Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e12 Episode Script

Yoko, Will You Do Me a Favor?

1 This is the tale of a man who continues\nto fight against fate.
Simon learns the sad secret\nbehind Nia's birth.
Confronted with the devious trap set\nby Guame of the Four Generals, the Core Drill on Simon's chest\ngives off a blinding light, and Gurren Lagann\nstands reborn.
The man has gotten\nback on his feet.
So, even the great Guame the lmmovable,\nwith his long, distinguished service, was given the runaround\nby these humans.
I don't have to take that from someone who\nnever leaves the comfort of the Capital.
The Spiral King has but to give the word,\nand his servant, Cytomander, will go forth.
And Adiane? She has yet\nto return.
That woman doesn't know\nwhen to give up.
And Dai-Gunzan? Proceeding on a direct course\nhere to Teppelin.
Luck seems to have turned\nin Adiane's favor.
What do you mean? They're heading\nright for the sea.
Episode 12: Yoko, Could You Do Something For Me? It's a big water puddle! Are you guys stupid? This here is called "the sea"! The sea? It's a place where water from rain and rivers\nand stuff gathers from around the world.
I'm amazed you\nknow all that.
I've heard stories about it before,\nbut this is my first time seeing it.
The sea, huh? Listen up! Water in the sea is salty! Salty sea water,\nsalty pee water! - Yeah, so what? - It's just something to go around.
- Go around! - Around! Go around! What's with those\nridiculous outfits? If you've come to the sea,\nyou've got to go swimming! In addition to swimming, we can\nalso confirm if the water is salty.
Yeah! Get into your swimsuits\nand let's all go swimming! - All go swimming - In our swimsuits And that means You clowns! What are you thinking,\nyou perverts? Making our way to the Capital is our\ntop priority right now, remember? We don't have time\nto goof off! That's not\nentirely true.
Take a look.
This is Teppelin Palace\nat the heart of the Capital.
Oh, I see.
To get to Teppelin, we have\nno choice but to cross this sea.
But Dai-Gurren is land-based,\nso it can't go into the water.
Then how do we\ndo it? I thought this\nmight happen! So for just such an occasion, I whipped up a set of aquatic gear! It won't be ready for\na while yet, though.
That means! That you have plenty\nof time to goof off.
Awesome! Awesome! Yahoo! C'mon, guys! Let's suit up, too! You're not going? Swimming around\nunder the sun, huh? I guess that might\nbe fun.
Salty! Yes, very salty.
When tears stream down women's faces,\nthis is where they end up! Here they come! What the hell? What's with that thing\nwrapped around her waist? Yeah, what's up with that? She's showing LESS skin than usual! Take away the skin, and what's she\ngot left? Just a big-ass rifle.
I know all that! Besides, don't you think it's\nbetter to leave a little to the imagination? Are you stupid?! Everybody knows\nthe more skin you show, the better! Screw you! I'll fill you\nfull of lead! Excuse me I've never worn an outfit like this before.
Do you think this is all right? Truly, it is better to\nconceal than reveal.
- Jealous? - Hardly! When you're at\nthe beach it's time for\nbeach volleyball! Beach volleyball? What's that? It's a game where you smash this ball as\nhard as you can into your opponents' area.
As hard as I can? Perfect! When it comes to physical\ncontests, I'm obviously the Did I do that right? Nia, that was awesome! I was given basic instruction\nin sports at the palace.
It was considered part of a\nwell-rounded lady's education.
S-She's a lot more formidable\nthan she looks C'mon, everybody! Let's do the\nwatermelon splitting game next! Why, you! Why, you! Why, you! Why, you! Goodness, I did it! Nia, you're awesome! All right, everyone! Your attention, please! I will now explain how my\naquatic equipment works.
First of all Good work.
She's completely blended in.
She's a sweet girl, don't you think? Yeah, I can see that You're mad that she's stolen\nthe boys away from you? - No, of course not.
- I'll bet.
After you swim, you gotta\nhave a barbecue! Here! Go on, Yoko! Eat up! S-Sure.
- Yoko dropped her crab! - Nia slaved away to make that! Gotcha! Just kidding! I'll make you another, Yoko.
I'm sorry.
I don't want any! Yoko? - What's HER problem? - She can't take a joke! Yeah, it joke! - Learn to read the room, lady! - Yeah, read room! It's (more or less) All done! Will this really work? It's all good! (More or less ) So, what's different? The bridge doesn't\nlook any different.
All that's left is a few last\nfine adjustments.
- Hey, that's my - Launch! Dumbass! Give us a little\nwarning first! - Well? - Incredible! In that case,\nmake it official! Right! Set course\nfor Teppelin! Aye aye! That one looks funny! It's weird! Gimmy, what's that? Oh, wow! Bubbles are coming\nout of their butts! Ship detected on the underwater radar! Closing in at high speed! It's almost directly beneath us This reading is a Gunmen! Hard right rudder! Too late! What was that?! What was that?! Submarine Fortress Gunmen: Dai-Gunkai Torpedo Gunmen 1, 2, and 3,\ndirect hits! I guess this is what they mean\nby moths flying to the flame.
I'll go out in Sayrune.
You take command\nof Dai-Gunkai.
Yes, ma'am! All right, you stinking humans! I'm gonna\nmake you regret that you shamed me! I'll send you straight\nto the bottom! #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann Open fire! Yeah! Direct hits\non all shots! No, no hits\nat all.
Enemy ship descending! Switch over to\ndepth charges! Coming right up! You got it! Detonations above\nthe port bow! Lousy humans That's pathetic.
You'll have to try harder than that! Tubes 1 through 6,\nfire! I'm going out! Cover me! Hey, wait a minute! What's going on?! The Gunmen haven't been\nwaterproofed yet! You should've said\nsomething earlier! Torpedo Gunmen to the\nleft of the ship! It's no use! It's too fast! It's way faster than\nthose torpedoes earlier! It's on a direct course! Take immediate evasive action! Major damage to No.
3 Bridge! Gimmy and Darry\nare safe! Hurry, close emergency\nbulkheads! The torpedo Gunmen is coming around\nagain for another pass! It's fast! From its shape, it's not a torpedo It's a Four Generals custom Gunmen! If this keeps up,\nwe're history! I guess our only option is to\ntake a chance with our Special.
Gurren Lagann's special regenerative\nability should make it watertight, too! Underwater combat should\nbe possible, too! - We haven't exactly confirmed that - We'll find out soon enough in the water! We're counting\non you boys! - How are we? - Leakage points, zero! We're good to go! I knew it could Is this it?! You bastard! Stinking human, challenging me\nto battle in the water was the last mistake\nyou'll ever make! General Adiane has\nthe upper hand! We are now making\nfor Dai-Gunzan.
Gurren Lagann, I had hoped\nto dispatch you personally.
But I will offer you\nto General Adiane! Vent all of my anger\non them, ma'am! Dai-Gunkai! Arm Cutters! Foot flippers destroyed! Propulsion is down! They've grabbed us! What? What are\nthey up to? Down trim full! Dive, full power! We're being\npulled under! Simon! Dai-Gurren's in trouble! Guys! Crap! Oh, so you think you can afford to divide\nyour attention while facing me, do you? Don't insult me! It's no use! She's moving too quickly! We're taking on water! So much for\nthe tough guy act.
- We're gonna drown! - We're taking on water! What do we do?! What do we do?! Everyone.
Please remain calm.
Nia? Everything will be all right.
I know that Simon will come up with something.
How do you\nknow that? Just because,\nno real reason.
Just because? It's not based on anything in particular.
I just know Simon will find a way.
That's what I think.
This is bad! Dai-Gurren is way\nbeyond its maximum depth! - It's all over! We're gonna die! - That's cold! I can't swim! Please, do something! What will you do? You and your friends will\nbe crushed flat by the water pressure! We don't have time to fool around\ndown here What?! with you and\nyour friends! What the? You're not getting away! He's fast! Bloody Clasper! Impossible! Nothing is faster\nthan me in the water! Oh, I get it! It's drilling the water! I guess soil isn't the only thing your\ndrill can move through, Simon! Gurren Lagann\nclosing in fast! Fire, fire! Oo! Impossible! This isn't over yet! Desperate times call for\ndesperate measures.
I'm going to make use of the\nprincess here a little longer! Put Nia down! Careful, now.
I dare you\nto take one step.
I'll crush her\ninto goo! - I'll shoot him.
- Wait a minute, Viral.
I have a hostage and all, so I'll\nmake them kill each other.
All right, humans! Train your\nmain guns on Gurren Lagann! Listen up.
On my signal, blow Gurren Lagann to pieces.
Or else! Yoko! And what have we here? That toy won't work on my Sayrune.
Or are you going to kill the princess\nand remove her as a bargaining chip? Yoko! Hey, Yoko! Let's not be hasty here! Don't do it, Yoko! Be quiet.
Yoko! Interesting What will you shoot next? An arm? A leg? If you make her suffer too badly, I might start to feel sorry for her! What?! My shoulder! Gramps? What are you\ndoing here? Careful! Fire at that angle,\nand you'll kill us both.
Are humans that stupid? I hate to break it to you,\nbut yeah.
We are.
To hell with it! Open fire! General Adiane! No you don't! Thymilph I'm sorry.
Let's ride this wave\nstraight to shore! She is dead? Damn you, Gurren Lagann! Damn! Damn! DAMN! Yoko, could you do\nsomething for me? Sure, what? I'd like you to\ntidy up my hair.
This stuff isn't exactly\nmy strong suit.
Don't come complaining\nto me afterwards.
It will be fine.
Another "just because"? Yes! Why did you close your\neyes back there? You are a master\nwith a rifle.
It was because I had faith in you.
Boy, what a moron No, no! I meant myself.
Okay, all done! There's something refreshing\nabout it! Yeah, I think so, too.
What do you think? It's fine, I guess.
You really think so? To Be Continued Next Time What will it take to get a smile out of\nthat boy who is looking up into the sky? I'll cook dinner\nand wait for him.
Eat Up, Everyone Next time on Gurren Lagann, "Eat Up, Everyone".