Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e02 Episode Script

I Said I'm Gonna Pilot That Thing!!

1 This is the tale of a man who has yet\nto realize what his destiny is.
Simon and Kamina live in\nan underground village.
But with the sudden appearance\nof a Gunmen, a gigantic mecha, and Yoko, a beautiful woman who\nfires wildly with a superconducting rifle, their daily routine\nis shattered.
They attack and destroy\nthe enemy robot.
The momentum of the attack carries\nthe trio up to the surface, but then Episode 2: I Said I'm Gonna Pilot That Thing!! Ambushing people\nis playing dirty! Sorry, I forgot\nto tell you! These guys were up here\nthis whole time! Say what? Three of them jumped me\nat once! The one that fell into your village\nwas one of them! So what you're saying is, there's\nlots of these things up here?! That's for sure, the place\nis crawling with them! - Glad to hear it! - I hate this! What do you think\nyou're doing, Simon? I'm leaving! I'm going back down! I'm going back to our village! Don't lose your\nnerve now, Simon! You did such a great job fighting\nthem earlier, remember? That was just\na fluke! I'll handle it, then! Open the hatch! Listen up,\nyou walking faces! Having left his homeland, he never yields,\nnever retreats, and never regrets! Never retreat! Never look back! Male tenacity is all about the never's! The great Kamina of Team Gurren\nis gonna take you on! You have been warned! Huh? You could've been killed,\nseriously! How long are you gonna\nkeep running, Simon? We finally made it\nto the surface.
Now's the time to cast off\nthe boy you used to be.
It's now or never.
Hold us steady, Simon! This is terrifying, Bro! Hold us steady, I said! Sheesh! Um, hello? We're falling.
What's wrong, Simon? It's not working! Why not? I don't know! I can't do this anymore! You do it, Bro! Simon! You Save the family squabbles\nfor later! You okay, Yoko? Dayakka! Friends of yours? Yeah! Concentrate your fire\non the one in front! Something jumped out! Keep your heads down! Aw, my Gunmen It's almost sunset.
We're pulling out.
I'll remember this, you stinking humans! We'll pick this up tomorrow! Show no mercy! FIRE! Hot, hot, hot! You'll rue this day! That's what was inside\nthose things? Beastmen.
They're what\npilot the Gunmen.
Every day, they show up\nwhen the sun rises and leave again\nwhen the sun sets.
How come? I have no idea! You've been fighting those\nthings your whole life? That's right! I'll fill you in on all\nthe details later.
You did good today, Simon.
It's hopeless I can't do this.
Whenever my ass is in trouble,\nyou're always the one who saves it.
Thanks a lot.
Oh, my! What's this darling little fellow? He's a handsome devil, isn't he? I didn't mean you, I meant this mecha.
Mecha? You know, this one\nis just my type! What're you doing, Leeron? Hurry up and help me strip this thing.
Sure, I'm coming! See you later, hon.
They've got all kinds up here\non the surface, looks like.
I finally made it, Dad.
Never mind.
This sight is\nsomething else, ain't it? The surface sure is different,\nisn't it? That huge, round light, and all them\nitty bitty lights This place is full of\nlights even at night.
This is way better than the\npitch-black nights down in the pit.
Coming up here\nwas the right call.
The big light is the moon.
The "itty bitty" ones are called stars.
That's what people called them,\nway back in the past.
The moon and stars, huh? Pretty simple names, ain't they? I wonder why they\nhad names? If they have names, maybe that means\nthat people in the plast used to look up at the lights\nin the sky all the time.
My goodness, you're not just\na pretty face, are you, hon? This mecha\nis fascinating! It may be small, but it's\npacking a lot of power.
What're you doing? Running some numbers.
Are you interested? A machine that makes\nsquiggly lines? Oh, you don't know\nhow to read? Read? Do you know how\nto do that, Bro? Nope.
Wow, what bumpkins You aren't exactly a bookworm\nyourself, missy.
I can read just fine,\nthank you very much! This one is "stars,"\nand this one is "moon"! It's possible that long, long ago,\npeople used to live on the surface.
Really? Some records say they did,\nand others say that they didn't.
Which is it? It's like how I'm both and\nneither a man and a woman.
Who cares? Who ARE you, anyway? I'm Leeron, but you\ncan call me Ron.
- Or "Beautiful Queen," if you like.
- I'd rather die! You'd never guess it, but Ron here\nknows just about everything.
He also handles all of our\nweapons-related maintenance.
- YOU do that? - You find that strange? Fine, put my dexterity to the test.
Who knows, you might enjoy it.
You die.
Now, now So anyway, there's a favor\nthat I'd like to ask you.
Would you mind carrying\nthat for me? But What do you have there? It's kinda pretty.
See, it works after all! Over here! What, it responds\nto male spirit? Fascinating Keep your mitts off\nof Simon, got it? How about you,\nthen? You die! Ladies don't care much for\nmen who can't take a joke.
I'm really sorry\nabout this.
Your village was damaged\nbecause we screwed up, and now we're making you\ncarry stuff.
It's because resources are scarce.
We have to use every scrap we find.
What's wrong? What the hell\nis that? Someone who was killed\nby Gunmen.
Around here, it's not exactly\na rare occurrence.
That should do it.
Yeah, we couldn't leave\nhis bones lying there.
It's a waste of time to dig graves for\npeople who die out in this empty dump.
Look, there's no telling when\nwe'll be the ones lying there.
Never! Our journey will continue until we pierce\nthe heavens! As far as it takes! Huh? This place isn't the happy wonderland\nyou seem to think it is.
We ourselves don't\nlive here by choice.
You don't? Our Littner was once an\nunderground village like yours.
But there was an accident,\nand it became uninhabitable.
We had no choice but\nto come to surface, and when we did, those Gunmen were waiting for us.
We have nowhere to return to,\nso our only choice is to fight.
Sounds nice! That's exactly the\nsort of world I was looking for.
It's no wonder they're exhausted.
It's been a day full of firsts for them.
Gurren Lagann Gurren Lagann Look at that, kiddo! This is "up"! This is the surface! There's nothing here Nope, not a thing.
That's why I like it.
There are no walls and no ceiling.
This is truly a man's world.
Ready to go? I see When you're ready,\ncome up and join me.
Until then! Goodbye for now, Kamina! What the hell? - C'mon, Simon! - Hey, wait for me, Bro! - What was that?! - What just happened?! Good morning.
What the hell\nwas that?! Mornings on the surface\nstart with Gunmen.
Care for some\nmorning coffee? What's that? Dirty water? Here comes\nanother one.
Ow, that's hot! That's Two days in a row,\nthat's pretty rough.
There's usually a longer gap\nbetween raids.
Maybe this is payback\nfor yesterday.
Whatever the reason,\nwe gotta fight 'em! Keep your opinions to yourself, please.
Can you use a gun? Don't look down on me, missy! Who the hell do you think I am? Bro Simon,\nyou're in Lagann.
No, you pilot it, Bro.
I bet\nyou'd do a better job than No, that thing\nbelongs to you.
But I'm not We're counting\non you! Don't let them get near the camp! Split into two teams and hold them off! Come on, your place\nis over here! This is I was up all night polishing it.
What do we say? Um Thank you.
All right, hop in! Give the Spin On order\nto your Core Drill.
What's "Spin On"? When you screw it in! Give it a hard, manly twist! O-Okay Uh-oh.
Problems again,\ndear? All right, you uppity\nhuman filth! We're gonna take out\nthe trash this morning! Listen to 'em talk Let's get started,\npeople.
- Anoher one's coming? - Another? You might want to\ncover your ears.
One, two, one, two,\none, two W-What the hell? These tremors! One, two, one, two,\none, two It was them! They caused them! All those\nearthquakes were their fault! It's because of them that\nmy mom and dad are That's a big one I haven't seen\nthat one before.
I like the face\non that one.
Now! What was that? We lined the top of the cliff\nwith explosives.
That worked beautifully.
Geez, those things\nare tough! That's fine by me! That thing is giving me chills! That settles it! I'm gonna take that Gunmen! What in the world are\nyou talking about? I SAID, I'm gonna pilot\nthat thing! Hello? You listening? Those Beastmen or whatever\nare piloting them now, right? There's no way in hell\nthat I can't do it, too! I have no idea where his\nconfidence comes from.
Screw you! For a man, what matters\nis deeds, not words! I'm a woman! Bro! You got here just in time,\nblood brother! What is that guy\nthinking? Bro, it was them! The tremors they cause up here end\nup as earthquakes down below! Oh, that's what\nthey were! These guys killed\nmy mom and dad! Simon, I'm glad to see you worked up! But don't be impatient.
To win a fight, it's vital to have\nburning passion, but a cool head! Listen up, I'm gonna help myself\nto that pointy one.
I'm betting that I can get inside\nthrough the face in its belly.
I need you to\nforce it open for me.
But can you\noperate it? How did you know how\nto operate Lagann? It's like the knowledge came flowing\ninto me when I grabbed these.
That's what I'll do, then! It means that fighting spirit\nis the important thing! Um, I think there might\nbe more than that Whatever,\njust take us in! I'm not sensing a\ncool head here! S-Sorry! Good grief, why do I have to keep\nproviding backup for that moron? Oopsie daisy! That body gives me chills\nevery time I look at it! What the? Get off his head,\nhuman! Simon! You won't lay a hand\non my brother! Give me\na minute, Bro! Get out, I'm taking over.
Oh, yeah! It's all about\nthe fighting spirit! Commander Guzack\nhas been killed! Stinking humans! You'll pay for this! I'm not dead yet,\nyou two idiots! How dare you kill Squad Leader Guzack! This is for\nthe commander! Bro! I'm sending you to the afterlife,\ntoo, pipsqueak! Crap, what's slowing you down, Kamina? Let's see some more spirit! Don't screw with me,\nyou Gunmen bastards! Who the hell do you\nthink I am?! It's all over\nfor you, runt! "Who The Hell Do You Think I Am" Kick! "Hands Off My Beloved Little Brother" Punch! Simon! Pull it together, Simon! B-Bro? Sorry 'bout that.
Got a little\nheld up back there.
Let's take 'em down\ntogether! Wait, what? You deliver the final blow! Put some backbone into it, Simon! Chew on this! Finishing move! Perfect Combustion of Manly Souls! Cannonball Attack! This is so\nmessed up! Ha! You missed! Oh? Did we? I guess I have\nto do it! Neener neen T-They've all\nbeen destroyed! Talk about overkill But you have to admit,\nit was pretty cool.
You have a weakness\nfor his type, huh? How long have you been\nstanding there? I must admit, I'm surprised.
Hijacking a Gunmen isn't something\nthat ever occured to us.
Those two certainly\nare amusing.
Give me a break, Bro I've decided.
I'm naming this Gurren.
No matter how unforgiving this place\nmay be, we'll fight our way through! Me in my Gurren,\nand you in your Lagann! Wait for me, Dad Sorry, I didn't mean to wake\nyou up from your sleep.
I guess I got a little wild this afternoon,\nbut don't hold it against me, okay? No way It can't be! It isn't possible! Dad You bought it\nout here? You didn't wait You died too soon Dad! To Be Continued Next Time This face I show to the world\nis the only billboard I need! This face I show to the world\nis the only billboard I need! What sort of face has the gall to pick a fight\nwith a man of such a noble sentiment?! Next time on Gurren Lagann, Who Do You Think You Are, Having Two Faces!! "Who Do You Think You Are, Having Two Faces!!"