Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e11 Episode Script

Simon, Hands Off

1 So, I hear that Adiane\nblew it.
She went over our heads and boasted\nin front of the Spiral King.
She will not come\ncrawling back now.
That said, would you do me the honor\nor letting me strike next, Sire? Wha? Guame? You, too? This miniature gunmen of unknown type\nthat they use, it concerns me.
And by combining with\nthis miniature Gunman, they also say that Gurren Lagann also\nexhibits power it should not possess.
You have a good idea\nwhat it is, I take it.
The humans have uncovered something\nthey should not have.
That is all\nit amounts to.
Whatever it is, it can't be\nbrushed off so lightly.
Please, Sire.
Indulge me.
Guame, you dare tell me\nwhat to do? I was amazed\nback there.
There are few in this world who can\nmake the Spiral King do anything.
In that one regard, I bow\nto your superiority.
It is because that miniature Gunmen\nmay very well be an incredible find.
And besides, he and I go way back.
You're going up against a bunch\nof battle-hardened barbarians.
There's no telling what\nthey'll come up with.
Needless to say, I have a plan.
As I thought.
You think of everything.
Episode 11: Simon, Move Your Hands Everyone! Yeah? What's this? That? It's garbage, obviously.
It's a trash heap.
But this is Simon's! It's too much! Come on,\nhe's a lost cause.
He's turned into a spineless kid\nwho's good for nothing but digging.
He'd be better off going back\nto Jeeha Village.
But he's There's no place here for somebody\nwho can't pull his own weight.
Don't coddle Simon\ntoo much, all right? Coddle him? He needs to snap himself out of this funk,\nor it doesn't mean anything.
Oh, this must be that "Bro" person\nyou keep talking about.
I'm crazy,\naren't I? No, you aren't crazy.
When he's set in stone like this,\neven I can see it.
I can see how much you\ncare for this person.
Digging tunnels is\nall I'm good for.
Back in our village, everybody said I was creepy, or I smelled bad.
My Bro was the only one who hung out\nwith me and didn't make fun of me.
He was tough,\nand kind, and big.
I wanted to become the kind\nof man that Kamina was.
I tried, but it was\nno use.
I can never be\nlike Kamina.
These are really good! R-Really? Can I stay and watch\nfor a while longer? Sure Please help us! Our village is under\nattack by Gunmen! Someone! Someone, please help us! The Gunmen are almost\nupon us! Aieeee! This is terrible! Let's go help them at once! I guess I can pinpoint\ntheir location, but But this is awfully fishy.
It stinks? It smells? For one thing, the enemy is sure to have\npicked up that transmission, too.
And would people living underground\nhave equipment like that? Shut up, shut up! Don't worry about the details! Do you want those babes' village to get\nwiped out while we're standing around?! He'd set out without a moment's hesitation! That's what Kamina would do if he was here! That's right.
He wouldn't hesitate.
That's for sure.
Right! Dai-Gurren, move out! That's the\nvillage entrance, huh? Five Gunmen, huh? And we can't\nuse our main guns, either Fire! There's a village under there! Don't open fire, dumbass! Sorry, I couldn't\nhelp myself.
The enemy Gunmen\nare fleeing.
Sweet! Just as I planned! All right, let's go see\nif the village is safe! It's nothing but\nyoung, hot babes! What a dreadful village Thank you! Because of you,\nour village has been saved! There's no need to thank us.
After all,\nthe Spiral King is everyone's enemy.
S-Still, from what we've seen, there\ndoesn't seem to be a single man here.
How, exactly,\ndid that happen? Well, about that Stay right where\nyou are, humans! I can't believe it! This was\na Beastman trap? I said it was fishy You bastard! What were you thinking,\nyou moron? Dai-Gunzan has\nbeen secured.
We will now begin searching for Nia and the miniature Gunmen.
Very well.
Put your backs\ninto it.
Yes, sir.
Beastmen are their enemy, so they\nassume all humans will be their allies.
What a bunch\nof fools It looks to me like they don't even\nknow who their #1 enemy is.
Don't resist, punk! You there! You're Princess Nia, aren't you? General Guame says that\nhe wants to see you.
Guame? Very well, I will see him.
Just don't hurt\nthis boy.
Relax, we haven't been given\norders to kill anyone.
N-Nia! Stay put! Don't worry about me.
I will be fine.
Nia Simon.
You aren't your Bro, Simon.
I think you should just be yourself.
You're with me.
Come on.
Nia Damn it, let go of\nme, you furballs! That's humans for you, no manners.
That's MISTER Furball to you.
I am Guame the lmmovable,\none of the Four Generals! I'm taking back Dai-Gunzan.
I'm going to execute you publicly\nas a warning to the others.
Stay put in here\nuntil we're ready for you! The Spiral King has issued\norders to eliminate you.
Then what Adiane\nsaid is true? It is indeed.
If you'd died in your sleep in that box in\nthe valley, it would have been painless.
His Majesty is imbued with immortality.
He's lived for a thousand years or so.
Creating and raising children\nis a pastime for him.
When he grows tired of one,\nhe disposes of it.
Just like he would\na doll.
That's all it is.
Like a doll? I'm told that you asked him, "Why was I born?" That was a bad move.
His Majesty\ndetests human self-awareness.
Who can blame him? Why would a puppet,\na plaything, need self-awareness? I am just like\nthat doll Truth be told, though, you\nare far too lovely to kill.
I've given some thought to the matter\nof finding a way that you might live.
Would you be interested in becoming\nchief of this village? Lts chief? Indeed.
After all, the girls here\nare from villages far and wide.
Someone needs to teach them proper\netiquette before they're sent off to the king.
To what end? What becomes of them\nafter they are sent away? The Spiral King lavishes them\nwith this affections.
It's a fair exchange,\nisn't it? They get to experience luxury that they\nwould never know living underground.
The girls who are sent away, they're\nmore dolls, aren't they? That's right.
And once he grows tired\nof them, they're discarded.
Just like you were! #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann Don't underestimate folks who\nwere raised underground! We'll bust outta this place\nin no time flat! That hurt Head hurt! It's no use! People are getting hurt\nwith nothing to show for it! This bedrock is incredibly tough! I've never seen anything like it! It's hopeless Our bodies will\ngive out before that rock will.
After all that, we haven't\nso much as scratched it.
It's enough to make\nyou despair Is this the end? If only Kamina\nwas here So, this is what\nhe meant.
Kamina said something\nto me once.
"He's always the one\nwho saves my ass.
" "He's always the one\nwho never gives up.
" He said that? My confidence was shot.
I thought we\nwere heading in the wrong direction.
I freaked out.
"Why did my\ndad make it and I can't?" Honestly, I was just\nacting tough.
Everyone was whining,\nand they stopped digging.
I was at the end\nof my rope.
But Simon kept on\ndrilling away.
His drilling let me\nput on a brave face.
By dumb luck, he broke through\nthe last boulder right then.
We got lucky.
But I have faith in that luck, and\nin Simon, who brought us that luck.
Whenever I feel timid and weak, whenever I feel like I'm losing confidence, I think back to the sight of his back\nall hunched over, digging away.
I think to myself, "I'll be a man that\nwon't be laughed at by that back.
" Listen, Simon.
Never forget this.
Believe in yourself.
Not in the Simon\nthat I have faith in.
Not in the Kamina that\nyou believe in, either.
- Believe in the Simon who believes in you! Lagann? Lagann! Huh? Was there a hole\nhere before? General Guame, there's no sign of the\nminiature Gunmen anywhere on the ship! Don't give me that! It has to be here somewhere! Rip out the armor plating if\nyou have to, just find it! Y-Yes, sir! Why are you in such\na panic, Guame? What? You're afraid of him, aren't you? You're scared of Simon.
Huh? Who is that? Simon is the boy who first helped me\nwhen I came down to the surface.
Not only that, he is the boy who\nalways protects me when I need him.
He will never lose\nto the likes of you! Ah, I see.
He's that thing's\noperator, is he? Hey! Find the boy named Simon among\nthe prisoners and bring him to me! Yes, sir! - And the preparations for the executions? - Everything is ready.
The first one we will\nput to death is this Simon boy.
I won't let you do it! I'm the one who gets to\ndecide such things.
Be a good little discarded doll\nand do what I tell you to do! I will not.
You don't say? In that case,\nyou'll have to die, too.
I will not! Oh? I may be just another\ncast-off doll, but I have learned one thing\nsince coming to the surface! And what's that? Just as Simon believed in his Bro, I believe in Simon! So, you won't yield, not even at\nthe bitter end.
You're too naive.
I've lost interest in you.
I've no need for you! W-What the? Gramps? What are you\ndoing here? Nia! I'm here to rescue you! Come on! Simon! Come with us Huh? Why, you! Come back here! General Guame! Follow that\nmini Gunmen! I'm sorry I took\nso long.
That's okay.
I figured it out.
Lagann told me, too.
I understand now! So do I.
Thank you, Simon! Simon, move your hands.
Yeah! This is why I always say humans\nare savages! Oh, crap! Guame Custom Gunmen: Gember Consider the tables turned,\nhumans! You've thrown a wrench into my plans,\nbut I'm going to execute you myself! The sight of my\nmighty Gember and that of your own miserable\ndeaths will be projected above the heads of every\nhuman on the surface! Say what,\nyou bastard?! I'm the one you're\ngoing to fight! You think that little thing\nis any match for my Gember? What's the matter? Gurren's being eaten! Take that! And that! Just a little more! - Rossiu! - Simon? Let's combine! Right! Damn it! It's that\nmini Gunmen! I don't believe it! This is the Gurren Lagann I've heard about? Like I forgot how I was before I met you My Bro is dead.
He's gone.
But he's on my back! In my heart! He lives on as part of me! If I could only forget the days\ni spent with you If you're gonna dig,\ndig to breach the heavens.
Even if it's my own grave I'm digging, I keep going! Once I've dug my way through,\nthat means I've won! We are still here looking for the light What? What are you\ntalking about? Who the hell do\nyou think I am? Watching over us tenderly I'm Simon.
I'm not my Bro, Kamina.
I'm ME! Somewhere among the countless star dust Simon the Digger! happiness is nothing but\na humble little thing Spare me your ranting! that we always recognize\nwhat it was only after it's gone Gember Press! happiness is something precious that we always recognize\nwhat it was only after it's gone Finishing Move! I guess I can make it up even from now That move, it was I will never stop going\nafter my one and only wish GIGA DRILL BREAK!! Retreat! Sound the retreat! Simon, there's someplace that I'd like you to take me.
These are all princesses who\nwere thrown away like I was.
Generation after generations of\nprincesses who came before me.
ALL of these? I'd like to give them all a proper\nburial in a sunny place.
- Yeah! - You got it! To me, Father was\nmy entire world.
My whole life, I'd believed in no one\nbut him.
Relied on no one but him.
That's why I wanted to believe\nin him until the very end.
Why do you suppose\nwe were born? Nia, here.
You can have it.
I found it\nwhile I was digging.
It's lovely! It's hard to explain, but it doesn't matter why\nyou were born or if you were a princess.
Right here and now,\nthat's the Nia you are.
That's why you should\ngo on being yourself.
And I'll live my life\nas myself, too.
Yeah, that's more like it.
That's the Team Dai-Gurren way.
Ain't that right, Leader? You're the man that Kamina\npicked for the job, all right.
That name you gave yourself\nis pretty half-assed, though.
What? H-Hey, come on! Yeah, you're right! That needs a little work! Thank you so much! I've input the location of the Capital.
All we do now is keep going straight.
To Be Continued Next Time The salty air, the blazing sun This is the beach? It's a large pool of soft water? Or a large reservoir of hard feelings? Next time on Gurren Lagann, Yoko, Could You Do Something For Me? "Yoko, Could You Do Something For Me?"