Guerrilla (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 I'm sick of how they're talking about us muggers and thugs.
Ain't we supposed to be soldiers? Negros with guns? (Gunshots) We're the Mitra-Bishop gang.
The German proletariat must repudiate the bourgeois politics Power to the people of Quebec! (Gunfire) Black people, organize an army yourself now.
I would refer to them as erm hooligans.
- If you've got issues - It's personal.
It's my boy.
You not being here, it makes me look bad.
You're gonna deliver me those niggers or your brother's gonna live the rest of his short life in the Maze.
In exchange for solid information, we'd allow you to observe the arrest.
- Is that acceptable? - Yes.
- Armed police! Stop! - (Gunshot) There were cops at Canadian Pacific, there was a shootout.
Pigs got her.
She got set up.
Kent! Did you tell police where to find us? Just trying to keep you from getting killed.
The Germans, we go back No.
I read their screed during the action.
They're as hot as we are right now.
- This is our next action.
- A bomb? Planted at the Black Power Desk at Metropolitan Police.
(Train rumbling) (MARCUS) I know how much it hurts, but you can't lose yourself in Eliette's death.
I don't need paternalism right now.
No, you need to think.
You want to give your life? Give it.
Don't waste it.
Is what we're doing a waste? (Exhales sharply) (RADIO) Looked as how England were gonna win.
But the rain came down.
Here's India with a chance of a first victory in a test in England.
So there it is, then.
At lunch, India are 146 for five.
- 27 needed this - (Turns radio off) (Muffled sobs) (Sobs) (Thudding) (Panting) (Whimpers) Yesterday's questions Have you got any answers for me? (Whimpers) We We put them into a safe house, 24 Old Heath Lane, but they're gone.
The one that you killed, she wanted to go to Lebanon.
I think I think they might all be trying to go to Lebanon.
Were there any other operations planned? I don't know.
They weren't part of our cell.
We are not responsible for them.
(WINSLOW) So, they just happened to come across a copy of your manifesto and generously decided to read it out? - (CULLEN) Where are they now? - I don't know! How I can I tell you something that I do not know? What are we going to do with you? No.
(Whimpers) No, no, no.
(Sobs) Eliette (Continues sobbing) she was always talking about bombs.
I think they're trying to get a bomb! I told you everything I know! (Wails) No.
Wait! No! (Grunting) (Groaning) (Shrieking) (Train rumbling) (Knocks) (Door closes) Hell! No running water.
Man, I need a shower.
(LEROY) Let me see that.
He'll meet with us.
- He'll meet us.
- (LEROY) Fuck it, man.
I ain't poking my head out.
(Angry chatter) You can't hide the truth! You can't hide the truth.
Yes or no, is Kent an informant? - No.
- Then, where is he? If he's got nothing to hide, where's he at? You don't turn up to a lynch mob if you don't wanna get lynched.
The stuff that coconut was saying on TV, - it was out of order.
- Did you know? Did you know that Kent was going to do this? - He's a fucking Judas! - What did you say? If he isn't informing, why's he talking to police? - Yeah.
- I don't control him.
You put him in front of us.
Got him out on the telly like he was one of us.
If he is not here to answer us, you'd better be ready to answer for him.
- Yes! - Judas! Judas! (Angry shouting) Come on! Judas! Judas! (Knocking) (Sucks his teeth) Brought the whole, bloody circus.
Now's your opportunity to prove yourself.
Are you up to it, or not? Come.
(Indistinct dialogue) (Projector whirring) - What do you want? - Materials.
Enough for a bomb to blow up Scotland Yard.
Then we need to get out after.
Scotland Yard? No, no, no, you be too much trouble.
We're not scared of the police.
It's not just the police.
The Germans are pissed as hell, they got busted up and hauled in.
They're the ones that told me to read their bloody manifesto.
They didn't ask you to start a shootout in the middle of the street.
Are you gonna help us or not? 'Cause standing here does us no good.
I'm just telling it as it is, brah.
A bomb at the Met? £600 or £700.
Just get us the stuff, we'll make it ourselves.
Well, go ahead, then.
Blow your black ass to fucking pieces! Why are we even talking to this motherfucker anyway? Because we're hiding in a basement without running water or electricity.
- We need his help.
- Man! How do we get the job done? The building is at least 50 yards from the curb.
You'd need a shit load of explosives just to blow out a few windows.
We're not trying to mess up some windows.
We need the bomb inside the Yard.
Then you need to steal a car to put the explosives in.
Something respectable they won't question.
You'll also need a log book.
A Police Vehicle log book.
Forge one of them, you can get the car in and out of the car park.
All in, £1,000 easy.
Look, you sprung that one, went at the Rhodesians, attacked those travel offices £1,000 for you is nothing.
Oh, and the next thing I don't like him.
- He's our partner.
- Yeah? He's a thug.
Bring him round here again and you're on your own.
Get me the money and I'll get you what you need.
- How're we gonna get £1,000? - (MARCUS) We'll get it.
Saying we're gonna do something then doing it We need a soft target.
Hit up some gambling houses, knock some heads.
We don't buy our way forward on the backs of our own, not again.
How'd it come to you making the decisions? Christ, we're already on tenterhooks.
From what I can tell, we ain't going nowhere.
Come back around to second-hand coloreds Stop it! Stop! We're running out of time.
I stood over Julian, I stood over Eliette.
I'm not standing over anyone else.
And you two arguing doesn't help settle scores.
Hey! Where are you going? It's not safe! What's "safe?" None of this is safe.
(ACKERLEY) A Red Army faction cell operational in England? He claims it's just a rear base, for safe hiding.
Not for planning operations in England.
Do you believe him? Possibly.
It's also possible that he doesn't know much more.
It's possible that what he's given us is nothing but rubbish.
Your informant we need to take a run at her now.
I hand her over to someone else, we'll lose her.
Look, I've put three months' work into this one.
With nothing to show for it.
It's my work that got you the Germans.
This has become an anti-terror operation.
We need to question this girl and you let her walk around free.
She's not free.
We're holding her brother and hanging that over her.
All he's got - all - is what I gave him.
All from my informant.
She's the one thread running between us and them.
Bollocks if I'm giving her up.
She stays with Cullen.
(Door opens and slams shut) You'd better pray you catch Sooty before - he makes any more mischief.
- Yes, sir.
(Cullen exhales) I want back on the Bishop-Mitra case.
The Black Army Faction, whatever they call themselves.
Well, I'm not the one who took you off.
You did that yourself.
I mean, fucking your own informant, giving her a white chocolate baby.
Your own son, a public bleeding disgrace.
Just speak to the Chief Superintendent.
You're not gonna get any sympathy out of him.
This bunch, three months - they're wrapped up with the RAF, FLQ .
shootouts, bombings, a training base in Lebanon.
They are turning professional.
It's getting personal.
And you, you using it to ass-lick your way up the Yard, is gonna get people killed.
You're finished.
Not just with this job.
You're done in life.
Born and bred to chase the blacks.
Keeping the peace, just how the Uni boys shape it.
And you don't even have that anymore.
SHETTY) They're doing everything by the book.
They picked your brother up on his way home from school.
He's a minor.
They called you as soon as they brought him in.
There's no room for complaints.
It's been 24 hours.
They need to charge him or let him go.
They're delaying the charges.
They're trying to prove Connor's involved in murder.
Well, that's bullshit.
That's bullshit! They can't prove that.
They're connecting your boyfriend to the radicals.
That's a lie.
That's a lie.
Julian never tried to stab a police officer.
Doesn't matter, not under the Sus laws.
According to them, Julian was a terrorist.
He was your boyfriend.
Connor's your brother.
It's all connected.
They can do whatever they like with your brother.
(CROWD) Equal rights! Equal rights! Equal rights! Equal rights! (CHRISTINE) Equal rights! We get pushed to the bottom of the housing list into the hands of the Rachmans.
There are entire estates we can't rent.
Go back to where you came from! It's our taxes paying for your subsidized housing, darling.
- Equal rights! Equal rights! - Clear off! I shall have to call the police.
I'll get the law onto you.
All we're asking is for a meeting with you to present our grievances.
Don't you understand how unfair this is? Look how we're living.
Agh! I've warned you! I warned her! (Angry shouting) (Angry shouting) (WOMAN) Get off her! Get off! Equal rights! Equal rights! Get off me! Get off! Equal rights! Equal rights! (JAS) We're gonna rob a housing office.
It's got as much money as a bank, half as secure.
We do the job ourselves, so you can scare the whites.
It's a public office, so you can humiliate the government.
They take the tenants' money and treat them like shit.
We get the loot we need, we get the materials for the job.
- This is all - Did you scout the office? One man, one woman working the pay windows.
There's one manager.
He's nothing but a piece of shit.
So we gotta rob this joint to go pay some dude to go get the thing that's gonna get us killed? Hey, we are hot, man! We need to be thinking about getting out.
You don't wanna be part of this, you're free to go.
Shit, you know I'm the only soldier you got.
- Back in Revolution '67 - You keep talking about what you did in Newark back then - this is London now.
Fuck you, man.
When that shit came to my town, I fought.
You ran.
You all You burned your own houses down, your shops 26 blacks dead.
And then you ran.
Newark, what you all did, that was rage.
This is revolution.
Just so we know, this revolution better be your head that's making the plan and not her pussy.
I can't go back there, 'cause I've been evicted.
From emergency housing that we found for you because you violated the rules.
Nothing I can do.
I've got nowhere to go.
You've got to help, please.
This office is closed.
You'll have to come back tomorrow.
That's it, we're done.
Everyone out, please.
This way.
- Quick as you like.
- (Indistinct chatter) We're closed! Come along! - Get down! - On your knees! - Let's go! - On your knees! Get up.
- Let's go! Let's go! - All of you! - Move! - This is council money.
No skin off your nose.
Cooperate and we'll be on our way.
- (Buzzer) - (Grunts) You! Come on, let's go! - Move it! - Stay calm.
Look at me.
Look at me.
(DHARI) Right! Drawer! - Drawer! Come on! - (Whimpers) Stay calm and stay safe.
- Apologize.
- (DHARI) Eyes to the floor! - (Woman sobs) - It's almost over.
We gotta go! We gotta go, we gotta go! - I said apologize.
- Let's go.
- We've gotta go! - Jas Jas! (Approaching siren) I need to talk to you.
About your friends? You have to let my brother go.
- Finished before we start.
- Connor hasn't done anything.
Conspiracy to commit murder.
You're stitching him up.
We're just waiting for the company solicitor.
You're lying about him.
And you put that filth about Julian in the paper too.
That's a serious allegation.
Can you back it up? It gets worse, you know.
It does get worse.
I want this bunch.
I don't know where they are.
But you know how to find them.
You all Same flannel, different pitch.
Do you think I'm the devil? Hm? Well, you ain't seen the devil.
They want to put you in a room and torture the truth out of you.
To them - you, me, we're no different to the ones they're hunting.
Don't you get tired of being the low one on the pole? Don't you ever? Now, we hand them these blacks, and You know what I'm saying? It's bullshit we've got to prove ourselves.
You and me, white as snow, deserve everything this fucking country's got to offer and still we've got to So, if stepping over a few blacks and Pakis is how we've got to do it - push down to rise up - how's that so bad? How's that worse than your brother walking free? I want to know where they are, I want to know what they're planning and I want to know their network.
Anyone who's helped them, anyone who's given them comfort, you're giving them all to me.
(Handbrake on, engine off) It's, erm a little more than £3,000.
Goddamn! So what do we? Jas and I meet with Jiverly.
- We're all meeting the man.
- Get the car, the logbook.
Jiverly connects us with a bomb maker.
- I'm going with you.
- You're not, you piss him off.
He doesn't want you around.
You ain't walking out of here with all that money.
You think we're gonna nick it? £3,000, that'll get you a long way out there.
I don't care about the money, I care about the fight.
You talk like a dickless man in a whorehouse.
You got a heap and a pile.
I'm supposed to believe that shit does nothing for you? You stabbed a man over £10.
I've got convictions.
You've got greed.
Jas and I get the money to Jiverly.
We finish the job.
That's the plan.
That's what we do.
- Are we agreed? - We're agreed.
(Television on) What are you doing here? Came to see you.
I found him alone.
He has a sitter.
Wasn't around when I got here.
Well, I'm here now.
We're alright now.
You can go.
I wanted to talk to you about something.
Tell you something, really.
I'm fine, thanks.
You can leave.
There's a place called Kadoma near where I grew up.
It's a good place.
The land's fertile.
Red clay.
In Rhodesia? Bright red farmland.
Why are you telling me this? It's away from people.
It's away from their shit.
Don't talk like that in front of him.
We'd We'd start over.
Who's "we"? You, me, our boy.
We could have a whole other life there.
(KENYA) I have a life.
(PENCE) All I want I want to protect you.
I want to protect my boy.
And I can't do that here anymore.
Back home in the veldt, it's clean.
- What's wrong? What's happened? - The lines are clean.
There's a different kind of order.
We'd be away from all of this.
(Door opens) (Door closes) (Door closes, footsteps) Christ! Em, you alright? Leave it.
I've got it.
Is Ronnie asleep? He seems He seems better.
Too many bad influences.
(Faint clattering) I, Er I need to be honorable.
I need to do what's honorable.
- I want to be with my son.
- Ronnie? I've erm I've already talked to her about going to Rhodesia.
You did what? (Glass clatters in trash can) What's your plan? That you, Ronnie, me, your black whore - and her bastard child - He's my son.
- You can't possibly know that.
- He's mine.
(Scoffs) So we set up home? Mm? Explain to me how it works.
You know that there's a different kind of acceptance over there.
Ah! So you spend one night in my bed and the next night in hers? It's not about her.
It's about my boy.
Which boy? The one in this house or the one that you wish was yours? They're done with me at the Met.
That son of a bitch Cullen backstabbed me.
Did it with a knife I handed him.
I'm to stay for more of that? He can have the job and all the shit that goes with it.
The thugs can have what's left.
I'll take what's mine and we'll we'll go.
How old is he? How old? Five.
(Clock ticking) - That's it? You got it? - No, no, no, no.
Not here.
Not here.
The forger's waiting.
- Well, where is he? - Back room.
Look, listen, we don't have a lot of time, you know.
Tell him to come out here.
He's not here to do business in public.
He's got your log book, man.
Tell him to come out here.
Don't! There's no need, You don't have to worry Baby Let's just do this quickly and quietly and you'll be on your way.
You're a sell-out.
You know that? I just want the money.
Give it to him.
Give it to him, Jas! (Grunting) (Gurgling) Baby, baby Jas! Get the gun! Get the gun! (Muffled grunting) And now that we'll surely (Muffled grunting) (Jas strains) Baby, baby Baby, baby (Grunts) (Choking) (Panting) (Grunts) You've darkened the wrong doorstep.
I need help.
If you're coming to me for help, we must really be lost.
I'm just asking you for an audience.
- Sister to sister.
- (Chuckles) Please.
There's a man who I'm frightened of.
He's harassing me.
If someone's harassing you, you should go to the police.
But you can't, can you? I've lost my best clients.
He's scared them all off.
I don't even dare to bring 'em back to my home.
He's turning me into a streetwalker.
Does he beat you? Take money off you? He leaves me money.
He's scaring you by leaving you money? He wants to take my son.
And he'll get him.
If he's reported you to the soc', your boy's lost.
Then Then, help me! You really expect me to expend my political capital to help you, an informant? I was resourceful.
I did what I had to to get by.
Yes, you did.
You did what you could.
You turned your back on blacks and lay on it for the filth.
You know, I'm trying to put distance between me and another race traitor.
And then you come in here expecting me to, what, stick out my neck? For my boy.
If you won't help me, help him.
He's not our problem.
You want my advice? Don't run.
Because you will lose him for sure when your lover catches you.
You're "resourceful".
Use them.
(Door opens) What happened? What the fuck happened? Jiverly's dead.
He tried to rip us off.
We killed him.
So, the one motherfucker who was gonna help us, you kill? Alright, that's it.
We're out.
What money we got, we go, we go to Algeria.
We fucking hang out with Eldridge, man, and we call it a day.
We got what, 3,000? Africa, shit! A motherfucker could live good on that.
Would the plan still work? If we had the log book, a car - What are you saying? - That IRA fucker, - the one who'd only do it for money.
- Eoin? - Nah, nah.
- Now we got money, so now he'll do it.
What are you talking about? What are you doing? What the fuck are you all doing? Oh, you all don't give a shit about some revolution.
You just want to prove who's the head nigger in charge.
We're gonna die, man.
We're all gonna motherfuckin' die! - Would it work, or not? - If we had the logbook, - the car - We can steal a car.
We'd still have to get it into The Yard.
- I'll drive it.
- They'd shoot you on sight.
If that's what it takes to finish it, I'll finish it.
(Raised voices below) - MAN: Come on, everybody! - (Cheering) (Buzz of chatter) - (Whispers) - (MAN) Leave that! Let the man put down some money.
Leave that! Mom? (Clock ticking) I have something to tell you about your father.
(DHARI) It's not my poison.
Doesn't clear your head any.
Doesn't make you forget.
How'd you do it? A knife.
I stabbed him.
It was a small knife, it It snapped, so I had to choke him until he was gone.
Marcus gets at me about stabbing a man, but don't matter how sharp that blade is.
Working it through flesh and bone, that's no easy chore, is it? I miss Eliette.
You and Eliette got close.
Did you love her? I was locked up eight years.
I know what it's like to feel shit other people don't understand.
After I shot up the Rhodesians, it felt like I was I was screaming and shouting and no one could hear me.
Eliette listened.
She understood.
She gave me a reason to keep fighting and now she (Sighs) She's the one who's dead.
(Panting) This whole trip, I've been on my own.
I tried to talk to Marcus and he coddled me.
While you were carving up children, I begged Kent for help and he dismissed me.
I tell you about Eliette and you think you can use me.
I killed somebody.
You touch me again and I'll fucking kill you.
(LANDLORD) Over 18 only at the bar, son.
- Just a lemonade.
- Over 18.
I'll need to see some proof.
Oh, serve him.
He's only ordering lemonade.
I can only serve him soft drinks if he's accompanied by an adult.
I'm an adult.
Accompany me? (Television on) Sit and watch the television.
Go on.
It's okay.
Is Marcus alright? - How have you been? - (Chuckles) Do you have any real questions for me? I'm a little desperate right now and being out in public doesn't help.
What is it you're trying to accomplish? What exactly is it you think you're doing? Because all I can see is a lot of damage.
It's retribution.
Finding an end to patrialization.
But I want to see an entire Marxist revolution.
And how much of that have you done? Julian was murdered.
How much have you done? He was my boyfriend.
You do not get to make this about him.
Look, I want to help you.
I want to help you get out of this mess.
I have family in Ireland.
There's no extradition.
That's not the kind of help I need.
I have things to do.
Things like what? We're going to plant a bomb in Scotland Yard.
Jesus! - No, it can't be done.
- It can.
It can.
If we're clever enough, it can.
You think what you're doing is special? I come from violence, Jas.
All it earns is more of the same till everybody chokes on it.
Not everybody.
Just a few.
It's them or it's all of us.
And if the police are gonna kill us anyway, I'm not going to die for nothing.
I'm tired.
Just put an end to this.
I'm tired of being nothing to them.
- To who? - All of them.
All of them.
(Sighs) (FALLON) They're gonna plant a bomb in Scotland Yard.
They're gonna "settle scores" and then they'll be gone.
To Ireland, or Algeria anywhere far from here.
If you don't catch them now, you never will.