Guerrilla (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 Yes or no? Is Kent an informant? He's a Judas! - (Angry shouting) - Judas! Judas! We're trying to prove Connor's involved in murder.
Well, that's bullshit.
I don't know where they are.
But you know how to find them.
You're giving them all to me.
They are turning professional And you using it to ass-lick your way up the Yard is gonna get people killed.
I want to build a home for us.
So you spend one night in my bed and the next night in hers? It's not about her.
It's about my boy.
I've something to tell you about your father.
I can only serve him soft drinks if he's accompanied by an adult.
Well, I'm an adult.
There going to plant a bomb in Scotland Yard.
They're gonna settle scores and then they'll be gone.
If you don't catch them now, you never will.
Are you locked in a cycle of self-destruction? I don't think so.
Blacks taking up guns, blacks informing on other blacks.
A few of them.
It looks to me as though a lot of people are doing Look, don't (Chuckles) don't do that.
- Don't put us all together.
- You as a leader Oh, man! Look, first of all, there are no black leaders.
There's nobody in charge of us.
one of your people who is now being ostracized by his own community, your own community, because he narked to the police.
Do you support or condemn the actions of that individual? I consider that a personal betrayal.
(Birds wings fluttering) (Ratcheting) (Alarm timer buzzes) The device has to be smaller.
That's not easy.
Not if you want that much damage.
It has to be small, it has to be concealable.
I can make it smaller using ANFO, but that shite's unstable.
You're just as likely to set it off making it live as when you want it to detonate.
It needs to be smaller.
(ACKERLEY) Do you know what their intentions are? (FALLON) Their intention is to set off a bomb.
Where? Where? Here.
At Scotland Yard? At whatever you call yourselves.
The Black Power desk.
How do they plan to do it? Is she credible? She knows better than to lie.
You believe they could actually do it? (Door opens, low dialogue) Do you know where they are? - Do you know where they are? - I want my brother released.
I want him sent to Ireland.
- No.
- Hand her over to us.
We can make her talk.
You're smarter than them.
You're a fucking bastard, but you're smarter than these two.
You tell them my friends won't stop until they've finished what they're planning.
They're right out there and you can't find them.
And I won't say a word until my brother is where you can't touch him.
Tell them.
Look, he's one kid.
If he stays, if he goes makes no difference.
You're responsible - for her, for all of this.
Let's go.
(LEROY) Hey, come on.
We can't be hanging around out here.
Let's go, man.
Come on, man.
We got shit to do, let's do it.
(Engine starts) I mean, I like it, I really like it.
I think Kent will love this, especially all the detail around here.
What happened to the window? - Where've you been? - Had the day off to myself.
I wasn't digging it today.
- The window? - Smashed.
- Racists or vandals? - Neither.
There's a quote from Omega.
Yeah, I can see that.
This is getting ugly.
Call Omega.
Tell her I need to meet.
(PENCE) Sit down.
Jesus, boy, I'm a cop.
Did you think you could hide it? I wasn't trying.
Taped to the underside of your dresser drawer.
If I wanted to, I would have found an alley and stuck it in my arm by now.
- I need it.
- You need drugs? I don't need them to take them, I need I need for them to sit where they were and to test me.
And as long as they were there and as long as I didn't use them, I was, you know I was getting along.
Got anything else sitting around to test you? You're the cop.
You would have found them, right? Don't get smart.
Do you want to end up back where you were? - Are you gonna threaten me? - It's not a threat.
I'm asking you, do you want to end up back sitting on a floor in your own vomit? You did what you had to do to make me good.
I know you did.
But there is a difference between being good and being normal.
And it's hard pretending we are.
Get that shit out of my face.
- Did you get the cars? - Yeah.
- A Zephyr? - Does it matter? Yeah, we got the Zephyr, we got the Triumph.
You hid the Zephyr in the garage? Jesus, we did exactly like we was told.
Now how about you tell us what's going on? - It's part of the plan.
- Yeah, what plan? Hey! We all in this shit together, man.
Jas and I have decided to compartmentalize You and Jas, huh? Me and Dhari decided we don't like doing shit when we don't know what we're doing.
The last time you were part of planning, you got Eliette killed.
Nah, nah, nah.
Fuck that, man.
I didn't do nothing.
What, leaving those travel brochures around your flat? - How smart was that? - You killed Jiverly, man.
That brother was our one ticket out and you fucked Yeah, how smart was that, huh? You think you're so hip.
Shit you don't know, man.
- Tell this fool.
- We don't need - Nah, tell him some shit.
- Tell me what? What were you saying? The less you know? Between the two of you, I don't know who's more full of it.
Boy, you going real high on yourself.
You're the one who wanted to go out middle of the day and start shooting things up.
You fucked us good! What, am I wrong? You want to speak on this? Alright.
Who's the one that snitched us out? Kent, yeah? Yeah? Kent? How'd Kent know where to find Leroy? How'd Kent even know we were all connected? Nobody knew we were hiding out with Leroy except me, you and Jas.
You know Jas and Kent used to be tight, right? You know that, right? Oh, what, she never told you? People she used to see aren't my concern.
Used to see? You don't know nothing about your woman.
Now what I'm telling you, I'm telling you out of respect.
The night Jas hit up the Rhodesians, she was out hooking up with Kent.
I mean, you and me and Leroy, we went that night.
To handle some punks, you remember that night? You remember how fierce you were? You did work that night.
- You did it for her.
- I did that for all of us.
You did what you did for her.
To make money for her.
To keep this thing alive for her, then she turns around and goes to see him.
Runs off in the dark of the night to him.
You're lying.
- What would I lie for? - Why would she tell you? She'd just killed somebody.
She was drinking.
She wasn't telling me nothing, she was just spilling her guts.
- Sod off.
- Hey.
You don't want to believe me, then don't.
But you'd better be real careful about believing her.
It's a two-stage trigger.
Take this pin out, that sets the switch.
When it winds down, the circuit's complete.
You can set it for however long you like.
Make sure you give yourself enough time to get away cause once its set, it's set.
Understand? Yeah.
You know, one way or another, that thing's gonna get you killed.
- Do you care? - Aye, I'm starting to.
(Train rumbles past) (JAS) Straight ahead.
You want to take that right.
- Ah, shite! - Pull over.
- We need to get out of here.
- Pull over.
- Go.
- It's over.
The second it's done, we'll get to the docks, - we'll get you out of here.
- We'll be there.
- I mean the second.
- We'll be there.
(Music playing) Eh? You got some stones, throwing that in my face.
How could you write that about me? - You're a turncoat! - And you're an informant.
And you want to come in here, tell me about me? Sit down.
(Exhales) Sit down.
I don't think you fully understand the magnitude of the situation you put me in.
I'm not responsible for you.
It is hard as hell being the face of black unity when one of us is selling black people out.
You know, I've got enough people in this community think I'm nothing but a half-chat from the beginning.
That I wear my blackness like some new threads I picked up on Carnaby.
I'm out here earning my skin every single day.
One careless minute, everything I built up, you want to knock down? I'm sorry, you wanted me as the face of your movement.
That tone you took in public, that was yours.
The choices you made - yours.
A boy came up to me.
What was I supposed to do? Nothing? Drug peddlers getting messed up by radicals Not radicals, Jas, a friend of mine.
- Someone I had a relationship with.
- How is that our business? Do you even want to right the wrongs of that assault or are you just trying to get even with Marcus? Look! He's just using her, okay? As far as he cares, she just serves a purpose.
The same as you're using her, the same as her own mother.
But not you, right? You're above all that.
For the mistakes For the mistakes I've made I'm just sorry I got into any of this.
And as far as I can see, I'm the only one that actually cares.
Your pity is wasted.
Every time you try and do by Jas, she's gonna pay you back with more trouble than she's worth.
You need to think about you.
You want to right yourself with your community.
You need You need to speak out against her.
You don't owe Jas and she's not one of us.
She's not.
(Buzzer sounds) What do they want? They're gonna take you out of here.
I'm not going anywhere with the pigs.
They're gonna send you to Ireland.
What did you promise them? What did you tell them? Don't do this for me.
I can't just let you sit in jail.
- I can take it.
- I can't, I can't take it.
So just go back to Ireland where you're safe, - where they can't touch you.
- And then? And I'll do what I need to do.
You're a fucking informant.
You're a traitor.
(FALLON) Can we go for a drink? (CULLEN) Where are they? I'm not fucking around.
Where are they? Please, can we just go for a drink? (Sighs) JULIE ANNE: The Gardener - What can I get you? - What do you want? - Pint and a whiskey, please.
- Which kind? Anything.
Drink up and let's go.
It's a little dark in here for me.
(Cullen exhales) They're gonna kill me.
Your friends? They're not gonna touch you.
My own brother would kneecap me if he could.
These people in here, I know them.
What do you think they're gonna do when they find out I informed? What do you think Jas is gonna do? You tell us where they are, we go and get 'em, they're not gonna touch you.
- They'll send someone.
- Who they gonna send? Eh? They're nothing.
You think they just stumbled along through all of this? - They're clever.
- (Chuckles) They're clever and now they're angry, too.
Four of them, dozens of us.
In Cuba it was hundreds against thousands.
In Vietnam, it was thousands against millions.
Fucking British Raj, it was millions against an empire.
You can't win unless you're about something.
Everything in its place.
That's what I'm about.
I can keep you where they can't touch you.
But if you don't tell me where they are, you're gonna wish they'd killed you.
A flat in Brixton.
A shithole some landlord let them.
The landlord's name? - Bailey.
- Bailey How were they gonna get the bomb to Scotland Yard? Tell me.
Gonna nick a car.
Something regular, something the police would use.
Fake a log book, and they'll get it onto the grounds.
- When? - As soon as they can.
- They're ready.
- They'll get killed trying.
They don't care.
Jas doesn't care.
She told you this? It's all good.
I have to pee.
(Coin in slot) (Rapid pips) - Hello, Scotland Yard? - It's DCI Cullen.
Let me have Ackerley.
Ackerley? Just putting you through.
- Ackerley.
- It's Cullen.
They're holed up with a landlord, name of Bailey.
We need a collator to dig through titles, find out what properties he owns in Brixton.
Look for any cars reported stolen - a Granada, Zephyr, any police-type vehicle.
The attack is imminent.
You're confident this information's reliable? Listen, she's scared for her life.
Look, they're gonna kill her.
- Get back here, both of you.
- Right.
Is there another way out of here? Yeah, through the back.
(Mutters) Shit.
What? Let's go.
(Explosion) Shit! Stay back! Yes, stay back! Got a car on fire.
Abar dekha hobe.
(Footsteps descend stairs) (Sirens approaching) The pigs try to look invulnerable, but we keep finding their weaknesses.
Every time they think they've stopped us She's coming.
- She alone? - Yeah.
- Got it handled? - Yeah.
No problems? Just the business? Just the business.
What? What? Before we went underground, you said to me that the only way we would survive is if we were up for each other.
What did I tell you? - Eh? I don't - What did I tell you? You said you were up for it.
I was straight with you, all the way down the line.
I don't understand.
You've got to be straight with me.
Are you up for this? Are you up for me? I'm asking you a question.
- This is your scene.
- Are you up for me? I've been carting around enough explosives to leave me a stain on the wall.
- That was for the cause.
- I would die for the cause.
I would die for you.
So if there's some other thing What's he been telling you? We've got shit to do.
Get ready for it.
(Tape recorder whirs) Every time they think they've stopped us, we come back a little stronger and a lot smarter.
Could you leave that for a moment? Your boy, your son.
What's his name? - Peter.
- Peter.
I think I can make it work with him.
If we were back home, instead of here.
It would be less embarrassing.
I can't blame the child, it's not Christian to blame the child.
But I can't make it work with her.
I won't do that to Kenya.
Kenya? Truly? You can't separate a mother and her boy.
Don't tell me how to be a mother.
That girl did as much to keep the peace as anybody we had working.
She was She's clever.
She knows how to manipulate.
And then did you consider that this child is just a trick on you? Hm? I just I just want to get Ronnie somewhere he can be better.
That's all I care about.
And if I have to deal with the child, I will.
Not her.
(Light switch clicks) Call the desk.
The stolen car.
A Zephyr.
Was this the car they were looking to nick? I don't know.
These flats.
Owned by Bailey.
They were round the corner from where they found the car.
Have you seen them before? Have you been there? We need that whole area choked off.
I'm already putting men on the building.
Your best boys on this one, yeah? Your best.
- Sergeant? - Well done, mate.
I need you to get me Wilson and Burroughs in the briefing room.
Stay with her.
CURTIS MAYFIELD: The Makings Of You Reciting the makings of you My dad's talking about going back to Rhodesia.
Why the hell would anyone want He thinks I don't know.
He thinks we can go back there and pretend our lives never happened.
That's what it is.
I feel sorry for him.
I feel sorry for anybody who thinks starting over is easy.
Habits are hard, you know? Habits are so fucking hard.
(Inhales deeply) Almost impossible to do Reciting the makings of you How do you feel? (Grunts) (Applause at end of record) Let me take it.
Better me out there than you.
I'll take it, drop it at a radio station.
They published our book, man.
Sitting there in a bookshop.
All it takes is a dust jacket to make a thug look all proper.
(Clatter) When I was in prison when I was years into losing myself when I had nothing left to live for .
you would come to me and you would tell me about Jas, tell me about how she'd make you feel and the beauty she brought to life.
Always good with words.
On Jas, you're never better.
You don't know what it meant that you could relay such feelings to me.
I never knew my mother and I'm sorry I ever knew my father, but until you shared Jas with me until then, I never knew love.
I've been vulgar when I expressed that to you before.
What I meant was, and I'm saying this respectful I feel Jas is my girl, too.
Not how she means to you, but still mine in a way that's different to anyone else.
What you feel, I feel.
And what you want I want that, too.
(Marcus sighs) (Gulls cry) We're in position.
Situation report.
The windows are obscured.
Can't see inside.
Tell them to keep eyes on.
They're not getting out of that house.
Maintain observation covertly.
All received.
(Music playing, murmur of conversations) If he wants more, give him more.
If he runs out, come back and find me.
(Grunts) (Grunts) We've got to go.
I'm not leaving without him.
And we can't stay here.
He knows where to meet us.
Come on.
It's time.
Jas? I need you to know something.
The things I do, I do because I love you.
We've got something.
We've got movement.
Take positions.
All units move up.
We're in position.
How many targets? It's difficult to tell.
Send your men.
Oh, fucking hell! What have I not given you? The stolen car, the owner of the flat? Send them! Give the order.
Breach the building.
Attack, attack.
- (Grunts) - Armed police! Armed police! - Armed police! - Don't shoot! Please, don't shoot! Don't shoot! We're in the building.
We've got some squatters.
That's it.
Say again.
The suspects aren't at the location? There's no sign they've been here.
But they they have to be there.
The car was there, the girl told me What That bitch Fuck Move.
Out the way.
- Where is she? - I don't know.
The girl! Where is she? Sorry, guv, I thought she (Clockwork motor ticking) Get out! There's a bomb! (Alarm rings) Call an ambulance! (Tires screech) - What are you doing? - Enjoying it.
Get in.
(Tires screech) (Opens drawer) (Papers rustle) (Ringing tone) - Hello? - Savi, it's Kent.
Um, hi.
I I need to find Jas.
It's too late.
Is there someone you know might have spoken to her? Might have seen her? You know, I Savi, I'm not giving up on her.
It's too late.
She's done something.
Yeah, um Savi, I I'll come to you.
Um and we'll find her.
(Sirens blare) (Grunts) (Groans) (Cries out) (Yells) (Grunts) (Train's horn) Do people like Kent deserve scorn? Look, it's real simple.
It's about trust.
You sit there, you call me a leader.
I say what I mean, I'm good to my word.
Kent couldn't do that, so Kent Look you show respect, you get respect.
You show something else, you get what you get.
And that's on you.
That's not on me, that's on you.
(Phone rings) Hello.
Nic, there's been an attack.
- They set off a bomb.
- Where? The Yard, here.
Black Power desk.
They blew Cullen half-apart.
Nick, we need everybody in.
Yeah, yeah.
(Ship's horn) Hold on.
On the boat, let's go! (Radio playing shipping forecast) (Horn blasts) (Gulls cry) (RADIO) to verify claims of responsibility for the attack on Metropolitan Headquarters by the radical group known as the Black Army Faction.
However, Radio Station Invicta has received a communique which alleges to be from one of the Faction leaders in which he speaks in detail about their most recent action.
(MARCUS) This is the voice of the Black Army Faction.
Sometime today we blew up the racist establishment within the Metropolitan Police, known as the Black Power desk.
The pigs in this country are our enemies.
They have murdered and they have tortured.
And now they have paid for their crimes.
The filth tries to look invulnerable.
But we keep finding their weaknesses.
Every time they think they've stopped us, we come back a little stronger and a lot smarter.
For now, we will melt away.
We will wait.
And when we are ready, at the moment of our choosing we will strike again.
This isn't how it ends.
This is how it begins.
We cool? I'm so fucking cool.
Freedom How long Will it take you To realize That I'm a man?