Guilty Party (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

A Denver Ten

Ow! What the fuck was that?
I fucking killed a man!
I deserve a podcast.
- I missed you.
- You know, my commissary's
getting just a little low.
Yeah, you gonna do something
for me?
- There's a job opening in the
crown jewel of America's parks.
- Oh, no, no, no.
- The Tetons.
- No, not the Tetons.
We're not moving to Wyoming.
They'd be completely stupid
not to hire you.
First room on the left,
that's my old room.
Looks like
everything's still here.
- It is?
- The Step Soldiers?
Oh, that was my old
high school dance squad.
This quilt is pretty.
Yeah. It's the only thing
I have of my mom's.
She got deported
when I was 14.
Who was that, uh,
pretty little reporter of yours?
You want fucking Georgie
to kill somebody?
Whoever killed Wally knew him,
and would have left a trail.
Aw, just keep it in here
just in case
She did it!
You fixed it.
She fixed the copy machine!
- God, a lifesaver. Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hi.
I wanted to apologize.
No, I'm the one who
should be apologizing.
That's true. But, Beth,
all is forgiven because
I didn't even need Tuna.
- Didn't you hear?
- No.
The podcast debut just made
New and Noteworthy.
We have optimal
home page visibility,
unprecedented feedback signals,
and listenership is already
converting to subscription.
I feel like I'm not making
sense, but I know that I am.
No, no, you are, you are.
That's great.
- Congrats.
- Thanks.
Yeah, don't even worry
about slapping me in the face.
Oh, yeah. No, yeah.
Thanks for being
so cool about that.
Um, listen.
So how's it going with Toni?
Oh, uh, yeah, um, great.
I'm just-- I'm trying to take
a little step back.
You know, not-not rush
to any conclusions.
- So
- Oh. Beth
Toni did it.
Why would you say that?
Because I know what it's like
to be a woman
and to be afraid of a man.
Boxed in by fear
and feeling like violence
is the only way out.
I know what it's like
to kill a man.
- I amToni.
- Okay, Toni's her own person
- Who's just like me.
- No.
Who also killed someone.
Stop! She did not!
Okay, you know what, Beth?
I know that you have
a lot riding on her innocence,
but deep down, there's a part
of you that knows I'm right.
Just trust your gut.
That's what I did,
and it saved my life.
And got me a book deal.
And, like,
a shit-ton of new sponsors.
Hey, it's Beth. Leave a message.
Yeah, I see what you're doing,
the old switcheroo.
No, in other words,
when the oars are level,
- they should be,
the handles should be
- Wait.
- about three
to six inches apart
- Dude,
stop going so fast!
forward the handles,
throwing a punch
- out of your chest rather
- Speak fuckin' English, bro!
Experiment, experiment
to find out what'll be
How the fuck am I supposed
to do with my feet?
You can't just skip
that shit, man.
- Jesus.
- Now, make sure that your frame
is set up
Hey. Uh, what's up?
Do you know
somebody named Chevy?
A friend of Toni's?
Well, hello to you, too.
Please, George, I ju
I need to talk to her,
to ask her a few questions.
I feel like you only call
when you need something.
Yeah, I do only call
when I need something.
Because you're the only one
I can trust.
Please, George?
Why don't you come through?
You know what? Fuck it.
Find someone else to track down
your little friends.
No, no, no. No, no.
George, I-I want to come.
I do. I just, I'm-I'm at work.
And, um
the sooner I talk to Chevy,
the sooner I can come over.
you could you could give me
a tour of your boat.
For real?
Yeah, I've been thinking
about you.
About that kiss.
You tasted like herbs.
Oh, God, I'm sorry.
It's this gum that I chew.
- I
- No, no, no, it was
it was nice, it was
it was like a
summer garden.
Yeah, well,
you-you tasted like hot dogs.
Yeah, fuck you.
Hey, so, uh,
after you see Chevy,
you'll you'll come over?
Uh, yeah. Yeah, I will.
All right. Check your texts.
Yes. Go.
Hey, baby.
Hey, baby!
- How you been?
- I'm okay.
You know.
You're so lucky you're
on the inside, I'm telling you.
The world has lost
its damn mind.
I'm getting prepped.
- You know I am.
- Mm-hmm.
Did a big run last night.
Got kerosene,
a couple of bolt-action rifles,
Sex in the Cityon DVD.
- That's cool.
-: Yeah.
The van is finally
fully loaded.
Been dreaming about ya.
- Uh-huh.
- The two of us on the open road,
- Yeah.
- living how we damn please.
Open the gate!
What's wrong?
Hey. Talk to me.
Nah, i-it's nothing. I'm fine.
Well, you've been talking
to someone.
Like, for hours.
What, you didn't think
I'd notice?
Bills come to me, you know.
So who is it?
Who's this
0-1-8-3 number?
Baby, why-why are you worrying
about things
you don't need to worry about?
It's-it's no one.
Have it your way.
I'll just have to track
the bitch down.
Oh, Patty, baby, listen,
it's nothing.
It's just, she's a
she's a journalist.
- A journalist?
- Yeah, she's gonna help me
get out.
What's her big plan, huh?
She gonna dig you a tunnel? Hmm?
Ship you in a box?
Christ almighty,
you are so goddamn naiïve.
No, l-look,
if she gets me out of here,
then we can be together.
I'm-I'm doing this for us.
Listen to me.
Whatever it is she's promising,
she can't deliver, okay?
It's not real.
There's no such thing
as journalism anymore.
They're all scammers
and con artists.
But this?
You and me? This is real.
This is something
you could count on.
And you should be thanking
your lucky stars,
but instead you're what,
trading up? Huh?
For some fake-news bitch
keeping your head in the clouds?
Can I fuckin' help you?!
Well, I am tired
of giving so much
and not getting in return, okay?
Don't think I'll be leaving
any commissary today.
No, quit freaking!
I haven't talked to her
in a week-- it's over.
Check-check your bills.
- Baby love
- No.
Vanilla scoop?
You know you're
my number one, right?
Stop playin'. Come here.
I don't like feeling like this.
Well, then don't feel like this.
You'll ditch her? For me?
It's already done.
-: Okay.
- Yeah?
I got to go.
- I got to go.
- Uh
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Open the gate!
Let's go, Plimpton.
Oh, shit. Sorry, yeah.
Hi. Can I help you?
I think you can.
Uh, are you Chevy?
Who are you?
Oh. I'm Beth.
Hi. Sorry.
Um, I'm a journalist
and a friend of Toni's.
Toni Plimpton. I was wondering
if I could talk to you about
She's bringing people over here
when I already told her
I'm not trying to talk
to nobody.
- You never talk about
Don't open the
Hi. It, well, it's not what
it looks like. I was just
Yeah, whatever. Get in here.
- Oh, thank you so much.
- Mm-hmm.
So, when was the last time
you saw Toni?
- Girl. Like, really?
- Well, I just want to know.
- A few days ago.
- Yeah, I-I've been meaning
to go visit.
I just haven't gotten around
to it yet.
You know, there are,
like, these forms.
And she has to call me,
I can't call her, so
that's been a challenge.
You know mail still works.
What you need, stamps?
- Right.
- Okay, you two need to stop.
You need to not be inviting
strangers into my house.
You're messing with my set.
Hold still.
Yeah, you know, I couldn't go
to the trial, either.
I had too much going on, child.
No, my whole life was
a mess, honey.
What about you, Chevy?
Ch-Chevonne, uh
do you visit her?
Were you two close?
- Girl, you need a drink?
- Mm-hmm.
But go easy on the vodka
this time.
-: Don't worry about it.
- Yeah, they were close,
all right.
- Mm.
- Like sisters.
- Mm-hmm. Best friends.
So-so what happened?
'Cause any time
I mention Toni's name, she
Oh, gives you this face?
- Yeah. Exactly.
-: Yeah, well,
- good luck to you.
- Help me out here.
If she was Toni's best friend,
- then why won't she talk
about her?
- Nuh-uh.
you can't drag me into this.
- I mean, anything?
- Oh.
-: Please? Anything?
- Anything.
- What? What?
- No, you just sounded so sad
right there.
Look, all I know is,
it's been like this
since the minute T was arrested.
She won't talk about her,
won't go see her.
All righty
Well, you know I got
my own beauty start-up.
Gel Acrylics and Brow Tints
by Simone.
- Ooh.
- That's me. I'm Simone.
Here we go,
Miss Entrepreneur.
Excuse me, I gotta get somebody
around here
to actually pay for my services.
Well, she probably has
somewhere else to be. Right?
- Actually,
I'd love to get my nails done.
- Perfect.
But maybe if you have something
a little less permanent?
- Oh, yeah, I've got you.
- Yeah?
So, uh,
you-you think Toni's innocent?
Um, yeah, of course.
What about you?
Nah, I don't think she did it.
Wallace deserved it, anyway.
And what do you think, Chevonne,
did-did Toni kill her husband?
Does it matter?
Once they throw one of us
in jail, they make sure
- we ain't getting out.
- I know that's right.
- That's the truth.
I mean, that-that is
a large part of this--
righting the wrongs
of the system.
I mean, Toni really needs
somebody in her corner,
- you know, fighting for her.
- It's so true.
You're so great
to help this woman
who's been failed by the system.
And I'm a Black
business owner myself.
Have you ever had
your lashes extended?
It's a huge bang for your buck.
Let's do it.
- Right on.
- I need to get finish
getting dressed.
What are you girls
getting dressed for?
Oh, it's Friday!
- We're going to the club.
- Yeah.
Oh, it's been so long
since I went to the club.
All my friends got
really boring and lame
- Oh.
- and stopped going.
Well, you could come.
- Really?
- Yeah.
What? Look, that'll teach Chevy
to be a bitch.
Well, if you're coming
to the club,
some extensions
would really complete your look.
Flamingo's always nice.
What you think?
That's right.
- All right, well, thank you,
Mrs. Crayton.
I appreciate it.
I'll tell my mom you say hello.
- Okay, see you.
- For real. That's the stuff.
Oh. Hey, Beth. 'Sup?
I was just getting undressed
when you showed up, so
We could do some dancing
like we did at that wedding,
except, yeah, we'll get
a little freaky this time
What's up? Boner check!
- Man, fuck you.
- Aw, what's going on
in the spank tank?
What is up
with the vibe in here, dude?
Goddamn, dude,
it smell like pumpkin spice
and jizz up in here.
What is the deal?
- Having
a little fuckin' solo YOLO?
- Man, shut the fuck up.
What did Mrs. Crayton want,
Yo, she said that she saw
someone leaving the house
- the day of the break-in.
- Oh, yeah? Who's that?
I don't know, but she said
she had long, yellow hair.
Some average-looking bitch.
You know who that sounds like?
Your ex, Josie?
Please, dude.
Fuckin' Josie was a ten.
Denver ten, anyway.
But she had
them big-ass titties.
Not even comparable.
No. Sounds like
that fuckin' Vivian chick,
that producer.
Yeah, probably trying
to break in.
Probably trying to break off
a piece of this dick.
If that's the case,
you know, I'm down.
Yeah, man, I don't think
she was interested in you,
- so you're good.
- Whatev.
What about that girl
Tuna was talking about,
that fuckin', uh,
that reporter chick,
you know what I'm saying,
you ever catch up with her?
She got fuckin' Tuna pinned--
she's probably coming for us.
- Nah, man,
I haven't tracked her down yet.
- Hmm.
What's her deal?
What's she look like?
She got long, yellow hair?
She look average?
Dude, she's not fuckin' average!
Okay, you need
to chill out, dawg.
Fuckin' calm it down.
Whatever, man. I mean
Mrs. Crayton can't see shit,
Fuckin' old lady thinks
you're cute, so
Yeah, that's
because she got good taste.
Don't matter
if she got cataracts.
Back in the day,
I would fuckin' hit that hard.
Straight up. She got
them big-ass titties, too.
I don't know, if you ask me, it
sounds like we got two suspects:
Vivian Steele or whoever
this journalist chick is.
Two soon-to-be-dead women,
if you ask me.
Straight up.
Shit unscented?
Pump, pump, goo.
All right, later, masturbator.
Whatever, man.
Oh, my God.
George Okay, too close.
Holy whoa!
- What's the occasion?
- I have a-a work thing tonight.
Oh, a work thing?
Now, that's sexy
and mysterious.
Some of Toni's friends
have invited me out.
What do people wear to clubs?
That's good.
Do I look old?
- Do I look fat?
- No.
Do I look like Steven Tyler
a little bit?
No. I-It's hot. It's, uh
It's it's pleather.
Okay, it's pleather.
- Um
-: Blow it off.
No, I might
Come on, come on, come on.
I really--
I really can't, sweetie.
What's with the-- oh!--
what's with the bottle?
Um, that is
I was thinking
we could celebrate,
because you are looking
at the Grand Teton's
newest ranger.
That's-that's so great.
You're not happy.
What? I-I am. I am.
- I'm-I'm happy for you.
- Oh there it is.
- What's wrong
with being happy for you?
- Nothing.
Nothing, if you really are.
Look, I love you.
I'm proud of you.
I'm not getting into a fight
with you right now, okay?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Come on, just tell them
you'll meet them tomorrow.
No, you know I can't.
Babe, come on.
I get the one job,
the one job I've always wanted--
just celebrate with me.
We can celebrate later.
I mean, seriously?
- Hey!
- What's so fucking important,
- I told you, Toni's friends
- Ah!
What the fuck is this?
It's it's not
what it looks like.
It's it's for work.
This cock is for work?
- Marco, please don't.
-: Oh, wow,
this guy is eager, huh?
"I'll be thinking about you."
Is that for work, too?
- Will you stop reading my phone?
- Why? Why? What,
are you afraid
of what else I'm gonna find?
- I mean, how many cocks are
on this thing?
- He's a source!
A source of cock, I get that.
Okay, fine. His name is George,
he's Toni's
dead husband's friend
and he thinks he likes me.
And I've let him think it
so I can use him.
Go ahead, scroll through.
You'll see he gave me
the address of Toni's friends
that I'm going out with! Okay?
Why should I believe you?
Well, you're very welcome to put
on a pleather skirt and join me.
You couldn't just tell me? Huh?
Why do I have
to break into your phone
to get you to tell me something?
Babe, you're blowing this
way out of proportion.
So I didn't tell you
about one source.
- I'm sorry.
- You're always doing shit
like this.
You keep me over here
and the rest of your life
over here,
like I'm just an accessory
to you.
You know,
some dumb ranger you married
to just piss off your mom.
Oh, my God, what?
We did a year in therapy
about this.
This is resolved.
Well, I guess it's not.
You want to know
what this is really about?
You went out of your way
to take a job
- you knew
I didn't want you to get.
- Ha!
There it is.
What happened to, "Ah,
they're gonna love you, Marco,
"oh, you'll be great, Marco,
th-they'd be dumb
not to hire you"?
You're the one who kept telling
me you weren't gonna get it.
Which you obviously believed!
Why can't you just look at this
from my side?
Huh? I drive three hours a day
to stay here for a job that you
do nothing but complain about.
I got a vasectomy for you.
- I
- Wait. For me?
You cut your balls open for me?
- Yes.
- How heroic.
You are absolutely full of shit.
We agreed.
That vasectomy was for us.
Except "for us"
just means for you.
Classic Susan.
Now you're just being
an asshole.
It's true.
You're just like her.
- Constantly
putting yourself first.
- Whatever.
This whole thing is so cliché.
You want me to sideline
my career for yours.
Now you're accusing me
of being just like my mother!
I mean, just admit it, Marco,
you've always been threatened
by my success.
Babe, look at yourself.
That hair, miniskirt,
- phone full of dicks.
- I am working a story.
No, you're not, Beth.
You're just clinging
to the past.
You know what?
Have fun with George.
Oh, uh
wear your tall boots.
I'm sure he'll like that.
I am nothing like Susan.
The fuck? What'd you do?
Oh, girl, she's harmless.
She bought half my inventory.
- Hey, Beth! You're looking good!
- Hi! I'm so sorry I'm late.
Took me forever to find
the right thing to wear.
- It looks like you never did.
- Oh, you look fine, girl.
Yeah, uh, I like your skirt.
Let's go,
Becky with the good hair.
Ooh! It really goes
everywhere, huh?
So, did you guys, uh, come here
a lot before with Toni?
Oh, yeah. Yeah,
the first time we came here,
we had fake IDs.
We were 15.
And Toni used to order soda
and ask them to put
a little cherry in it
to make it look like
a drinky-drink.
She was still afraid of alcohol
back then.
Her mama's fear of God in her.
Yo, you remember that, Chevy?
If you say so.
Yo, why are you being like this?
- Like what?
- Well, you never talk about T.
Don't you think
that's a little fucked?
No, I get it. It's got to be
it's got to be really painful
to talk about
your friend who's
who's locked up for life
for something she didn't do.
This was our song.
Step Soldiers.
Ayes, ayes, ayes, ayes, ayes,
ayes, ayes, ayes, ayes, ayes
- Here we go!
- I'm coming, I'm coming,
I'm coming!
What happened?
Is it over?
- Uh, this was Toni's solo.
- Yeah.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
No, I'm sorry. Why are you here?
Allegra invited me.
What makes you think
that you can just come in here
and talk to us
like you know us, huh?
Like you have a right
to be here,
to go wherever you want
and say whatever you want.
You know nothing about us,
and I bet you you don't know
as much about Toni
as you think you do.
Sorry. Excuse me.
- You ready? All right.
- Yeah. Oh.
Hey, wait!
- Leave me the fuck alone!
- Look, I saw the texts.
- From four years ago.
- So that's why you're here?
- What do they mean?
- Exactly what they say.
"If you don't kill him, I will."
she couldn't have done it.
Why not?
What, that's not
what you wanted to hear?
You wanted me to tell you what?
That those texts were a joke?
Or that I did it?
Oops! I almost forgot,
I'm a murderer.
- She wouldn't lie to me.
- Girl,
Toni is a world-class finesser.
You are just the latest
in a long string of people
who loved Toni,
wanted to be Toni
or wanted to fuck Toni.
I-I don't want to fuck her.
But you love her?
Yeah, well, so did I.
I don't know
what happened that night,
but I know
Toni wasn't joking around.
Okay, but if she did it,
it's because she had to, right?
Wallace was violent.
She had no one to turn to.
Her mom was deported.
She had a dead dad.
She has got her claws in you
real deep.
Girl, come with me.
Come on.
Miss Yvette?
Yo, Miss Yvette.
- What you want?
- Uh, one patty.
- And this lady wants to know
about Toni.
- Huh?
What do you want to know
about my daughter?
This hair
is not working for you.
What is it? Who are you?
You're Toni's mother?
I gave birth to her.
Were you deported
when she was 14?
Is that what she told you?
So you were never deported?
- Do I look deported to you?
- Hey.
Ain't nothing here gluten-free.
- Move.
- Hey, shut your mouth.
- Number 14!
- Listen to me.
- You listening?
- Yeah.
Toni acts
like she doesn't have a mother
because she didn't like
the way I raised her.
But what if it was your daughter
dressing like a Jezebel
at age 12?
Running around exposing herself
to grown men?
- Hmm?
- So, you never go see her?
- She-She's only an hour away.
- Go see who?
Mm, my girl died long ago,
the day she chose the devil
as her guide.
But what-what about Laila,
your granddaughter?
Don't you want to be
in her life?
- Yeah, hey.
- What do you want?
Uh, the jerk chicken.
Um, can I have a
I'm glad you came.
I'm glad you called.
Hi, Mom. It's me.
I was really hoping
you'd answer this time.
Listen, I know
it's-it's really late, uh
but I-I realized I've
I've never thanked you
for-for being there.
For For not leaving me.
And, uh
I know it wasn't always easy
and-and I wasn't always easy.
But I really
don't know what I would've done
if-if you'd left and
Or if you hadn't been there.
If I'd been completely alone.
Answer your goddamn phone.
Wait your turn.
Aw, what's wrong?
Your girlfriend not calling you
back? I mean, let me know
- if you're looking
for a rebound. Ah.
- Don't you
test me.
Don't you dare test me!
Or this will not end well.
Fucking slut.
- So
- Damn it.
thank you, and, uh
And I love you.
I hope you get this message.
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