Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e13 Episode Script

Eat Up, Everyone!

1 This is the tale of a man who continues\nto fight against fate.
Simon and the others emerge victorious\nfrom their battle with Adiane the Elegant.
During the battle, Yoko learns of Nia's\ntrust in both her and Team Dai-Gurren.
Any hard feelings that Yoko harbored\nagainst Nia are now dispelled.
Team Dai-Gurren's bonds of loyalty\nhave been made even stronger.
Ah, so THIS is where\nyou've been, Simon.
Is something\nthe matter? N-No, it's just that you've\nreally changed your image.
- I knew it, I look odd.
- No, you don't! Not one bit! You mean it? I sure do! That's a relief By the way, Simon There's something\nthat I need to discuss with you.
What is it? The thing is, I I want to be\nput to work! Everyone else is toiling\naway at their tasks.
I can't bear to be the\nonly one doing nothing! I want to do something! To make myself useful! Well, you're a princess, Nia, so\nseeing you smile is enough for I'm no longer\na princess.
Oh, right.
Um Simon! What's this I hear about you\ngoing without a meal all day? It's no big deal.
I grab a bite when I get hungry.
Unacceptable! You're the only one who\ncan pilot Lagann! What would we do if you passed out\nor something when we needed you? Eating properly is part\nof your job! Eating properly\nis part of his job? Oh, I'm sorry.
Did I interrupt something? No, I have\nmy answer now! Oh, you do? Uh, you do? Anyway I'm gonna borrow Simon for a while.
I swear, you never\ngrow up I've found it.
I've found my job.
Episode 13: Eat Up, Everyone What's wrong\nwith Rossiu? I can't pinpoint the cause, but\nnothing seems physically wrong.
It might be stress\nfrom overwork.
Well, he's going out to fight in Gurren day\nafter day even though he's still a kid.
It's hardly surprising\nthat he's collapsed.
I don't really think that you're\nin a position to talk here.
What are you\ngetting at? My point is, don't you think you've been\npushing yourself too hard lately? Not really.
I'm just doing\nwhat needs to be done.
Awesome Looks like we're gonna\nget a taste of "palace food".
Nia's so cute when she's\nworking hard I've been fasting since\nyesterday to get ready! That's going a little\ntoo far, dude Wow, I'm impressed.
Nia said she wanted\nto work, too.
It's nearly ready,\neverybody! - Enemy forces? - That's what's strange.
Judging from the size, I'd say it's a battleship, but these coordinates\nindicate that it's in the air.
- The air? - Come on, that's impossible.
The radar is\nworking properly.
But if it really is an airborne enemy,\nhow do we go about attacking them? Flying Carrier Fortress Gunmen: Dai-Gunten The time has finally come\nto demonstrate my power.
Cytomander the Swift Spiral King Lordgenome,\nwatch closely! All units, advance! - Yoko! - I'm taking over for Rossiu! I'll pilot Gurren.
I can do it fine\nby myself! You don't think I'm up to it? I've been practicing! I didn't mean it\nlike that! That settles it, then! Boota! Boota? You'll go with me, huh? All right, come get some! What's the matter? Come down here! Fight me, damn it! Fight me! - Second wave closing in! - Come and get it! I'll remember this! It ain't gonna happen again! Bastards! Chew on this! Weaklings Such weaklings! They dispatched Thymilph and Adiane\nand gave even Guame a hard time, so I was unsure how formidable\nthey would be.
It's not that they are weak, but perhaps\nrather that I am too powerful! Dayakka! We're going out\nin Gurren Lagann! If you go out now,\nyou'll be sitting ducks! No! Throw us again, Leeron! - Are you sure about this? - We don't have time to argue! Don't say I didn't\nwarn you! Do it! Throwing! Damn it! Bastard! Simon, look at this! Hey, right! Maybe we can integrate it! It worked! All right! Now we can attack\nthat flying battleship! Damn, that was cool - Brother! - Outta the way! Kiyoh and Kiyal? Hey, now! All right, let's pay 'em back\nten times over! Not so fast! We want a piece of\nthis action, too! If this keeps up, we won't\nget to eat Nia's cooking.
- Her cooking, her cooking! - Her cooking, her cooking! Okay, let's show those bastards\nwhat Team Dai-Gurren is made of! Commence counterattack! - We'll fly right down their throats! - Okay! Enemy Gunmen\nclosing in fast! What? Impossible! I didn't expect to\nget to face him.
It's been a while,\nnaked ape! Is that you, Viral? Do you have\nany idea of the depths\nof my shame?! Of the humiliation of being\nthe sole survivor?! How it felt for me to beg and plead\nto take part in this battle so that I might have\nthe chance to face you?! Crap! I haven't got the\nhang of flying yet! I'll clear us\na path! Are you kidding me?! Yoko! You're not getting away! Viral and the enemy Gunmen have crashed\ninto the levi-sphere control room! They've what?! Yoko? Why the worried look? Don't worry,\nit's nothing serious.
Yoko! What happened\nto Kamina? Why is there only a woman\nand a child here? WHERE DID KAMINA GO?! My Bro is If you're looking for my Bro,\nhe's dead.
He's what? #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann He died back then? Kamina is dead? You're saying that I've\nbeen losing to you? To a mere child? You, boy.
What is your name? It's Simon.
Simon, you can't\ndo it alone! I'll be fine.
Don't worry, Yoko, I'll protect you.
That's a fine attitude.
I wouldn't want you to say you lost because\nyou had a wounded woman on board.
An insult done to me by a Gunmen\nwill be repaid in my Gunmen! That's the way I do things! No.
2 levi-sphere output falling! Unable to maintain altitude! What?! Putting up a visual now.
What do you think you're\ndoing, Viral?! Hey, they're on fire\nup there! I see that! Now's our chance! Hit 'em hard! We've taken a\npounding, too! Our main guns are gone, and the engine\nroom is seconds away from shutting down! This is so frustrating! Simon and Yoko are in the belly of the beast! What's the big idea, not backing 'em up?! I'll nail 'em with a flying kick\nif that's all we got! I'll borrow that idea\nof yours.
How can this be?! How can I be\nlosing to a mere human cub?! I'm putting an end to\nthis here, Viral! Well, I'll be.
He really CAN\nfight on his own Cytomander's Custom Gunmen: Shuzack You in the Gunmen,\nstay where you are! Otherwise, I'll crush\nthis she-ape flat! General Cytomander! How long are you going to keep\nfooling around, Viral? Forgive me, sir.
I'm not interested in hearing\nyour excuses.
Finish him! Yes, sir No, don't! Simon, keep fighting! Keep quiet! You're playing dirty, Viral! This happens every single time! Is this how you do things, Viral?! Leeron, are you SURE\nyou want to do this? Just this once! Hold it together! You can count\non me! Dai-Gurren! Full speed ahead! Damn you, what are you\nplaying at? I mustn't settle things with\nthe human in this manner.
Have you lost\nyour mind, Viral? I see you've forgotten your debt\nto me for discovering you Viral! - It's a flying kick! - Dodge it, dodge it! It didn't work,\nwe just clipped them! We ain't done yet! Viral, you bastard! Yoko, are you okay? Yeah, somehow.
Boota protected me.
What about\nthe guys? Why, that looks like a flying device! Perfect timing! Grab it! Yoink! What the hell\nis going on?! We lost No.
1 levi-sphere! We can't maintain level flight! Do whatever it takes\nto keep us level! Y-Yes, sir! Viral, you will pay\ndearly for this.
Yes, sir - The enemy ship? - It's retreating.
Looks like we managed\nto drive them off.
Say, Simon,\ndid you know? I kinda had a thing\nfor Kamina.
Yeah, I knew.
You did, huh? Your bones and organs\nseem okay.
A little bed rest,\nand you'll be good as new.
It can be a pain,\nbeing this tough.
Yoko, are you all right? I'm fine, I'm fine! Leeron's overreacting, that's all.
Don't worry.
Thank goodness If you're hungry, let's all eat\nthe dinner I made earlier! Weren't you listening? Eating properly is part of your job! Go on, shoo! - I'll come by later.
- I'll come visit, too.
- Rossiu? - Rossiu? The thing is It all started yesterday.
I was walking by, and Nia asked me\nto be her taste tester.
Its taste was not\nof this world.
However, Nia looked so happy\nas she was cooking that I could not bring myself\nto come out and say it was awful.
And so, I sampled\nevery last dish Ah, that's what\ncaused it.
- Oh, no! - Oh, no! There is plenty\nto go around! Eat up, everyone.
It's great! The operation's failure rests entirely\non this man's insubordination.
In addition to being incompetent,\nhe is defiant, as well! A fool beyond any hope\nof redemption! I ask that you sentence him\nto death! Majesty! If you order me to die, I will gladly obey.
But before then, there is something\nthat I must know! Restrain yourself, Viral! Very well.
Ask your question.
Are the humans truly creatures\nthat are inferior to Beastmen? These humans\nwhat the hell are they?! - Cytomander, leave us.
- Sire? I will see to\nthis man.
Y-Yes, sire.
Beastmen are imperfect\ncreatures, indeed To maintain their powerful bodies,\nit is absolutely essential for them to go into a deathlike sleep, during\nwhich time their cells rejuvenate.
If one were to stay awake,\nevery cell in his body would die.
Spiral King, it is you who\ngave us Beastmen life.
Why would you give us\nsuch flawed bodies? What are humans? Do you really wish\nto know the answer? Do you, Viral? Yes! To Be Continued Next Time No matter how thick the wall,\nit will eventually crumble.
With that belief in our hearts, we continue\nto pound away at it together.
Well Met, Everyone Next time on Gurren Lagann, "Well Met, Everyone".