Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e01 Episode Script

Bust Through the Heavens with Your Drill!

1 Screening shield,\nclass 8! Mirror armor plating\nis detaching! Hit taken\nin block 3865! Damage? Minimal.
But our thruster flame\nsticks out like a sore thumb now! Stand fast, men.
Let's teach them something.
Teach them exactly\nwho they are facing.
Enemy fleet size\nis off the charts! So, all the lights in the heavens\nare our enemy, eh? They're worthy opponents.
I'll take the fabric of space-time itself\nand wring them out of existence! Prepare to fire Maelstrom Cannon! Target the Great Dimensional Waterfall! Gurren Lagann,\nspin on! Who the hell do you\nthink I am? Gurren Lagann Episode 1: Bust Through the Heavens With Your Drill! Digging tunnels.
Day after day, that's my job.
The more we dig, the more\nthe village can expand.
When the village chief is happy,\nhe feeds us pig-mole steaks.
Is that why I dig? For the steaks? No, not exactly.
I also do it so I can\ndig up treasure.
C'mon, now! Keep on digging! Hey, why can't you dig\nlike him?! Don't you want\nthose steaks?! Ew, it's Simon the Digger.
What's the fun of getting covered\nin dirt day after day? He's carrying\nsomething weird, too.
He's so gross And he smells.
He's looking this way! If we're not careful, he might\ndrill a hole in us, too! Walk with your head\nheld high, Simon.
Kamina? Don't call me Kamina,\ncall me "Bro"! Um, I don't have any siblings,\nso that's kind of It's not about blood! We're soul\nbrothers, siblings of the spirit! Don't worry about what\nthose fugly chicks say.
This looks good\non you, kid.
Drills are your soul! Come with me.
Gentlemen! Sorry for the delay! Is everything ready?! Yeah! What are you doing? Listen up, Simon.
That drill\ndoesn't belong to the chief.
That drill is\nwho you are! Yours is the drill that will break\nthrough the vault of heaven! Why? I have it all figured out! Don't ask for a reason! Meaning that you\ncan't explain.
Okay, you bozos! Are we ready?! Yeah! We're the invincible Team Gurren! Nobody can stand in our way! Y-Yeah! We're sick of being cooped up\nin this little town! It's the youth who are\ngonna break out! Youth of this town,\naim for the surface! Yahoo! Step aside! Make way! Team Gurren is coming through! W-What now?! Listen up, Simon! We're gonna use\nyour drill to bust through the ceiling! Bust through that, and the\nnext stop is the surface! We're gonna make a break\nfor the surface! This is insane! You can do it! When did you Charge! Keep going\nstraight ahead! Fly, piggies! Kamina! You again! Step aside, Chief! You little moron! Would you people PLEASE\ncome to your senses? This "surface" of yours\ndoesn't exist! Like hell it doesn't! I've seen it! Up on the surface,\nthere's no walls! No ceiling! Instead, all you see around you\nis a bright, blue sky! A liar's son is a liar,\ntoo, I see.
What?! Your old man did nothing but\nspout crap like that, too.
And what did it get him? Dead! Buried\nunder a pile of rocks somewhere! You're wrong! My dad made it to\nthe surface! I was there with him! Then what are you doing\ndown here, smart guy? Um, well Get this through\nyour thick skulls! This village is\nall we have! For untold generations, we've been\nwarned to never unseal the canopy.
People who don't understand\nthat rule don't get to eat! Into the stockade with you! Without food! We're so sorry, sir! You weasels! Sorry about that, Bro! But no dinner is\na high price to pay C'mon, Bro, swallow your\npride and apologize, too.
You don't get to\ncall me Bro.
I don't ever wanna be called Bro\nby the likes of you three! Hmph! The bonds of loyalty don't run too deep\nin this Team Gurren of yours, I see.
Simon,\nyou come, too.
I know that Kamina\nroped you into helping him.
You have an important job\nhere in Jeeha Village digging tunnels to\nexpand the village.
You don't have to stay with\nthat idiot, so come along.
But I Go ahead.
Don't sweat it.
Go on.
L-lt's an earthquake! Everybody take cover! Kamina! Let's get out of here! Kamina! No way.
But I don't run\nfrom anything! If we don't run, we're gonna\nget crushed here! Oh, right.
I forgot what\nhappened to you.
Don't worry, it's already\nsettling down.
Are you people gonna keep living in\nfear of earthquakes day after day?! Up on the surface,\nthere ain't no ceiling! Would you give it\na rest?! I didn't look after you orphaned kids\nout of the goodness of my heart! It's because I'm\nthe chief! I have a duty to look out for the welfare\nof this village and its citizens! But if you can't do as I tell you,\nthere's no place for you here! What are you doing\nin here, too? That's a good boy.
I guess I have myself some\nemergency rations now.
My parents died in an earthquake.
It happened when I was seven.
No matter how many\nholes I dig, the ceiling is eventually gonna\nfall in and crush me, the chief, and everybody in the village,\nand we're all gonna die.
That's a given.
That's a fact of life.
Or is it? Lights out! Lights out! Put out the lights! It's now nighttime hours! Go to sleep, everyone! Don't waste precious electricity! Grow up big and plump Grow up big and plump Grow into a big,\njuicy steak for me What the hell? Kamina! Simon? What's up? Come with me! There's something\nyou've got to see! Hurry! Uh, that would be\na jailbreak.
If the chief finds out,\nthere'll be hell to pay, Simon.
I was so preoccupied\nthat didn't even occur to me.
Well, if we get back by morning,\nhe'll be none the wiser.
So, what's so important that I have\nto bust out of jail to see it? It's a face! It's this awesome,\nhumungous face! You've got some nerve, Kamina,\nbreaking out of jail! Simon, is this the humongous face\nyou were talkin' about? Don't you underestimate me,\nyoungster! I'm the chief, so that means I also stand guard! Simon, that goes\nfor you, too! I know all about those extra tunnels\nyou've been digging in secret! Leave him alone.
He hasn't done anything.
I'm the guilty party here.
Oh, I'm perfectly aware\nof how guilty you are! So, Simon.
This thing\nyou wanted to show me Is THIS it? Gurren Lagann Gurren Lagann Look up! That's the surface! What did I tell you? There's a surface, all right! This big mug fell from the surface! It fell from above! Ain't that right, Mr.
Chief? - It's a monster! - Run, it's a monster! What are you\nwaiting for, Chief? I thought you said it was your duty\nto protect the village.
Gosh, it's hard to tell which of us\nis the liar now, ain't it? Bro, this way! Bro? You've got guts,\nplowing into my village with this big ugly mug\nof yours, you know that? R-Run! But that ends here! I won't stand\nfor any more of your shenanigans! Wha? Who the hell are you? It talked! I'm gonna tell you, so dig the wax outta\nthose huge ears and listen close! The bad reputation of Team Gurren\nechoes far and wide in Jeeha Village! When they talk about\nits badass leader, that man of indomitable spirit,\nthat paragon of masculinity, they're talking about ME,\nthe mighty Kamina! Idiot.
- What a dunce.
- Total dumbass.
The mighty Kamina will not countenance\nany further lawlessness in his village! What can a puny human like you\ndo to stop me? All right, you two! Get back! Something else\nfrom the surface? Yeah, it's a girl\nthis time.
I only knocked it on its backside.
It'll get up again soon.
Hey, baby,\nhow ya doin'? You sluggin' it out with that thing? Let me give you a hand.
What? You came from\nthe surface, right? Pretty much.
That's awesome.
So, that's a weapon\nthey use on the surface, huh? Not exactly.
But something like that.
Damn, you got a fine body! Surface chicks are a breed apart! Do I need to tell you again to run? Do you have a death wish? Thanks, Simon! Nice save! Hurry, this way! - Where am I? - Jeeha Village.
Oh, this is the pit\nnext door.
Next door? I'm from Littner Village,\nthe pit next to this one.
What the hell? You said you're from the\nsurface, but you were raised in a pit? I came down from the surface just now,\nbut I originally hail from Littner.
Geez, you're a pit chick? Move it, thunder thighs! What's with the change\nin attitude? This way.
Where, exactly,\nare we going? - The face.
- The face? A humongous face! Do you mean\na Gunmen? What the hell\nis a "Gunmen"? That is.
Give me a minute.
From here, I can target its power conduits.
If I can take those out,\nit'll stop him in his tracks.
Gotcha! Hey, you with the\nbig mug! We're about to take you down with\none shot, so say your prayers! What did you\ndo that for?! A man looks his opponent in the eye\nwhen he lets him have it! I'm a woman,\nthank you very much! A woman has no place meddling\nin a fight between two men! I'm the one who's doing\nall the fighting here! You've got spunk, lady! I like your style! This is it? The face you\nwanted to show me? Yep.
This is TWO awesome things\nyou've dug up now, kid.
I wonder if this is a friend\nof the Gunmen up there? It's smaller than the thing up there,\nbut I like this thing's face.
But look at this.
People ride in it? But that's impossible Can you pilot it? Bro, let's use this to take out that\nthing up there! That big face! Let's waste it.
With this, huh? Yeah, Bro! You can use this to Huh? It looks like\nit's running! Really? C'mon, Bro! You do it, Simon.
You're the one who dug this up.
That makes it yours.
But l What, you think the great Kamina could\nsteal stuff from his blood brother? What? Come on, I can't do this! Dumbass! Reject common sense to make\nthe impossible possible! That's the way Team Gurren rolls, right? But Just pilot\nthe damn thing! Do it.
If anyone can\ndo it, it's you.
B-But Listen, Simon.
Don't believe in yourself.
Believe in ME! Believe in the Kamina who believes in you! What's that supposed\nto mean? I'll see what I can do.
It worked! You did it, Simon! Yeah, Bro! Here we go! Why, that's Kamina and Simon? You weren't expecting THIS,\nwere ya, you Gunmen S.
B? Even if heaven itself tolerates your\nbrutality, the mighty Lagann doesn't! What's "Lagann"? This fella's name.
I just came up with it.
Simon! Why are you dodging? Quit running! But it's gonna\nkill us! A man never walks away\nfrom a fight! We're on top\nof its head?! Bro! Stay away! R-Reject common sense to make\nthe impossible possible! That's the way Team Gurren rolls! I'm coming, Bro! Simon! That was\npretty slick! C'mon, jump! Make it jump! Hey, quit wasting time! Hurry! N-Nice work with\nthe canopy, Simon! It's a little cramped,\nthough Looks like we\ntook it down.
I guess this thing's head\nis hard as a rock.
I have you now! We're done for It's so cramped! Don't moan over a little\nthing like this! Damn it I need power If only I had more power! - A drill? - It just sorta popped out.
That's your kind of weapon! It's a perfect match! Bro! I think I'll be able\nto do the job with this! All right, then! Smash us\ninto that big mug! Give it a taste of the power\nof Team Gurren's mighty drill! Yeah! Get going, Simon! Bust through\nthe heavens with your drill! Farewell, Jeeha Village! We're off to the surface! Off to the surface I saw as a kid! This is the surface? It's so beautiful It's Yoko.
That's my name.
I never introduced myself, did I? Come to think\nof it I'm Kamina,\nand this is Simon.
Nice to meet you.
Um, what's this furry thing that's\nhiding out in my cleavage? Behave yourself, Boota! Whoa, breast meat\nhiding among the breast meat Is it just me,\nor are we falling? Hey, the thrusters turned off! Do something, Simon! I was caught up in the moment\nearlier, I don't know how! - It's no use! - You're sure quick to give up.
We're falling! Hold on tight! Talk about\na rough reception You can\nsay that again I-I'm sorry! Out of the frying pan,\ninto the fire, looks like To Be Continued Next Time If you're doing it,\nthen so am I! If I don't do it,\nwill you? If you don't do it, I will! I'm doing it, so you\ndo it, too, damn it! Next time on Gurren Lagann! "I Said I'm Gonna Pilot That Thing!!" I Said I'm Gonna Pilot That Thing!!