Guilty Crown (2011) s01e20 Episode Script

Remembrance:A Diary

1 Ouma Shu has obtained the Void Genome and recovered his powers.
He has also materialized his own Void.
I know.
You know? You don’t mean… How are things, Mana? It’s cramped in here.
This girl’s pretty stubborn for a fake.
But soon, all of this will be me.
Then we can have lots of fun together… …Triton.
The reality of the destruction around us fills our mind The raging rain sounds like a storm of tears Notice that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your voice was given to you to tell others how you feel and that your hands were given you to hold those dear to you All living things bear witness to my song Your heart contains all its truth Even when all you see in your path are storms remember that your strength is no coincidence and on it, rely Here you are, Yahiro.
Shu was pretty amazing, wasn't he? Aren’t you going to say anything to him? What should I say? There’s a message from Ward 24.
Gai’s talking! Hurry! I warned you once.
Don’t get in my way.
Yet, there have been 34 invasion attempts and 42,000 hacking attempts on Ward 24.
Therefore, I have come to a conclusion.
You want to die.
You want to be destroyed.
Very well.
I shall grant your wish.
I’ve decided to let this world determine each of your individual worths.
On December 25th, the current world shall end… …and a new world shall begin.
Kuhouin instructed me to use all his assets and connections to fight Gai.
To do that, we’ll join forces with a PMC tomorrow morning.
That is, a private military company.
Ouma Shu, would you fight with us? I’ll ask the rest of you as well.
Please lend us your help! Would someone tell me something first? What’s Gai trying to do exactly? The Fourth Apocalypse.
Gai intends to cause Lost Christmas on a worldwide scale.
Shibungi! No way, are you a ghost?! I’m quite alive.
Gai gave me this.
That’s— Dr.
Ouma Kurosu’s diary.
Dad’s? They have the right to die knowing everything… …and the obligation as well.
Especially Shu.
As Ouma Kurosu’s former best friend, isn’t that what you want, Dad? ”Best friend…” There was a time when I could call him that.
That was back when I was still a graduate student at Tennozu College.
At the time, other people were nothing but annoyances to me.
However… Keido! This paper of yours is just too beautiful! I can’t stop crying, I’m so moved! I found out something when Ouma Kurosu appeared.
There were others who could operate from the same conceptual framework as me, argue theory with me, and compete with me.
And then the Genomic Resonance Theory Kurosu constructed on the basis of my Intron RAM Hypothesis commanded worldwide attention as the key to unlocking the mysteries of evolution and natural selection.
Kurosu, look! Your paper is— Saeko Shijou.
A woman from the college’s medical school who was famous across campus for her accomplishments.
She was already carrying Kurosu’s child by then.
Before long, they were married and moved to Oshima, where her family lived.
Five years later… Check this out, Shuuichirou! Amino acid bonding?! And this is… a Genomic Resonance reaction! It was Mana who found the meteorite.
We’ll have to thank her.
I knew it.
This is a virus.
Generally it’s not very infectious.
Yet, when it’s activated by Genomic Resonance… It inserts itself into introns and starts replicating, causing structural sclerosis.
Then this is… An instrument for playing the notes of Genomic Resonance.
It’s a trumpet for the Apocalypse.
Her growth is coming along nicely, isn’t it? Who are you? I’m Yu.
I’m an envoy of Daath.
“Daath”? The meteorite has sown the seeds of Apocalypse across the nation.
Very soon, all the people of your country will become their seedbed.
When Mana eventually matures as Eve, the Earth will witness its fourth Apocalypse… The simultaneous selection and evolution of all life.
You see, Apocalypse is the “invisible hand of God” at work.
Kurosu, I believe your wife is symptomatic already, but you mustn’t kill her unborn child.
Eve appears intent on making him her Adam.
And so, Ouma Shu was born.
At the cost of his mother’s life.
The Adam that Eve desired… Unless something was done, both of Kurosu’s children would be responsible for our future.
His blood would set the standard of the next generation.
When I thought of that, something inside me cracked.
Kurosu turned me down… But what will you do, Shuuichirou? Let’s hear what you have to say.
Illegal immigration? Or perhaps they were kidnapped and intended to be sold.
He was the only one alive.
So, you’re awake.
I’m the man… …who will be your father.
The place Keido brought me to was a facility where he was rearing many male children, trying to create Adam, a mate for Mana.
You could call it a nursery.
Experiment after experiment.
We were administered artificially strengthened Apocalypse.
And then I… ”Triton.
” You came from sea, so you’re Triton.
Isn’t that a great name? Ironic, isn’t it? Trying to escape one fate that day, I wound up trapped in an even bigger fate.
Isn’t that right, Shu? It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you… Are you one of the student researchers? It’s nice to meet you.
I’ve gotten you blankets before, when I’ve found you asleep.
I’m Keido Shuuichirou’s little sister, Haruka.
How rude of me! Haruka Typesetting in my GC? It's more likely than you think.
Haruka Haruka Haruka Haruka I had just skipped a grade and started college.
As a smart aleck who lived too much in her head, Kurosu triggered my curiosity.
He left his children behind in Oshima to immerse himself in his research, forgetting to eat and sleep.
To me, he looked like a martyr fighting the virus in solitude.
Shu’s little sister Haruka Thanks for all that you do Shu’s little sister Thanks for all that you do Haruka I’m going to marry Kurosu.
Kurosu? You? He’s a really lonely person.
You can tell, can’t you? Because you’re his one and only rival.
Do as you like.
Well, now you know.
Has the apocalypse research made a little progress? More than it has at your place, anyway.
He told me so.
That year, I become Kurosu’s wife.
And I called Shu and the others over from Oshima, and the first Christmas we tried to spend as a family… It was that fateful day.
December 24th, 2029.
Papa’s late.
Where’s Shu? The bathroom, Miss Haruka.
Shu and I will be fine here.
You go pick up Papa, okay? I bet he got caught up in his research and forgot about meeting us again.
You don’t mind, then? Not at all.
The Apocalypse Virus exteriorizes and materializes the hearts of the infected.
But I’ve found a genetic code that may be able to interfere with that process.
I’ve named it the “Void Genome”.
The unreasonableness of the seeds’ selection was restored to reason with the Void Genome, by exteriorizing the obscure thing we call the “heart”.
Apocalypse is not divine providence.
We can control it with human intelligence.
Peeking into the diaries of other people isn’t a nice hobby, Shuuichirou.
Kurosu… Have you actually solved it all? By yourself? The mysteries of evolution and natural selection? I’m surprised.
But Daath is losing its patience.
You’ll be silenced if you don’t do something.
I’ll negotiate with them for you.
Let’s work together on this, Kurosu.
No need.
I know other places do things as a team, but I personally can’t.
Doing it as a team would only dilute my thinking.
Don’t treat me like a fool! What’s wrong? I’m wasting my time letting too many cooks spoil the soup, is that what you’re saying? No, that’s not it.
I can’t drag my friend into the jam I’m in, can I? Don’t lie to me! You were jealous of my position, so you tried to get back at me by getting results while using deliberately inferior equipment! Wh-What are you talking about?! What would I be jealous of you for?! I give up.
I admit it, Kurosu.
You’re a genius.
But you’ve made one big mistake.
You’re no friend of mine.
Kurosu! No! I was right.
Your Void can temporarily house the Voids of others.
At the same time, it can isolate and absorb cancer cells, as well as the Apocalypse Virus’ genetic material itself.
That’s good.
Souta must be cured, then.
Please, Shu! Don’t use that power anymore! No matter how hard you try to get Inori back, it might be too late.
The transplanting of Mana’s consciousness into Inori had already finished! But to make her complete, all the factors of hers that scatted during Lost Christmas… The shards of her that had mixed with people’s Voids… …had to be collected.
That’s what you were being forced to do over the past few months.
At this point, she’s regained most of her power.
That’s why Gai’s been setting deadlines.
That’s just another reason why I have to go.
Right? Shu… The helicopters are about to take off.
I trust you’ll come with us, Shu? Connect those cables! The APU’s are hooked up! Fuel! Hey, where are the filters?! Container coming through! It’s almost time.
Are you really okay leaving things like this, Souta? O-Ouma! Is this everybody? I’m giving you back your Voids.
Shu?! Wait! If you do that, your power will— But I have to give them back.
If I die while I’m still borrowing them, everyone else will die too.
It’s okay.
I’ll take on the cancer and the virus.
You come here too, Ayase.
Shu… Screw that! Yesterday, you didn’t have any objections about taking them, and now you’re giving them back?! How are you going to fight, then?! My arm’s not too weak to fire a gun with.
That’s crazy! Do you think you can win against Gai like that, Shu?! I’m going to use this power to save Inori and everyone else.
It’s not to defeat Gai with.
Is there something wrong with that?! I want you to keep my Void.
If you fail, our lives are forfeit anyway.
That’s the gist of it.
We’re fine with that, but… What do you think, Souta? It’s fine.
I gave it to you.
Not that I really get it… But it’s okay.
What the hell?! Cut it out! I’m not trying to give your Void back.
Let’s shake hands, Souta.
We have to shake hands to make up, right? You said so yourself! We can’t part ways like this.
That’s what I think.
Your hand… I’m sorry, Shu… It’s not your fault.
I was so scared of you… I hated being like that! I felt the same way.
Please, Shu… Stay my friend… Stay like this! We’re friends, Souta.
We’ll be friends for life.
Kurosu was the kind of person who could do anything by himself.
And he was always alone because of it.
But the truth was, he was really lonely… He wanted to be with everyone else… That’s why he named you “Shu”, which stands for “group”.
Now that I am all alone in this world, what should I feel and think? After we spend countless days together and shared our feelings, we will never be truly apart I took you for granted, and now you are gone That's the pain I've come to bear Even if I had held onto your hand when you left me, and not let you go, I would have done it purely out of self-interest I'm such a horrible liar When I whispered that I was doing it all for you you had already stopped believing it Now I run to you to make up for it, no matter how often I may fall or get lost Wait for me, I'm coming to meet you, no matter what hardships may await me