Guilty Party (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

I Thought We Were Friends

- Okay, say hi.
- Hi.
- Laila?
Your mama loves you so much.
You've been talking to someone.
What, you didn't think
I'd notice?
She's a journalist.
She's gonna help me get out.
she said that she saw someone
leaving the house
the day of the break-in.
Sounds like we got two suspects.
Vivian Steele or whoever
this journalist chick is.
Do you know somebody
named Chevy?
I need to talk to her,
to ask her a few questions.
She won't talk about her,
won't go see her.
I don't think she did it.
Wallace deserved it anyway.
You went out of your way
to take a job
you knew
I didn't want you to get.
Classic Susan.
putting yourself first.
So you guys
used to come here a lot
- with Toni?
- Oh, yeah.
She was still afraid of alcohol
back then.
Her mama's fear of God in her.
You know nothing about us,
and I bet you,
you don't know as much
about Toni as you think you do.
I saw the texts.
- What do they mean?
- Exactly what they say.
If you don't kill him, I will.
I don't know
what happened that night,
but I know Toni
wasn't joking around.
Were you deported
when she was 14?
Do I look deported to you?
I'm glad you called.
Hello. Who is this?
Oh, God.
- Hi.
- Yes?
Roll down your window.
Do I know you?
Roll it down.
Hey. Hi.
Oh, my God, you're gorgeous.
Oh, uh, uh
So, what's going on here?
- Aah!
- What do you want with Toni?
- What? Jesus Christ, let me go!
- She's not yours.
And she doesn't need your help.
I'm already taking care of her.
Stop-- stop it!
- Aah!
- What the hell?!
I know where to find you.
You better sleep
with one eye open!
You slut of a whore!
Fuck you!
Die, bitch!
You asshole!
Oh, fuckin' hell.
Fuckin' hell.
No, no, no, no, no.
Please, pl-please,
Just, ah,
don't touch me, please.
Are we getting squirrelly?
No, no, not squirrelly.
Where are my pants?
Pants are over there.
All right.
- Would you stop?
- Stop what?
You're smirking, okay?
Would you please stop smirking?
I know for you this is,
this is no big deal,
just another random hookup,
but, uh, I, uh,
I-I am not this guy.
- You're not what guy?
- The jackass that gets wasted
and cheats on his wife.
I'm not the asshole, okay?
- Where's my shirt?
- All right.
I-I'm Marco Strzalkowski.
- Whatever.
- Solid dude.
I'm the guy that you go to
when you need
your faith in men restored.
I'm that guy, all right?
Oh, fuck.
Hey, do you
do you have syphilis?
- Yeah.
- 'Cause condoms don't protect
against syphilis.
- It's skin-to-skin, you know?
- Hey, Marco Strzalkowski,
- you're an asshole.
- So no?
- Fuck you.
- I'm sorry. I'm--
Stupid! Stupid! Fuck! Shit!
It was one time. One.
It's just sex.
Okay. Um, do you have any idea
how many people I've slept with?
Oh, dear God.
I'm number four?
You are number three.
Uh-huh. I met
my first girlfriend, Priyanka,
when we were in high school--
we were together for ten years--
and then I, uh, then I met Beth.
- That is it.
- Aw.
That is, uh,
my entire sexual history
- right there.
- Aw.
You're welcome.
Babe, that-that is
so horribly depressing.
But the thing is,
I was okay with it.
- No, it's depressing.
- No, I-I was happy.
'Cause-'cause Beth is beautiful
and she's smart,
and she's, you know,
she's in a league of her own,
- Mm-hmm.
- and and I got her.
Me. Marco.
I got the prettiest
and rarest butterfly
in all of the CU Denver campus.
- And now, now, well
- Did you have fun last night?
Well, I mean
yeah, of course.
Would you say I was top three
for you?
Don't-don't do that.
It's not funny.
Eh. Eh.
You know, this is as much on her
as it is on you.
She lets you go around thinking
that she's better than you.
That she's more important.
No. That's not No, Beth,
she's just going through
- some stuff right now.
- Bullshit. No.
It's not just now.
Okay, pl-please don't.
Tessa, please, please don't.
- Please?
- Okay.
Do you remember our junior year?
At Glenn's party?
Yeah, the, uh
- snowstorm, right?
- The blizzard.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I remember.
Yeah, we got, uh,
stuck there, right,
so we had to share
the pullout couch?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Lying next to you,
I was so desperate
for you to make a move.
For you to kiss me.
I wanted you to kiss me so bad.
You are such a solid dude.
Why'd you send so many
of your dick?
Oh, God, I hate this one.
Yo. Check it out.
Podcast, dude.
I was just taking a shit,
and I was doing some research,
you know what I'm saying?
Like, I'm always trying
to learn stuff, you know,
like, no wasted minutes?
Yo, that girl Fiona,
the one who killed Miggy,
yo, she knows her stuff, dude.
Tuna is fucked.
He's looking at 25 to life.
Holy shit.
- No more Tuna.
- Yeah, dude.
Think of the possibilities.
What's up? What's up?
You got
your little thinking face on.
What's going on?
I'm out.
I appreciate you, and
and I love you
like a brother, but
I can't do this anymore, bro.
It's not good for my soul.
Okay? I
I won't get in your way,
and I won't say shit to anyone.
I'll just I'll just take
what's mine and I'll go.
So just go up to Jackson and
and just do
the whole rafting thing?
For your soul or whatever?
Well, yeah.
I don't know how else to put it.
That's big news.
That's big news.
- That's exciting.
That's exciting.
- Yeah?
- Big news, for real.
- Yeah, I'm kind of stoked.
Fuck, man, I mean, when
you said the stuff about Tuna,
it all just
it all just came tumbling out.
- Yeah?
- Damn!
This is exciting!
Hey, I'm gonna miss you,
though, bro.
For real, I-I will.
Don't be stupid-- we're
still gonna see each other.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Yeah, okay, for sure. I mean,
anytime you want
to drive out, you
you'll always have
a place to stay in Wyoming.
Yo, this is crazy, dawg,
you know what I'm saying?
This ain't right,
you know what I'm saying?
We got to give you
a proper send-off.
Uh I mean,
that's a nice thought,
- but it's not really necessary.
- No, no, no, no.
What kind of friend would I be
- if I didn't mark this occasion?
- What are you doing?
The fuck are you doing?
- Bon voyage, motherfucker!
- What the fuck!
You're gonna need all kinds
of help on your brand-new
- fuckin' adventure!
- The fuck are you doing, man!?
Stop hitting my fucking car!
- Fuck you, car! Fuck your soul.
- Fucking stop, bro!
What the fuck?!
Oh, you in trouble now!
- You in trouble now!
- Dude, fuck you!
Now, fucking listen!
There ain't no raft!
It ain't gonna happen!
- But Tuna's fucking gone,
- No!
I'm the new Tuna!
I'm the new Tuna!
Except I'm not gonna use
that wack name!
a fucking sick motherfucker,
- you know that?
- I'm a smart motherfucker.
That's what's up.
That's what's up.
You ain't going anywhere,
not today, not never!
Fucking pool time, baby!
Fuck you!
On the gate.
You look like shit.
Thanks. So do you.
You're here early.
Yeah, I needed to see you.
But you didn't need to answer
your phone when I called?
What the hell happened to you?
Actually, I just-- I just met
a friend of yours.
Uh, outside in the parking lot.
Mid-50s, pigtails.
Came at me like a demon toddler.
I'm still seeing blurry
out of this eye.
You got your ass whipped
by Patty?
That's hilarious.
Who the hell is Patty?
My girlfriend.
- Girlfriend?
- Or, you know,
sugar mama, to be more precise.
I didn't know you had
a girlfriend.
- I didn't know you wore a weave.
- I'm a woman of mystery.
Hmm. Guess I am, too.
Oh, yeah.
Starting to figure that out.
So, you have
a deranged sugar mama.
That's fascinating.
Any other secrets
that you'd like to share?
- No? Nothing?
- Where have you been?
- I asked you first.
- No, where have you been?
Where have you been? Where have
you been? Where have you been!
You done?
I'm not a fucking toy.
I mean, you can't just
leave me hanging like that.
I thought you'd given up on me.
And then I thought
you were dead.
I was actually worried
about your raggedy ass.
But it turns out
this whole time
you've been at the club.
What are you doing, Beth?
Are you even writing this story?
'Cause you came in here
guns blazing,
ready to be Captain Save-A-Ho.
Well, then cape up, bitch.
I went out with Allegra,
Simone and Chevy.
- Why?
- For your story.
Then you were wasting your time.
Oh, no. It was really helpful,
talking to your friends.
- They had a lot to say.
- Well, that's weird,
'cause they haven't said a peep
to me in years.
And as far as I know,
Allegra, Simone and Chevy,
those bitches
didn't kill Wallace.
So you don't need to be spending
your Friday nights
out in the club with them
in a skirt
that's a decade too short.
Chevy told me everything.
What'd she tell you?
That she was in love with me?
'Cause that's true. She was.
Or that she never forgave me
for dating Wallace?
You know
Chevy and I were close, and
then somewhere along the line
she wanted me to be
her girlfriend and sister
and mom all wrapped up into one,
and I couldn't be that.
Shit, I barely had a mom myself.
It's funny you should say that.
Do you remember what's across
the street from the Percolator?
Some janky liquor store?
No. No.
Other side.
The Caribbean Corner.
So you met Yvette.
Oh, so you do know
your mom's in Denver.
- All right, listen
- No. No.
You said to me she was deported
when you were 14.
You had me weeping on your bed,
feeling so, so sorry for you.
The-the quilt
and the abandonment
I mean, great choice of country,
by the way.
Very specific.
But this whole time
she's been slinging patties
at the fucking Caribbean Corner?
- It wasn't like that.
- No?
- It
- What was it like?
How are you gonna spin this
so you don't come off
like a big fat liar?
It-it wasn't a lie, exactly.
Well, what was it, exactly?
An emotional truth.
Oh, that's good. Yeah.
So what, a lie isn't a lie as
long as it's emotionally true?
You should get a trophy
for that.
Let's keep it moving, inmates!
Some things are true
in my heart, okay?
No, not okay.
Either a mom is deported
or she isn't.
Yours wasn't!
She always was about to be,
- or thought she was.
-: Oh, my God.
I mean, what, do you think
this country elects Black people
from Guyana?
I mean, we were always waiting
for a visa,
then waiting
for the visa to renew,
then waiting for a green card,
then waiting
for the green card to renew.
And it could all get overturned
because of something that I did.
If I got a detention or if I
lifted a tube top from a store
or got caught
fucking jaywalking.
And she'd go, "What, you
trying to get me thrown out,
"then see how much
you like living on the streets
- like a harlot."
- So you didn't like her rules.
Fuck you, Malibu.
You're so stuck
in your own mind,
you don't even realize
some people have to lie
just to survive.
There are moms all over
the world who don't give a shit.
It doesn't mean
we-we lie about it
or use it as a convenient excuse
every chance we get.
You know, Yvette was a
scared person who clung to God.
If I so much as looked at a guy,
she thought I'd get pregnant.
And when I started going out,
she either locked me in the
house or locked me out of it.
My own mom.
And I'd have to sleep
in the playground
next to this schizo guy
who would climb to the top
where there's a pirate ship
and yell down
to "batten the hatches."
It was fucked up.
So one night I went home, and
I screamed through the window
that I was gonna leave for good
if she didn't want me.
You know what she said?
She said, "Go.
"This is a good house
for good people,
and there's no room for
shameless Jezebels like you."
So I said, "The Holy Spirit
can suck my dick."
She said, "Don't you ever
come back," and I didn't, ever.
I was 14.
So yeah, I say she got deported.
It's easier to accept
than the truth.
And she chose not to come
to my trial.
Not to come visit me here.
Not to raise my daughter.
Somebody else is doing that.
I might not even see my child,
my own baby, because of her.
And you don't even believe me.
I don't know what to believe.
So you think
just because I lied about Yvette
that I'm a killer?
- Is that where we're at?
- No,
because it's not just Yvette.
- I saw the texts to Chevy.
- What texts?
- Please don't bullshit me.
- No, I'm not.
- What texts?
- Okay, fine.
The texts where you said,
"Would you help me kill
my husband?"
And she said, "No,"
and you said, "All right, okay,
I'm cool doing murder
by myself."
Yeah, those texts.
Yo, how many other crews
Tuna got?
Us, obviously, Cortez bunch
Grand J, Salt Lake
Who else is there?
What's the other one?
That's what's up. Never liked
them little bitches.
Hey, it's Beth.
Leave a message.
Hey, Beth, uh, it's George.
- Listen, um
- Fuck those other crews.
I'm calling to ask you
to please
delete those texts
- that I sent you.
- I'm Tuna now, bitches.
- 'Bout to tune you out.
- You know the ones, the
Blam! Blam!
You know the ones.
The ones of my
Got Tuna 2.0 right here.
- of my dick.
- Yo, Spanky,
who do you think
we should hit up first?
Too many of them Grand J
Probably should be Yuma.
Yeah, Yuma.
Uh, I just want you to know
that I don't
I don't send pictures like that
to just anyone.
For me to show you
what I showed you, it
it means something.
To me, at least.
You want to make sure to pack
a short-sleeve velour
track suit.
Arizona's hot as hell.
Let's go.
Uh, listen, I'm headed to Yuma
for a few days,
but, um
when I get back,
I-I'd really like to see you.
Aw, fuck me.
All right. Bye.
Oh, shit! Goddamn!
Aw, man, wasted money on a pool.
It's all good.
My finger just slipped.
I really believed
in my heart
that you were innocent.
But this whole time,
it wasyou.
I fought for you.
I-I fell into a frozen lake
at gunpoint for you.
My whole life has gone
to shit because of you.
You're just gonna sit there
and keep lying to me?
And the worst part is, God,
I thought we were friends.
Yeah. I trusted you.
I opened up to you.
You used me,
just like you're using
that-that sad woman Patty.
Oh, shit.
That's good.
Why are you laughing?
Stop laughing.
'Cause I figured you out.
I used to think you loved
playing the hero,
but actually, you're horny
for being the victim.
It's always somebody else's
fault your life is shit.
Okay, you're de--
You're deflecting.
Ah, your mom, your husband,
your baby-faced boss.
Now it's my turn.
Are you really
so self-absorbed that you think
there's some global conspiracy
to ruin your life?
Like that many people
actually care.
You killed him.
And, hey, I-I get it.
Maybe if somebody was
abusing me,
then I would have
killed them, too.
I just--
I wish you would
admit it, for your sake.
No, I won't do that.
You want me to be guilty
so you don't have to admit
that you failed at yet
another thing.
So you can say you solved it.
'Cause you thought it was
that violent Black woman
the whole time, but it wasn't.
I hired you to prove
my innocence,
and you failed spectacularly.
No, I did my job.
I followed the leads,
I worked all the sources.
I tried my hardest
to protect you from a system
that totally failed you.
But you sent me
on a fool's errand.
And you jeopardized my career
in the process.
How could I jeopardize something
that barely exists?
Oh, wow. Okay.
- I think we're done here.
- No, no, no, no, no.
Not yet.
Deep down under
your liberal white woman,
"I'm in it for
the right reasons" bullshit,
you look at me, and you see
a guilty person.
As soon as you got the chance
to do that, you did.
How could we be friends?
How could we possibly be friends
if you haven't been
a good friend to me;
if this is how you treat me?
You're right,
I wanted to kill him.
No, the other dead white guy.
You know, when I met him,
he had this way of
making you feel like
anything was possible.
That he was invincible,
a golden child of God.
But that was all hype.
Anything wasn't possible.
The world just kept
shitting on him
and knocking him down.
He got meaner,
turning around
and shitting on the people
around him.
Wyatt, George, me.
Especially me.
I had a front-row seat
to his insecurity, to his fear.
To all the things
he hated about himself,
and he hated me for that.
And when it got really bad,
like, really bad,
I started losing it.
Kept thinking about killing him.
And at first, it terrified me,
like, what the fuck was going on
in my head.
But then I grew to like it.
In the dreams I
thought about stabbing him,
poisoning him,
then pushing him
down an elevator shaft.
But then, at the end
of the dreams,
I felt happy, free.
So, yeah, I texted Chevy
to see if she could
make my dreams a reality.
But before I could
go through with it,
I found out I was gonna
have a baby.
I was gonna be a mom.
And suddenly,
I couldn't kill him.
I couldn't risk
getting locked up.
That's hilarious, right?
But I knew what it was like
to lose a mother,
and I didn't want
to put my daughter
through the same thing.
And I thought you,
of all people, would get it.
But maybe you don't.
Maybe you're so unloved,
you can't even imagine
someone making a decision
like that for someone else.
I didn't kill Wallace
because I love Laila.
You know,
sometimes I think the closest
I'll get to holding her
is looking at this.
Oh, goddamn it, I'm sorry, Toni.
I'm sorry. Sorry.
That, uh
- That isn't Laila.
- What?
On your-- On your arm.
It's not her.
What are you saying?
It's my niece.
Her name is Ellie.
- Your niece Ellie?
- You were--
You were making a mistake
going with Tessa,
and I couldn't let that happen.
And I knew I could find
the real Laila
with just a little bit
more time.
Where's my daughter?!
Wh-What the fuck are you
telling me right now?
No, no. I found her. I promise
you, I found her. I swear I did.
- The girl on the phone?
- Yes.
That's her. That's Laila.
And everything I told you
about her
and her foster family,
all that is true.
It's just, you know,
I needed a minute,
and I couldn't let you
slip away.
- Just shut up!
- Plimpton!
I can still find Wallace's
killer, I promise you.
- I promise.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You have lost the right
to talk to me.
You don't have that anymore.
And what, you want me
to pat you on the head
and tell you it's gonna be okay?
It's not okay.
What you did is not okay.
What you're doing is not okay.
You think you're better than
the people who put me in here?
At least they didn't pretend
to be the good guy.
Toni, I'm gonna make this right,
I promise.
No, no, no, no, no.
Go find yourself
somebody else to save.
You better get me
the fuck out of here
- before I hit this woman.
- Opening the gate.
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