Grisse (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Season 1, Episode 6

I saw you again last night.
Like a dream, right before me.
Tangible yet not fulfilled.
I could smell the morning.
We were back home again.
Far away from this wretched land.
Sir, we are ready.
Far away from this wall
that never ends.
When I woke
I was filled with regret.
I wished I had listened to you.
You would still be by my side.
I would still be watching over you.
Why do we dream?
And why do we wake?
This tango
between the real and unreal.
These deaths had
that very barrier in between.
And is it there
where I will see you again?
I expected better service
in such an establishment.
It's all right.
I assume you are here to accept
the terms of your surrender.
I'm sorry but my position
remains unchanged.
Is that so?
From what I've heard
your position has shifted
quite a bit.
I know Daan is dead.
Surrender immediately.
I'll promise you that there'll be
no bloodshed, no looting
no ill treatment for your people.
Surrender is not an option.
I will burn Grisse to the ground.
Along with the formulas you seek?
The name Bernhardt.
Does that sound familiar to you
A famed German chemist
who disappeared five years ago.
Turns out he was in Grisse all along.
Held prisoner in Daan's secret lab.
I assume he died during the revolt.
We found the lab.
Inside are Bernhardt's notebooks
complete with the formulas
of the new drug he was working on.
Now, coincidentally, what you want
general, is the very same thing
that the British want.
If you attack us
I will not burn the notebooks.
Instead, I will give them
to the British East India Company.
Now I understand
we both know what that means?
What do you want?
If you leave us alone
you have my word
I will keep the notebooks
away from the British.
Your word means nothing to me.
I will reopen the lab
start a supply chain again
and sell them back to you
at a reasonable price.
Only you.
An exclusive relationship.
Just like the previous governor
had with Batavia.
All I want in return
is for you to withdraw your troops
and leave us in peace.
I think you will find my proposal
mutually beneficial.
Think about it, general.
And please send news
when you are ready to negotiate.
Good day.
Wait. I thought about it.
It's been more than half a day.
We must do something.
Kalia may be captured.
Let me go and get her.
I need you to stay here.
Kurt is still on the loose.
Focus on finding him.
But Kalia is all alone out there.
She needs us.
Are you not going to do anything?
I said no!
I said you stay
and you will not make me
repeat myself again.
Do you understand?
Good morning.
Since early morning
you've been keeping watch on that wall.
So, any sight of our leader?
When night falls
I am going to bring her back.
No, you're not.
I don't take orders from you.
What about Sultan Adnan?
Do you take orders from him?
Sultan Adnan sent me to warn you
against making such a move
because that
that is exactly what the enemy
wants us to do.
Think about it.
If you go after Kalia
wouldn't that make Grisse
open for an attack?
I am going alone. My men are
Your men are not you.
I can't leave Kalia out there to die.
You're not leaving her to die.
She's already dead.
You don't know that.
What is your dream, Maran?
Our motherland returned to us.
Our people, they are free once more.
And the sultanate
restored to its former glory.
This, this is the way
of the Javanese.
Sultan Adnan shares your dream.
Over here.
What do you plan
to do with that?
Get on your knees!
Kalia seems to like you
but me
you're not my type.
Men like you disgust me.
You have no loyalties, no principles.
You are like a rat.
Well, rats can be dangerous too
you know.
After all, they spread the black death.
Perhaps I should rid the world
of another vermin.
Wait. There's a way out of this town.
A secret tunnel.
If you let me go
I'll show you where the entrance is.
And when the war comes
you along with your people
can escape.
That's right. Isn't this better?
We can be partners.
Friends even?
Some of our clients
are rather adventurous.
I think
this will suit you just fine.
Oh no.
I'm just a little fashion sort of chap.
No, I'm so sorry, dear boy.
I didn't mean to belt you in the face
with a giant
This is what happens
when you try to fight it.
Just let go.
You don't need
to fight anymore, Kalia.
Just tell me what I need to know
and you can leave all these behind.
Where are the notebooks?
What's happening?
What did you give me?
You should feel honored.
This is the only bottle we have.
Bernhardt's opus.
They call it The God of Dreams.
I certainly know why.
How about you?
What did you see?
I know how it feels to lose someone.
You don't know anything!
Go to hell.
No. Let go of me!
Illus, not too much.
We still need her.
We know the forest
better than the Dutch.
We will be able to find Kalia.
Kalia has been gone
for the whole day, Chi.
What are the chances that
she's still alive?
Kalia is a fighter.
She is a survivor.
If none of you have the balls
to go out there and get her
at least open the gates for my men.
- No. - Yes.
That is exactly what Dewitt wants.
Use Kalia as bait
and then mount an ambush.
So you're just gonna leave her
out there to die?
Kalia was overconfident.
Her plan failed.
Because of her actions
this town is in great danger.
Without a leader
Grisse is vulnerable.
I agree with the sultan.
Kalia is as good as dead.
Now it's time for survival.
A new leader is needed. I say Adnan.
- What? - What?
All those in favor
of Sultan Adnan to be our new leader
raise your hand.
This is bullshit.
I too vote for the sultan.
Of all people, Maran
she trusted you.
How could you?
The council has spoken, Chi.
Sultan Adnan is our leader now.
I suggest you follow the will
of the majority.
Sorry. I'll pass.
Unlike the rest of the council
backstabbing isn't my cup of tea.
Come on, Jude! Toast Judy!
Drink you, drunken bastards!
Get up!
Get up, you drunken bastards!
Get up, you drunken bastards!
Get up, you drunken bastards!
You must be thirsty.
Come, have a drink.
I'm going to kill you.
I'm going to keep you alive
until he knows what to do with you.
Until then, you're my dog.
Where are you going?
I'm gonna have to slice you
piece by
What the hell?
wake up, are you okay?
Get up!
You stay here with the girl.
- Bitch! - Let go of me!
Are you all right?
No, please!
Kalia, can you walk?
I think so.
God damn it.
Hunt them down
and do not fail me again.
Many of you here have followed me
for a long time.
Since Batavia
when the Dutch massacred our people
we lost many friends.
When we escaped
they called us outlaws.
They hunted us.
Until we found this place.
But sadly
this town has now turned against us.
I want you all to listen
to me carefully.
This place will be gone
by tomorrow night
and most of us will be dead. Killed.
Those who are lucky
will be thrown into prison for life.
But there is a way out.
There is a secret tunnel
out of Grisse
and I will show you where it is.
For those of you
stubborn enough to stay
I just have one thing to say
don't be stupid.
We are outnumbered, out-weaponed
and half of us are women.
Bullshit. You are a woman too.
But I'm unlike any woman.
don't be heroes.
Take my offer. Leave tonight.
Who here wishes to leave?
- What's wrong? - Hey man.
Chi, if we're all going
to die tomorrow
will you marry me?
We should stop for a while.
No. I'm fine.
We should be safe.
Rest for a while.
The tunnel is not far.
You know now I understand its power
and why is everyone so obsessed
with it.
The notebooks.
The God of Dreams
I had a taste of it just now.
I know it was just a dream but
it felt so real.
Everything I had lost
comes back to me in that moment.
Ma, brother
our farm
even papa.
I wanted to stay in that dream forever.
I don't want to come back.
It's time.
This is your last chance, Chi.
Recognise Sultan Adnan
as your leader now
and lay down
your weapons immediately.
Or else?
You fought with us
to free this town from the Dutch.
We don't want any bloodshed.
Nobody has to die today.
Right now
Grisse needs a strong leader.
And that leader is Sultan Adnan.
That lame cock, I understand.
He would bend over
for the highest bidder.
This shapeshifting cunt even easier.
She and that peacock
just want to play king and queen.
But you
you baffled me.
Is your head still stuck
in your mother's vagina?
Or are you really that dumb?
the real enemy
is outside those gates.
It's been waiting for this.
Us fighting each other.
Are you so foolish
as to let Dewitt have his way?
I will not trust you
any more than Dewitt.
You are both rats and snakes
- from the same pit. - Enough!
How dare you
compare Sultan Adnan to the Dutch?
We don't need to hear
any more of your insults.
Make your choice now.
Eat shit, bitch!
Kill them all!
- We're - Almost.
- What? No. - The town needs you.
You must go.
This is my fight.
I'll be back. With help.
Turn back now, Tanaka
and I will spare your life.
I could have easily killed you.
You were lucky the last time.
Now you have nowhere to go.
And no woman to save you again.
Enough talk, Tanaka.
Today we end this.
You are disgrace.
I've waited for this moment, traitor.
I'm not a traitor.
I am samurai.
Don't shoot!
Thank God you're alive.
Listen, I have to tell you
You are not supposed
to be running around.
Please wait, all right, just wait.
We have to leave. Now.
I don't have time for this.
Please, wait! Please!
Let go of me!
You don't understand.
It's over. It's all over.
Adnan has taken over the town.
No, Maran would not let him
Maran is Adnan's man now.
I beg you, please, Kalia.
Forget Maran
forget this wretched town
forget everything.
Leave with me.
I can't.
This is just the beginning.
What happened?
So it's true then.
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