Grown-ish (2018) s02e08 Episode Script

Workin' Me

1 Yeah, louder Hey, hey I'm in London, got my beat from London ZOEY: You may not know who any of these people are, but you definitely know the people they've styled.
Gucci bag Huh, haan Lifestyle These stylists use their visions to help shape and push the culture through fashion.
Now, some people might think what they do is easy - [Camera shutter clicking] - Lifestyle No stylist I mean, how hard is it to put designer clothes on beautiful people, right? Diamonds on my neck, frozen tears Well, style may be eternal, but taste is subjective, - and it can be harder than you think - [Chiming] Yeah Especially because the Internet never forgets.
Iced out No stylist New Chanel, Saint Laurent So, why did I decide to focus on styling instead of actual design? Oh, probably because the First Lady of America basically wrote to me personally and told me that I am, quote, "the future of fashion.
" "Zoey, fantastic work.
Best, Michelle.
" Okay, whatever.
I'm reading in between the lines.
So, once I realized styling was my thing, there was no way I was gonna waste another second.
Time to start building my portfolio.
New Chanel, Saint Laurent Gucci bag Huh, haan Lifestyle - No stylist - Hey, guys.
The Zoey Johnson Styling Experience is officially open for business.
So swipe up.
Link in bio.
And tag a friend you think would enjoy.
[Giggles] [Sighs] Now let the experience begin.
[Inhales, exhales deeply] Watch out, world, I'm grown now I'm grown Learn something new every day I don't know, so I'm-a feel my way Got the weight of the world on me But no regrets, this is what I say Watch out, world, I'm grown now - I'm grown - You can tell me My heart beating so loud Mama, look, I'm grown now I'm grown So, the first week of the Zoey Johnson Styling Experience wasn't exactly what I imagined.
In fact, things were so bleak, I got removed from Yelp for posting too many fake reviews.
But things took a turn when the twins decided I could help rebrand them from "All-American" girls to something more sophisticated in hopes of getting followers and money to push products on the 'Gram.
And so far, we were on our way.
[Zoey gasps] Oh! Guys, this is such a moment.
You don't even know.
But why does this "moment" have us looking like 40-year-old white women in those black-and-white movies with no black people in them? What are you talking about? This is very excellent, very vintage knock-off couture.
Wait, so dead people wore this? Oh, my God.
We really appreciate you trying to have a vision for our rebrand, but we're trying to get to that Chastity Decas Cal U banner level, you know? This is easily a 10K-a-month feed.
Chastity Decas? But y'all are just so much better than that.
Oh, no, no, no.
I know I'm not better than her 500,000 followers and athletic sponsorships.
And you don't see her wearing haunted shit that some ghost bitch wore.
All right.
They do not understand what "vintage" means.
We've had this ghost conversation three times.
I'm trying to rebrand you as fashionable, classy athletes.
And think about it our last post got 200 new followers, so This post of Chastity dry-humping a basketball got her 5,000 likes.
We want dry-humping numbers! Y'all talking about Chastity Decas? Uh Uh Damn, she's fire.
Thank you.
Not helping.
And unfollow her! Ceviche? Really? [Sighs] You know, scientists say that shrimps have the most feelings of any living thing.
Hey, um, hot tip for ya if you're gonna be, like, the non-rent-paying fourth roommate, maybe keep your vegan judgment to yourself.
Harsh, harsh.
But I understand that's just the mercury talking from all that raw fish.
- Mm.
- Not you.
Thank you.
Appreciate that, Luca.
Bon appétit, chief.
[Sighs] Posts like these just don't feel like you guys.
Look, being a nationally ranked athlete isn't enough to get paid.
But being IG famous will help us get those endorsements we need.
I mean, the Gonzalez twins, Michelle Jenneke sure, they're all great athletes, but looking good is what got them to that next level.
Those girls are making hella bank.
Just seems so basic.
And I'm here trying to make art.
You know what isn't basic? Making money.
We have a four-year window as Cal U athletes, so it's now or never.
Sorry, girl.
But maybe you're just not the stylist for us.
[Gasps] Um, are they firing me? Could the Zoey Johnson Styling Experience be over before it began? How could Michelle Obama have been so wrong? Um, hold on.
Um could you guys give me one more shot? So, no more ghost clothes? No more ghost clothes.
Thank you.
[Elevator bell dings] Excuse me.
[Cellphone chimes] [Cellphone chimes] [Cellphone chimes] [Cellphone chimes] [Elevator bell dings] [Sighs] What's up, bitches? Nothing's up.
Noth The elevator is going up.
- That's about it.
- Yeah.
Although the new direction isn't exactly what I envisioned for Jazz and Sky, I delivered.
Now [scoffs] is it something I'm putting in my portfolio? Probably not.
But I pivoted, leaned into my clients' vision, made them happy, saved my first job, so Basically, killing the game.
- Zoey, props! - Oh, hey.
You have the twins looking fire in that new photo.
- It's trending hard.
- It's trending? Oh, yeah.
It's being reposted by LADbible, Egotastic, Barstool Sports I don't know what any of those sites are, but trending is good! Oh, yeah.
So, these are the sites I hit when I want to look at porn but I'm in a public place and I can't look at real porn, you know? Wait, what? Oh, my God! Zoey, where did you think this whole rebrand thing was going when you had them posing like they were fused at the, uh - you know.
- Hoo-haa.
Well, I thought I was gonna be doing something provocative and, uh European.
Not something that would compel Morphman88 to admit that "the Forster twins got him on an all-ass diet.
" - Mm.
- Yeah.
Morphman had a lot to say - He really did.
- Look, y'all are trippin'.
This is exactly what we wanted.
Look, Sky and I got 2,000 followers in the last three hours.
Yeah, for selling smut.
NOMI: It's not smut, grandma.
It's sexy.
Sky and Jazz are taking control over their own image - Yes.
- and making it work for them.
I think it's empowering.
Yes, and I feel very empowered.
For our next post, Copper Calves reached out to us, and they want us to model in their compression socks.
[Ding!] - And only socks? - Oh, God.
ZOEY: Okay, I just have no clue how going from vintage knock-off couture to Copper Calves isn't a total downgrade.
Because the Copper Calves people know that their target customers are sitting in their mother's basements, spending the day you know.
- Jerking it.
- Whatever.
I don't care what they're doing, as long as we're getting looks.
Check Instagram: Everybody is doing it No, I don't care if everybody's doing it.
Bro, this is my girl.
You understand that? - Uh-huh.
- Okay.
Why is she not answering? Dude, would you relax? She's probably just busy having sex with other people.
- [Chuckles] - Oh, that shit's funny? I mean, it's pretty funny, yeah.
Yo-yo, she is Barstool Sports' "Smokeshow of the Day," and you're dating her.
And I'm constantly spotted with her.
Let's just, you know, all take the win.
In what world is this a "win," Vivek? His girl is out there.
From the sounds of it, she's not coming back.
No, I'm about to go find her and make her take this trash down.
No, Bro, think about it, all right? Jazz is an independent, progressive girl.
What does that have to do with anything? [Sighs] W-Well, Kanye would never tell Kim to delete her nudes, all right? O-Offset would never have told Cardi B to cover up the side boob.
Yo, but those dudes already knew what they were getting into.
Why am I even talking to you about this? Doug, buddy! Man, listen.
Just hear me out.
One more thing.
Can you tell Jazz I said hi? Please? - I'm boss.
- Thank you! Peaches.
Little eggplants.
The drooling faces.
The dregs of the Internet are in your comments, and they just wandered through the forest into mine.
See? You style a thirst-trap picture, - that's what you get.
- [Cellphone chimes] Oh.
Doug keeps blowing me up.
I'm-a catch you guys later, okay? - Okay.
- Later.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Sky, are you cool with all this? [Sighs] Am I happy that Smokepurpp is DM'ing me saying that he wants to do weird stuff to my feet? No.
Will I do anything for my sister? Yes.
And I'll do anything for my friends.
But the Internet is forever, and I just wish I could take my name off of this mess.
W-Why are you so proud of this? You've given away all the mystery.
Please! I'm not naked.
It's the same thing as being in a bathing suit.
Okay, but even if you was making this same face fully clothed, I'd still have a problem with how thirsty you look.
- [Scoffs] - Like, you don't see the disrespect to the both of us? Hold up.
You're liking thirsty booty pics from random chicks every day.
How is that not disrespectful? It's different.
They just pictures.
That's not real to me.
So are mine.
Just pics.
Not real.
Us we're what's real.
Baby, please listen to me.
Look, all I know is, is when I met you, you was low-key.
You was cool.
I-I'm not used to all of this stuff.
You know, I don't like dudes looking at my girl this way.
That's not what I signed up for.
Look, I'm only doing this so that Sky and I can have better opportunities.
That's it.
I'm not checking for any of these dudes or their comments unless it comes from a top-three brand that can pay me.
[Sighs] That's it, okay? Just trust.
[Sighs] Okay? All right.
Topdown Ooh.
Thank you, thank you.
I tried to broker the peace, so I convinced everyone to ignore the outside world for a little while.
I know I needed a break from watching my professional reputation crumble in real time.
Hello, my brethren.
- Here.
- Oh, here, here.
[Cellphone chimes] [Clears throat] [Cellphone chimes] [Cellphone chimes] [Whispers indistinctly] Okay, that sounds fun, but we have to stop.
Do you really wanna stop? Yes.
Topdown - [Cellphone chimes] - Rollin' with the topdown With my homies and your trick Rollin' with the topdown [Men cheering and catcalling] [Wolf-whistles] - Okay, little mama.
All right.
- Girl! MAN: Twins have entered the building.
- Ooh! - There they go.
There they go.
- Oh.
- Ooh, I want some of that.
Crazy day, huh? Please don't talk to me.
Yeah, cool.
[Scoffs] Hey, Luca, are you still a vegan? Are you vegan, Luca? Luca, are you still vegan? I can't remember.
It's so good.
- Are you still - Bro.
Those wings are made from genetically modified chickens with no heads, - two hearts, and no parents.
- Mm.
- I'm offended.
- Yeah.
But these modified chicken orphans are, like, so delicious.
It smells so good, right? Hey, sorry to bother you.
I was just wondering if I could take a picture with you guys.
- Nah, bro.
- I'm cool.
- Oh, come on.
- It'll make him go away faster.
For what? Hello.
Never met a mans this cool Couple screws loose Because it match my cool Because it match my cool - Yo, what the hell?! - What are you doing, man? - Oh! - Oh, my Oh, my God.
[Indistinct shouting] Hi, guys.
Looking to reinvent your look or possibly implode your personal relationships? Well, why don't you hire the Zoey Johnson Styling Experience? So, what was intended to be a stress-free night was anything but.
Asses were grabbed, punches were thrown, and everybody left feeling worse than ever.
Especially Jazz and Doug.
I don't need no ice.
So then tell me what you want me to do.
Oh, now you want my opinion? This whole thing went down because of you.
Me? I didn't grab my own ass.
Yeah, but you put it out there, and now I'm the one that has to defend it, right? - This isn't about you.
- Uh-huh.
This is about what's best for me and my sister.
Okay, but it's not best for us.
What do you want to do, Doug? I don't know.
I'm-a take some time to think about it.
Oh, God.
I just feel like this is all my fault.
Yeah, I get that.
You do realize it's a figure of speech, right? [Sighs] Look, when I was working on my Michelle Obama showcase, my work was cool, but you finessed it.
Yeah, but all I did was add a few things.
And it was fire, 'cause it was you.
This Jazz and Sky stuff, you're not feeling it 'cause it's not you.
And if you're gonna put your name on something, it should always be something you're feeling.
Well, this can't be the way my first gig ends.
So don't let it.
Yo, where you been? Did you not see Zoey's text? She wants to talk about ideas for our next post.
Yeah, I saw.
Okay, so let's go.
I was really thinking we could do, like, - the body paint with the Copper Calves.
- Jazz.
Jazz, I gotta be real with you.
I'm not feeling this, like, at all.
What are you talking about? It's just you know, last night was a lot.
From the fight to those thirsty dudes staring at us, and you've heard Dad's voicemails.
But think about it.
It'll all be worth it when we land a real endorsement deal.
I don't think so.
If being a Insta-thot is what we need to do in order to make money, I'm not down for that.
But we had a plan.
This was never the plan.
So you're just gonna bail on me now? - No.
- You're really gonna do that? I just wanna work hard and run track.
- That's it.
- Okay.
- I'm out.
- Cool.
- Please - I got you.
Nope, that's fine.
[Sighs] [Door closes] Sorry I'm late.
Um, Sky isn't gonna be joining us.
It's just gonna be me doing the photo shoots from now on, okay? - Is everything okay? - No.
It's not.
But, um, whatever.
It's fine.
Let's just do this.
No, come on.
Talk to me.
You always listen to me complain.
Honestly, I'm just tired of trying to defend my choices about my body to other people.
And you shouldn't have to.
So then why is everybody coming at me? You know what? Look, I've actually been thinking a lot about your rebrand, and what Nomi was saying about empowerment and owning your sexuality.
And, sure, I 100% agree, but I do feel like we went about it the wrong way.
- The wrong way? - Yeah.
See? Everybody's with this modern-feminism bullshit, and how "women have control over our bodies," but, like, forever, everyone's had control over my body, from what time I wake up to how long I work out to what I eat.
And now, for the first time, I'm taking control for myself, and everyone's telling me I'm doing it the wrong way.
That's not what I meant.
Nothing you're doing is wrong.
But I just feel like we could have been more strategic, more unabashedly you in the way that you do it, in the way that we do it.
And I really want to help you out.
But you're gonna have to trust me.
I trust you.
Thank you.
Mnh Damn it! Oh, no.
Dude! It's almost noon.
Wake up! We fell asleep.
[Mumbles] - Come on.
Get up.
Get up, get up! - Okay, okay, okay.
- Put your shoes on.
- I'm up.
Shh, shh, shh! I'm up.
I'm up.
Okay? I'm up.
For the record, I've never fallen asleep before satisfying a woman.
- Gross.
- It's just not who I am.
You know what? You might have to sneak out the window.
- We're on the fifth floor.
- But what if someone is home? Oh, you know what? I can actually track them.
Oh, thank God.
We're good! They're across campus.
We're good.
But you still gotta go.
- Come on.
- [Groans] Come on.
Come on, pretty boy.
Please don't tell Nomi.
[Mouse clicking] [Gasps] Oh, my God.
- I love it! - Yeah, so do I.
All right.
Now let's post it and see what the world thinks.
[Gasps] Big mouth turn it down The stars shone way too loud If there's one thing that social media has made obvious, it's that sex still sells.
And since everyone's a brand, finding your version of sexy is more important than ever.
And when you find it Said it's burning, said it's burning your new image might be a hit or it might hit a nerve.
Down, down, down [Cellphone chimes] Better run for your life, man But in the end, what it has to be most of all is true to you But you're standing inside there And you fan the flame, fan the flame and it has to be something you stand behind and believe in.
'Cause you know it's the only way Now this this is you.
And you fan the flame, fan the flame 'Sup? [Muffled] Morning.
Damn it.
Who ate my leftover wings? I was looking to top off my wake-and-bake with those.
Couldn't tell you.
Are you sure you don't know? - Are you serious right now? - Mm-hmm.
You really think I would put that toxic energy from processed animals into my body? Ahimsa.
"Do no harm.
" Maybe you need to get right with your Sanskrit.
Yeah, I was just asking 'cause you have dried buffalo sauce in your dread.