Grisse (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

What is it, Moresby?
You're looking for more books
in this governor's collection?
The last time you were here
I almost shot you dead.
I merely wish to discuss strategy
on what you intend to do
with the new dignitary on our council.
I know you see me as unexperienced
and short of knowledge, Moresby.
But I was not born yesterday.
I would never suggest such a thing.
It was very easy for me to see that
Adnan doesn't have
the people's interest in mind.
I believe you.
But still, we must be mindful.
He is a man, and what's more
one of royal lineage.
The combination can be a potent
and exhilarating one.
And I am my father's daughter.
Adnan should not underestimate me
and neither should you.
As I was saying
I was not born yesterday.
On the contrary.
In fact, you have always struck me
as an old soul.
We have a problem.
What is it, Maran?
There's no time to discuss.
Let's go.
I believe that you are the rightful
leader of this town.
And I assure you
I am always at your service.
Thank you.
Stay away.
Moresby, he's
You don't need to explain anything.
Right now, there are more important
things that we need to attend to.
And the stricken book.
I don't understand.
How did this happen?
I don't know.
And why is the prison empty?
That stranger you took from
Jambu's bar. Where is he?
He must've been the one
who killed them
and released all of the prisoners.
But why? That doesn't make any sense.
The jailer is gone.
I'm sure he must be involved too.
You are the lawman of this town
Maintaining the peace
also means keeping those
who break the law behind bars.
This was planned.
Whoever did this
had help from the inside.
None of that matters
until we have proof.
Right now, the governor is dead.
We have a killer on the loose
and someone on the inside
is provoking us.
No one is to know about this
until we have the facts.
Until we have a plan.
Otherwise, the council will lose
trust in us.
- Well, I suggest - I suggest
you get your act together, Maran.
If anyone questions
this incompetence
you know I will have to answer for that.
Now in the meantime, find the insider
and hunt the killer down.
Where are you going?
To talk to Moresby.
What is taking so long?
Newsman! I need news!
Nothing yet, sir.
But our men are on standby
and on the lookout.
I can't decide whether she is
impudent or simply dim-witted.
She is trying my patience.
Sir, your hand.
Has our man on the ground
secured his position?
He has, sir. He's in.
He better play his cards right.
Pardon me. I'm terribly sorry.
Hey, watch it!
Returning it to Governor Daan
are you?
He won't be needing it anymore.
- What? - Shut up.
The things that you do to serve me.
Everything I do is to serve you.
Is there any other purpose?
There is no more noble or honourable
calling than to serve.
And now I serve you with
this piece of knowledge.
With it, an opportunity has opened up
and presented itself.
The governor is dead.
We must call the council at once.
The path is clear.
And you
my prince, will rise.
- Hey! - Maran!
What's wrong?
Spit it out, Hidayat.
The night cannot get any worse.
Sultan Adnan.
He has called for
an emergency meeting.
I thought I had more time.
So let me get this straight.
Your biggest bargaining chip is dead
because of that freak that came
into my bar the other night.
And now he's on the loose.
I'm afraid so.
It's disturbing to hear
we've led an assassin inside
to target our only hope of negotiation.
More so, the rest of your Dutch
prisoners have been set free.
If they are still in Grisse
then there is danger
lurking around every corner.
You can't keep your prisoners
under lock.
Then why the fuck do we need you
Leave it to a man
and look what happens.
He struts around town
carrying that big gun of his.
But he's shooting blanks because
she's holding all the fucking bullets.
You men are all the same.
I don't see a man
I see a fucking lackey
under a woman's thumb
under her shadow.
- Weak - I will show you how
from the lack of sunshine.
- Enough, Jambu! - Make your move.
Sit down, lackey.
This may have been an oversight
by Maran
but none of us knew this could happen
and ultimately
I am responsible for this.
We will find this man, Kurt.
He cannot hide long.
Same for the other Dutch soldiers.
They found a way in.
Most likely they found
a way out back to Dewitt.
That's a big fucking oversight, eh?
It's understandable, Kalia.
You are young
and new in these matters
the lack of experience
Will never occur again!
I appreciate the assurance
but if our security is compromised
trust in those who keep us safe
will be questioned.
I have my suspicions.
But it is too early for me
to come to judgement.
So I beg for more time.
I will get to the bottom of this.
You better find Kurt then, Kalia.
Before he becomes a ghost.
because they are the weaker sex
they always have something to prove.
It's difficult under a woman, because
they are guided by their emotions
and by their intuitions.
It makes them
erratic leaders.
You'll always be in the wrong
with them.
If you take the blame
you admit defeat.
But if they take the blame
they become a martyr.
Come to the sultan's quarters
any time you like, Maran.
I'm confident
that you could impart
some of your expertise
where it will be
I am very sorry to interrupt the
Back massage only.
Back massage, yes, of course.
I really need to speak to Moresby
but I cannot find him.
I didn't know where else to go.
Don't worry, child.
You are always welcome at Chi's.
But for that angmo
I don't know where he is.
I'm at the end of my wits.
This act was not by chance.
Whoever killed Daan
knows how important he was to us!
And I suspect that Daan
is keeping a secret from us.
His father was a fat cat
from Batavia, no doubt.
But that's not a secret.
Well then, what is?
What was he talking about?
Now he's gone
and I don't have
anything left to bargain with.
You do.
There is something more important
than the governor and his father.
Now you speak, you lump of clay.
Come on, out with it!
You once said that everyone
has a sad story.
We either swallow it or keep
our mouths shut until it's time.
When I was a mercenary
there was a time when
I was working for the governor.
Why didn't you mention this before?
I'm not proud of my past.
That is why I don't speak of it.
But today
it seems necessary to go back.
When I first came to Grisse
with the other samurai
we were ordered to guard
a German man named Bernhardt.
I followed orders without question.
But at that time, I thought
it was unusual for
someone other than the governor
to have his own personal bodyguard.
Until I found out that
he was an important chemist.
He and Daan had created
something new.
More powerful than opium.
It needed to be protected.
Daan kept Bernhardt
in a secret room in his house.
They tested people.
Men, women, and children.
Especially young children.
I brought them in and
carried them out.
Were they dead?
I made sure they were.
I took to the dragon smoke
to escape what I did.
They thought I was weak and
could not be trusted with the secret.
That is why they sent me to hang.
The German chemist might be dead
by now but I'm sure his work
is still in the secret room.
Find it and you will be back
on equal grounds with Dewitt.
You once asked if fate had brought us
together by design or by fortune.
For what I did
I lost my way and my honour.
I can never go back.
But for now
my misfortune is your design.
I can help you find your way.
Where is it?
The town is shut down.
Nobody can get in
nobody can get out!
I don't understand.
This doesn't make any sense.
You must be calm.
All the thoughts and emotions
are clouding your mind.
This means whoever killed Daan
must still be here.
Somebody amongst us.
A spy, a traitor.
That is one possibility.
What's the other possibility?
Maybe there is another way out
of this town.
Another way out?
Ryuichi, the draft.
It's coming from here.
Can you feel the draft?
What is it?
Maran, thank you for coming.
The sultan is expecting you.
These people.
They can't even feed themselves.
Yet they are coming with food
and offerings for sultan.
He has a powerful effect on people.
He reminds us
of what we are fighting for.
It's not only freedom.
But everything that we lost
when the Dutch took our land.
We are in the righteous struggle to
take back what is rightfully ours.
Our heritage.
In this fight, it's our duty as men
to reclaim our past
and take control of our future.
Because when they come
it will be with overwhelming power.
I fear Kalia might not be prepared
for that kind of force.
The way things are right now
none of us is prepared.
You see, Maran
each of these elements
have individual properties.
Lemongrass cleanses the body.
Cinnamon improves circulation.
Star anise wards off infection.
Cloves relieve inflammation.
On their own
they have certain benefits.
But combined
it becomes lethal weapon
to combat any foreign bodies.
The only thing missing is something
to bind them all together.
In the longest array of this land
many empires have risen and fallen.
Power has changed hands
so many times.
You were rulers, and slaves
and rulers again.
An endless cycle.
Do you know the one thing
that kept the people united?
The sultanate.
People need their kings.
We are the identity
the soul of this land.
And the sultanate is the adhesive
that binds all the elements together.
Creating the force that
the people will rally around.
Drink for us, Maran.
You lungah.
I have a bullet with your name on it
and I'm not gonna hesitate
to use it this time.
Please, Kalia, forgive me.
- I can explain. - Explain what?
That all your advice
was for your own self-interest?
That you had no intention
in honouring anything between us
- Moresby? - Please hear me out.
I trusted you.
I beg you.
I am risking everything, including
my life by returning to you.
What do you mean retuning to me?
Before I left town, I heard that
Daan was dead.
Without Daan, you have nothing.
I'm not keeping you alive to tell me
matters that I already know.
Yes, you hunted me down.
But I returned of my own volition
because I know you have nothing
to bargain with.
I am here right now because
I'm the only one that can help you.
The opium trade has been
in existence for decades.
It's just as common as nutmeg
or cloves but it makes a lot
more profit because it is driven by
the addiction component.
But these formulas, what changed?
Well, the natural substance used
in these so-called opium dens
is manufactured further by chemists
to create morpheum
named after the Greek God of dreams
Correct, my samurai friend.
Morphine has been used for years
to relieve acute pain.
Extremely popular, as you can imagine
during wartime.
So morphine was the new product
that everybody was after?
From the Dutch to the British.
Not quite.
Our unfortunate chemist friend
was in the middle of converting
morphine into a product
three to four times more potent.
And therefore, three to four times
more valuable.
So the governor
Was running a secret lab and selling
the products as his prime business.
It is an extremely lucrative trade.
If the chemist was successful
in perfecting the formula
to this new merchandise
business would have boomed.
Everybody wants to get a hold of
these papers.
So Dewitt's demand for
the governor's life was a sidetrack.
Daan was merely a red herring.
Yes, he was the son
of some lord in Batavia.
But make no mistake
Dewitt did not give a toss about him.
His appointment to Grisse
was to secure the lab
and all the papers within it
under the masquerade
of rescuing the governor.
The stakes just got higher.
I need something more valuable
to bargain with Dewitt
and now I have it.
Indeed you have.
Just shut that bitch up.
I'm tired of her.
Women are tricky.
They know what they do not want
but they never know what they want.
We will see to it that
your business is secured, Jambu.
Maran is our protection.
The streets will be at peace
with him around.
Kalia has called a council meeting.
I hope you are here to tell us that
Kurt is either dead or caught along
with the other soldiers.
No, we have yet to find them.
But I called this meeting
not to discuss that matter.
I need to see Dewitt
tomorrow morning.
Days have passed
since our first meeting.
But surely, Kalia
you must bring something
to the table.
Otherwise, we might as well be dead.
My dear sultan
she does have something.
How the fuck can you be used
as leverage?
Not as leverage but as a threat.
I think you forget, my dear sultan
but I am a member of the
British East India Company
who are just as aggressive
and resourceful.
We beat them at their own game.
Very well then.
If you feel that will suffice as a threat.
I do.
With Moresby threatening
the British involvement
it is something
Dewitt must fully consider.
But Moresby must remain here.
As soon as that threat is issued
he will be killed.
And you too, Kalia.
I will explain in a letter
but you must be protected.
will you come with me tomorrow?
We still need to find Kurt
and the escaped prisoners.
It's my responsibility.
the samurai seems quite capable.
Maybe he should accompany you.
Very well then.
Good luck, Kalia.
Please ensure his safety.
And don't let him out of your sight.
Don't worry.
Thank you.
The deal was to break him out of jail
not to kill him in jail.
It's complicated.
I don't care.
You are running out of chances.
This time you cannot fail.
Kill her.
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