Gunslinger Girl (2003) s01e03 Episode Script


1 What the hell have you been doing?! You always make me take care of her! I'm sick of it too, you know! --Because of my sickness, --I'm tired from work.
--my constantly-fighting parents --What'll she do if you don't go with her? followed my doctor's recommendation and signed 17 documents.
I had never left my hospital room even once, but on my birthday two years ago, I got this body that lets me move about freely.
Good morning, Rico.
Good morning.
--It's sunny out; let's do our laundry.
I really like my life at the agency.
Everyone's really nice, as long as I do what I'm told.
And, for example The quiet morning air, the smell of the detergent, the sky and the clouds and the sun And my own body I had none of these things in my hospital bed.
"Young Boy" Henrietta.
What's our schedule today? I heard we're training at the outdoor shooting range.
You seem really happy.
It's gotta be better than Hirscher-sensei's lectures.
Page 36.
Begin from Shylock's line.
" There's so much I don't know - so I like book study, too.
Yeah, yeah.
You like everything, don't you? Yep! Henrietta.
Do you have any favorite classes? How about music? You practice the violin, don't you? Yes You didn't take it up because you wanted to? No, Giuse-san suggested it.
He was really mad at me, so I-- So he's forcing you to play even though you don't want to? No, not exactly Giuse-san really adores you.
Do you think? Horrible.
Be more flexible with your body.
Yes, sir! Next, 10-second bursts.
Arms higher.
Line the front and rear sights up.
You're not going to instruct Triela? She does better alone.
Talk about a pathetic brother.
You're not going to help Angelica? Her implants aren't functioning well, so I let her rest.
She might be unusable for a while.
What is our next job? Apparently some big shot politician inquired about some "personal business" recently.
Personal, huh? I don't want our girls doing anything weird.
Though telling them to kill bad guys and attack the R.
's hideouts is easy enough.
Isn't that the kind of work Special Ops Section 1 is for? That's just it.
The guy's a supporter of us Cybernetics Section 2 people.
Unusually nice people require extra caution.
Trip during the real thing and you're dead.
Yes, sir --Maybe next time we'll install empty cartridge containers.
The date has been decided.
Training's cancelled.
Explain the plan.
Yes, sir.
The target is Congressman Mascart of the Radical Party.
Our mission will take place one week from today while he's staying at the Villa Gadd Hotel.
Before each Parliament session, he and his secretary hole up in this hotel to scour over documents.
His room is #2 on the 3rd floor.
We've anonymously booked all other rooms on that floor.
Nobody will come up during the operation.
The details are all in here.
Any questions? Jean.
Is this that senator's job? Yes.
I'm told he and Mr.
Mascart oppose each other in regards to the amendment of the Conrad Act.
Fortunately, he's extremely critical of terrorism, so we can make it look like a terrorist act.
Hirscher and Marco will use our members to make preparations.
--Say, Ferro.
We almost seem like criminals here.
--The Elsa-Lauro team is preparing the culprit as we speak.
Not seem.
We are.
Didn't your God say, "Love thy neighbor?" There's no guarantee they'll love us back.
You've got no romance at all Nihad.
Teach her what real love is.
Here's the plan, Rico.
The target is staying in that hotel there.
After we've successfully assassinated him, they'll find hair and footprints of the Republican Faction.
Today, we're just surveying the site.
Yes, sir.
We'll check the inside later; go check the back entrance for now.
Can I help you? This area is for employees only.
Um I'm Oh, were you looking for a place to play your instrument? That's a musical instrument, right? Y-yeah You can play here if you like! Play me a song! I can't Why not? Uh Because I'm not good at it Oh, you're still an apprentice? Just like me! My name's Emilio.
What's yours? Rico That's strange.
Isn't that a boy's name? --But that's okay.
--This boy talks really nice.
--Rico suits you well! --Are all boys like that? --I work at this hotel.
--I'm not sure what to say My old man lost his business and does nothing but drink, so I have to make it on my own.
I see What does your dad do for a living? He's probably with the city's waterworks bureau Probably? You don't live together? I've been on my own for a couple years now.
So you live in a school dormitory then? Yeah, something like that Isn't it lonely without your mom or dad? No, I'm fine.
That's good.
That's good.
--She's taking a long time.
--Yeah She can't do anything by herself.
So then I told Daniele-san to his face! I told him I'm poor now, but someday I'll make it big and then laugh at them all! Then he was like-- Emilio.
You should get back to work now.
Is something wrong? I just need to go, too And you'll get in trouble if you don't go back.
Yeah I'm sorry.
Wait, Rico! I'll always be around here, so play for me next time! Alright.
Well, bye.
Emilio! Quit your slackin'! --Daniele-san! You'll never believe it! --Believe what? Just now, I met this girl! A girl? Yeah! She was so cute! She seemed French, and had blonde hair And she was carrying an Amati instrument case! Love at first sight, huh? --Take my advice; forget about her.
--Why?! She's French, blonde, and had an Amati.
She'd never associate with the son of a drunkard.
You're late.
I'm sorry Did you run into someone? No.
If anyone sees you during a job, you must kill them.
Yes, sir.
Say, Henrietta.
Hmm? Is learning to play an instrument hard? Why do you ask? When I went to check out the area today Yeah? I met this boy named Emilio.
He's a hotel porter I think he mistook my case for a violin case.
He asked me to play for him sometime.
I can still only play etudes; I don't think you can get good fast.
You think? And it would probably be hard to see him again Yeah, that's true.
But still, maybe he likes you! I don't know much about that sort of thing, but I'd be so happy if someone ever did like me.
Want to try my violin? --Are you sure? --Yeah! Your turn! There.
Now relax your right hand.
Isn't that a lovely sound? Lobby here.
The congressman just checked in.
Bodyguards? As expected, it's just him and his secretary.
--Is the bug working? --Loud and clear.
He said he's about to take shower.
Good, we'll time it for when he does.
Henrietta and Triela will remain on standby.
I don't want them standing out.
Room service.
All done.
Return at once.
I'm sending the clean-up team now.
Jean! An employee just came up! We can't let him get outside! Rico! Do you read me, Rico?! Rico? What are you doing here? And isn't that our uniform? What's going on? Let's see What do I say at a time like this, again? Rico What was it? Oh, that's right I'm sorry Every time I wake up in the morning, there's one thing that really worries me: If my body is really still there.
It's so wonderful knowing that my body still works.
Social Welfare Agency, I really like my life here.