Guilty Crown (2011) s01e10 Episode Script


1 Commander to all units: Shu will hold them back with Inori's Void.
During that time, we'll seize the second truck.
The target will be at the attack point in six, five, four, three, two, one Go! Shu, what's wrong? Hey, what's the holdup? Please, make it quick! They'll spot us! I can't! Damn it! They've spotted us! Shu, what's wrong?! Answer me! At this rate, everyone will Come quick! Shu.
Shu?! Commander to all units, abort mission! Abort mission! So, everything that makes me whole I'll give that to you now I'm yours I'm yours I'm yours Say, there's lots of happiness in this world, isn't there? Someday, if we're together Even if someone calls you a liar and tries to hurt you with cruel words, even if the world does not try to believe you and places a crown of thorns upon your head, I can take your side, and yours alone I know your pain and loneliness So everything that makes me whole I'll give that to you now Blooming wildflower Do you love me, Shu? I beg you, please tell me Yeah! Then promise me something.
Promise you'll make your big sister happy.
Summer's sun clouded over, the wind streamed by The two overlapped Shu! Are you awake? I'm coming up! Morning, Shu! Did you sleep well? Here.
It's a sandwich, is that okay? You know, you surprised me yesterday when you messaged me out of nowhere asking for help.
You're not going to tell me anything? Why don't you want to go home? Well, you can tell me when you feel like it.
You're not going to answer? I see.
No, let him be for now.
That Shu I apologize for the wait.
It's been a while, hasn't it, Mr.
Tsutsugami? Gai.
That's what my comrades call me.
This is a surprise.
I certainly never thought you were his son.
"His"? Which means I have to ask you Tsutsugami Gai, why do you fight? What is it for? It's for a woman.
There's one special woman out there that I want to hold in my arms.
That's why I'm fighting.
Saving Japan is a side project to getting your woman, eh? Now that's funny! The rock we discussed will be brought to Haneda the day after tomorrow.
It seems Yan is trying to transport it overseas.
It's something that should remain in the grasp of the Japanese.
Don't you think so? Yes.
We'll use all our strength to stop them.
Who would have thought this rock, the object of every nation's desire, would fall into my hands like this This will take you another step closer to the White House.
You're an ambitious woman, Emily.
I suppose the unknown is Keido.
He steals this, and then instead of running he waltzes right back here? I'm so glad you feel like coming back to school, Shu! I mean, it's really not good for you to hole up in that place forever.
Right? Right.
Inori's out today, right? Yo! Shu, so you're here! Where've you been, man? Um Sorry! Are you okay?! Um, sure, sorry Shu?! What's wrong? Are you okay?! I'll go get you some water.
Wait here.
What's the matter with you? Ayase I'm done.
I want to quit.
Don't tell me you're ready to give up on everything just because you couldn't save one kid with the cancer? I thought I could do it.
I've changed.
So I thought I could be like Gai.
But I'm just me.
I'm just Ouma Shu.
I can't believe you're wallowing in self-pity! Wake up already, Shu! It's no use, Ayase.
Please, wait.
Give me just a little more— We know where the stolen rock that started it all is.
We're running a recovery mission.
Come on.
It's got nothing to do with me! Shu! I never wanted this stupid power in the first place! I'm sick of it, do you hear me? They say it's possible to isolate the Void Genome if its possessor dies.
Want to test that? You're a dead man now.
Don't show your face in front of us again.
I'll have Inori pull out, too.
Coward! I was stupid to think for even a second that you were one of us! You're still here, huh? U-Um, calls or texts or something can we Here.
This is a new song.
I'd like you to listen to it, Shu.
Monster! I'm sorry! I'm just sort of— It doesn't matter anymore.
Goodbye, Shu.
I think I must've wanted to be like Gai.
But it was impossible.
So it's better this way.
That's right.
Everything's gone back to normal.
It should be better this way, but It's too salty, Inori.
Major General Yan will be temporarily returning home on that craft with some top-secret materials.
Our duty is to see him safely off! Let's do this thing! Right, men? The Major General should be arriving any minute now.
Daryl The cycle is getting short.
Am I near my limit? Gai.
Am I a monster? Did Shu tell you that? Did you fall in love with him? Is this love? Tell me, Gai, do I love Shu? So you chose him too, in the end.
Survive first.
We'll think about this afterward.
Excuse me! What do you mean by this, Chief Keido? How could you use Kurosu's ID to steal that rock, not to mention hand it over to Major General Yan?! I saw a familiar face on the island.
He's grown a lot, hasn't he? Don't involve Shu in this! It's too late for that.
He's already inherited the King's Power.
Shu has the Void Genome? That's not all.
He's in with the Undertakers, too.
Yuzuriha Inori.
You've met her too, haven't you? Do you really believe a girl with that face, that body, is by his side through mere coincidence? Gai.
All right.
Begin the operation.
We'll be at Point B in 30.
Aye! After that point there are surveillance cameras and monitors that I can't control from here, so be careful.
Commander to all units: We have thirty minutes until our objective's transport plane takes off.
My team will seize the plane before then.
The Endlave unit will deploy when we announce the seizure and back us up.
Got it? Roger.
Aye! You summoned me out here too, so don't screw it up.
Of course not.
We've been expecting you, Major General Yan! Is the transport plane ready? Yes, Sir! Everything's been fully prepared under Major Segai's careful command.
Switch the camera to channel G7.
There's no such channel, Sir Well, naturally.
After all, I just now set it up.
Here we go.
Are we ready for broadcast? All set, Sir.
It'll be outputted from every channel in the city that's under GHQ control.
This is Major Segai.
All my beloved members of the Anti Bodies, take Vaccine D now.
I repeat: All my beloved members of the Anti Bodies, take Vaccine D now.
What happened?! I trust this will do, Chief Keido? Don't come crying to me later.
How's Gai's team? Fine.
They've boarded the plane.
It's too quiet.
But it's too late to back out now.
It's unmanned? What does this mean? Tsutsugami Gai! I'm sending you to heaven! What's going on here? What?! I wish I'd gotten to hear the rest of the lecture.
I like the Classics a lot, you know.
Oh really Come on, I say so all the time! What? Let me be close to you, Hare.
You don't mind, right? After all you love me, don't you? Shu! Hare! I'm sorry, Hare! For what?! Try telling me exactly what you did wrong! Um See, you don't know! You're not seeing me at all, Shu.
Don't make me a substitute for Yuzuriha! I didn't mean to Did your big new power make it so you can't even see yourself anymore? I saw it.
I saw you draw something like scissors out of Yahiro and destroy an Endlave.
I felt so bad for you then And I wanted to help cheer you up somehow But that Shu just now wasn't okay! That's not the Shu I love! I'm sorry, Hare.
I really am sorry.
What was that? This is a song? Crap, the controls don't work! Tsugumi, cut the remote controls! Gimme a sec.
Done! This is genetic resonance! Don't tell me he's activated the stone?! No! I've come to fetch you Chief.
Gai! Argo! Look out! Aya, run! What can you possibly be thinking of?! Humanity's future.
Now, let's begin.
Let's finish what we started on that day on that Christmas we lost! What's this bad feeling? It's just like No Stop! This isn't the right song! She'll wake up! Really, Shuichiro, you're old enough to know better.
You're as entertaining as always.
No! These days you love me no more nor am I still treasured by you Now I am all alone What did you tell me when we parted? The words hung in midair and never reached me I know my dreams and wishes are illusory and yet I cannot give up on them You said, "Don't let go, hold onto my hand" and, "We will always be together" Your hands as I held them were warm and tender