Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e03 Episode Script

Who Do You Think You Are, Having Two Faces!?

1 Just then, a Gunmen's\nbig mitts came at me! The mighty Kamina\nwas in a tight spot! What saved me was Lagann, under the\ncontrol of my blood brother Simon.
"You won't lay a hand\non my brother!" As that cry shout rang out, the Gunmen's\nhand was shattered by a drill! Thank you, my friend! My brother! Lagann ripped its hatch open, and this\nis what I said to the Beastman inside.
"Hey, animal!" The other hero of the hour\nis pretty reserved, I see.
"Hero"? No, I'm no hero.
Tell me Is he okay? Kamina? Yeah.
He wanted to go to the surface\nto be reunited with his father, who left him when he\nwas young, right? But then he found out he'd\nbeen dead all this time.
He's pretending not to care, but that had\nto come as a shock, don't you think? I think it's\nsomething else.
He didn't want to\nsee his father.
He hated himself for not being able\nto go with him in the first place.
He's now a man who CAN go.
That's why he wanted to see his dad.
But doesn't that still boil down to him\nwanting to be reunited with his father? No, it's different! Totally different! I think.
I don't really\nfollow you.
Sorry, it's not very easy\nto put it into words.
That's okay.
Thank you.
I hope he really\nis okay.
Sorry for asking such\na strange question.
Episode 3: Who Do You Think You Are, Having Two Faces!! This turned out great.
They said they combined\nall three of those Gunmen.
What's that logo\non your back? Ain't it great? That's the logo\nof Team Gurren! So anyway, I'm about to go hunting.
Would you mind keeping me company? Say what? What're we supposed to do\nif Gunmen show up while we're out? I don't think any more will come today.
They only come in the morning.
Oh, really? They seem to have a set of rules\nthat they operate by.
We have to find food and water\nwhile there's no fighting.
It's a bit of a hike,\nso give me a lift.
All right.
Simon, let's go! Me, too? Are you sure you\nwant me to tag along? I guess.
So let me get this straight, all those\nweapons are from your village? That's right.
For generations, it stood\nguard over a forbidden storehouse.
But one day, poison gas started\nleaking out of the storehouse, and our underground village\nbecame uninhabitable.
Apparently, Littner Village is a weapons\ncache that was built centuries ago.
Ah, and that's why you\ncame to the surface.
It was because of the weapons that\nwe were driven to the surface, and it's those weapons\nthat let us fight the Gunmen.
Ironic, isn't it? Got it! This rifle is powered by electricity, so if I swap out bullets for these arrows Wow, you're good! I'm the best shot in the village.
That's why I'm allowed to use it.
What do you say? Want to try it? Can I? Got one! Wow.
Ah, there it is! Huh? There are two arrows? I'm impressed,\nhuman.
Who the hell\nare you? Human Race Mop-up Forces, Far East Theater Commander Viral.
Say what? "Human Race Mop-up Forces"? Here are two useful pieces\nof information: First, the Human Race Mop-up Forces eradicate all humans\nwho come to the surface.
Second, that game is my dinner.
You will return it to me.
It is, is it? Gosh, I'm ever so sorry.
I'll return it\nright this minute! It's still alive?! You're not getting away! Who's running? Don't insult me! Who the hell do you think I am? I'm Kamina of Team Gurren! Parents\nuse my name to get children to behave! And I never turn my\nback on an enemy! That bravado will\nget you killed.
You fight well, but you're just\nan amateur at swordplay! Do you honestly think you're\na match for a trained soldier? Dumbass! Real men\ndon't think, they ACT! What was Damn, you dodged it Impressive, you managed\nto injure me.
But a sneak attack is just a sneak\nattack.
It's only a surprise once.
It's over! Bro! Simon! Nice save! I came when I\nheard gunfire! A miniature Gunmen? He spotted me\nway up here? A rebel faction, eh? Perfect timing.
Simon! Kamina! Yoko! You're hurt! Are you okay? Yeah! The important thing is to\nget to Gurren and take him on.
That S.
Boarded\nhis own Gunmen.
We'll take him on, Gunmen to Gunmen! Bro! H-How did you\nget there? Leeron calibrated it\nfor us.
Now we can remain in contact\nwith each other during a fight.
What's the plan? We fight him,\nwhat else?! But he seems a lot tougher than\nwhat we've fought before.
Don't let him scare you, Simon.
You've got Lagann! You've got your drill! Yeah, but Here we go! I was recalled here because there were\nreports of humans stealing Gunmen, but it looks like I'll have this\nwrapped up before dinner.
"Gunmen"? That lame thing\nisn't its name! This is Gurren! You're one cocky bastard,\na Beastman with two faces Faces? Oh, that.
It's traditional for\na warrior to have a crested helmet.
It's not the place of some lowly human\nto lecture me on such matters! You people need to make up\nyour damn minds! What are you,\nhumans or animals?! You acquit yourself well enough in person,\nbut your mecha skills need improvement! Kamina! Simon, I'll cover you! Get in there! Yeah! Get back, Yoko! Simon! Let's do the\nyou-know-what! Got it! Chew on this! Finishing move! Perfect Combustion of Manly Souls! Cannonball Attack! Pathetic.
I thought I told you.
A sneak\nattack is a sneak attack.
It's only\na surprise once! Simon! Kamina! He's mopping the floor with you! It's all over! Die! They're gone? They've mastered the art\nof running away, I see.
No matter.
I'll wrap this up tomorrow.
#Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann Simon, why'd you\ndrill a tunnel? I was scared.
I wanted to run away.
I don't want to do this anymore.
Let's go back to the village.
They have tough guys like that on their side.
We can't handle this by ourselves.
I don't want to die.
And I don't\nwant to see you die, either.
If this keeps up, you're gonna\nend up like your dad.
Simon! Your drill is meant\nto dig towards the heavens! - It's not for running away! - But Tomorrow's the final showdown! I'm getting some sleep.
You should go\nto bed, too.
Let me\npilot Lagann.
I'll pilot it instead\nof Simon tomorrow.
If I don't, you'll be killed\nfor sure this time.
I'll have Ron calibrate it\nto let me operate it.
When it comes to combat, I'm more used to it than that boy.
Simon can't handle this.
He's not the fighting type.
Look what happened today! He ran away! Simon will\npull through.
Why? How can you say that? Why do you have such faith in him? There's no real logic to it, I guess.
What is it, then? It's all the same.
I have faith in him\nbecause I have faith in myself.
And because I can believe in him, I can believe in myself.
It's all the same as far\nas I'm concerned.
That's what it means\nto be partners.
Don't put yourself out\non our account.
If he isn't beaten here,\nwe'll lose our home.
Plus, we're looking at a guy who found\nsome new power by doing something nuts.
You've got guts.
I'll assign you Team Gurren member names.
Team Gurren? It's a place for\nmanly souls.
I don't really follow you,\nbut we'd be honored.
This is odd It's not starting\neven with the key inserted.
Mechanically, there's\nnothing wrong with it.
Even if everyone else should fall, I won't take one step from this spot.
Yoko Because this is the\nonly home we have.
Because we have\nnowhere to run! Well, I suppose\nit's do-or-die time.
If nothing else, I compliment you on\nwaiting here rather than fleeing, human.
And I compliment you on\nnot running or hiding, you sorta-human,\nsorta-animal freak.
Attack! Something itches.
Kamina! You're members of Team Gurren! I'm not gonna let this guy take you out! You never learn any\nnew tricks do you?! Kamina! No way.
On your feet.
Are you ready\nto die? I knew it,\nit's hopeless! It's no use, everybody Let's give up, Bro! Take a good look! He keeps getting up.
Again and again! Until you show up, he'll do it\nas many times as it takes.
Kamina said something\nto me.
"Don't believe in yourself.
Believe in\nthe me that believes in you.
" How about you?! I I I! Oh, getting up again,\nare you? I can't afford to be taken\ndown by you, not now! If nothing else, I compliment you on not knowing when\nto give up! Kamina! He's no match\nfor him! Look, it's glowing! This time,\nit really is over! What the? What kept you, Simon? I'm scared.
I'm so scared I can't stand it.
But the thought of standing by and\nwatching you die is even worse! Well put,\nlittle brother! Time for the last resort! It's time\nto break out the you-know-what! The what? Sorry, I don't know what.
Dumbass! What else would I be talking about?! We're gonna combine! Combine? Combine?! Combine? Combine Forget about it.
We'll never know unless\nwe try, now will we?! See that?! Now we have\ntwo faces, too! Now we're the same\nas you, fuzzball! You're stupid through\nand through, aren't you? It's the pilot's skill that makes all the\ndifference, not the number of faces! Now die! That's impossible! Kamina! Simon! Incredible! What the hell\nis going on? Bro, you were right! We really combined! It sure looks\nthat way.
They combined? How could mere humans do that? How ya like us now, General Fuzzball? Now we got a lid like you\nand everything! Go to hell! Nope, nope, nope,\nnope, nope! A-A cross counter! You best remember this,\nfuzzball! Combining is all about one fighting\nspirit slamming into another! A combining of courage\nthat sets a man's soul on fire! Gurren Lagann! Who the hell do you\nthink I am? From now on, the name of this\nmecha is Gurren Lagann! Gurren Lagann.
Gee, how creative.
To think I'm now forced\nto resort to my swords I underestimated you,\nhuman! I told you, the name's Gurren Lagann! How did this happen? How could he\nsuddenly become so powerful? All he did was attach\nthat miniature Gunmen! How can this be?! You'll never understand\nas long as you live! Why, you None of those dirty tricks,\nyou little Kamina! Amazing, it even withstood\nan attack like that! It's so tough! I wonder if it has a special energy field\nthat neutralizes the enemy's attacks? Perhaps they really\nare special.
Where'd you go,\nyou son of a bitch? Hold up, Bro.
What? You and Gurren are both in bad shape.
Chasing him would be a bad idea.
Simon It's not because I'm scared.
Well, I am, but that's not why.
It's so we can win\ntomorrow's battles.
It's that sensible side of yours\nthat keeps me breathing.
Never mind.
Maybe you two really are\na good set of partners.
You and Kamina.
Well, um I'm sorry, I said some terrible\nthings about you.
Now I know better.
That's okay.
Hey, I found something\ninteresting in here.
Like what? I found some data on a recall point\nin Gurren's program files.
Recall point? Gurren started out as an\nenemy Gunmen, right? So the place it goes to\nfor pickup must be their\nheadquarters? Sorry, Dad, but I'm\ngonna move on.
I'm gonna go see what's over\nevery horizon in your place.
You're really going? Yeah.
We identified their headquarters,\nso it'll be a quick job to crush it! I'll be okay now.
Even if I\nget scared, I'll tough it out.
Here's a parting gift.
A lot\nof us want to go with you, but Protecting your women and children\nis an important job.
But looking at you two, I feel like\nwe can strive for bigger things, too.
Yeah, so Hey, wait a minute.
What's with those bags? Oh, you don't need\na top-rate mechanic? Well, I hadn't I guess we do.
Dayakka, are you sure? Ron begged us to let him go.
I had no choice.
But he Come on, I can't let something\nso fascinating pass me by.
Besides, it's possible that these\nboys might make a change.
Change what? Something.
Be good boys and see to\nmy luggage, would you? See ya around! You can go.
We'll look after Littner Village.
You have your own path\nto walk down.
Still, I had no idea you were\na sucker for his type, Yoko.
Geez, it's not\nlike that at all! Thank you, Dayakka! Until we meet again, Yoko! We'll ditch you and that heavy ass of yours\nif it ever slows us down, cellar chick.
Pipe down, you.
Want me to put lead slugs up your butt\nand out your nose, Beloved Leader? Wait just a minute! Team Gurren\nis its own worst enemy? Our enemy's\nthe Beastmen! You got that right! Let's get to it, you fuzzballs! This time, we're gonna\nattack YOU! To Be Continued Next Time Faces, faces, faces! Sad faces,\nsulking faces, smiley faces! Small faces, large faces,\nangry faces! Happy faces, Gunmen's pale faces.
Next time on Gurren Lagann, Having Lots of Faces Doesn't Make You Great! "Having Lots of Faces Doesn't Make You Great!"