Grown-ish (2018) s02e09 Episode Script

Body Count

1 [Dej Loaf's "Liberated" plays] This is for the girls That don't need no makeup when they wake up For the introverts No, we don't gotta say much People gettin' liberated ZOEY: In college, you get so close to your crew that it feels like there are no boundaries whatsoever If you got the feeling You share food - If you feel free - drinks Then you should lift your hands and hopefully not mono.
But best of all, you share experiences.
And on this day, my friends and I were gonna share Luca's big art debut at the Cal U Arts Fest.
People gettin' liberated Get up on your feet Ooh! There's the artist, right there.
Hey, Luca! Hi.
Yep, that's m'dude.
He should've had his own tent, but next year.
A wall is fine for now.
The thing about having no boundaries, and sharing so much is that it's all the more shocking when someone is still able to cross the line.
Damn, Zoey, I didn't know you had it in you.
I don't.
But whoever that is very much does.
Watch out, world, I'm grown now I'm grown Learn something new every day I don't know, so I'm-a feel my way Got the weight of the world on me But no regrets, this is what I say Watch out, world, I'm grown now - I'm grown - You can tell me My heart beating so loud Mama, look, I'm grown now I'm grown Look, whoever that is, she's hideous.
She has nothing on you.
"A", there's no way of telling what she actually looks like.
And "B", legit a second ago you thought that hideous girl was me.
I did.
- [Whispering] I-I got this.
- [Whispering] Go.
- [Normal voice] Okay, Zo, you know what? - Yeah? It's probably just a favor for some relative - Mm-hmm.
- who's an aspiring influencer.
I bet you it's his cousin.
Is this your cousin? Huh? N No, no.
That's my ex-girlfriend.
- [Gasps] - Okay, well, I tried.
What? I was just admiring the composition.
'Cause this body, when looking at it, is very well-composed - Mm.
- I'd say.
- Is there something wrong? - Hm? Hm? You know what? There's a lot of other stuff to go see.
I'm gonna go check out the queer performance art at Titanium.
- Hard pass for me.
- Oh.
You actually weren't invited.
This is about me exploring my own community without your privileged, cisgendered, heteronormative gaze.
Geez, you are really shot-gunning Professor Hewson's Kool-Aid.
She's my gay guru.
[Gasps] My gay-ru.
I have no idea what you people are saying.
Here, let me translate for you.
M'byeeeee! I still don't know.
[Clears throat] We are gonna go, too.
- Mm-hmm.
- Bye, Zoey.
Do you wanna You don't want to see any more Update me every five minutes.
[Sighs] Really nice art, Luca.
Word? 'Cause I'm kind of feeling the vibe that Oh, no, it's really, really nice.
Really moving.
It really fricking moved all my friends out of the tent.
There it is.
I'm just feeling really stupid right now, Luca.
Not in the kind of like, "Oh, God, I mispronounced 'expresso' again" kind of stupid.
You'll find it.
Everybody came out to support you because I told them it meant a lot to me.
And you weren't even gonna give me a courtesy heads up that your art is a half-naked ex-girlfriend? I mean, key word being "art.
" Look, you're on the board, too.
Oh, great.
I'm a masterpiece.
[Chuckles] Anyway, who is this ex, and how come I have never heard of her? Two places I never visit that's Bora Bora during the rainy season and my past.
Who wants to take an umbrella onto a plane? But your past is very presently right in my face wearing a very sheer, lacy bralette.
Well, this is Juliette, my ex-girlfriend.
She means nothing.
You're Zoey, my present girlfriend, and you mean everything.
You're right.
I do.
But anyway, what's your stand on hot dogs? Do you find them, like, appetizers, or finger foods? Do you call them a sandwich? Not a sandwich? It is a piece of meat between two buns.
All right.
Dude, enough with the hot dogs, okay? I'm sorry I've been avoiding you lately.
It's just that when Luca caught us, it freaked me out.
That could have been Zoey, and you know that would've been a nightmare.
So, I just figured it would just be best to just stop before anything big happens you know, b-beyond us making out.
Yes, I get it.
I get it, okay? We're good.
We're just friends who made out.
No big deal.
- Right.
- Right.
So, let's get some food, as friends.
Hot dogs? Yeah, yeah.
'Cause friends friends eat.
Friends eat.
Pals eat.
Buddies eat.
- Friends eat all the time.
- Let's do it, friend.
[Cheers and applause] - Hi.
- Hi.
Pronoun pin? Is that Do people have them on? It's a way to let everyone know your gender identity without having to say it every five seconds.
Plus, we love swag.
We/us sure do! That was stupid.
I-It's my first time.
[Crowd shouting] [Cheers and applause] Most, if not all, of you here have a coming-out story.
Some share it in film, some in poetry.
I'd like to share my experience in a song.
[Cheers and applause] [Screams] [Screaming continues] They say life imitates art, but have you ever seen a piece of art that seems to just straight up imitate the shit out of you? [Sighs] You know what? Juliette's pretty hot for a hideous person.
And if he is inspired by her as an artist, I guess I shouldn't be mad.
If anything, I should be supportive.
Yeah, I'm sure she means nothing.
[Chuckles] [Gasps] Hold up.
If she means nothing, then why does my boyfriend have the same permanent nothing on his body? [Sighs] It's time to call Ana.
Time to dive.
So, Luca wanted me to respect his boundaries, but that tattoo really pushed me past mine.
[Cellphone rings] Oh, my gosh.
It's Zoey.
We've been made.
"Made"? Are Will you answer the phone, maniac? We are ordering gourmet hot dogs, okay, not going "toes to nose" on the table.
- Hey.
- The deep dive is on.
I need to know everything about that Juliette character.
Where she lives, her next of kin, how she and Luca started dating, and why it ended.
All right, all right, um, let me just switch over to hands-free real quick, okay? [Cellphone beeps] First, you get your little skinny ass on Instagram.
Do they still follow each other? Unh-unh.
I said "no relish.
" And don't let me see you scrape it off, boo-boo.
Next, you've got to find out, do they like each other's posts? Do they comment? Do they like each other's comments? You check that slut's Insta story, but stay on each clip for less than three seconds, or she'll see that you viewed it.
If you think you can't handle it, use my burner account.
It's Mrsworldwide2016.
Hello? Hello? Are you still there? Yeah, yeah.
No, um, it's just a lot.
I know, baby girl.
And it's gonna get worse before it gets better.
Because after Instagram, you check Google, you check Twitter, you check Snapchat, and if you're up for it, you check Venmo.
Venmo? If they're splitting costs, you're splitting up.
Good luck, Zoey.
Get to work.
I'll keep you posted.
- Don't be weird.
Get me a napkin.
- Okay.
So, like a good student, I was gonna follow Ana's advice to the letter.
The deep dive was officially on.
ANA: Start by searching for who Luca follows.
Here we go.
Bag day, buy your bag day tab say, cash out on the Cash app Be efficient.
Cover all possible spellings.
Yeah, she nasty Okay, there's two of them.
A white one with a private page.
Get over yourself, White Juliette.
The other one is [Gasps] This is her.
Found her.
I'm-a throw a fit [Ding!] Damn.
He still follows her.
Figure out when they were last publicly seen together.
That's going to be around the time when they broke up.
Speed it up in that coupe, ain't slowin' down, hey [Ding!] Now that you've figured out when they broke up, you need to slow down and inspect every photo post-breakup to see if there's any level of communication.
This is where the real work begins.
Yeah, she super lit If you don't buy her what she want, she gon' throw a fit Oh, na-nashe Sorry, Mom and Dad! Sorry I couldn't be your perfect little princess! [Screaming] - Bye.
- Thank you.
It does get better.
- It does? - Oh, not today.
But, you know, life.
Okay, so, just out of curiosity, did you ever try that stalker-y mess with me? Don't flatter yourself.
Okay, good, 'cause it's a little a little crazy.
Okay, hey, girls only get "crazy" because guys never offer up any real information about their past.
Well, if two people are into each other, shouldn't that be enough? That's not how women work.
Well, then, why don't you, uh school me on the ways of a woman, Miss Torres? Hm? - Uh, thank you.
- All right.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
Well, all I'm saying is, a woman deserves to know the backstory of all of your patterns you know, the the cheating, the ghosting, the gym selfies so we know how much to be invested.
I disagree.
I think that it's my business.
Okay, but if I'm thinking about being with you, then, technically, it's my business, too.
So, you're thinking about being with me? - Oh.
See? Okay.
- What? This is why we won't work.
Because I'm actually trying to have a serious conversation with you, and you're sitting over here just acting like a dummy.
Just because I don't think that you have the right to stalk my past makes me a dummy? No, it's just it's it's you that makes you a dummy.
What's happening? I'm I'm missing something.
[Scoffs] Honestly.
Is it the hot dogs? I followed Ana's deep-dive instructions meticulously.
I hit every major outlet I mean, I even sank to Facebook, where I temporarily fell down a rabbit hole of Juliette's parents' page.
But it wasn't a total loss because it gave me some much-needed context.
For example, this may seem like an average photo of Luca holding a little slice of heaven.
But thanks to my deep dive, I know that this is actually Juliette's parents' dog, Xavier, who nearly perished in a tragic gazebo fire.
Luca thought I wasn't gonna find this [Gasps] I accidentally liked it.
I flew too close to the sun.
You know what? I'll just unlike it.
Will it be weird if he gets a notification that it's liked, and then goes back to check and sees that it's unliked? "Black Mirror.
" You know what? I'm just gonna like the photo again.
That's not weird, right? Right?! [Sighs] I'm gonna do it anyway.
ZOEY: Well, now it only makes sense for me to go back and like every single photo of his I can find, right? Right?! How's it going out there? Oh, everything's fine and cool.
I was just taking a casual art break, babe.
And, uh, how's the cyber-stalking? [Dramatic music plays] Well you have a matching tattoo with your ex.
And you still communicate.
You liked a photo of Xavier.
Zoey, I'm cool with all my exes and their pets.
Well, how many exes have there been? - Nah, bro.
I'm not doing this.
- Mm.
No, we are doing this.
Because otherwise, how many more times am I gonna have to go searching? Is there a Juliette for each and every tattoo on your body? I want to know.
I want to know everything.
I mean, what do y What do you really want from me, a a body count? Um yeah.
Yes, I do.
Ballpark, like uh [audio garbled] [Breathing heavily] That's one sold-out ballpark.
LUCA: Zo Zoey, are you okay? Are you with God right now? Yeah, no, I'm fine.
I was just taking a second to count the amount of people I've been with.
One two Oh, nailed it! I'm back.
- [Chuckles] - I knew this was gonna happen.
Oh, no, nothing happened.
You've done nothing wrong.
I just maybe need a minute or two.
Which, again, is the amount of people I've been with.
That's "two" in Spanish.
Now the world is crazy, but it still goes round and round How did it go today? Tryna get my hustle on so I don't hit the ground It was loud? Two blunts in the mornin' - Just to hold me down - Ah, gotcha.
I just had a hard time connecting with a girl screaming at me.
Art is weird.
I hear you.
Listen, gay people can make bad art too.
[Chuckles] Yeah, I said it.
I get it.
I just feel like I need some sort of crash course in Queer culture.
Some days I only wanna blow trees On it.
Clear your schedule next week.
In the meantime, listen to the good stuff.
Call me after you've listened to it.
Enough with the texting.
- Nobod - [Music stops] [Halsey's "Without Me" plays] [Chuckles] [Sniffles] [Groans] Art sucks.
The arts programs should be cancelled.
And NPR.
And Elizabeth Warren.
ZOEY: You know what? Just eat your crackers.
And the deep dive was a bust, by the way.
So, thank you very little.
All it did was mess with my head.
Hey, no, don't blame the dive.
You wanted answers about his past, you got them.
But it made things worse because I can't do anything about it.
Like, it's actual torture.
Yeah, I get it.
But if you think about it, Luca seems pretty tolerant of your past.
What's that supposed to mean? I'm just saying, Aaron's around all the time.
Aaron? So? I mean, like, Aaron and I were never a thing.
So, sure, we hooked up, but it's not like we were ever in love.
I mean - that is true.
- Huh.
I guess I never considered that.
Yeah, well, back to my point Before this morning, I actually trusted him.
So, you feel like he broke that trust? No, not exactly.
I just I feel insecure, and I have more questions than ever now.
If you're having questions, that's one thing.
But if you're feeling insecure, that's not something the deep dive can fix.
That's a you problem.
Hey, but what do I know? No, I slept with a box of crackers last night.
[Chuckles] [Knock on door] Uh, it's open.
You know, I'm gonna head out.
I'll uh give you two some privacy.
[Door closes] Hey.
Look, I know how much that tattoo bothered you, so I got it covered up.
Already? And that is just a Band-Aid with my name on it.
My ink guy lives in Ecuador on a tapioca farm, so I did my best.
It's not bad.
Look, um I'm sorry I put you out there like that.
And I'm sorry if I shut down your questions about Juliette.
I just I process shit through art, and if you need to process shit through questions, then ask away.
W Really? Anything.
Gave love 'bout a hundred tries ZOEY: My mind was racing.
I was sure no girlfriend ever had been granted such access.
Boundaries be damned.
I could have the answer to any question about his past.
Questions like "Who was your first? Did you love her? Have you ever had your heart broken?" [Laughs] "Have you ever been with an older woman?" Okay.
Then that sounds like a plan.
I'll be there.
Tell me, how's it feel sittin' up there? Feelin' so high, but too far away to hold me "Have you ever fallen for someone you knew was totally wrong for you?" [Knock on door] Name in the sky I'm sorry I was trying to push you away.
I just Thinking you could live without me Thinking you could live without me Baby, I'm the one who put you up there I don't know why Yeah, I don't know why Thinking you could live without me And the scariest question of all "Do I love you more than you love me?" I don't know why Yeah Floor is yours, kid.
But you better be ready to hear the answer because it's a line that can't be uncrossed.
I'm good.
Thinking you could live without me - Hello.
[Laughs] - Thinking you could live without me Baby, I'm the one who put you up there I don't know why Yeah, I don't know why This one.
It should be just like this, except with my name.
You want me to get "Zoey" tattooed across my whole entire back? Yes.
All right, I mean, you know, part of the deal is that - you have to get one, too.
- Oh, yeah, trust.
I'm thinking of getting #xavierstrong.
[Sighs] He was a good dog.
"Was"? Yeah.
The gazebo didn't get him, but the canine gingivitis did.
You know what? You're right.
Let's just get yours lasered off.
All right, babe.