damn you.
You sound like a bird from hell.
Yeah, I know. I know my brother
but a few days in here
will give us the rest we need, aye?
Who are you talking to?
I'm talking to my brother.
Yeah, you are right Kobus.
There's a lot of
strange people in here.
I hope we can get some rest
tonight, aye?
Come here.
Back away.
Peace be upon you, brother.
Hi, sir.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to disturb you.
What are you doing here?
You took me from the gutter.
No I mean what were you doing here
in Grisse before.
I was a mercenary.
That day in the gallows
I saw your own men ready to kill you.
I can't help but wonder
if this fate that brought us here
was by design or by fortune.
Maybe both.
Who are these men?
They're allies.
They look more like assassins.
Why didn't you discuss with me
before allowing them in?
What if the Dutch sent them?
Kal, there were decisions
that had to be made.
Please understand that.
You must be Kalia.
The girl warrior.
Kalia, this is Sultan Adnan.
We must show respect.
I've heard much about you.
Your father's name
and deeds precede you.
Your reputation is the talk
of the countryside.
I hear it was hard earning blood.
Such an honor
to meet a warrior like you, Kalia.
Your sacrifice to our people
cannot go unnoticed.
And that's why I'm here
to help.
I am, grateful
I'm Lena, consult
to the sultan's court.
I think it would be best
for us to talk under
a more suitable environment.
Very well.
I think we can have
a private conversation
without the need for arms
don't you agree?
We saw them kill enemy soldiers.
They can be trusted.
With all due respect
as a child I was told stories about
every sultan that ruled
but I have never heard of your name.
You insult our sultan's honor, Kalia.
No, Lena.
I think we owe Kalia an explanation.
I'm the brother of Sultan Hamid
ruler of the Middle Kingdom.
Do you know of him?
I do.
He's a puppet of the Dutch.
My father fought against him.
So did I!
We were born and bred
as loyal nationalists.
But as the Dutch controlled more
we became powerless.
We lost battles.
Men, women, children
People began to lose faith
in their leaders.
So one by one
the sultans in the West to the East
slowly made their own pacts
with the Dutch for peace.
Also for money.
And your brother decided
to make a pact with the Dutch.
I tried to stop it
but I failed.
In the end, I had two choices
to be hung, or be banished.
I chose the latter.
And then I escaped with my men
roamed, until I heard about Grisse.
I knew it was a sign.
- A sign? - Sign of hope.
A place where heroes rise.
To give our people
a real hope of freedom.
Your words are very
inspiring, sultan.
But this is no place
for a new kingdom.
Look around you, Kalia
you are barely in control.
Leadership matters in life and death.
Do you think I lack leadership?
you are a hero.
You have earned
the trust of the people
and made your father's legacy proud.
But that doesn't mean you need
to be a leader.
I can see your reluctance.
It was never your desire
nor your calling.
I'll take that burden
from you, Kalia.
I was born for this very moment.
And I'll give you a place
where heroes belong
and your legacy will be even greater
than your father's.
You said so yourself, Kalia.
We need all the help we can get.
Together, we'll be stronger.
I have never seen a man recover from
that dragon breath as fast as you.
It's quite remarkable.
What's your secret, then?
I have no secret.
I bet a silent man like you
has a loud soul just begging
to be heard.
You must have untold stories. Maybe
something you would like to share?
I appreciate your interest but
I rather be alone with my thought.
So much for interesting conversation.
I am stuck here all day with women
complaining about the state
of their poor pussies
and their wretched clients' cocks.
The shapes, the sizes.
How small, how thin
how monstrous, how strange.
You see I know all there is to know
about cocks.
How they work, how they bend
how they break.
I create conversation on diversity.
Then why are we here?
Go somewhere else.
This is my home and these bitches
they are my family.
Chi took me in.
Just like you.
You're nothing like me.
Not apple to apple
my handsome samurai.
Not quite.
But we have similar circumstances.
I was found in the gutter
Chi saved my life.
I used to work for Jambu, you know.
But he thought that I was too
Different from his band of
half blood mongrels.
So they abused me.
And they played games with me.
What games?
It was a card game that
went wrong for Jambu.
He killed the man who won.
And because the man said that
I was his lucky charm
Jambu turned on me.
He beat me to an inch of my life.
He cut off my cock and
he threw me out on the street to die.
Chi saved me.
But she couldn't do anything about
We all have secrets, samurai
but some of them are just sad and
tragic stories we'd rather forget.
You see how we share
similar circumstances?
I would interpret that a samurai's
cock is his katana, isn't it?
And it appears that
you don't have one too.
But I know where it is, samurai.
Mine may be lost forever
but yours, can be returned.
Now I have a reason
to really get rough with you.
Come closer and I'll cut you
like a fish.
Boss? There's someone to see you.
Fuck off! Come back later.
I'm busy.
My sword you have there, samurai.
I see the piglets across the street
have taken you in.
Made a man out of you.
I've come back to get what is mine.
You allowed me to take it
if I can remember correctly.
You can take what is mine
when I'm dead.
You're alive because I decided so.
And now you fucking insult me
by coming here to my place
in front of all my people
making threats!
I will gladly blow
a hole in your head
just so your man has the pleasure
of skull fucking you.
I don't make threats.
I don't like guns.
And you don't have a sword.
So let's see who walks away.
If you get up one more time
I will knock you down
in front of your people.
That will add to your shame.
I'll keep coming at you
till you kill me, you bastard!
Now you'll know
what a eunuch feels like, tough guy.
No, Wei.
It will never end.
Today, this dog is neutered.
Just bark, no more bite.
Who the fuck do you think you are?
Going out there facing Jambu
like you have a cock, Wei?
What if something went wrong
and our girls got wounded, or killed?
I'm sorry, Chi. I thought that I
You thought wrong!
Just because you have samurai
by your side
you think you can whisper in his ear
and get your revenge?
I was wrong.
Damn right, you were!
Do you know why Jambu
neutered this poodle?
Because he was a thief.
He was thieving from
the gang big time
and he needed to be taught a lesson.
He wasn't so innocent then
and he was lucky he lived.
I would have done the same thing if
one of my bitches did what he did.
Everyone's got a sad story.
A tragedy.
A vendetta in this town.
We either swallow it
or we keep it in our mouths until
it's time to spit in someone's face.
That's how we survive.
If we let it out
these walls have nothing to protect.
We will all be dead.
Nothing goes down without
you asking me.
I took you all in.
I'm the mama of this house
you hear me?
You fuck with me
and you'll be out there
looking at Jambu
and he won't be so easy
to deal with no more.
That goes for all of you bitches!
Now get up to bed!
Thank God for the rain.
It saved your pussies
from another bashing tonight.
We are not going to get
any customers.
- Chi, I - I don't want to see
your face, Wei.
Just you know, just fuck off.
you can stay.
You, come here.
I watched you all go into the salon
from my bedroom window.
It was too late for me to go in
so I just sat there and watched.
I was scared for my girls
for Wei.
Even though I'm a hard bitch
I still love them
coz' they're my family.
So I just sat there and watched
with my heart in my mouth
until you kicked that asshole Jambu
into the streets.
No guns, no knives
with just kicks and punches.
That was the best thing
I've seen in years.
I am sorry
I got your family involved.
I'm getting older.
And the hunters
they're getting wiser.
I can't be the only shepherd
looking after my flock.
I'll like you to help me.
Which is why I'm asking you
not to leave tonight.
I never had a master
a family nor belonged to any clan.
I'm better off on my own.
This town needs you.
It needs someone like you
to balance the right and the wrong.
And right now, right now
too many things are going wrong.
This is not my fight.
It became your fight
when Kalia freed us from death.
I would have gladly have
my life end at that moment.
You were a stoned out junky asshole
but now
now your head is clear.
Free from that smokey prison.
You have a path to honor.
You told me, you owe me a debt
for saving your life.
You owe Kalia a debt too
because she saved yours.
I urge you to honor them.
Don't run away into the night.
But I leave it to you.
I won't stop you.
Get up.
Get up!
Hold his hands.
Hold them.
That's no way to torture a prisoner.
There are more effective ways.
Completely the opposite.
We need this one alive.
This arrogant man won't eat.
That's a good point.
He must be important if you're
trying to keep him alive, aye?
He's the governor.
Be quiet and do your job!
Oh, so you're the governor?
Any more words from you
and I will hang you myself.
And that jar, I will use
as a shit box.
Threathening me, lawman?
Something my brother said
or something now I know?
He's had enough.
If he speaks one more time
shoot the jar first.
You are the one
Just ask Bakda and Hidayat.
What are you doing here, bar whore?
I come to represent Jambu, you witch.
Chi, please. Enough.
So as I was saying
Sultan Adnan is who he says he is.
And as much as I would like to
believe he has our best interests
his entrance to this town was too
- well timed. - Kalia
it's just a coincidence.
He has had more leverage outside
than being stuck in here with us.
It's simply bad strategy.
You and your strategies.
I see a brave man
who is willing to die for this town
and he is royalty
so more of his followers will come.
So because he's a man
and he's royalty, you think
he's a better leader than Kalia?
That's not what I meant.
Kalia is our leader.
But we need to keep our minds open
to more suitable allies.
You are not invited to this meeting.
A man has the right to say his piece
if he's to be judged
don't you think?
And so, here I am.
I've asked Kalia
to consider my offer.
You mean your offer to replace her
as the leader of Grisse?
So let's just say
if that were to happen
what are your plans after that?
I agree with Kalia.
We need to buy time while
we amass a force who at the
right time will attack Dewitt.
What force are you talking about?
On our way here we sent word
to every rebel leader
to send their men to Grisse.
Grisse will then be
our symbol of freedom.
This is
where the real struggle
to free our land begins.
One, and united.
And with you as the ultimate ruler.
Of course.
I'm a sultan by blood.
It's what the people expect
and the Dutch hate the most.
But with you, Kalia
and Maran by my side
we'll take our land back.
Return it to the people.
Your father would be proud.
You know nothing of my father.
And you know even less of the people
you think you serve.
- Kalia. - This meeting is over.
My apologies, sultan.
She is in our way.
Don't worry, my prince
I will clear the path for you.
How can you sit there and stuff
yourself while my son is starving and
tortured like an animal.
Your Lordship
I've told you time and time again
we have a plan in action.
I will have your son Daan
with us soon.
Now, sit down please
and eat.
You've never had children
have you Major General?
You will never experience the grief
I am going through.
You have no empathy
which is why you are doing nothing.
I have experienced grief, my Lord.
A deep grief
that besets me every moment
of every day.
The loss of a spouse is different.
I have entrusted the life of my son
to a drunkard.
I wonder
if you would have let your wife
board that ship knowing that
the captain was a drunkard too.
Leave my personal matters
out of our conversation.
I should have been more vocal
in my reservations about you.
It's everyone's right
to have reservations.
You can have me court marshalled
when this is over.
I care only for my duty.
Your son Daan, will be free.
At least
we can toast this positive prospect
Hey. Wakey!
I see you have gotten yourself into
trouble before proving your worth.
They say there's a reason
for everything, beautiful.
So who the hell are you?
I'm the one who sent for you.
Prove it.
Do it tonight.
I have taken care of the jailers.
The path is clear.
Don't mess up again.
We don't mess up.
You didn't need to get us in here.
You only needed to get us out.
My boy, Daan
what if he is dead?
He isn't.
I have told you tenfold that
the rebels know the value of his life
and won't harm him.
So easy for you to believe
that these brutes would keep
their word.
You're a fool.
A fool, am I?
Placing your incompetent son as
a governor, and as a consequence
losing the town to rebels.
It is you, who is the fool.
What have you done?
You're a madman!
I'll have you hanged for this.
Wakey, governor
- it's time to go. - No!
What are you doing?
Just doing what I've been paid
to do, aye? I'm getting you
out of here, we're leaving.
Not you, they'll send someone else.
It's either me or my brother.
He's got the brains
I've got the legs, so you choose.
Keep that rotting piece of meat
away from me.
You say one more thing about
my brother and I will cut you
Now let's get us all out of here.
- Come! - Asshole.
You're fucking mad!
I'm not going anywhere with you
or your stinking piece
of shit brother.
Yeah, I know it wasn't part
of the fucking plan, Kobus.
Let's get out of here, aye.
You son Daan, is alive.
This means he's alive?
Are you out of your mind?
You forget the lords are waiting
on my word to send more men.
You will not have it.
This failure to quell this rebellion
will be your undoing.
I will make sure of that.
I knew we should have
shipped you back to Amsterdam
along with that
whore wife of yours.
Shame about that ship though.
Never did make it back, did it?
What was her name?
Fine name for a mermaid.
Imagine, the fish feeding
on her bloated carcass.
Those once loving eyes
now, empty, worm-filled s
Send word to Batavia.
We were ambushed
by assassins from Grisse.
Unfortunately, Lord Van Klein
succumbed to his injuries.
Request for more troops immediately.
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