Guilty Crown (2011) s01e11 Episode Script


1 Gai don't tell me you're No.
This is Dan! What the hell is this?! T-Terrorists, eh? St-State your conditions! What do you want? I'm GHQ's Supreme Commander— Unit number 823.
It's the same number as my birthday.
Don't you get it? I see you don't even get it.
You two are obscene! So, everything that makes me whole I'll give that to you now I'm yours I'm yours I'm yours Say, there's lots of happiness in this world, isn't there? Someday, if we're together Even if someone calls you a liar and tries to hurt you with cruel words, even if the world does not try to believe you and places a crown of thorns upon your head, I can take your side, and yours alone I know your pain and loneliness So everything that makes me whole I'll give that to you now This is Keido Shuichiro, chief of GHQ's Anti Bodies unit.
I'm afraid that Major General Yan has died tragically today in a surprise terrorist attack.
You worked hard, Lieutenant.
In accordance with military regulations, as the highest-ranking official at the scene, I will be assuming command.
These terrorists have launched a despicable, large-scale viral attack against the entire Kanto region.
This is a Level 1 state of emergency.
As of this moment, all military personnel are under Anti Bodies command.
I repeat: This is a Level 1 state of emergency.
We'll avail ourselves of your help as well, Dr.
Don't you dare! Haruka! Stop! How dare you point your gun at a woman?! I expected more from you, Scarface! A bit behind, aren't you? I expected more from you from the beginning.
Time to move, Major Segai.
Yes, Sir.
At approximately 3:40 pm, a terrorist group calling itself the Undertakers carried out a large-scale attack at Haneda Airport using the Virus.
In response, the government has issued a special contagion alert, That's wrong! The Undertakers would never resort to bioterrorism! Well, duh.
and citizens are Tsugumi? What are you doing, Shu? They've taken us all down.
And I can't get in touch with Gai or Inoreen At this rate, we'll all You guys It's your fault, Shu.
Because you wouldn't come! Because you wouldn't use Voids! A special contagion alert has been issued.
All students who haven't yet evacuated, please move to your designated shelter blocks.
Have you seen Hare and Ouma? Shu probably went home early.
I repeat: A special contagion alert has been He was looking pretty sick earlier.
Um, can you hear me? If they can hear this broadcast, I'd like the following people to, um to report to the Film Club room.
I know it's a bad time, but I have a favor to ask.
I'll use their Voids to save Gai and Inori.
I don't know whether I can really do it or not, but I've got no choice.
The leader, Tsutsugami Gai, is on the run with one accomplice.
The Undertakers' remaining arsenal consists of one large trailer, one Endlave, and a fighting force of about eight people west of the terminal.
They've completely lost their chain of command now.
Where's the Chief? He just arrived in Roppongi.
It seems Undertakers' forces are concentrated at Haneda, just as planned.
It's time to cross the river of lamentation Mana.
What's this "favor," Shu? You know we're under a contagion alert, right? Mm-hmm.
But But I want to go to Haneda.
To the airport? The Virus is out there, you know! There are people I want to save at Haneda.
But I can't do it by myself so, I thought if I could get your help So you intend to use people like tools again, huh? Yahiro! What do you mean, "tools"? Good question.
Maybe Shu will answer that for you.
Huh, Shu? Mana we're doing this again? Gai.
I could stop this.
It's too late.
After it's crystallized this much, even your blood won't No, I mean I could sing that song Inori?! I have a lot of questions for you, but for now tell me this: Where is Shu? Isn't he with you? We left him behind.
He should be in school right now.
No need to worry.
But he'll come.
I'm sure that Shu will Might I ask what he means by "tools," exactly? Who is it you have to go save, even when it's this dangerous? Don't tell me it's Inori? Is it Inori?! Don't all go at him at once, guys.
Shu will answer you.
Right? What would Gai do at a time like this? Would he act without taking no for an answer? There's no time! We have to run! Come on, tell us, Shu! We're friends, aren't we? Ouma Shu, I believe you have a duty to answer.
Would he get some consensus first? Would he trick them into doing what he wanted? Or would he just force orders on them? That's Gai's way of doing things.
I can't be like Gai.
I'll just have to do things the way I can do them.
What? I'm about to do something a little scary to you.
But you don't have to worry.
You're not in danger.
Go ahead.
H-Hey! What is this?! Bandaging That's like you, Hare.
What happened to Hare? It's okay.
She'll wake up when I put this back.
Wh-What's going on, Shu?! I trust you'll explain, Ouma? This is a Void.
It's someone's heart given form.
So its shape and effects will be different depending on the person.
No way! Huh? What did I It's okay.
I used your Void just now.
What did mine look like? It was kind, like you.
I'm pretty sure you've forgotten, but I've drawn out yours before, too, Souta and Yahiro and Kuhouin.
Us too? It felt like I'd peeked into your hearts without asking, so I've felt guilty all along.
I'm sorry.
That's not all, though, is it? You forgot the part where you used that power to help terrorists.
Yahiro Say it.
Say who you want to go save now, too.
That's right.
Gai and Inori everyone in the Undertakers.
Inori's in the Undertakers too? Answer me, Shu.
Why do you want to save people like that? When you couldn't even save Jun! Those guys are terrorists! It's because they believed that there was something I could do! If it hadn't been for the Undertakers, I'd still be someone who didn't matter! Now they're in trouble, and there's something I can do to help! So please! Okay, then! Let's go! No guarantee we'll be safe here anyway, right? Might as well move, then! That's just like you, Souta.
It sounds like it's not someone else's business for me, either.
All right! Thanks, Yahiro.
Well, I never would've mattered either, if Jun hadn't needed me.
You're the same, aren't you? Is this the Gate of Hell that leads to Cocytus? No.
For me, this is the Gate of Heaven.
I can't hold out very long! I never thought I'd do the practical test under these circumstances Will Shu come? Do I want him to come? I didn't know there was a pathway here.
We should be able to get close to the airport without getting stopped by the army this way.
You're all right now, right? Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
I owe it to you, Hare.
Dammit, dammit, dammit! Shu! Almost there Almost there! It's open! Inori! Shu I'll never be loved by you again Or needed by you again, either And so here I am, all alone You always do that, make me angry And then make me cry in the end Inori.
But when you said "I'm sorry" afterward, Genomic resonance is exceeding 3000?! I always loved the look on your face What?! This song It's Inori.
Inori's singing! There's a barricade up ahead! Halt! We'll eliminate all intruders by force! Kuhouin! Use it! Fire! Yes, hold me tight as you can and don't let go Barricade 3 has been breached! Is it an Endlave? I want to be in your arms Well, er We'll sleep with our foreheads pressed together The bridge! Gai wouldn't retreat.
Hare! Wow.
They're swarming us! Souta, it's your turn! Me? Endlave Platoon 4 has been completely wiped out! You always do that, make me angry Gate 2 has been breached! You can't stop one measly buggy? And then make me cry in the end How incompetent can you be? Swap me into the nearest unit.
But when you said "I'm sorry" afterward, I'll bring them down.
I always loved the look on your face There you are! Tsugumi! The radar building! Aye-aye! We'll take the shortest route! Hold on, everybody! Shu is coming! You're late, dude.
Inori! Yes, hold me tight as you can and don't let go I want to be in your arms We'll sleep with our foreheads pressed together Yahiro? This is what you can do, right? Come on out, you little rats.
So it was you, faceless bastard?! Moron.
Just wasting my effort Inori! Inori.
Shu! Inori! I'm very disappointed in you.
You gain what could be your throne, and then you just leave it empty forever.
This is where we part.
Goodbye, Ouma Shu.
The song It stopped.
This is why I can't leave you to your own devices Gai! Hang on! Gai Gai! These days you love me no more nor am I still treasured by you Now I am all alone What did you tell me when we parted? The words hung in midair and never reached me I know my dreams and wishes are illusory and yet I cannot give up on them You said, "Don't let go, hold onto my hand" and, "We will always be together" Your hands as I held them were warm and tender