Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e07 Episode Script

You're Gonna Do It!!

1 This is the story of a man who has yet\nto realize what his destiny is.
Days of constant fighting continue\nas they search for the enemy base.
Just when they thought that a new\njourney was about to begin after they foiled the underhanded\ntrap set by the bathhouse Gunmen, an enormous figure\nsuddenly appeared.
This was the beginning\nof a new set of trials.
It's been a long time, hasn't it,\nyou naked ape?! Wait, you're I see that you've had your fun lately,\nbut that is at an end today.
I've come to settle this\nonce and for all! Viral! Now You will return\nmy helmet to me! Or so I'd like to say But first things first.
Put some clothes on! Episode 7: You're Gonna Do lt! You're being awfully understanding,\ngiving us time to get dressed like this! Defeating a NAKED naked ape\nwill win me no honors.
Warriors of the Capital prize\ndecorum above all else! The Capital? That must be\ntheir base, Bro! Our "base"? It is nothing\nso unimportant as a mere base! The Capital is unique,\nand it is eternal! It is the sole example of civilization on\nthe surface, ruled by the Spiral King! Spiral King? Civilization, huh? Damn you, return my helmet\nthis instant! After all that speechifying, THAT'S all you want?! You seem determined to utterly and\ncompletely make an enemy of the Capital.
Very well, learn now the\npower of the Capital! A mountain? A mountain? Since when do\nmountains shoot at you?! It's moving! What?! Who is that?! What has this kind of firepower? Do you now know the power\nof the Capital? Yikes.
Surrender and return\nmy helmet to me! No, YOU give up and be happy\nwith that freaky bird crest doohickey! That's enough of\nyour impudence.
Its huge! Enormous! - Incredible - Massive! It's so gigantic! Goodness, I'm blushing Do you see? This is Dai-Gunzan,\nthe mobile fortress Gunmen! Bro, that thing is\nway too big for us.
This oughta be good.
This isn't good.
This is the point! It's the recall point! It overlaps perfectly with the Gunmen\npoint of origin we've been searching for! It makes sense that\ntheir base is mobile.
It's a Gunmen, too! You seem to be having\nsome trouble, Viral.
My apologies, sir.
There's a Beastman piloting\nthat one, too? Kamina! Get back! It's too dangerous! That guy seems to be\nthe Gunmen's boss! This looks like\nit'll be fun.
Nobody's cast such a big\nshadow over me before.
Don't think you're going home\nunscathed, buddy! Look, Bro, maybe we're the\nones who should be leaving.
W-We're no match for\nsomething this big! We're gonna knock him on his ass BECAUSE he's big! What's the matter? Lost your nerve? Butt out,\ncannon fodder! You puny humans have gotten\ntoo big for your britches.
You have incurred the wrath\nof the Spiral King.
I, one of the Spiral King's Four Generals,\nhave come to put you in your place! I see you up there! - Kamina! - Kamina! Kamina! We're getting out of here! Hurry! - Son of a bitch! - Hey! Did you see that, human? You can try to steal as many Gunmen from us as you want, but they are ineffective before\nthe might of my Dai-Gunzan! Kamina! Who's the ineffective one here? That didn't hurt, it didn't even tingle.
Don't mess with Gurren Lagann! It's no use, our left leg\nis damaged! What's the matter, have you\nrun out of fight already? Would you give it a rest already?! There's a time to give up, and this is it! Kamina, I suggest we withdraw for now\nand formulate a proper strategy! I think we're in big\ntrouble this time.
Are you kidding me?! Never retreat, never surrender,\nnever look back! That's how me and Simon\nsee the world! Kamina! No more talk! What is this,\na guy never says die? Huh? It's It's fixed! Fighting spirit! You never get anywhere\nby running away! Fine! See if I care! You blockhead! Who asked you! Get back! Look out! Look out! Damn it! Isn't there any way\nwe can get on top of this thing?! There's just too much cannon fire! It's hopeless! All right, then What's the matter? Have you\nfinally given up, human? For humans, your tenacity\nwas admirable.
Your resistance was brave,\nbut doomed to fail.
Dai-Gunzan's concentrated cannon\nfire will smash you to charred scrap! Lmpossible! Fire! Fire! Fire! Man on Fire! Blazing Chariot Kick! Something doesn't\nseem right over there.
Did Kamina die? I don't know.
No way would Kamina buy it! But there was that\nhuge explosion Something's coming! What is? G-Gunmen! Run away! I won't let a single one of\nyou filthy humans escape me.
General Thymilph! Look at the Gunmen\non our deck! Viral's status? Unconscious! Worthless! If only I had\nmy rifle! We're surrounded! Amazing! It took out\nthree of them at once! It doesn't seem to\nbe an enemy The gold plating on that Gunmen\nlooks rather haphazard.
If you're not an enemy, go to Kamina! Save him! Help us! What's that bozo Kamina\ngotten himself into now? #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann Now, then You're the head honcho, huh? So, I finally get to\nsee your face! I am one of the Spiral King's Four Generals Thymilph\nthe Raging Wave.
Yeah, whatever! Dig the wax\noutta your ears and listen up! He takes the blazing sun in his bare\nhands and endures the heat! He's a man's man who is sustained\nby strength of will! When you hear of the great Kamina,\nthey're talkin' about ME! You'd best remember it! I'm really scared\nhere, Bro Relax, Simon! As long as we stay\nup here, they won't risk shooting! Are you sure\nabout that? I won't tolerate your big mouth,\nnot here atop my own Dai-Gunzan! When it comes to big mouths, Dai-Gunzan's is by far the biggest! Splat! I'll tear you\nlimb from limb! W-We're coming apart! It's about to tear! Rip apart! Split asunder! Ow! Who's there? General Thymilph! Over there! A Gunmen! A Gunmen saved us? Get clear while we\nkeep them busy! I know that voice! That's right, it's Dayakka\nfrom Littner! Kittan of the Black Siblings\nis here, too! Sorry to keep you\nwaiting, Kamina! Who are you? It's me! Kittan! Did you forget already?! What the hell are you guys\ndoing with Gunmen? Because of you.
Me? You got your hands on Gurren,\nso now everybody is copying you.
I'm not\ncopying anybody! "Everybody"? That's right.
From what I hear, more\nof our friends will be here soon.
Our friends? Filthy humans Scheming vermin! Shoot! Shoot them! Attack! Geez, nothing but cannon fodder again.
I wish they'd send some This is bad! They're ganging up\non Kamina and Simon! Um, hello? Kamina? Do you read me? The shape it's in now, you don't have\na chance of winning in Gurren Lagann! If you're defeated now, who's\ngoing to lead our new allies? If you die here, who's\ngoing to lead us?! Get off my case! Like I said, you'll never get\nanywhere by running away! Bro! Yeah, what?! Yoko's right! Let's retreat\njust this once! What the hell? Have you\nlost your nerve? Yes! My nerve is\ndone and gone! Chicken! If means getting you home in one piece, I'll lose my nerve if that's what it takes! I mean, everyone's\nwaiting for you! Bro! We can't.
Take a look, Simon.
If we turn our back\non these guys, we'll be sitting ducks.
Either way, unless we pin this thing down,\nwe don't have a hope of winning our fight! That's true,\nbut how do we Bro! I have an idea! Say what? Let me handle this! All right.
I'll leave this fight to you.
You won't escape! What the hell? What's he trying to do? There's nowhere\nleft to run! Their back is\nto a cliff Were those kids really\nthat foolish? It's all over! Yeah, for you! What?! Stinking humans What are you up to? I'll crush you underfoot! Kamina, you bastard! Hey, don't look\nat me, pal.
Mark my words, naked ape! Don't think this means you've won! Dai-Gunzan is the merest fraction\nof the Capital's military might! And you have just made an enemy\nof that might! Mark my words! We will\nbe back tomorrow! Say your prayers! That's our Simon the Digger! Way to go! Bro! Whaddya think? This is a bunch of people from all over\nwho have been resisting the Gunmen! They heard rumors about a couple morons\nfighting in a stolen Gunmen, and they gathered together\nto join the fight! We all caught your\nstupidity bug.
Fighting spirit repaired\nthe armor, did it? Yeah, but it disappeared as soon\nas I separated from Lagann.
I thought as much.
Come to think of it, what did you do with\nyour village's women and children? Oh, them.
We left them in\nthe care of Jeeha Village.
I'm surprised our\nchief agreed.
Gurren Lagann is a symbol of hope for\nhumanity, more so than you know.
Still, you should\nbe careful.
Good intentions can sometimes tempt\npeople down the wrong path.
Just as it did\nin my village.
Forehead Boy! There you go again,\ntalking like you know it all! Smarty-pants.
I'm Zorthy.
I'm Kid.
Me, I'm Iraak.
I'm J-J-Jorgun.
I'm B-B-Balinbow.
Okay, fine, whatever.
Nice to meet you.
But for now Okay, you bozos! I'm glad you could make it! About that huge Gunmen\nfrom this afternoon You can be sure that it'll\ncome back tomorrow! In which case I say we steal\nthat big-ass Gunmen from them! We're gonna help\nourselves to it! And after tomorrow, it's gonna\nbe our headquarters! Pretty sweet, huh?! We've come this far by stealing Gunmen from the Beastmen! There's nothing\nto be afraid of! Yeah, but how are we\ngonna do that, Bro? That's easy! YOU'RE gonna do it.
Huh? M-Me?! Listen, when Gurren Lagann\ncombines, it's accomplished by Lagann\ntaking over Gurren's systems.
That's Gurren Lagann's\nstrength.
That means that if Lagann can\ncombine with Dai-Gunzan, it will be able to take over\nits systems.
It'll be okay.
You can do it, Simon.
Lagann's power is also linked It'll be okay.
You can do it, Simon.
to Simon's mental energy.
Depending on your spirit, it Are you paying attention, Simon? What a beautiful moon.
Just being able to see this makes\nme glad I came up to the surface.
We have to win.
We can't afford\nto be slowed down, not now.
We'll keep stealing and stealing\nand stealing their weapons.
We have to keep winning until they\ngive up on the idea of attacking us.
And besides, I wanna give Simon and Forehead Boy and Gimmy and Darry a world where kids can look up at\nthe sun without a care in the world.
Yeah, what? You have more brains than I gave you credit for.
Who the hell do you think I am? With Kamina! Badass leader of the\nindomitable Team Gurren, that's who.
You're wrong.
We're not Team Gurren.
We're now Team DAl-Gurren! Even so, I don't want you to do\nanything crazy like you did today.
Up until now, there was always\na method to your madness.
I could always tell myself, "If anybody can pull it off, it's Kamina.
" But this afternoon\nwas different.
That wasn't reckless or even crazy.
That was plain stupid! You rushed in there\nwithout thinking it through, and if Simon hadn't been there,\nyou might have been killed.
I I guess that\nfrightened me.
Simon! Don't be scared! Simon, if anybody can\ndo it, it's you! Yeah, I guess\nyou're right.
Flames are coming from\nthat mountain! The mountain is belching up fire\nand setting the earth ablaze Talk about a fitting setting for\na once-in-a-lifetime fight! Now I'm psyched! To Be Continued Next Time Listen, Simon.
Never forget this.
Believe in yourself.
Not in the Simon that I have faith in, Not in the Kamina that\nyou believe in, either.
Believe in the Simon\nwho believes in you! Later, Buddy