Guilty Crown (2011) s01e06 Episode Script


1 Guys, we've got trouble! What's wrong? The Leukocyte was just fired at Point Delta! At the place where Gai is? The Leukocyte is a constellation of Quasi-Zenith Satellites.
When it's completed, it will have full 24-hour coverage directly over Japan and be able to strike at any target in our country at any time.
Why would they build something like that? To exterminate the Japanese people.
Gai?! Are you all right? Are you injured? Just a few scratches.
And Kyo and the others? They were less fortunate.
All our reinforcements were annihilated, and the supplies are unrecoverable.
Shall we take a moment to regroup? No.
There's no time to waste now.
We'll begin our operation.
So, everything that makes me whole I'll give that to you now I'm yours I'm yours I'm yours Say, there's lots of happiness in this world, isn't there? Someday, if we're together Even if someone calls you a liar and tries to hurt you with cruel words, even if the world does not try to believe you and places a crown of thorns upon your head, I can take your side, and yours alone I know your pain and loneliness So everything that makes me whole I'll give that to you now Are you ready, Gai? Yes.
It looks like we're all here.
The target of this operation is the Leukocyte control facility at the base of the Tsukigase Dam.
We're going to sneak into its bottom floor and stop the control cores.
Are we gonna smash 'em up? Kenji.
This is the Leukocyte.
See, it's controlled through a quantum cryptography system on the ground.
And 200 meters below the dam, voilà! This is the control device.
The cores are housed in a superconductive float cage, and it switches to autistic mode in response to any physical stimulus.
At that point it's game over.
You won't be able to manipulate it from the outside at all.
In other words, in order to send this thing the signal to stop, you have to manipulate the cores without touching them.
Without touching them? That's where Shu and Kenji come in.
Their abilities, the King's Right Hand and the gravity-controlling Void, are the keys to this operation.
However, with our reinforcements wiped out I have a new proposed plan here.
Our projected casualties are up from 5% to 35%, but it's possible.
I'm asking you all to share this.
Are you saying one out of three of us will die? That's The danger will spread to this whole country soon.
We have no choice but to contain it now.
I don't like it.
If someone dies because I screw up, won't they die for nothing? I'll take the blame.
For Kyo and the others, too? Words are cheap.
I'm pulling out of this one.
Hey, Shu.
Quit talking like a spoiled brat.
I'm saying this for your sake.
It's just messed up to follow him! You little— Hold on, hold on.
Who's the bad guy here, you or Gai? Read the social cues, man.
You heard the man.
What now? Hm There'll be no change of plans.
Dismissed! Shu.
Oh, it's you, Inori.
I'm sorry for always causing you trouble.
But they don't listen to me eith— Stop talking like that.
I hate it.
Do exactly as I say.
Leukocyte 3 will transition into its planned orbit in another four hours, and the cage will be complete.
You're on standby until then.
I regret to say it won't be in time, then.
The Undertakers will attack in two hours and seventeen minutes.
Do you have a private source of information? No, just gut feeling or perhaps, it's more of a hope.
This is one time I hope your instincts are off, Segai.
Two hours and seventeen minutes? Sounds like sundown.
O-Oh, I see.
They'll come at sundown! This will be your first battle since coming out of the hospital.
Will you be all right? What?! Who do you think you're talking to? Those little maggots took my Steiner I'll make them pay.
Even if they come to me crying and begging for mercy, I'll still pull the trigger.
Hmm? Did you say something, Lieutenant? Come, hurry here and show me your choice.
This feeling it's like first love, Ouma Shu! Nothing's gotten to me like that in a while.
What the hell am I doing all this for? To be honest, it took all I had just to keep my “leader” act up.
Right after the Leukocyte attack, Kyo was still alive.
Gai Thank you so much.
I'll remember my whole life that you told me you liked my voice My whole life Gai She was smiling.
She was glad I was fine glad that she was the one to die.
So, I started to ask myself, "Is Tsutsugami Gai someone who can repay their sacrifice?" "Shouldn't I be better than this?" I'm a much smaller man than I let them all believe.
I'm really nothing I should be the very first one selected out.
Eavesdropping, eh? You have such healthy hobbies.
I didn't want to hear that.
I didn't want to see that side of you, Gai.
What kind of guy did you think I was? You get it now, don't you? I lose confidence, I get mad, and I let other people spoil me.
Inori, too? Damn right.
Do you think I can shoulder everyone's lives and not feel any of their weight? I don't want to be indifferent.
I want to be worthy of everyone's feelings.
I'll help, too.
You're an idiot.
It's time.
Begin the operation.
Black Swan to all units.
Open combat! Enemy attack! Is it the Undertakers? Major Segai! Send out the Endlave, please.
This is it! Yes! This is what Daryl Yan is about! Your baby here is a sweet ride! Steiner My Steiner Give it back! Give it back, give it back! Give it back! Thanks, Ogumo! Gai, the diversion's coming off pretty well.
Are you in yet? Yeah.
I'm going to turn off my communicator for a while.
Pray for us.
Come back soon.
Run! You haven't fired a single shot, Ouma Shu.
It's all I can do to keep running! Hurry up and get used to killing people already.
And boom! The cores are in here.
Let's go.
They just keep coming! I'll take care of things here.
Okay, Gai? Suit yourself.
Thank you.
H-Huh? I don't want to kill you if I can avoid it.
So stay back.
Damn it! Fools.
I-Inori?! Why? Come on, quit dawdling.
Hurry up and take it.
It's time for my Void, right? Someone's invaded the core room! Prepare to swap.
Sheesh, you're so high maintenance.
Now, then.
I believe it's time to go fetch him.
The center? Yes.
Be careful.
When they've stopped circulating, Funell will input the stop command.
Hello! I've been dying to meet you, Tsutsugami Gai.
I'll pay you back real good for making a fool of me.
Gai! You just concentrate! Daryl, the cores are in there! Don't go crazy! Shu! What? You piece of shit! Wow Gai! Hang in there, Toku— No Signal.
Huh? Bad news, Gai! What is it? Something's wrong with Leukocyte 1! Damage to the core is making the attitude control malfunction! It's falling out of orbit! At this rate, Leukocyte 1 will crash in Tokyo with most of its mass intact! Shu.
Give me the pen.
The pen GHQ made you take.
Give it to me.
So you were on to me, then.
It seems you got by without pushing it, eh, Ouma? That's a bit of a shame, but right now, I'm grateful.
You're Segai? I'm pleased to meet you, Tsutsugami Gai.
I'll make you a deal.
I'll use this to do something about the satellite.
In exchange, you erase all the data on Ouma Shu that you've gathered from these incidents.
The signal from your pen is connected to the Leukocyte.
The Leukocyte was programmed to fire at it when you pushed the buttons.
Which means if we get the firing satellite, the falling satellite, and this pen all lined up, we should be able to shoot it down.
But doesn't that mean someone would be making himself the target?! Gai's outside?! What's going on?! I don't know.
But right now we need to cover him! Are you just gonna stand by and watch again? Are you okay with that, Ouma Shu? Do you want to save them, Shu? Inori? Shu do you want to save everyone? And Gai? Yeah.
I heard that.
The fight is on.
Will I be the one selected out, or will it be the world? Gai! Shu?! That Void Someone told me to use this.
And you know who, don't you?! Tsugumi, how long before they align? Thirty seconds! Everybody hear that? Hold out for thirty seconds! Yes, Black Swan.
Oh no you don't! This isn't my wish alone.
This isn't my power alone! Now! 70-year-old finishes marathon! Hell yeah! Why did you come? One sinner is plenty.
I said I'd help, didn't I? I guess this makes me your accomplice.
Thank you, Shuichiro.
Cocytus trembled.
She should awaken any time now.
Seeking her beloved king You said, "Don't let go, hold onto my hand" and, "We will always be together" Your hands as I held them were warm and tender