Grisse (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Season 1, Episode 8

The venerable Sultan Adnan
Kalia. She killed him.
Impressive woman, that Kalia.
How did you manage to escape?
The tunnel itself.
I appreciate your information
about the tunnel.
How would I know that you're not
luring me into a trap?
I would never, sir.
I serve all your interests.
But this time you failed.
My Lord, I am most resourceful
when it comes to recruiting those
who would be of your service
and I will gladly continue my role
in servicing you, sir, personally.
I am not in the mood, Lena.
Your failure costs us dearly.
It's infected.
How are you feeling?
It hurts.
Let me see.
It's the guilt of my foolishness
that pains me the most.
My mind was clouded.
I made the wrong decisions.
I was wrong in so many ways.
You're the bravest man I know, Maran.
Take care of her
my brother.
We've blocked the tunnel.
But this will only hold them
for a limited time.
You shouldn't have let
that bitch Lena go.
Now Dewitt has it covered.
We will use this route
as an entry point into the town
during the bombardment.
There are too few of us
to partake in a frontal assault
but there are enough of us
to surprise them.
He would surely use it
in a surprise attack.
We have to make sure
they don't get through.
You must secure all buildings
and its contents.
Any papers, books, journals
must be secured.
Why don't you just let them in?
And then we trap them.
And kill them like rats.
- How? - Dynamite.
Just the few of them left
so finish the job.
Yes, sir!
Bakda, Hidayat
line the walls with dynamite.
When they reach the blockade
we blow the tunnel.
Hide the townsfolk in the jungle
for now.
We stay.
We will fight to protect our freedom.
Our fight will be the legacy
that forever haunts the Dutch.
Now Kobus, please understand
my brother, I'm leaving you
here for safekeeping, aye.
Yeah, I know you want to be around
when the shit flies
but I don't want your jar smashed
you understand?
Oh, now I'm an asshole?
But at least I've got one, aye?
I'm so sorry about Maran.
Kalia, all good leaders
carry a burden.
Thank you Ryuichi, for staying
and carrying this burden with me.
The truth is, I'm scared.
Don't be.
Just be as you've always been.
There's a messenger from Dewitt.
Make sure he's not armed.
He is unarmed.
Bring him to the saloon.
What do you want?
My commander will give
you and your people
one last chance to surrender.
It's the ledgers he wants, adjutant
not our surrender.
The ledgers must be intact
and handed over
as part of the surrender.
Do you know what those ledgers are
Yes ,I do.
Would your world change
if you didn't have them?
The contents of those ledgers
must be put to good use.
They've been put to good use
only for your benefit.
My people continue to suffer
growing dead crops
that doesn't even feed them.
You are just going to
give these to me?
They are in your hands now.
So what's next?
Your unconditional surrender.
Let's drink to that.
And, of course, we will make sure
all of you get a fair trial.
What did you do?
You wanted this so bad
then you have to try it yourself.
Don't worry adjutant, I made sure
you get a little more
than what you gave me at the camp.
What? How would I know
he would put a gun between his
Dewitt is desperate.
Sir, the adjutant
he hasn't returned, sir.
Damn it.
We attack tonight.
- Yes, sir! Yes, sir!
I will be home soon, my love.
Drunk already?
I was finally able to have a nice
little drink without my brother's voice
talking cock in my ear.
It was the best few drinks
I've had in a long time.
Don't you ever think you're just mad?
I was the normal one.
You look pretty with your hair down.
Get to cover! Move!
- Go! - Move!
- Reload! - Reload!
Get down, everyone!
Everyone all right?
Get the battering ram.
They're coming through.
Blow the tunnel now.
Do it again.
The wire's cut.
The explosion must have severed it.
They are coming through.
We need to blow the tunnel now.
We need the fuse.
It's inside the building.
Stay here.
I will go.
You will be killed.
I'm coming with you.
Protect Kalia.
But Bakda
Live your life, sister.
No! Bakda!
It's a trap!
Good job on the dynamite, my friend.
And Bakda.
He did it.
Are you hurt?
- Harsha? - No!
No! Stay.
- Don't worry, my love. - No!
I loved you more
than I hated you.
Don't go.
I should have seen this coming.
I guess there's no option
but to blast the front gate.
A nice plan.
Sadly, your big bang
only did half the job.
Are you looking to surrender now
You're outgunned but knowing you
surrender would never be an option.
You have yet to take the town
and the ledgers you seek.
I'll find them
after I hang your bodies to rot.
Look around you, general.
The formulas are gone to the wind.
Damn you, stupid girl!
You will pay dearly.
Finally, general
we're evenly matched.
You all right?
Don't let him get away.
No escaping this time, bitch.
The East Indies is a world away
from the Cape of Africa.
Yet here, we fight
each other again, aye.
I know you.
The wretched assassin.
But it can't be you.
I slit your throat.
That was my brother.
I'll be damned. A twin!
We always work together, general.
You just never knew
which one you were dealing with.
It could have been me on that day.
Either way
you both were incompetent.
We are selective assassins, general.
Murdering defenceless slaves
is not something we do.
Assassins with a conscience.
How ironic.
I'm flattered you tracked me down
after all this time.
No, you came to me, general.
Into this town, aye.
Your bitch Lena hired me.
You will pay for your betrayal.
You should never have done that.
You can kill a man, general
but make sure
his shadow dies along with him.
Finally, the sleeping beauty wakes.
You have been out for a few days now.
What are you doing here?
I thought you left for good.
Sorry. I left to get help.
- Help? - I managed to persuade
the East India Company
to send a relief force to Grisse.
I just wish we got here sooner.
So the English, they are here?
Come with me.
Where is everybody?
Chi, where is she?
Where else would she be?
He's gone. I'm sorry.
What now?
The company would administer Grisse
for the time being until we reach
a settlement with the Dutch.
The only way the company
was persuaded to come to Grisse's aid
was for them to know
you had the formulas.
They could change the balance
of power in this region.
In Europe, perhaps the world.
They've started negotiations
over a mutual cooperation
so what we have now
is a temporary truce of kinds.
So it is only a matter of time
until the Dutch returned.
Talks like these take some time
Kalia, years even.
And in the meantime, Grisse would be
under an English protectorate.
That's good news, isn't it?
How would that be any different
from before?
I think you will find the English
and the Dutch quite different, Kalia.
We are very civilised colonialists.
It makes no difference
for the colonised, Moresby.
Nothing has changed.
I thought of all people
you should understand that.
It's the only way I could get help.
To save you.
Kalia, they have appointed me
acting governor of Grisse.
Funny the irony.
But possibly a sign of our destiny.
Life will be better.
You will have nothing
to fear from me, I promise.
And perhaps
you and I can start afresh.
will not compromise my people.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
I did it for you.
I think it's time for me to leave.
She's very young
very fresh, you know.
Very fresh like the vegetable.
Fresher than the vegetable.
You know I saved her
from the kampong.
Her father was going to sell her
to a bath lord.
Yeah, that's so not right.
- Go! - Come with me.
Hey, where are you going?
It's over now.
It's time for me to go home.
I'm sorry for all your losses.
We will remember them all fondly.
We will find a way to rebuild.
That's what we do best, Kalia.
I hope this patch is comfortable
for you, brother.
I'm going to miss our conversations.
P for peace, aye.
I hope you have it, Kobus.
I know I have mine.
Goodbye, my brother.
I knew I would find you here.
I thought you were dead.
Almost but not quite.
Then why did you leave?
The ledgers.
I thought they were destroyed.
I kept them safe.
They may serve a greater purpose
one day for your people.
They are important
but only in the right hands
your hands.
And now where will you go?
I still owe you my life.
I will stay to repay that debt.
You don't owe me anything, Ryuichi.
You can go where you please.
Then it pleases me to be here.
Time to parley.
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