Guilty Crown (2011) s01e21 Episode Script


1 Are you awake, new king chosen by Eve? Tsutsugami Gai "King"? Mana will be reborn in Cocytus shortly.
This is the law of nature.
The will of the human race to evolve.
You are about to become king.
Neither you nor we can stop it.
And neither can Mana.
So, my battle is not allowed to end? Master Gai, United Nations forces have begun advancing on Ward 24.
All right.
Stand by until I get there.
Yes, sir.
Are you sad, Gai? What makes you think that? Just now it felt like your heart touched me.
I'm not sad in the least.
My wish is going to come true at last.
The reality of the destruction around us fills our mind The raging rain sounds like a storm of tears Notice that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your voice was given to you to tell others how you feel and that your hands were given you to hold those dear to you All living things bear witness to my song Your heart contains all its truth Even when all you see in your path are storms remember that your strength is no coincidence and on it, rely If we've come in this close and they're still not shooting The 256 Leukocytes are a bluff.
They have the one we failed to destroy before, plus anti-optical tracker decoys and fakes put up by hackers.
So they were buying time.
And to think we and the U.
troops fell for it like fools and sat on our hands until the very last moment But we made it in time.
Even if we don't have much time, we do have a chance.
A chance to save Inori and stop Gai.
That's right.
If we secure her, Gai's objective goes up in smoke And we might even be able to eradicate the Apocalypse Virus not just in Japan, but all over the world.
We aren't stuck with a grim future yet.
Yes I never thought I'd find myself seriously saying "the future of the world lies in our hands," but it seems this is that sort of battle.
Let's win.
No matter what.
I'm borrowing this, Oogumo.
Can we make this protocol work, Haruka? We should be able to, if they haven't discovered us yet.
Could you give me a hand? Yeah.
Hey, Shu.
Could you shoot? If Gai were right in front of you, could you pull the trigger? Yes, I could.
You're perfect, you know? Where did that come from?! It's my job to get dirty.
So you stay perfectly pure, Ayase.
Shu But I know if it's time to fight, I'll use your Void.
So maybe I'm still making you an accomplice, but That's fine.
I knew what I was getting into when I left my heart in your hands.
But I didn't give it to you, got it? So don't you dare go and die without returning it! Thanks, Ayase.
All attack units will arrive at Point Delta momentarily.
All Endlaves begin your descent! All units begin descent! All units begin descent! Go! Go! Go! There sure are a lot of them.
They seriously hate you, Gai.
I'm doing it.
Be my guest.
87% of targets destroyed! No signals from the enemy! The overall outcome has been determined.
It's our job to mop up the rest.
Start up all the Endlaves.
Mobilize the Ghost unit.
I'm counting on you, Lieutenant.
What are you even doing here, anyway? It doesn't exactly sound like you're on their side.
And you? Why volunteer to be a guinea pig after fighting the idea so hard before? Who wouldn't get pissed off if their Void kept beating them? Plus, I want to at least choose how I die myself.
Shall we go, Gespenst? I wish the U.
Forces had held out a little longer Let's hurry.
Here we go! New enemy landing in Block 7! It's not the U.
! The Undertakers?! Send in the Ghosts! Did we get them? Nope.
That's a Void.
They took out the copies! I anticipated that.
Tsugumi, that should have been enough for you to analyze their security setup with.
Can you do it? Who do you think you're talking to? I blow minds when I get serious! There it is! Haruka's back door.
What just happened?! Our system's been infiltrated! They've stopped moving? Don't waste this chance! Get boots on the ground and suppress them! Souta! Teams have landed in Area A4! The combined fleet is moving in closer! Hurry up with those repairs! Okay, guys, this is where we part.
Don't worry, I'll screw them up royally and guide you all to safety.
We'll count on you, Tsugumi.
You just better save Inori.
Then we'll all have a happy ending, you hear? I'm about to erase all the memories and emotions that constituted you as a person.
You're going to be reborn as Mana.
Resent me, Inori.
If I hadn't awakened you then, nothing would have begun and nothing would have ended, either.
No I'm grateful to you, Gai.
Because you gave me life.
You let me meet Shu.
Ayase! Leave it to me! What did Shu give you? What sort of world did he show you? The sadness of this world and its beauty.
Shu suffered, doubted, made mistakes, and he was ashamed of his ugliness.
But the reason I love him is Shu's human.
He's heartbreakingly human.
Shu, that's enough! It's okay, Ayase.
You idiot! That's why, even though I'm only a vessel I still got to fall in love like a normal person.
Tsugumi, we're at the checkpoint! What's next? Tsugumi, where are you?! Security's back up again?! They've recovered control of the system.
Where are you, Inori? So those are your feelings for Shu? Who's Shu? That's the name of the man you loved.
Blooming wildflower.
I beg you, please tell me.
I can hear it.
That's Inori's song! Why do people fight and hurt each other? What's happened to him? I don't hear any song This way! Follow me! Only Shu can hear Yes, that's possible.
Let's go! We don't have any other reference to navigate with anyway! Stay calm! Walk and do not run! Valiantly blooming flower.
What can you see from your field? Why can't people forgive each other? Where are we? This is Central Command! We can get to the top floor from— Welcome, Ouma Shu! And all your followers, as well.
We aren't "followers"! We're comrades! Yes, I'm aware that such concepts have been in style over the past thousand years.
There's something the two of us need to talk about alone.
I'm afraid it's time to part with your followers.
Shu! I'll be fine! You protect everyone else! Well, aren't you looking fine now? You're supposed to be a "savior," I take it? Who are you, exactly? I am a symbol of the unity of Daath, the organization which derives the will of the human race.
You could say that I myself am Daath.
When you brilliantly recovered the powers stolen from you, we were forced to reexamine the question of whether you or Gai would be the best Adam, the next king.
Therefore, Ouma Shu, we must ask you this: In order for mankind to progress to the next stage you will vow to obliterate all of mankind and live with Mana for all eternity, won't you? What are you talking about? Answer with a "yes" or "no," please.
That's the normal answer.
However, Gai Tsutsugami answered "yes" without even batting an eye.
That's the difference between you and him.
Now then In the name of Daath, I hereby strip you of your right to succession.
Yahiro! An exit? Yes.
But You won't ever reach it! Don't tell me it's you?! You better believe it.
Let's settle this, Undertakers.
Selection and evolution are the inescapable fate of all life on this planet.
To resist them is futile, yet you? You refused Mana after she did you the honor of choosing you.
And in the end, you squandered everything on a fake like Yuziriha Inori You're wrong! Argo! None of you know Inori.
Nobody knows her.
Inori fought the ugliness inside her and she suffered for it.
And when I was hurt making the same mistakes, she gently supported me.
Inori's the one person who was by my side the whole time, believing in me! So this time, I'll be by your side.
And this time, I won't let you go Inori! Go ahead and try it then, Ouma Shu.
Try resisting despair You just missed her.
Mana will be reborn by devouring Inori.
Our lost Eve! The Apocalypse is upon us, then? No Now that I am all alone in this world, what should I feel and think? After we spend countless days together and shared our feelings, we will never be truly apart I took you for granted, and now you are gone That's the pain I've come to bear Even if I had held onto your hand when you left me, and not let you go, I would have done it purely out of self-interest I'm such a horrible liar When I whispered that I was doing it all for you you had already stopped believing it Now I run to you to make up for it, no matter how often I may fall or get lost Wait for me, I'm coming to meet you, no matter what hardships may await me