Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e09 Episode Script

What, Exactly, Is a Human?

1 This is the tale of a man who continues\nto fight against fate.
This man lived a life of desire,\nloyalty, and extravagance, he loved his companions,\nand he strove for freedom.
And then, abruptly,\nhe died.
But even so, Simon lives on.
He must\ngo on living.
Teppelin, Royal Capital Audience Chamber Spiral King Lordgenome Thymilph has died,\nhas he? Yes, Majesty.
Reports also say\nthat Dai-Gunzan was stolen.
One of the Four Generals, killed He must have gotten careless.
Cytomander the Swift Guame the lmmovable Let us not forget the saying\nthat even an armadillo will turn and fight\nwhen cornered.
In other words, one must never\nunderestimate one's opponent.
What nonsense.
Adiane the Elegant If a lowly armadillo did turn and fight,\nall one need do is crush it.
You don't understand the finer\nsubtleties of this world, I see.
You forget that we are in the\npresence of the Spiral King.
Spiral King.
I ask that the honor of retaking Dai-Gunzan\nbe given to me, Cytomander the Swift.
No, that mission must\nsurely go to me.
Thymilph was a\ndear friend to me.
Grant me the opportunity to\navenge his death, Spiral King.
A dear friend, eh? Indeed.
There is such a thing as\nfriendship that knows no gender.
In other words, he was useful\nto your ends.
Hold your tongue,\nanteater.
I created you,\nyet you suggest that you know a friendship\nthat I am unaware of? As you wish.
Go, Adiane.
Thank you, Sire.
Adiane the Elegant shall give\nthese humans a lesson in the power and terror\nof the Spiral King.
You do not approve, Cytomander? Spiral King, you are the immortal\ncreator of this world, and the monarch who rules\nover all within it.
I haven't the slightest intention\nof defying your decisions.
In that case,\nleave me.
Yes, Sire.
They seek out the light, even\nthough only death awaits them.
It is enough to\nmake me despair at the nature of these\ncreatures called humans.
Okay, let's end this! Back off.
What? I'll do it.
Episode 9: What, Exactly, Is A Human? Boy, it's really pouring It's been\nseven days now.
I still can't\nbelieve it.
Yeah What's wrong? There's not enough engine output.
It refuses to stabilize.
That hurt! Are you all right? I'm fine, I'm fine.
That was a good hit, Rossiu.
I'm really sorry! I can't seem to get\nthe hang of power distribution.
That was impressive, Rossiu! Dayakka? Leeron? Are you going to the\nengine room again? Dai-Gurren here is a\ntemperamental fellow.
Dai-Gurren, huh? Yoko insisted that we\ngive it that name.
I see.
It has repair factory, and its living\nquarters are fully equipped.
Now, if only we could get the\nmain engine stabilized Even Gurren is as good as new\nafter that pounding it took.
It's one hell of a facility,\nthat's for sure.
Simon, get your\nact together! The only thing it can't mend\nis a broken human heart.
You're not the only one aboard, you know! Gurren Lagann is all about teamwork! Nobody asked you\nto pilot it.
Say what? So, you're saying that you\ncan pilot it all by yourself? I'll do it by myself.
That's a good idea.
Actually, that's for the best.
Don't get too full\nof yourself, kid! If you'd have held it together, Kamina wouldn't be dead now! Big brother! I'm sorry, Simon.
It's okay.
What Kittan said is true.
I killed Kamina.
So I'll get tougher.
I HAVE to get tough.
I'll fight hard enough\nfor both me AND Kamina.
Rossiu, why didn't that god of yours\nsave Kamina? That's right, I forgot.
The god\nyou pray to is a Gunmen.
No wonder he died.
After all,\nit was a god that killed him! Simon.
I'm sorry.
That was uncalled for.
Sorry, Boota.
I'm exhausted.
Bro It's gotta be Kittan\nor nobody.
Yeah, he's the one who called us\nall together in the first place.
Simon's just too unreliable.
He's too damn mopey.
Just because he can pilot Lagann\ndoesn't mean he should be leader.
If an obnoxious kid like him is made\nleader, Team Gurren is history.
It's not Team Gurren.
It's Team DAI-Gurren now! Don't eat yourself sick.
I need to keep up my energy.
I can't\neven use a rifle properly, remember? The Four Generals, the Spiral King,\nwe've still got lots of enemies out there.
The war goes on.
Yeah, you have\na point.
So does this rain Even with the rain, I can have a hot\nmeal right after target practice now.
Seven days ago, I never\nwould have imagined it.
And it's all thanks\nto him.
Look, about Simon He seems like he's\ngetting worn down.
Aren't you worried\nabout him? Keda.
We sure lost a lot of people\ndefending Littner, didn't we? Yeah.
Sacrifices are necessary\nfor survival.
And we survivors work even harder\nto make sure they weren't in vain.
I've always accepted that\nas part of what we do.
But this time, I don't think I can.
I'm sorry, it's all I can do\nto keep myself together.
You said you'd repay that kiss\nten times over.
What's the big idea, leaving a hole\nin my heart that's ten times bigger? Kamina, you jerk Gunmen detected! They're closing in\nfrom off the starboard bow! I despise persistent types Leeron! I'll combine Lagann with Gurren and\nhead out.
I'll be fine on my own.
I'll pilot Gurren.
Rossiu? I mean, you can't do it by yourself,\nright? Go on, combine.
Yeah, all right Simon! This is overkill! He who strikes first wins! It's what Kamina would have done! Power output\nis unstable! Bastard! Bastard! Bastard! Bastard! Bastard! Bast Keep it together! Kamina never screamed, not once! Simon, you have\nto calm down! If you keep fighting like this, YOU will die this time! Kamina wouldn't\nrun away! Not Kamina! Not ever! What's wrong, Simon? The energy is\nfeeding back? T-The drill! Come back here,\ndamn you! Rossiu! Are you all right? What happened, Rossiu? Lagann suddenly separated,\nand then it It fell down this? He abandoned you and ran\nin the face of the enemy? It seemed like Lagann\nhad gone berserk.
Gone berserk? Seriously? I think.
Simon #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann Why did the controls\nstop responding? It started! Hail fellow well met! H-Hail fellow? Who are you,\ngood sir? "Good sir"? Um, I'm nobody important\nenough to be called that.
Oh! This is the outside,\nisn't it? This is rain! It is cold.
What is this? Um, that's dirt.
Are you okay without any shoes? It's cold and wet and squishy It feels wonderful! Really? It does? Why are you the\nsame as I am? You have no tail,\nnor fangs or scales.
Your skin is soft,\nas well.
Well, that's only natural.
I'm a human being.
"Human being"? Right.
A human being.
A human.
A person.
And what, exactly,\nis a human? Huh? Well, a human is Well, like you and me.
We look like this, we have\na head, stuff like that.
There are others\nlike us? Sure.
There are more.
Really? And all of them are the same\nas you? They have the same face? No, we're not all identical.
It would be\ncreepy if everyone had the same face.
It would? Oh, the rain has stopped! Hey, you're right.
I wonder why I am outside? Um, I don't really know.
First things first, though,\nwe need to get out of here.
You can't walk like that.
Here, put these on.
All right.
My name is Nia.
What is yours? Who, me? I'm Simon.
Simon What a fine name.
Tell me, Simon.
What? What is that? Hurry! This way! Simon, what is that? It's a Gunmen! Humans on the surface\nare at war against them! At war? If we don't fight them,\nthey'll kill us! Please, Lagann! It worked! Simon, are you all right? Damn it, not again! Why? Why won't you do\nas I tell you, Lagann?! Run, Nia! Once you start, keep running\nand don't look back.
I'll keep the Gunmen\nbusy here.
But you I'm sick of it! I'm sick\nof watching people die! I don't care what happens to me,\njust so long as no one else dies! Do you really\nwant to die? If you are frightened, you should run.
You mustn't die.
No, I'm not scared.
You mustn't lie, either.
Come, let's escape.
I'm not gonna let\nanyone else die! I'm here, too! Kittan Stinger! Hell's Headsplitter!! I finally got a chance\nto use it! First he deserts, and now he's\ngot a woman on his arm? Some are slender,\nsome are fat, some are rounded,\nand some are angular.
Human beings certainly come in all\nshapes and sizes, don't they? So you've never seen another human\nbeing before, have you? No.
Only my\nhonorable father.
Honorable father,\nshe says Thank you.
What's Old Coco\ndoing here? It's delicious! So when you woke up, you'd been\nlocked in that container and thrown into that gorge\nfor some reason? Yes.
Do you remember any details\nabout where your village is? Village? Where your house is.
I have no idea.
I've never been outside before.
Father always said that\nthe outside world was dangerous.
Well, he was right about that.
I bet your father is worried about you.
I'm not so sure.
Well, I believe I may\nhave angered him.
Why's that? I asked him a question.
"Why was I born?" I asked.
As soon as I said it, Father\nclosed his heart to me.
I don't get it.
Your father sounds\nlike an odd man.
Lagann Are you going\nto abandon me, too? What the hell do you\nwant me to do, damn it?! Can't I even avenge Kamina's death?! Yoko.
Don't do it.
Nothing you say\ncan help him right now.
You'll only make the hole\nin his heart bigger.
What happened?! What's going on? Where's this water\ncoming from?! Wait a minute,\nsomething's coming! What is it? It's huge Simon! Where's Simon?! Where's Gurren Lagann? There's no escape,\nhuman scum.
I know that voice Fire main cannon! They're still being\ncalibrated! Rossiu! I know! I'll go out\nin Gurren! Nia? Wha? That idiot, is she trying\nto get herself killed? Stop this, Adiane! What? Wait, is that? First Princess Nia, daughter of Spiral King Lordgenome, orders you! Leave us, Adiane the Elegant! Are you aware\nof who I am? To Be Continued Next Time Precious memories Do they tie people down? Or are they what\nsaves them? Next time on Gurren Lagann, Who Is This Bro Person? "Who Is This Bro Person?"