Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e04 Episode Script

Having Multiple Faces Makes You Great!?

1 This is the tale of a man who has yet\nto realize what his destiny is.
With a feeling of relief, Simon and Kamina\nfinally reach the village of Littner.
What they found awaiting\nthem there was Viral, a Beastman who piloted\na powerful Gunmen.
Simon leapt into the fray to assist Kamina in his moment of peril.
In the course of this\nfierce battle, their two Gunmen, Gurren\nand Lagann, combined! Gurren Lagann's drill sent Viral's Gunmen, Enki, flying.
What unknown power lies concealed\nwithin Gurren Lagann? Episode 4: Having Lots of Faces Doesn't Make You Great! I'm starving I wonder how far away the Beastmen headquarters is.
Special training? Think back, Simon! To our combining! Our combining! That was so lame I'm embarrassed\nto think about it.
Listen, Simon, a manly combining\nought to be more beautiful! The act of souls that\nare a raging inferno! - Yeah, that was pretty bad.
- Simon! Jump onto\nmy shoulders! It's pointless to do that\noutside our mechas! Right, Boota? Simon, c'mon! Watch what you're doing! Simon! What? Combine! How am I supposed\nto do that? Combine! Those two seem to be\nenjoying themselves.
Really? What did you want\nto check up on? Watch this.
Now, then First we pull on\nthe gloves, and now it's time to\ndo your thing, loves! You brought THOSE along? You and your creepy toys There's no call to\nbe rude, missy.
Attaboy, attaboy, you can do it,\nway to go! Attaboy, attaboy, you can do it,\nway to go! Just as I thought.
I've seen all sorts of Gunmen over\nthe years, but nothing like this.
What do you mean? It's still just a theory at this point,\nbut if what I'm thinking is correct this Gunmen\nis special.
Oops, sorry about that! It got away from me! Hey, Simon! You okay? Ready for more? - I'm real sorry 'bout that.
- My poor little mechie Whew, lucky thing I\ndidn't hit Lagann! Okay, Simon! Get ready for round two! - That one was my favorite! - You can always rebuild it.
Now, combine! C'mon, Bro, cut it out! Simon! Quit your running! Combine! Combine, damn you! You're not making any sense! You're gonna kill me! What are those\npeople doing? Simon! Combine! Cut it out, Bro! Okay, let's get in there! Bro, I'm running on fumes! I can't run anymore Damn it, Simon! For a real man, a growling stomach\nis no match for his fighting spirit! Mine's growling too, huh? I'm starving Bro? What the hell?! Bro! Hello, little boy! He's so cute! You had a close call,\nbut you're safe now! What's the big idea? A-A woman? I bet you were scared! Son of a bitch! On your feet, Gurren! At times like this, you gotta smack\nmachines to get 'em to work! Crap! Prepare to die,\nyou Beastman bastard! What? Beastman? Are you kidding me? Ow You're a human? That's pretty damn obvious! Who the hell\nare you? Bro! You weren't\nbeing chased? You do a pretty good impersonation\nof a human.
Hey, if you don't watch your mouth, I'm gonna kill you for real! Let's see those\npearly whites.
Well, I'll be You don't\nhave fangs.
Even so, how are you gonna\nreinmburse me for all this, huh?! Who throws bombs\nat people? - Reimburse you? - Look at this mess! How were you raised? Anyway, what the hell is\na human doing in a Gunmen? Everybody knows that Beastmen\npilot Gunmen.
So they say.
So I say! Well, the reason for that is 'CAUSE I STOLE IT, THAT'S WHY! You liar! I pilot it! That ain't possible! Who the hell do you\nthink I am? Beyond the furthest horizon, I crawled up from Jeeha Village! I have defeated as many Gunmen\nas there are stars in the sky! When you hear about Kamina,\nthe badass leader of Team Gurren, it is me\nthey speak of! - Wonderful - He's cute! Kamina! Oh, Kamina! You're so cool! I think you're wonderful You're so debonair! I'm Kiyoh,\nthe oldest sister.
Um, I'm Kinon,\nthe middle sister.
I'm Kiyal,\nthe youngest! And this is our\nbig brother - Kittan.
You've met.
That's right! We're Beastmen hunters! The Black Siblings! We, um, use this burning water to,\nuh, destroy Gunmen.
Oh, that's what these\nblack things are? That's right, it's scary stuff, man! Lt'll blow you up real good! Knock on wood, huh? Kiyoh! Kinon! Kiyal! Get away from him! He and I have something\nto settle with our fists.
Your attention, please! Playtime is over, children.
#Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann Why do WE have to go out\nand find lunch for everyone? It means that hungry men\nare absolutely useless.
You're so lucky, Yoko! You get to\ntravel with such a great man! What's so "great"\nabout that bozo? Well, he certainly has\na booming voice.
He looks tough Yeah, and his feet\ndon't reek.
And did you see those\nlong eyelashes of his? Yeah! Look, a watering hole! Where there's water, there's animals! Hey, check this out! There's a\ncool one on the ground over here! It looks delicious! You're traveling to the Beastmen's headquarters? What's a bunch of rank amateurs\nlike you gonna do about 'em? You're just scared.
I ain't scared of nothin'! I'm sayin' that\nyou shouldn't underestimate Beastmen! I'm starving You, too? We've been tracking a Gunmen\nwith 16 faces since this morning, and haven't\nhad time to eat.
With 16 faces? There's no such thing! You sure you weren't hallucinating? What, you've never seen\none with 16 faces? Wha? I'm so hungry When you're hungry, it's hard to work up\nthe energy to do anything, right, Simon? Yeah That cloud looks tasty! That meat cloud\nis mine! I saw it first,\nso I have dibs! You wanna start\nsomethin', jack? What are you boys getting\nso worked up over? - Look what we found! - Doesn't this look delicious? Doesn't it? Uh, is this edible? You can eat anything as long\nas it's not rotten, right? Let's dig in! Did you just\nbite me?! Our lunch just talked! Bro, take a close look\nat their stupid mugs! Hey, these guys\nis humans! They're so cute! Our siesta's\nbeen interrupted! Whatever! Let's eat 'em anyway! They're pretty uppity for\na bunch of hairballs! Don't call us hairballs! Everyone, to me! T-That's all, folks! They ran away! Hey! You don't suppose\nthose things were I'm starving You're right! They seemed\nlike Beastmen! I never let a single Beastman escape! Any Beastmen hanging around here\nmust be with that 16-faced bastard! Those things are what\nwe've been hunting! The Black Siblings are on the job! Crap Simon! Team Gurren\nis going, too! Bro What are you doing? - It's no use, they bounce right off.
- Bro! Almost there! Oh, crap! Let the pros handle this,\namateur! Hurry up, Simon! We'll take 'em down in Gurren Lagann! How can this be? How can\nthey operate Gunmen?! I won't stand for it! Come on, Simon! Time to combine! Okay! Dumbass! What was that for, Bro? Quit your whining! Don't you\nremember your training, Simon? We're gonna get killed if we don't do\nsomething! Hurry, we have to combine! What the? Combining with a measly\ntwo units? Ha! I'll show you what combining\nis all about! This is combining\nusing 16 faces! I'm surprised.
I had no idea there\nwere other combining Gunmen.
Isn't that how\nall Gunmen work? - It combined?! - Dumbass! That ain't combining! Proper combining is all about Bro! If we don't do something,\nwe're history! Damn it, Simon! Manly combining\nis a thing of beauty, an act of two souls that\nare a blazing inferno! Would you just shut up\nand combine already? He's right! Gurren Lagann's combining\nis something else entirely! Boota? Thanks, Boota.
But why does Kamina\nkeep doing that? Jump! I get it! Bro, I get it! Bro! Simon! Bro! Simon! Yoko! Stupid little kid Guess I'd better do something.
What're you We're going in.
Sorry, Bro That's all I've got.
Simon! Run! Yoko? Simon! Start running! Yoko! Look, the kid's running! Throw your bombs! Hurry! Oh, I get it! We set up a smoke screen! - Good thinking! - I have my moments.
Those 16 bastards\nare freaking out! Simon! I understand now! I get what you\nwere trying to teach me! Compared to those rocks you lobbed\nat me, dodging these is easy! - You're missing the point.
- Look, Bro! Ow! That's it! Manly combining is about fighting spirit! The beauty of soaring through the air! Brotherly Combining! Gurren Lagann! Now THAT'S how\nit's done.
Gurren Lagann? That was\nwicked cool! Sixteen-face combining! That thing is big,\nall right So what? That just makes him\na big blockhead.
What did you\ncall me?! Kittan! Hey! Kiyoh! Kinon! Kiyal! Damn it Damn it It's no use I can't work up\nthe energy.
We're screwed! There no food anywhere! What, Boota? You want me\nto eat your tail? Okay Bro! What now, Simon? Even this drill is starting\nto look tasty Bro! Put this in\nyour stomach! This is delicious! Having lots of faces\ndoesn't make you great.
Manly combining isn't like\nsome tawdry love affiar where you come and go\nas you please! That isn't a\ntrue bond! That's just a sham, a pale imitation\nof the real thing! What in the world is\nhe rambling on about? True bonds, huh? That's it! That's what is different! Your combining doesn't have\nany principles to stick to! Bro! Our arm! Drills are\ncoming out of our arm! So allow me\nto stick it to YOU! Let's do it! - One! - Two! - Three! - Four! Five! Jamo! - Fifteen! - Sixteen! See, we stuck you\nwith our own principles! Gurren Lagann\nis fearsome, indeed Let's get out of here! Be careful on the streets at night! - They did it! - I knew Kamina could do it! That Gunmen of theirs\nis awesome! Oh, you girls\nare alive? That was\na close call.
We came this close\nto being buried alive.
What's the matter,\nbig brother? I can't help it! I thought you guys were We're a lot tougher\nthan that.
Right? C'mon, let's go see Kamina and Simon! Hey! Come back here! Looks like I'll be up all night\nmaking repairs again.
Hey! Hairmateur! What the hell\nis that? It means someone who's a hair's width\nbetter than a regular amateur.
Hey! You still wanna start\nsomething with me? If you ever want to join the Black Siblings, come find us anytime.
But you'll be the good-for-nothing\nyoungest of the family! And if YOU ever wanna join Team Gurren,\nhome of all things manly, give me\na shout whenever! See ya! Bye bye, darling! I proclaim my undying adoration\nfor you, Kamina! See ya, guys! We'll meet again someday! Goodbye! Well, they're gone.
Yeah You know, that snack earlier\nwas really tasty.
That's all you get! Simon, get back here! Let me have some! Forget it! You want some, too,\ndon't you, Boota? Pretty please, Simon? No! Absolutely not! Hey, Simon! Simon, c'mon! Forget it! To Be Continued Next Time There are things you know in your head,\nand things you know in your gut.
Even if you react instinctively,\nit's not the same as using your head.
That's one thing I just don't get! Next time on Gurren Lagann, "I Don't Get it, Not One Bit!" I Don't Get it, Not One Bit!