Grisse (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Season 1, Episode 7

Odds are against you.
Don't be blind.
I can still take one or two with me.
You'd be the first, Jambu.
- Kalia - I'll shoot you too, Maran.
You left us, Kalia.
We needed leadership
and you just disappeared.
Sultan Adnan is
the leader of Grisse now.
I suggest you take
this natural succession gracefully.
We are not your enemies, Kalia.
Together we will be stronger.
Instead of being divided
and conquered.
Your father fought against that.
Do not speak of my father.
You didn't know him.
I know him more than you think.
I share his spirit.
A true leader. Not a puppet.
You speak of puppets
as if you don't have
the Dutch pulling your strings
right now, Adnan.
Your father worked for the Dutch.
Your brother, a puppet of the Dutch.
As much as you try to hide it
traitor runs thick
in your blood, Adnan.
You should never have come back.
You'll pay dearly for this!
I have paid in blood
too many times, Adnan.
I am ready to die. How about you?
Drop the gun!
Drop the gun, Kalia!
Fuck them, Kalia! I will die happy.
Shoot this traitor in the head.
Kalia, please.
I don't want any more bloodshed.
Just put the gun down.
Let me go.
Let me go. No!
No! Let me go! Chi!
- Chi! - Wei.
What are you doing?
We came with Maran.
You and I need to stick together.
I don't want to be part of this.
Kalia is our leader.
some of Tanaka's acquaintances
have arrived.
The men you requested.
They have also retrieved his body.
- And the girl? - Not yet, sir.
But they tracked her into the forest.
Bring these men in.
Yes, sir.
One of your samurai has been slain
by one of his kin.
I find it disappointing
coming from your kind
considering you are known
for loyalty and obedience.
We are not samurai. We are kunoichi.
They are not our kind.
A woman.
The kunoichi do
what your men here cannot.
Now, this is a place I feel
you truly belong
where you can wallow in your own shit.
Taking the streets to myself.
Your place, your business
your things.
With you in here
what could be better?
Go on. Feed that ambition
in your heart, Jambu.
It's like holding on to a tiger
under your arm.
You will lose it
before you even get a chance to play
with that diseased cock of yours.
Your proverbial mouth
won't unlock those doors
you old street slapper.
You think Adnan is going to stop there?
He's gonna turn on everyone
because he needs to serve
his master's small heads.
Kalia is just one girl.
They won't stop until all our heads
including yours
are on a plate or a spike.
Think about that, you numbskull.
Eat while you can, little pig.
I'm sorry it's come to this.
But we were never this close
to actually achieving what it was
we were fighting for.
Only the bloodline of a sultan
can reunite the insurgence
across the land
and inspire the rebirth of a nation.
Kalia, you and I
we're not the chosen ones.
Leadership was bestowed
upon Sultan Adnan since birth.
He can take this revolution further
than you and I ever could.
Know this
I'm doing this for the cause
for our people
for us.
This was your father's vision
Adnan is not my father's vision.
I trusted you. I had no one else.
But you did.
You had the Englishman.
I tried to protect you from that liar
but you ignored my every warning.
That's ridiculous, Maran.
He had you under his spell.
Release Kalia!
Release Kalia!
Release Kalia!
- Stop. - Where is Kalia?
- Where is Kalia? - Release Kalia!
Calm down!
What is the meaning of this?
Tell everyone to go home.
- No. - Release Kalia!
You heard Maran.
- Go home. - Release Kalia!
Not until we see Kalia.
What are you doing?
Are you hurt?
Kalia has been treated
for her wounds.
She is now residing
in the ex-governor's bedroom.
Please give her some time
to recuperate.
- Then let us see her. - Yes!
Sultan Adnan will allow Kalia
to meet the town once she's ready.
Now go in peace.
Rest assured
that she's in safe hands.
Release her!
Release her!
Let me remind you
Grisse now is a town of law and order
watched over by Sultan Adnan
rightful ruler of royal descent.
His dignity is not to be insulted.
We did not choose Adnan
to be our leader.
- We chose Kalia. - Release Kalia!
Release her!
Release Kalia!
No, stop.
Let me out!
Let me out!
No! Stop!
What are you doing?
Lena, tell your men to stop!
Why didn't you do anything?
Lena ordered the beating
of our own people.
She didn't.
I gave the order.
How could you?
Those were innocent people.
They were mutineers.
They weren't even armed.
Do you think
I take delight in ordering violence
against our own people?
If we had shown weakness today
there will be even more
acts of dissent.
This town will be divided.
They will doubt us
and turn against us.
Those are the people
that we swore to protect.
Yes. But it was necessary.
I just want what's best
for our people.
I know.
But now is the time
to show the people
our uncompromising resolve.
You are my war general.
I need to be able to trust you.
I need to know
that you'll stand by my side
when I make difficult decisions
like this.
Can I trust you?
This is the sultan's dagger.
From now, you enforce law
with my support, Maran.
You'll need to do things
that won't come easy.
Be resolute
and you will become the leader
you've always deserved to be.
Quiet down!
There's no point in resisting, Chi.
I know Kalia passed them to you
before she met Dewitt.
You think
your snakes can slither everywhere
and know everything?
What you want
is what the Dutch want.
I bet your tail runs all the way
to Dewitt's balls.
You won't get anything out of me.
It's like climbing a tree to catch fish.
Your words are always so cruel.
For the last time
where are the notebooks?
Best you kill me, bitch
so I can come back as a ghost
and eat that black heart of yours.
We'll see about that.
- No! - No!
- Wei! - Let go of him.
No! Let go of him.
We thought
we would have a better chance
with him
but like you
he's a tough nut to crack.
Listen, you cunt flap
let him go
if you have any ounce of decency left.
He doesn't know anything!
Come on, strike me.
Come on! Strike me!
Normally, I wouldn't get my hands dirty
but tonight
I shall make an exception.
No! Chi!
Stop it!
He doesn't know anything!
Oh my!
- Chi! - Please!
Please! Stop! Stop it!
- Chi! - Please stop it! Please.
Are you begging me?
That's music to my ears.
Just get it over and done with.
I'm tired.
Go on.
It will be easier than
what Dewitt will do to me.
Are you coming to save her
or to kill her?
He's with us.
Is it done?
I can arrange
for your own head to be pickled next
if you're going to tell me
that you have fucked up again.
It is done.
As you asked.
Did she beg?
No, a defiant bitch until the end.
I thought so.
Where is the body?
Deep in the shit of this sorry town.
She's lying at the bottom
of the sewer.
Disappear and don't come back
until you're called upon.
Yeah, an arrogant cunt she is
my brother.
It's time to tell them
that we have Grisse secured.
When that time comes
you need to hear something
that may help us.
Go on.
There's a tunnel underneath this town.
It was dug secretly by the governor
as an escape route.
How do you know?
From that Chinese whore last night.
How resourceful you are
my dear Lena.
Who else knows about this tunnel?
Nobody, and if they do
either they are in jail or dead.
Just keep it to ourselves.
Always good to have something
up our sleeves.
Is this fucking necessary?
We need all the weapons we can get.
Sultan Adnan is preparing
to fight the Dutch.
A new rebel army is coming.
I didn't sign up for this shit.
I need those weapons
to protect my men.
You really think
a rebel army is coming here?
Yes. His followers will come.
What makes you so sure?
Why need to come in the first place?
When this army comes
you become leader?
I don't have time for this.
Did you make a deal?
What about those?
Now that's a stupid question.
We need all
the weapons and ammunition.
Priority goes to our fighters.
You mean Sultan Adnan's fighters.
It's a beautiful knife.
A gift?
Put the gun down.
Now you listen to me, lawman
I am no one's lapdog.
Especially not the sultan's
like you.
This is not the deal
I signed up for
you understand me?
Now I've been very kind to you
very kind
by giving you those weapons.
It's a donation, not an offering.
Don't push it.
You understand me?
Do you understand me?
Let's go.
Smart boy.
- Take the prisoners. - Kalia.
- Where's Chi? - Over there.
- Chi. Hey. - Chi.
Wei, wake up!
Wake up, Wei, wake up.
Wake up, Wei.
We have to go, Chi.
Let's go.
Get their weapons!
I figured it was only a matter of time
before the samurai did
something heroic.
Bust your fat ass out of prison.
Fuck you, Jambu. I'll see you in hell.
Why are you all so calm?
Is there something
you want to tell me, Jambu?
You were right, Chi.
For once you were right.
I warred with you
for God knows how long.
But we fought under circumstances
that made us who we are today.
Circumstances have changed.
Looks like we got a common enemy.
Sultan Adnan?
Then why did you side
with them, you pussy?
Business, Chi.
It's always been business for me.
So we are not fighting?
Not today.
Maybe another day. We'll see.
You will all lay down your arms.
Put them down!
Tell me, Maran
what's in it for you?
Kalia, I am doing this for the cause.
I sided with someone
that could take the fight to the Dutch
instead of fighting with each other.
He's right.
Maran chose wisely.
He thinks about the people.
He's blinded
by your false promises, Adnan.
I thought you took care of things?
Looks like you left a bigger mess.
I am the true leader of Grisse.
All of you will listen
to the laws I lay down.
Or what, Adnan?
You will sell us out to the Dutch?
It's been in the family business
for years, isn't it?
Selling your services to the colonials?
Why should it end with Grisse?
Enough of your insolence, farmgirl.
Hold on. We can talk this through.
Please, Kalia.
What did you say?
The real enemy is out there.
The real enemy is the Dutch.
I cannot kill any more of my people.
I told you
leadership's not for the meek.
Maran! Hey!
Adnan! You have a choice.
We can all die now.
A bullet from any one of us
can end your life.
Or what?
We fight
you and I, to the death
and the winner will take the town.
I accept your challenge.
I know I failed you
but don't risk your life
playing this game.
She can be dangerous.
Her body has been beaten.
She won't be able to draw
as fast as me.
I'll gladly step into your place, Kalia.
No, Ryuichi.
This is my fight.
This is a single-shot duel
at ten yards.
If both parties are still alive
then it's hand to hand combat
with a single weapon of choice.
Take this, Kalia.
No more.
Trust in it.
But if I don't make it
You will.
This is a fight
between the two only.
Any interference
we will open fire.
Same goes for your lot, bitch.
Just like your father.
Yes Kalia, I gave him to the Dutch
and watched him die like a dog.
Now I have the pleasure
of killing his daughter.
A fighter until the end.
You have guts, Kalia
but so does my blade.
Maran, hey. Get up Kalia.
- Kalia - Maran, hey.
Finish her! Finish her now!
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