Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e05 Episode Script

I Don't Get It, Not One Bit!

1 This is the tale of a man who has yet\nto realize what his destiny is.
Simon's Lagann and Kamina's Gurren\nperfect their combination technique, and the result is named Gurren Lagann.
Their journey in search of the enemy's\nheadquarters continues.
However You know, we haven't seen\nany Gunmen lately.
You have a point.
I don't want\nmy skills to get rusty.
What're you doing\nin here, anyway? We built you guys a place\nout of wreckage, didn't we? This is the best place to be\nwhile we're underway.
That thing bounces around so much,\nit's murder on my butt.
You sure it's not 'cause\nyour ass is too big? What did you say?! Ah, this is so comfy! Geez, you're heavy! You sure your brains haven't settled\ninto your ass, you dumb broad? Oh, you don't say? Sounds to me like you want a taste\nof one of my meatball bullets.
No, not those! The surface around here seems to have\nbeen made comparatively recently.
How recent\nis "recently"? Oh, about four or five\nhundred years, I'd say.
Ow! Don't shoot, you crazy bitch! You'll kill me! Thse little things won't\nkill you, you big baby! They never get tired\nof fighting, do they? Kamina and Yoko\nfell through.
What an enormous cavern! I've never seen anything like it! How far down\ndoes this thing go?! Episode 5: I Don't Get it, Not One Bit! Good thing I came\naround first People have come from\nthe Face God! Messengers from the Celestial Lands! Face God? That's a That's a Gunmen! - What a wreck - Please don't touch that! That is our village's\nguardian deity.
Yo, Forehead Boy! Don't you have\nmore to throw on the fire? My name is Rossiu.
This is all we have here.
This place is a barrel\nof laughs, ain't it? Hey! Don't be rude! Hey! Did you guys really come from\nthe Celestial Lands? Are you messengers\nof the Face God? What's the deal\nwith these kids? Stop bothering our guests, Gimmy, Darry.
Go somewhere else.
Okay I'm terribly sorry.
Those children have\nno parents, so everyone spoils them.
Who cares about that? More importantly, what's that Gunmen doing there? Gunmen? You mean\nthe Face God? Wait, you don't know\nwhat that is? Hah, you weren't any different\nnot too long ago.
What the hell?! What did I do to\ndeserve all this grief from you? Oh, shut up! Um, Yoko? Yes? I'm sorry, but would you\nmind putting this on? Why? Well, um Perhaps you\ncould cover up? Your manner of dress is Well, it is indecent! I'm not crazy about outfits like this\nthat restrict my movements.
What now? Boy, take away the bare midriff,\nand you got nothing left, do ya? Scum! Thug! Stinking louse! You are one hopeless pervert\nof a man, you know that? Don't pick up his habits,\nokay, Simon? Please stop this\nviolent behavior! I would expect Celestians to refrain from\nsuch lewd conduct in front of our villagers.
Celestians? These people are Celestians? Yes, they travel in the\ncompany of Face Gods.
Please show them\nall due repect.
Rossiu! Yes, what is it? T-There's a problem! Ucom's wife just gave birth! But that is good news! I was about to suggest to our guests\nthat we visit the High Priest.
The thing is, one child is a girl,\nand the second is a boy.
As is the third! What?! Huh? Why are they\nfreaking out? Triplets? To Ucom and his wife? Yes.
So, that brings the village's\npopulation to 52.
We must\nchoose two, then.
Must we go through\nwith this, Father Magin? Rossiu, do you not understand? This rite bestows a great blessing.
We will celebrate the chosen,\njust as we did with your mother.
Man, this place is depressing.
Old Jeeha Village was nothing like this.
Is it time\nto eat yet? Isn't that what\nthis is? This ain't enough! I need me some meat I wanna have meat! I suspect that this is\na grand welcome for us.
They have no electricity.
No herds of livestock.
All they have here is a tiny pond\nand a broken Gunmen.
Which means that even a meal\nlike this is precious.
My apologies.
Was the meal\nnot to your liking? If it is not too much trouble, might I impose\non you to tell me of the Celestial Lands? Really, Forehead Boy? Does that mean you want more\nthan the life of a celler dweller? Then let me get this out of the way! Gunmen are no gods! But that has been our belief\nsince long before I was born.
Your people have always\nlived like this? No, they say that our lot has improved\nconsiderably since the High Priest took over the administration\nof the village.
This High Priest guy,\nwho is he? Celestians, please do not test\nthis boy's piety any further.
Your words are too much\nfor our people to accept.
You're the High Priest? I apologize for neglecting\nto introduce myself.
I am called Magin,\nand I govern this village.
Is that a fact? You're the head honcho\nof this little dump, huh? Rossiu, we have an important\nceremony tomorrow.
Go to bed.
Yes, Father.
You and your friends should\nturn in for the night, as well.
If you will\nexcuse me Bro?! Are you some kind\nof moron?! I don't like that guy.
Not his ugly mug, and definitely not\nthat holier-than-thou attitude.
Gurren Lagann Gurren Lagann Wow, the thing\nstill works! Good morning.
Take it for a spin, Forehead Boy.
The key to making it work is spirit! I had no intention\nof doing so Put everything else out of your head! Just do what feels natural! It's a great feeling.
Rossiu! F-Father Magin! There he is again.
What are you doing, Rossiu? Who told you that you may\ntouch the Face God? I-I apologize.
Hang on a minute,\nold-timer! It finally came\nto me.
Bro I was trying to figure out why your\nugly mug pisses me off so much, and I realized that you look like\nthe chief of our old village.
Right, Simon? Hm, maybe he does You and your friends Oh, you wanna fight? ought to leave this village if you\nhave no further business here.
Say what?! Huh? Father Magin, surely it does\nnot need to be held now.
All three of these children\nmight not survive.
Please do not misunderstand, Ucom.
Those chosen during this rite\nreceive the gods' blessing.
Now, please draw.
T-Then I'll draw for my wife\nand children, too.
Next, please.
Yes, Father.
Is there anyone who\nhas not drawn a lot yet? Gimmy hasn't\ngone yet! Neither has Darry! Oh, my apologies.
You two are\nthe last, then.
Now, open your hands.
If your lot has a mark, you have\nbeen chosen by the gods.
She won! Darry won! So did you, Gimmy! Hey, you're right! We both won! - Yay, we won! - We won! We won, we won! What are you saying? What do you mean,\ntake these kids with us? Whenever the village's\npopulation exceeds 50, some are chosen to be the gods' children\nand are sent up to the Celestial Lands.
Celestial Lands? You mean the surface?! But that's crazy! You can't send these kids there! That is your answer,\nthen? You handle rejection better\nthan I expected, old-timer.
I don't think that's\nwhat he means, Bro.
You leave us with\nno choice, then.
We will conduct our ceremony\nin the usual manner.
Wait just a damn minute! What's one\nor two more kids running around? You don't have to\nthrow them out! To be sent up to the Celestial Lands means to be released from all the sorrows of this life\nand to live together with the gods.
It is the ultimate\nhappiness.
Why does it have to be this way? I don't get it, not one bit! Hasn't anybody ever considered going\nup to see what it's really like up there? C'mon, take us there! What're the Celestial Lands like? It ain't exactly paradise up there! We can't drag two kids around with us! Why not?! - You're mean! - Meanie! Would you please stop berating our ways\nevery chance you get? Excuse me?! Look, old-timer, don't try\nto play the victim here! How dare you! Mind your tone when speaking\nto the High Priest! Let it go, Bro.
It's their law\nhere in this village.
It's not like they're doing it\nbecause they want to.
If you don't WANT to do it, all they\nhave to do is STOP doing it! Who the hell do you\nthink I am? I'm Kamina, who would rather die than\ndo something he doesn't wanna do! Listen up, people! This guy's a fraud\nwho's been feeding you a load of crap! Don't fall for it! Please stop this! What do you\nknow of life in our village? Ah, you're finally starting\nto speak my language.
Stop this, Rossiu! Don't resort to violence! I don't understand! How can these\npeople be messengers of the gods? Endure this trial.
The gods are testing us.
C'mon, kiddo! Stop it this instant, Rossiu! The mighty Kamina is ready\nto take you on! Yo, Forehead Boy! What are you, man or mouse? Man or mouse?! What the hell?! It's another Face God! Gurren Lagann, I found you! Get moving, Kamina! Simon! Thanks, Yoko! What do you think you're\ndoing to the Face God? The gods\nwill smite you! This is getting old Bro! Ready! Let's do this\nwith style! Brotherly Combining! Gurren Lagann! One Face God is fighting\nanother Face God! How can this be?! You guys down there! What're you standing around for?! You're in the way! Get clear! Hurry! These things are no gods! They're the enemy! They're the enemy\nwe fight against! Bro, it's no use! These people have believed that Gunmen\nare gods their whole lives! In that case, we're gonna kick this\nthing's ass right in front of them! That'll make 'em see sense whether\nthey want to or not! Bro, you're overdoing it! Butt out! W-What the? The idol! What are you doing? Don't interfere, you piece of junk! What the hell? What is going on here, Father Magin? Father Magin! I don't like you.
I don't like you at all, old-timer.
If you had that much spirit\nall along, why didn't you I mimicked what I saw\nyou do, that's all.
I myself do not understand\nwhat I was doing.
I beg you, it is time\nfor you to leave.
Don't disturb our village any more\nthan you already have.
Say what?! Let it go, Bro! What he says is right.
We don't\nbelong here in this village.
I don't get it.
I don't get it,\nnot one damn bit.
Perhaps we should\ntell everyone the truth.
What is the truth, Rossiu? If the truth would destroy this village,\ndo they need to know it? This village does not have the resources\nto sustain a large population.
The first thing I did when I became\nleader of the village was to set a limit of 50 on\nthe people who may live here.
We must not exceed that number,\nnot even by one.
If we succumb to sentimentality\nor emotion, the village is lost.
For me, that is the\none and only truth.
My religion is nothing more\nthan a tool to that end.
Did you also arrange it so that Gimmy\nand Darry would be chosen? Yes, because those children\nhave no family.
That way, few would\ntruly grieve for them.
You're joking! If that's true,\nthen what about my mother? Any regrets I once had, I made my peace with long ago.
Take these, too.
But we can't eat\nthis much! You mustn't eat it all at once.
Eat it a little at a time and make it last.
Okay! Rossiu! You mean to go\nthrough with this? Yes.
I will go with\nthose children.
Once we reclaim the surface\nas a home for humanity, there will no longer be any need\nto be bound by such painful laws.
Besides, won't it be easier for you if no one\nelse in the village knows the truth? I understand.
In that case, would you like to take the\nholy scriptures with you on your journey? Thank you but I I no longer believe.
And besides, I thought you knew! I cannot read.
Oh, is that all? You needn't\nworry about that, Rossiu.
I can't read, either! This may be no more than\ndead weight to you now, but I would like you\nto take it with you.
Please, accept it.
Yes, Father.
To Be Continued Next Time If it's invisible,\nyou want to see it! If you're told not to look,\nyou can't resist peeking! If it's hidden,\nyou want to see it! That's what a man's adventure\nis all about! Next time on Gurren Lagann, There Are Some Things I Just Have to See!! "There Are Some Things I Just Have to See!!"