Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e08 Episode Script

Later, Buddy

1 Their powerful enemy Viral returns, and Thymilph of the Four Generals appears.
Comrades gather together.
Amidst this suddenly\nintensifying battle, Kamina and Simon learn of the\nexistence of the Spiral King.
To confront this\nas-yet unseen enemy, Kamina resolves to capture the gigantic\nland battleship Dai-Gunzan.
Volcanos belch fire and rip the\nheavens and earth asunder.
The stage is set for\nthe final showdown.
And the man will learn\nhis destiny.
Y-Yoko! Ah, so this is\nwhere you went.
I couldn't\nget to sleep.
You're under a lot of pressure.
After all,\nyou're the key to today's operation.
Well, that's part\nof it Yoko The thing is, I Those are called volcanos.
Those fire-breathing mountains.
There's molten magma bubbling\naway inside the Earth's crust, and it comes shooting out\nfrom the center of the earth.
Ron told me\nabout them.
They're just like Kamina, then.
It burns underground until it can't be\ncontained anymore, and then it expodes.
Sounds just like him,\ndon't you think? What? Kamina said exactly\nthe same thing.
"That's exactly like me!" He said.
Is that the old "male bond"\nat work, or what? No, not exactly.
This is hot, too,\nso be careful.
If you go into battle hungry, Lagann won't\nbe running at full power, either.
Say, Simon It's nothing,\nforget it.
Good luck.
Here, sorry to\nkeep you waiting.
I knew you could do it, Leeron.
I don't think I'll be missing with this.
It's rare for you to let someone\nelse do maintenance on your gun.
Because failure isn't\nan option today.
You understand, I see.
Gurren Lagann is far more powerful\nthan Gurren on its own.
It's defensive ability, too.
If Kamina rushes in like he usually does,\nthere's no telling what will happen.
He's not the sort of man who will stop\nnow, no matter what we say to him.
I'll try to keep\nhim safe.
Honestly, that man\nis such a pain.
You're quite a pain in\nthe patootie, yourself.
If you eat too much,\nwon't that slow you down? I need power.
Especially today.
Yoko, watch my back.
I'll crush anything that comes\nat me from up ahead.
So I need you to deal with\nanything from behind.
Your back is one big\nblind spot, isn't it? What are you I'll pay that back\nten times over.
When we get back, I'll repay that ten times over.
Mark my words.
What's with you? Don't you think you could phrase\nthat a little more romantically? Now, let's head out there\nand raise a little hell! Kamina.
I'm looking forward\nto being repaid.
Sure! What the hell? Must be a case\nof nerves.
It's none of my business! It's none of my business! It's none of my business! It's none of my business! It's none of my business! It's none of my business! It's none of my business! It's none of my business! What she does is none\nof my damn business! W-What's wrong?! Uh, it's nothing.
It's only natural\nat a time like this.
Don't worry about it.
I know you can do this.
S-Sure Let's get out there,\nblood brother! All right, listen up! This plan is straightforward! First off, we Gunmen pilots will attack\nto draw out the enemy's Gunmen.
In the meantime, Simon will\nuse Lagann to combine with that behemoth's head to\ntake control of it from them! Then, we'll use the captured behemoth\nto crush the enemy Gunmen! At that point, the fight is ours! Are we clear?! Yeah! We get it! We hit 'em,\nand hit 'em hard! I made arangements for the Gunmen pilots\nto be able to speak to one another.
Of course, I don't think they're the\nsort who listen to what they're told, but if you want to live, I suggest\nthat you remain in contact.
Um Yeah! We make contact! Then we smash! All right, you bozos! Let's get to it! Team Dai-Gurren,\nmove out! Yeah! You guys are in charge of\nkeeping this place safe! Leave it to us,\nbig brother! You can do it! Thanks for the lift.
It's always an honor to\nhave a lady on board.
Yoko, no fair! Simon, good luck! Good luck.
Isn't this awesome, Simon? When we left the village, Team Gurren was just us two.
And now, we're heading out to pick a fight\nwith the Beastmen with all these buddies.
This is so\ndamn awesome Boota says he\nwas there, too.
Hey, you're right.
I forgot.
Sorry about that.
Team Gurren was two guys\nand one pig-mole.
I was there, too,\nif you recall.
When you left your village, I was there, too.
Oh, you were? You don't remember? Well, either way, you weren't in Team Gurren back then, Yoko.
How can you\nsay that? We can hear\nevery word, Yoko! All comm channels are open.
I just explained, remember? If we're this relaxed, we'll do fine.
We can win this fight, right, Kamina? Of course we can! Who the hell do you think I am? Keep everything else out of your mind.
Concentrate, Simon! #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann It's in your hands now,\neveryone.
What are those? One is connected to Lagann's systems,\nand the other to Gurren's.
Care to help? Sure.
Me, too! Me, too! Now, now! If you touch that, I'm gonna gobble you up! Okay! - Let's do it! - Yeah! We've been waiting! We knew that you would\ntry to sneak up on us! We were counting\non it! Boulders? Suck rocks, furballs! Damn! Barbaric humans! Can't you meet us fist to fist? This rock IS my fist! A rock is a rock! It's not a fist! Stating the obvious is your idea\nof a defiant speech? Dumbass! You dare mock me?! Just a moment, Viral.
It's unbecoming to get riled up over\nevery foolish thing these humans say.
Such paltry attacks won't so much\nas dent Dai-Gunzan! Laugh THIS off! How dare you\nstinking humans! Dai-Gunzan, activate! Open all gun ports! Send them flying! Capapult Arm,\nstand by! Throw! Not a chance! Kamina! This time, I'm getting\nmy helmet back! You're STILL whining about that? I never pegged you for the stingy type.
Its face is missing! Damn you, where\nis your head?! Now! Get going, Simon! Enemy detected overhead! Twelve o'clock high! Shoot him down! There's a blind spot overhead.
Our flak\ncurtain doesn't completely cover us.
Try to do something\nusing fighting spiri! We have the edge in spirit, too! Get in there, Simon! Lagann lmpact! That was close! General Thymilph,\nyou're in danger here! What are you trying\nto do?! We merged 'em! We merged our Lagann with your Dai-Gunzan! You've what?! That behemoth\nis now ours! Damn you, Kamina,\nyou set us up! Yeah, that I did! I put our luck and our\nmettle to the test! How did he get so good\nso quickly?! Nice shooting, Yoko! I gave you my word! I've got your back,\nso you can fight Viral without worrying.
I'm gonna run! Hold on! Those two are good! I'm not gonna let 'em win, either! Hey! What's the\nbig idea, Simon? Sorry, it wasn't on purpose! I can't control it very well, that's all! Sounds like the combining\nisn't going smoothly.
He can't completely synch up with\nthe enemy's control systems.
I wonder if he's worried\nabout something? Lagann's power is tied in to Simon's mental state, right? Can't you regain control? I'm sorry, sir.
It's still unresponsive.
This must be the work of that Gunmen that's only a face.
Are they seriously trying to\ntake over my Dai-Gunzan? I'll go tear him loose myself! In my Byakou! What's the matter, Simon? What's the holdup? I'm trying! I'm trying,\nbut it's not working! Why?! Why is that keeping me\nfrom concentrating?! Damn it! You blew it during your\nendgame, Kamina.
Ignore the small fry! Everyone\nreturn to Dai-Gunzan at once! You're not going anywhere! You guys keep the Gunmen pinned down! I'll see what I can do about Simon! Yeah! Open the hatch, Simon! Let's see you\ngrit those teeth! Bro? Have you snapped\nout of it? If you ever start to doubt yourself, I'll always come to belt you one.
So don't worry, I'm here at your side.
Believe in yourself.
Believe in the Simon\nthat I have faith in.
You got it! Amazing! You're doing well, Simon! Very well, indeed! You're synchronizing steadily! Just a little more! See, you can do it\nif you Bro? Kamina?! I won't hand over my Dai-Gunzan so easily! Thymilph?! Damn, I didn't You forgot this.
You can have it back.
You son of a Alkaid Glaive! You're a tenacious man, I'll give you that.
But this is the end\nof the line for you! It can't be I don't believe it Bro! What's happened?! General Thymilph,\nlook out! Viral! What the hell happened?! Dai-Gunzan has\ngone berserk! If it stays on course, it'll fall into\nthe mouth of the volcano! Pull yourself together, Simon! Do you read me?! Can't a guy get a little\nsleep around here? Simon, stop! Simon! It's no use I can't do anything There's nothing I can do now.
Simon! Let's see you\ngrit those teeth! Bro? You're alive! Simon, who the hell do\nyou think you are? Your drill is the drill that's gonna\nbore through heaven and earth, and even tomorrow! What're you sitting here dawdling for? We've won, kid! That behemoth belongs\nto you now.
You don't have to worry\nabout anything now.
Bro You're right! Everybody! Everything's okay now! Dai-Gunzan is ours! Come on aboard! You damn dirty humans I received that as a gift from\nthe Spiral King himself! I'd sooner destroy it than see it\nfall into your hands! That old furball doesn't know\nwhen to give up, does he? Come on, Simon.
Let's send these clowns packing.
We'll use Gurren Lagann\nto do this last mission! You got it, Bro! Let's do it! We brawlers are sustained by willpower\neven when mocked as crazy and reckless! If there's a wall in our way,\nwe smash it down! If there isn't a path,\nwe carve one out ourselves! The magma of our souls\nburns with a mighty flame! Super Ultra Combining, Gurren Lagann! Who the hell - do you think weare? There's nobody else\nlike them.
Stand your ground! Kill them! Kill them! Make tracks,\ncannon fodder! Damn you Condemn Blaze! You'll have to do better\nthan that! L-lmpossible! Listen close, Simon.
Never forget.
Believe in yourself.
Not in the Simon that I believe in.
Not in the Kamina that you believe in.
Have faith in the Simon\nthat believes in you.
Bro? Finishing move! Giga Drill Break! Later, buddy Bro? Bro? That day, we lost something that\ncould never be replaced.
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Feelings that can't be suppressed.
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