Guilty Crown (2011) s01e05 Episode Script

Training:A preparation

1 When you're with Tsutsugami Gai, please press the blue button twice, and then the red one once.
We will come to mete out the appropriate punishment on them.
No matter where they may be.
So, everything that makes me whole I'll give that to you now I'm yours I'm yours I'm yours Say, there's lots of happiness in this world, isn't there? Someday, if we're together Even if someone calls you a liar and tries to hurt you with cruel words, even if the world does not try to believe you and places a crown of thorns upon your head, I can take your side, and yours alone I know your pain and loneliness So everything that makes me whole I'll give that to you now How's Kido? He's still sleeping.
I don't know if it's due to the shock of having his Void used, but he shows no sign of waking.
I see.
In that case, I'll formally reintroduce him.
This is Ouma Shu.
He has the Void Genome.
We'll be placing Shu at the core of our strategies henceforth.
Now that he's joined us and we've acquired Kido Kenji, the greatest of the Undertakers' immediate goals is within reach: taking the Leucocyte.
Leucocyte? This is the proposed plan.
Depending on the situation on the ground, there are 145 diverging patterns it could take.
You will all memorize every last one of them by the time we begin the operation.
How much time? Three days.
If you can't even manage that, don't participate.
It hasn't even been a full day since our raid on the isolation facility.
Fatigue is a concern.
No, it's not.
What did you people come here for? I doubt it was for a pleasant nap! Do you plan to waltz into the enemy's line of fire while bleary-eyed from sleep? Ayase.
Yes? You'll be responsible for giving him enough basic training to keep up on this mission.
Me, Sir? He'll only get in our way as he is now.
If you value your own life, you'll do it.
Um, you don't have to bother with me, really.
I'd feel awful causing trouble for a girl in a wheelchair, too.
My, you're very kind, Ouma.
You can call me "Shu" This wheelchair is something that makes me who I am.
I don't need your consideration.
Understand? Hey, are you serious about jumping? It'll be fine! Come on, just get over here! Believe in me! What was My clothes and the pen are both gone Ew! Your training starts now, got it? No more sleeping in.
Prepare yourself! I said you didn't have to I don't like this either! I'm only doing it because Gai said to.
Why did you even want to join the Undertakers, anyway? You're a laughably bad fit for us.
That's What are you looking at? This? Where did you get that? It looks nice.
I found it.
Don't tell me it's yours? Well, yes.
Could I have it back? Nope.
Oh, wait, I've got a great idea.
We're planning to test you in a week to see if you've got what it takes to be in the Undertakers.
I'll let you have this back — if you pass.
I'm Tsukishima Argo, a second year at Ryusen High.
What's your name? It's Ouma Shu.
I know that.
Come at me like you're really trying to kill me.
This is real, right? Yeah.
And? The title of an Undertaker is a heavy one.
Don't let this scare you! Heartbeat soaring dangerously high.
Man, do you ever exercise? I'm more into cultural stuff! This might be heavy.
What do you think of him, Ogumo? He might be hopeless.
She's really good at this sort of stuff.
You're going to try to be this good, too.
Huh? What do I do? Is this right? No.
The slide will skin your hand like that.
Put your thumb more like Don't get too close to me.
Hello! Pervy Brat Ouma Shu The Leucocyte Plan seems to be coming along nicely.
The "Invisible Cage" I'm fond of perverse tastes like that.
Enough smart remarks.
How is the wedge you sent to divide them? The chances that he'll do it are fifty-fifty.
Argo, Shu, here you go.
Oh, hey, I hear you're gonna be with Gai on this one, huh Kyo? Yes! I'll finally have the chance to fight with him! It's a shame I won't get to see the mock battle, but give it all you've got, Shu! Thanks.
See ya! She's so young I guess everybody follows the confident people, huh.
I mean, even if I did the same things, I'm pretty sure nobody would follow me.
I guess it's the selfish people who get ahead in this world after all.
Gai's not like that.
Right now, you can't see anything.
Though at the rate you're going, I'm not sure you ever will But either way, don't you think that was insulting to Gai and every one of us? Apologize.
I'm sorry.
By the way Can you draw out those Void things from anybody? Huh? With how hard I'm trying, it's like I'm really planning to join these guys.
the wind streamed by The two overlapped I shall sing the proof that you lived For the sake of those who have no names This is kind of like the first time we met, huh? It feels a little nostalgic.
Hey, Inori, why are you in the Undertakers? Why did you come here? Me? There are a lot of reasons But the biggest one is that I was happy, I think.
I was I was happy you came for me back there! Hey, Inori.
If just if I said, "Let's leave the Undertakers together," would you Gai gave me a name.
I had nothing, and he gave me a name.
He gave me a world.
So I can't go.
But What about that "I belong to you" and "stay with you forever" stuff, then?! What did that mean? It can't be.
Gai told me to do that.
Seriously? Don't get too close to me.
B-But Inori! Wait! No way What am I doing? Was this just another one of my one-sided misunderstandings? How humiliating.
Why does everyone like Gai the most?! Why don't you watch where you're going? Sorry! What are you looking at?! I'm so sorry! I'm really sorry Did you see that room? You really like Inori, huh? Poor boy.
Don't look at me.
I'm sorry.
They spend the night together like that two or three times a month.
We pretend not to see it, but I think we've all noticed by now.
Too bad for you.
Are you okay with it, Ayase? With what? Well, you like Gai, don't you? What are you basing that on?! Huh? You don't? That is not what's going on! I respect Gai! I don't get it.
It's always Gai I can't help but think it's just about girls always going for the cocky jerks with handsome faces.
I know I'm probably wrong, though.
I know it's probably because I'm just a kid who can't see anything, but You can look.
If you want to find out, start by winning tomorrow's mock battle.
If you win, you'll officially be one of us.
I'm sure you'll start seeing the light then.
No thanks.
My policy is to never get help from anyone.
But I don't exactly look elegant crawling up into it myself, so I don't like people watching me, either.
Would you mind leaving? Good night.
Good night.
You look more like her every day.
Does it bother you? I don't know.
Gai! It's one squadron.
Just what we planned for.
The OAU and the Leaving Nations.
These are principled people.
All right, time to start the mock battle.
This battle is modeled on Scenario D-14 in the operation to take the Leucocyte, and assumes that you end up having to face an Endlave by yourself.
If you can get past Steiner and can take shelter in the vehicle behind me, you win.
Even paint bullets can knock you unconscious if they hit you.
So concentrate.
Got it? Roger.
Shu That's asking the impossible.
Even I can't dodge Ayase's Endlave.
And she's gotten faster since she got Steiner, too.
Aya! You ready to connect? Do it.
Shall we begin? Okay then.
Ready Go! You're showing me your back? The way you're running away is pathetic! It's just unreasonable to ask me to manage without a weapon! Look sharp! You'll be dead if you don't stop messing around! What now? What should I do?! Shu?! Argo! Sorry! Ah Goal! Huh? He did it Seriously? Sorry.
I cheated.
No problem.
You just used something that makes you who you are.
A light that brings darkness am I really a gloomy guy deep down? Welcome, Shu.
Starting today, you're one of us.
Ow! Here, your reward.
If it's important to you, hang on to it from now on and don't lose it.
Playing teammates? Looks like fun.
So you're awake, Kenji.
Kenji? It's Kido Kenji, Shu.
The person you rescued from Isolation Facility Four.
What do you mean, "playing teammates"? Not too sharp, are you? In a bunch of ways.
What's that Gai up to? Hey! Guys, we've got trouble! What's wrong? Did something happen? The Leucocyte was just fired at Point Delta! At the place where Gai is? This is not good.
We fired at 3% output.
Target destruction rate was 110%.
Error was +0.
7 meters.
"I am the way to a forsaken people Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
" These days you love me no more nor am I still treasured by you Now I am all alone What did you tell me when we parted? The words hung in midair and never reached me I know my dreams and wishes are illusory and yet I cannot give up on them You said, "Don't let go, hold onto my hand" and, "We will always be together" Your hands as I held them were warm and tender