Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e06 Episode Script

Sit in the Hot Tub 'Till You're Sick!!

1 This is the tale of a man who has yet\nto realize what his destiny is.
Aday, a village that worships\nan ancient Gunmen as a god.
That place had a cruel rule meant to\nensure the survival of their people.
Still harboring resentment in their hearts, Simon and Kamina's journey continues, having acquired still more\nnew companions.
Episode 6: There are Some Things I Just Have to See!! I don't see anything around here\nthat seems like a likely candidate.
No doubt about it.
Judging from this map, the recall\npoint ought to be right here.
Are you sure we\ndidn't pass it? It's hard to believe that we could overlook\na facility large enough to launch Gunmen.
I suppose I need to look over Gurren's data one more time.
Huh? What's wrong? It's moving.
Moving? How is that possible? Beats me.
But judging\nfrom the data, it would mean that the recall\npoint itself is moving.
Is that even possible? I haven't the slightest.
It might mean\nthat this data isn't reliable.
Damn thing is useless! Huh? What're you doing? Point your face\nsomewhere else! Huh? What? I can't hear\na word you're saying! What's the matter? Are you feeling ill? It stinks! Stinks? What stinks? Where? You guys reek\nto high heaven! Try brushing your teeth and washing up\nevery once in a while, damn it! It's some Gunmen! You out there\nin the Gunmen! Listen and be amazed! Look and be amazed! My angry flames burn to ash any Gunmen\nbrazen enough to cross my path! You face the mighty Kamina, indomitable\nleader of the invincible Team Gurren! Geez, can't he fight without\nrunning his mouth off? Come at me however\nyou want! They hardly put up\na fight at all! Is it just me, or are these Gunmen getting weaker? Awesome! Awesome! I think it means that\nwe're getting tougher.
Right, Simon? Y-You really\nthink so? Wait a minute.
One of them is getting away.
Yeah, let's kill 'em all! Kamina, do you suppose we might\narrive at the recall point if we follow that\nfleeing Gunmen? That's it! Come back here, you long-eared Gunmen varmint! Crap, where did it go?! It's hopeless\nin this fog.
Hey! Bro! Something's out there! A Gunmen? No, it's too small.
What're you doing\nout here, Gramps? Do you think he can\nunderstand us? I wonder if there's a village\nsomewhere around here.
You want us\nto go that way? Hey, pops! What's out here\nin the mountains? Huh? I can see something\nup ahead, Bro.
This building is blatantly\nsuspicious.
The air is warm.
And it's giving off steam.
Everyone, we've delivered the old man\nsafely, so we should leave, and You are going inside? We'll, he seems to want us\nto follow him! Maybe he's gonna give us\na reward or something.
Welcome! This is getting more\nand more suspicious.
Something fishy is going on! Trust me! Well, well, if it isn't\nthe mighty Kamina.
"How do you know who I am?" You are about to ask? There isn't a single human on the surface\nwho hasn't heard of Team Gurren.
Not a one! Your many exploits have given hope\nand courage to villagers far and wide, prompting them to take\nto the surface themselves.
You are the hero of the\nentire human race! You're our hero! Moron.
Gimmy, you too? You ladies and gentlemen\nby the door, please, join us.
Come in, come in! This is so fishy! It may look delicious in one sense,\nbut in another, it might contain poison so deadly\nit can kill with a single Hey, Rossiu! You've already eaten 9/10ths of it Yeah, and if you don't hurry up, I'm gonna eat the tenth that's left! A man's stomach\nknows no limits! Keep it coming! How manly! Is this safe? Oh, my! Kamina! I knew it,\nit's Kamina! - I missed you so! - Um, who are you? Don't you remember? We're the three\nsisters of the Black Siblings Friends of yours? Yeah.
Yoko, when did you\nhave kids? No way! Did you and Kamina As if! Come to think of it,\nwhere's Kittan? He had some things to take care of.
We're on our own today.
Actually, we were waiting for him near here,\nbut then some Gunmen showed up.
Yes, that's right! And then while\nwe were chasing them, this odd haze sprang up,\nand just when we got lost You were guided here by\na mysterious old man? Right! So Who are you? Ladies and gentlemen,\nonce you have eaten your fill, feel free to soak away your battle\nfatigue in our prized hot spring.
Hot spring?! Hot spring? What the hell is that? You see, hon, a hot spring\nis a place where This is awesome Totally awesome! Take your time\nand enjoy yourselves! - This hits the spot! - This feels so wonderful! Bro, where are Rossiu and Ron? Don't know,\ndon't care.
#Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann This hot spring is great Right, Bro? Hey, Simon? Yeah, what? One of these days, you and me\nneed to try to go to the moon.
Moon? You mean this? No, THAT! I don't think any amount of wishful\nthinking will make that happen.
Moron! Reject common sense to make\nthe impossible possible! We made it up here\nto the surface, didn't we? It can't be impossible\nto go to the moon! When you say it, I feel\nlike we really could.
Come on, stop trying\nto feel me up! Come on, Yoko, your breasts\nlook so touchable! Breasts? Mine are nowhere near\nas big as Kiyoh's.
But yours are\nshaped better, Yoko.
Shape? I'm jealous of you two.
Mine are just like THIS.
Like what? What about me? Don't worry, Darry.
Yours will\nget nice and bouncy soon.
Bouncy? Yeah, they'll fill out, and they might get\nso big and bouncy that they'll burst! W-We shouldn't\nbe doing this, Bro Don't worry, I'll let you see 'em\nafter I'm done! See anything, Bro? Hey, Gimmy! Find a hole! Hole? A hole! Look around\nfor a hole! Hole Hole A hole? A hole! OW! Gimmy! Coming! Ouch Did you see anything, Simon? See what? Quit screwing around! You saw something, DIDN'T you? Well I could see from the\nshoulders up C'mon, Gimmy! Poke me in the butt! Huh? He's gone.
It's so cute! Come on, let's get those\nimportant bits washed! Feels so good Simon! Your drill! I'm gonna drill this wall! Drill it hard! Please, let's just\ncall it quits! Do you know what a man's\npath is all about, Simon? It must have mountains,\nvalleys, and adventure! You've never seen REAL mountains, have you? Not if you only saw from the shoulders up.
Don't you want\nto see them? Those lovely peaks\nand treacherous valleys? They're so big! And soft! And they smell so nice! O-Oh, boy I sure do.
Great! You handle this,\nand I'll try another approach! No luck I can't see a thing.
Drill, drill, drill Drill, drill, drill Bro! I'm through! Gross! I'm not the least bit\ninterested in Kamina! What, really? I might make a move\non him, then.
F-Feel free,\ndon't let me stop you! What about Simon, then? Pass.
I know what\nyou mean.
Simon's still such\na little kid.
He's always latched onto Kamina.
He has no identity of his own.
- He's so unreliable.
- And he's wishy-washy.
He sure is! But if he worked at it a little harder,\nhe could become a good man.
What makes you\nsay that? He might be a mess most of the time,\nbut he comes through when it counts.
I guess I have a lot\nof faith in him.
Well, I'll be! There's something\ngoing on here, all right! Cut it out! It's not like that at What's the deal? Did you give up? Yep.
This is fishy Very fishy Too suspicious\nby half At long last Finally, I've made it! I have scaled these\nlofty heights! Ready or not, here I come\nto where no man has gone Damn it, I was\nso close T-This bathhouse\nwas a Gunmen?! Now, I believe it's time\nto begin our human hunt! Hey, you're a Beastman! Coming out\nat night is against the rules! Sorry, but my kind\nis nocturnal! This way! I set them up so they\ncould be used at a moment's notice! Thank you! So warm Let's do it, Simon! Yeah! I think not! Look at this! Damn it, Kamina, hurry up\nand rescue us! She has Yoko\nand the girls! That's dirty! What's this stuff that\nmakes it so I can sorta make out what's\nbehind it, but not really? If you want me to remove\nthe mosaic filter, step out of your Gunmen\nthis instant! What?! Is she kidding? Team Gurren\nwould never fall for that trick! Can you remove\nthose blocks? Bro? Forgive me.
Okay, I'm out! Now, keep your end\nof the deal! M-Moron! Very well.
DON'T SCREW WITH ME! Let's combine, Simon! Bro, look! You Gurren-nappers! That was horrible The whole bathhouse started\nmoving all of a sudden.
Where in the world did Kamina\nand the others get to? Why, this is Gurren! What're we\ngonna do, Bro? - Save us, Kamina! - Save us, Kamina! Right! Jump up and latch\nonto its face, Simon! What were you thinking,\nyou pinhead?! It was obviously\na trap! What kind of idiot would agree\nto get out of his mecha for that?! Your brains must be rotted out,\nyou big pervert! I am so dead, Bro! Suck it up! Crap! Get outta my way,\ntoadies! Wow! Kamina! You're safe! Yoko! Kamina, you complete\nmoron! How could you fall for\nsuch a stupid stunt?! How are you supposed to\nfight without Gurren?! I'm sorry! There are some things I just have see! T-Then you should have\njust said so! If you want to see them that badly, I can show them to you any time! That didn't come out\nthe way I meant it! L-Look, we need to deal\nwith this Gunmen! You're history! What happened?! Engine room here! Those women\nthat escaped are Damn them! Right! Ready to go? I think not! W-What? What's going on? What the? Stay right where you are.
If you try anything else, I can easily crush\na few of their ribs.
But you needn't worry.
I won't kill them.
The women will all be sent to\nthe Spiral King as tributes! "Spiral King"? Indeed.
The Spiral King is the mighty god of\nthis world who resides in the Capital! Now I understand.
He's the final boss Meaning he's the root of all evil.
I won't stand for any insults\nto the Spiral King.
I see that you need to be\nhousebroken right away.
Way to go, Gimmy! Toss it to me! We have no need of men! The next time you move, you die! Now, give that back! Gimmy, turn the dial! The other way! The other way! Huh? Turn it some more! Give that back! What're you doing?! Hurry! Turn it! Give that back! Now! Prove that you're a man! Turn it, turn it, turn it! Now! At long last! The moment\nhas come! Wha? What the hell? They lent these to us, saying they\nwere for use in the outdoor bath.
It's a special service for our customers! Is there some sort of problem, sir? A problem? Do I have\na problem?! You took the heights of the\nhuman spirit, of the male soul, and you stomped it into the dirt,\nsmacked it around, and smashed it! I'll follow all of you bastards down\nto the deepest pits of hell and kill you a million\ntimes over! Simon! Bro! Pile in, everybody! - We can't all fit! - I'm falling out! Close the canopy,\nand we'll fit! It's so cramped Won't this make it\ntoo heavy to move? No, it'll work! Look! It's Gurren! Just like you said, Kamina, I was able\nto power it with fighting spirit.
Way to go, Forehead Boy! Okay, let's combine! Um, shall I get out? There's no time! Man's Wrath What?! Explosive Slash! We did it! We did it! We did it! Good mornin', sunshine W-What was that?! It's been a long time,\nnaked ape! Um, who's\nthis guy again? To Be Continued Next Time There are times when a man's gotta do\nwhat a man's gotta do.
Sometime, somewhere,\nmaybe here, maybe there, you might come across\na golden opportunity.
Whether you live or die\nis up to your ability! You're Gonna Do lt! Next time on Gurren Lagann, "You're Gonna Do lt!"