Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e10 Episode Script

Who Is This Bro?

1 This is the tale of a man who continues\nto fight against destiny.
Simon uses fighting to try to distract himself\nfrom the hard blow of losing Kamina.
Lagann goes out of control,\nand when it stops, Simon meets a mysterious girl\nwho appears from out of a box.
When Adiane the Elegant, one of the Four Generals, attacks Dai-Gurren, the girl runs out\nand says the following: First Princess Nia, daughter of Spiral King Lordgenome, orders you! Leave us! One of the Four Generals: Adiane the Elegant - Impossible! - She says she's Princess Nia, ma'am Don't be stupid! A princess wouldn't go wondering\naround outside the Capital! But ma'am, she looks\nexactly like her.
Adiane's Custom Gunmen: Sayrune You think so? In that case, we'll just\nkill her and pretend we never saw her! General Adiane,\nplease watch what you say! All of our transmissions\nare being recorded! Her back is turned! Did our little princess\nreally stop her? Fire main cannons! Fire! Fire! Fire! Weren't you listening? They're still offline.
Listen, stinking humans! Get this straight, I'm not retreating! I'll be back,\ngot it? What's a "princess"? It's what you call the\ndaughter of a king.
Unbelievable, we've got the daughter\nof the guy we're fighting on board.
Does this mean we use\nher as a hostage? What's the plan, Kittan? - Yeah, what's the plan? - Tell us the plan! In any case, we'll interrogate her\nfirst thing tomorrow morning.
I'll put the screws to her and make\nher spill everything she knows! Episode 10: Who is this Bro Person? Teppelin, Royal Capital Audience Chamber Adiane the Elegant fled\nin the face the enemy? What manner of joke\nis this? Sire.
The dastardly enemy was\nholding Princess Nia hostage.
You fool.
I have long since\ncast her out.
I do not care what\nhappens to her.
Cast her out? But Sire, I was not\ninformed of this development You dare use that to\nexcuse your failure? No, Sire.
Adiane, you committed the grave offense\nof fleeing in the face of the enemy, all to protect a girl who\nis no longer a princess.
Oh, the absurdity\nof it all Please, Sire! Give me\nanother chance.
Oh? You dare tell me\nwhat to do? I would not\ndream of it, Sire! What is it, then? To prove my loyalty, I shall\nset out alone in Sayrune.
I shall wipe out all the humans,\nalong with Dai-Gunzan, and kill Nia along with them\nbefore sunset tomorrow.
Very well.
But bear in mind that you\nwill not receive another chance.
- General Adiane.
- Ah, Viral.
I was under the impression\nthat you were badly injured.
No, ma'am.
I will be returning\nto my home unit tomorrow.
My failure to protect General Thymilph\nis the greatest failure of my life.
That said, I would like\nto ask a favor of General Adiane Go on.
I'll hear you out.
During your next sortie I ask that you Allow me To Accompany You.
I had Thymilph in my debt, but with\nhim dead, it was all for nothing! And it's all because\nyou're so worthless! W-Which is why I beg you to give me\na chance to avenge him.
I've already decided that I will be\ngoing out myself tomorrow morning.
Go back to your den.
I will be the one who\nwill avenge Thymilph.
Hey, shove all the unusable parts outside! We can't do any work with 'em in the way! Thank you for\nthe meal.
- Thanks for the meal! - Thanks for the meal! Yum! What's this stuff? It looks great! I can't cut mine Just a moment, I'll cut it for you.
So, anyway Um Princess? Yes? Would you\nlike some, too? Open wide! Hey, that's good Old Coco is a really\ngood cook - Really? - You serious? What are you guys, stupid?! Why are you\nsitting around over a friendly dinner?! You don't have to roll out the\nred carpet for her like this! We're here to do an interrogation,\nremember?! An interrogation! How do you do? My name is Nia.
And what is\nyour name? I'm Kittan! I'm the eldest of the Black Siblings,\nand I'm the leader of Team Gurren! Ah, Kittan, is it? It's nice to meet you.
Just 'cause you're cute don't change\nthe fact that you're the enemy! - Yeah! She enemy! - Yeah, he's right! She enemy! Kittan? What does "enemy" mean? An enemy is a bad person! Somebody\nyou gotta beat the crap out of! Beat the crap out of? And what does that mean? Well, uh That's when you take\nyour fist and belt the guy, and What does "fist" mean? Well, a fist is Why would you\ndo that? Duh! Because they\npiss me off! What does "pissed off" mean? - He came to interrogate HER - But he's being interrogated instead.
Our bro isn't too good\naround her type.
Butt out! Kittan, you are, um a not-pissing-off\nperson who is very sweet.
Thank you! Our talk has\nbeen very informative! Well, sure! I'm the leader,\nso its only natural.
Hey, Simon.
I've got an order\nfor you as team leader.
I want you to get all the enemy intel\nyou can out of Nia.
Why me? Just do it.
You were the one\nwho brought her here.
Man up and do something\nabout it.
She's a formidable opponent.
Know that you're in for a tough fight.
I heard many things\nfrom Kittan.
He said that my father is doing terrible\nthings to the people on the surface.
But I find it hard to imagine that Father\nwould do such things without good reason.
And yet, I also do not believe\nthat the people here are bad.
We didn't do\nanything wrong.
It's the Spiral King who's the bad\nguy here.
Him and his people.
Do you hate\nmy father? Of course.
Do you also\nhate me? I don't know anything\nabout you.
Why do you fight,\nthen? It was my Bro who gave me\nthe strength to fight.
Because he was there\nto believe in me.
Who is this Bro person? Do you think Simon\nwill be all right? Don't you have other things\nto worry about? If I don't finally get Dai-Gurren here running again, a lot more than tears\nwill be spilled here.
Yes, but in Simon's\ncase, he We're all fighting here.
That goes for you, too, right? Yes Besides, if the reason that Lagann isn't working is because it doesn't feel like helping\na kid whose lost the will to survive, I think it has\nthe right idea.
Oh, I see.
He was killed\nin a battle recently.
In that case, I suppose it's no wonder\nthat everyone here hates me.
No one hates you, Nia.
I don't think that Kamina\nfought out of hatred.
It's hard to explain, but no matter how bad\nthe situation, he was always laughing.
I guess he was A man whose stupidity\nknew no bounds.
I'd like to hear about him, too.
Keep talking.
This happened long before\nwe met you, Yoko.
We tried to break out of our\nunderground village ourselves.
But along the way, there was an\nearthquake, and we were trapped.
Hey, I know this Never mind.
Keep going.
I was terrified that I was going to be buried\nalive just like my mom and dad were.
But Kamina urged us on, yelling, "Onwards and upwards, men!" Laughing all the while.
My hands stopped shaking.
When I'm focused on drilling, I can hear\nthe soil and the rocks calling to me.
"It's softer this way,"\nor "Try digging over here!" I follow their advice\nas I dig.
But if we'd have given up that day,\nwe all would have died.
The reason we didn't\nwas because of my Bro.
Because he didn't\ngive up.
That's how he always was.
Without him, I can't do anything.
That's why I have to become like him,\nso I can do his share for him.
That's not true.
You rescued me all by\nyourself, remember? That wasn't You can do just fine\non your own.
Why are you obsessing so much\nover this "Bro" person? Why? Because You're just saying that because\nyou didn't know him.
I can't get to know\na dead person.
But you also can't rely\non a dead person, Simon.
Nia! You can't know how Simon\nis feeling! You didn't even\nknow Kamina! I may not have known this Bro person,\nbut I do understand Simon.
Simon is not a helpless\nperson.
He mustn't keep dwelling\nover a dead man.
Don't talk like you're an innocent\nbystander in all this, lady! You know perfectly well whose\nfault it is that Kamina died! So don't you dare stand there\nand calmly lecture him! I apologize.
What you said is right.
No amount of\ngrieving will bring Kamina back.
We know that.
Maybe it would be easier if\nwe could forget about him.
But we can't just forget about him\nlike he was nothing! She had tears\nin her eyes It isn't your fault, Nia.
I want to learn more about\nyou and your people.
#Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann W-What the hell\nis that?! We've got trouble! A wall of water\nis coming this way! Water? Maybe he's seeing things\nafter being up all An enemy Gunmen\nis on our deck! I've returned, just as I promised! You stinking humans! What the hell was It's that chick with the fins\nfrom yesterday! First of all, would you be so kind as\nto let me see our dear princess? I need to thank her for all the things\nshe's done for me.
That bitch! The nerve of coming\nwith just one Gunmen! I'm gonna deck her! Wait a minute.
Dai-Gurren still can't move.
We need to buy\nall the time we can.
Good point Okay, let's hand over Nia! We can't do that! Say what?! You got a problem with the\ndecisions of your mighty leader?! I'm not sure why, but something tells me\nthat would be a risky move.
Don't give me that half-assed crap! Come out and say it! Quit yammering! I will go.
Hear that? She says\nshe's okay with it.
Yeah, but Don't worry.
She might\nbe able to avoid a fight.
Thank you, Yoko.
This doesn't mean\nthat I trust you.
I'll have this rifle\ntrained on your back.
If I see any funny business, I won't hesitate, got it?! Yes.
I see that you are well, Princess Nia.
Tell me, Adiane.
Are you and the others making the\nhumans here on the surface suffer? It is as you say.
Our duty is to slaughter\nevery last human we find on the surface.
Were you ordered to do this\nby my father? Yes.
And you harbored no doubts\nabout these orders? Doubts? Never.
Humans are as lowly\nas worms.
Their death and suffering\nis beneath our notice.
"Worms," huh? I cannot believe this! I will discuss this with my father! Adiane, take me to\nmy father at once! You piss me off,\nyou flake! If you wanna go, take your\nown sorry ass there! What did you say? It hasn't sunk in yet? You aren't a princess anymore! The Spiral King has abandoned you! Cut you off! Thrown you out! I don't know what you did, but he said\nto kill you along with the worms! Abandoned me? Kill me? Father said for you\nto kill me? Abandoned her? Lagann! Work! Please work! I was right! She didn't come\nhere to bring Nia back! This cannot be true! Father would never do such a thing! He wouldn't, huh? Think whatever you want! I'm sending you to the next world\nin a few seconds, missy! Do you hate me,\nas well? Hate you? I couldn't\ncare less about you.
I was told to kill you, so that's\nwhat I'm going to do! Whether I hate you or not\ndoesn't enter into it! You would kill me simply because\nyou were ordered to do so? Of course I would! Then if my father told you to die,\nwould you do that, as well?! You are wrong! These people have done\nnothing wrong! Their only wish is to live\non the surface in peace! It cannot be right to kill\nthem for no reason.
These people killed Thymilph.
They did? That should be\nreason enough! No.
No, you're wrong.
That isn't right.
They themselves have lost\na man they call Bro.
This loss has left them\nsorely wounded.
Yes, that is what happens\nwhen someone dies.
People suffer,\nand they hurt inside.
And yet here you are, saying that two\ngrieving parties should hurt each other! Don't you think that there is\nsomething wrong with that? NO, I DON'T! Fine, have it your way! You piece of crap! Nia! You really know how\nto piss people off! Now I know why the Spiral King\ngot rid of you! Yes, now I see! You are a pissing-off person! That's my line, missy! - Nia! - Simon! Simon! Nia! He threw out his own daughter?! That's one thing I won't stand for! - Won't stand for it! - Smash! DIE! You guys take it\nfrom here! Stinking scum! Zorthy! You bitch! Come on, you third-rate Gunmen! Come at me all at once! I'll tear you limb\nfrom limb! Come on, isn't this thing\nworking yet?! I'm trying, I'm trying! How about now? What?! Impossible It broke my spine! - We got her! - Yeah, got her! Now! Squash her! We'd like to, but we can't exactly\nsee where we're aiming! No.
3 Bridge! - You've got her, you've got her! - That's the way! Straight ahead! Look out ahead! What was that? What happened? Enkidu! Is that you, Viral? Forgive me for disobeying\norders, ma'am.
But I have my own honor\nto uphold! Not so fast.
I can't withdraw like this! You can continue the fight as long as\nyou are still alive, General Adiane! It's time for a strategic\nretreat.
You! We're retreating\nfor now, but when next we meet, we'll\nsettle matters once and for all! What's he talking about? They're gone! They bugged out! We did it! We drove\nthem off again! Goodness gracious All this stress\nis murder on my skin.
Are you okay, Nia? Yes, thank you.
But I must apologize.
You were put in danger because of me.
There's no need to thank us.
See? Look at that.
Nia! They're all happy to see you\nsafe and sound.
Thank you Thank you! You scum! Trash! Vermin! What's the big idea,\nleaving without a victory?! I can't return to the capital\nwithout my revenge! Who do you think I am,\nyou worthless piece of trash?! Well met,\nmy good pig-mole.
Is Simon inside? Simon? Simon, are you there? I brought you\nsome dinner.
Simon, everyone says they\nare happy to see me safe.
Even though I am\ntheir enemy As I thought, the people\nhere are all very nice.
But I know.
I know that you were the first\none to run to my rescue, Simon.
Simon, thank you.
I can't do it I can never be like you, Bro To Be Continued Next Time Inside people's hearts, there is\na deep, dark, frightening hole.
This eventually becomes\na new tunnel.
Next time on Gurren Lagann, Simon, Move Your Hands "Simon, Move Your Hands".