Gunslinger Girl (2003) s01e04 Episode Script


1 Hurry up, before he leaves! But You wanna ask him, don't you? Yeah But Come on.
What is it, Henrietta? --Um Um --Tell me.
--Christmas is coming up soon --Yeah.
So, um Would a drive be all right? Just being with me is enough! Go back to your room.
--Good night, Giuse-san.
--Good night, Henrietta.
He said he would be with me for Christmas.
See? What did I tell you? Yeah, you were right! Thanks! "Doll" Giacomotti, yes? Relax.
I just want to ask about your organization.
Triela! I just wanted him to talk! I determined that you were in danger.
You didn't have to do that, though! Listen.
No shooting without my permission! Then why don't you increase my level of conditioning?! Put him in the car.
Yes, sir.
She's right, you know.
I refuse to give her excessive conditioning.
If you won't increase her conditioning, then it's your responsibility to train her right.
Though I'm no one to talk.
Seems we both got stuck with a job we're not good at.
What should I do to get along with Triela? A serious German like you can't help overdoing things.
She's smart, so she's sensitive to male desires.
Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Happy Bashful! You almost have all seven! The last one is Doc, right? Oh, yeah --I wish I had some too.
--Ask your nice "brother".
It's almost Christmas.
He'd buy them all for you.
No, just having him with me is enough.
Do Hirscher-san's presents not make you happy? He doesn't care what I like; he always gets me the same thing.
Maybe he thinks giving me presents makes him my guardian.
There must be other things to do, though.
You don't look well.
Are you okay? I've been having my period since yesterday.
It's totally irregular.
My stomach hurts And we can't take over-the-counter medicine Now that I've told you, it's starting to hurt worse.
But this is what it feels like to be alive, so I'll endure it.
That's the spirit.
They took out my uterus, so I wish I could trade places with you.
Oh, that's right.
I'm sorry.
Hirscher-san wants you.
Where did you get that? --Jean-san scolded me, that's all.
--You need to wipe it off.
He said to wait in the Section 1 office.
Henrietta is Giuse's sister, Rico is Jean's tool, which makes me What does he want me to be? It'd be easier if he gave me full conditioning to decide.
Check it out.
There's a princess from Section 2 by the door.
She's waiting for a prince.
I didn't know Section 1 had any Not in Section 1.
Did Giacomotti talk? Yeah.
--Where to today? --The airport.
We're searching for a retired Mafia boss.
What is it? Nothing.
We're searching for a man named Mario Bossi.
He wandered around Europe after leaving the Mafia several years ago, but word has it he's back in Naples.
Are we killing this Mario once we find him? No.
We're taking him back to the agency for protection.
Protection? We need insider information to prosecute his organization's Don.
We're going to have Mario testify under an escape clause.
Naturally, the Mafia wants to keep that from happening.
In other words he'll be knocked off if we don't do something? Precisely.
We're to protect him until the trial.
Why can't Section 1 do this instead of us? Mario and I are old associates.
I know several places in town he might stop by.
With any luck, we'll be back in time for Christmas.
Such wishful thinking usually doesn't come true.
Is something the matter? You've seemed a little pale since yesterday.
It's nothing.
I see Who is it? Remember me? Mario from Vesuvio.
Hirscher! Good to see you again, Mario.
Why didn't you go to the D.
? The Mafia hitmen and dirty cops are looking everywhere for you.
I'll go to your trial.
But I still have something to do in town.
Sorry, but I have to take you back to the agency.
You've got one cold heart.
By the way, Hirscher.
Why am I stuck with this girl? I'm sure you've heard about our cyborgs.
Don't bother trying to run away attached to her.
Ah, so she's one of them Why do I have to go in too?! I'll watch the door.
Nobody will come in.
Unless you want me to piss my pants here.
Don't let your guard down.
Hurry it up.
Don't rush me.
Everyone at the agency has a stick up their ass.
Did you learn about the agency from Hirscher? I suppose.
He doesn't seem like the type to have friends in the Mafia.
A long time ago, a rookie Europol investigator caught a Mafia boss in Amsterdam.
Europol? Their black market tobacco business wasn't making enough and they were exporting kid-- lambs through Amsterdam.
That investigator was Hirscher.
Around that time, I seriously considered leaving the Mafia.
He let me escape in return for insider info.
The organization's been after me ever since, and Hirscher was fired when they found out.
Then he got picked up by the agency.
You two corresponded even after he joined? For a short while.
It was a give-and-take thing.
Did he tell you anything about me before I came? No.
Do you get along with Hirscher? Just because we're siblings doesn't mean we're close.
Mario?! Damn it! What is it, Triela?! I'll get him! Sorry, little girl.
We really appreciate you coming back to Naples on your own.
I'm long through playing with you guys.
You can talk all you want later.
The boss is waiting.
"See Naples and die.
" What's that? An old saying.
Means to save dying for until after you've seen this beautiful port town.
In that case, you can die in peace.
If you're gonna take me away, you best hurry.
A really dangerous person is about to show up.
Are you hit? No.
You really like handcuffs, don't you? Next time, I won't hesitate to shoot.
You're looking mighty pale.
Period cramps.
Someone had me run all over the place.
You alright? No, it's actually pretty bad Tell me What did you come all the way to Naples for? To see my daughter.
Your daughter? I decided to leave the Mafia when she was born.
I suddenly despised everything I had done.
I've sent her a Christmas present every year, but I've never seen her since I changed my ways.
But I promised to deliver her present in person this year.
A kid needs a father, I guess I'll tell Hirscher that you got away.
Do you know where your own parents are? Nope.
All I know is that they found me in Amsterdam.
Listening to your story, I guess I might've been a lamb myself.
I can't possibly ask for your forgiveness Who's to say it was your fault? I'm sorry Just treat your daughter nicely.
And you get along with Hirscher.
I don't hate him specifically, you know.
What I do hate is all you selfish adults! Mario got away? I'm sorry.
No big deal.
It was just a favor for Section 1.
Yes? There's still time until our flight.
Let's do some shopping first.
When I think about it, I've only ever given you boring clothes.
Perhaps a cute dress or shoes I like the way it feels when I tighten my tie.
And I like the sound of my leather boots clicking on the streets.
Oh I never know what kind of present to get you I just figured that all kids like teddy bears But if you'd like something else, just name it.
No, get me a teddy bear for Christmas like always.
Actually, I'm naming them all after the Seven Dwarfs I see Triela.
Coming! That's pretty! Oh, welcome back! Do you feel any better? No, not yet.
But I guess it's alright to have one day like this a year Just talking to myself.
Incidentally, on Christmas Day, I received two presents.
One from Hirscher, and one from Mario Bossi.
And so the Seven Dwarfs wound up as the Eight Dwarfs.
I should've asked for something else after all.