Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e14 Episode Script

Well Met, Everyone

1 One Month Later Bro I can never be you, but I'm going off to do what only I can do.
The things that only Simon the Digger can do.
It's almost time for them to get started.
I'll come back to visit once this is all over.
Welcome back.
Did you do what you needed to do? Welcome back! Simon, welcome back! Yeah.
Are you done with repairs to Dai-Gurren's levi-sphere? Just about.
We'll be neck and neck with their starting time.
Let's hurry.
I have a feeling that they'll be pulling out all the stops today.
You're right.
If we don't end this soon, we'll come apart at the seams.
Don't worry.
We'll win, count on it.
You mean it? But look at how big that is! I mean it! Who the hell do you think we are? Battle for Teppelin Day 6 It is said that the god who once created the world in seven days created man on the sixth day.
Sire? Ah, that is from one of the ancient holy scriptures.
This is the sixth day since that rabble arrived here.
A perfect sign, Sire.
In that case, I ask that I be given that task, Sire.
Dai-Gunten will take the lead.
It is all yours.
To a young pup of 200 years, I see that this is still just an exciting game.
I must say, they're a tenacious bunch.
No matter how many times we stomp on them, they sprout again like weeds.
That is what makes them so terrifying.
And this in spite of the fact that I sealed them in the depths of the earth so they would never again take root on the surface.
It must be the power of the spiral.
For crying out loud They don't even realize that this power will lead to their destruction.
Ignorance Even so, it is what allows them to fight.
I pity them.
Episode 14: Well Met, Everyone.
Flying Carrier Fortress Gunmen: Dai-Gunten Enemy battleship detected overhead! It's Dai-Gunten! Damn! They're here sooner than usual! - Levi-sphere status? - Leeron! How's it coming?! Leeron! We are now inside Dai-Gunten's firing range! What's the holdup, Leeron?! Okay, thanks for your patience! Repairs are complete! Rapid ascent! Take us up! They dodged them, eh? Scramble bomber Gunmen squadrons! Dai-Gunten has launched Gunmen! Count, five! No, eight! Um, twelve? Um Um Lots! No prob! With big guns, quantity counts more than precision! We're not hitting 'em We'll send up our Gunmen, too! - All right, that's our cue! - Our cue You better keep up, Kittan! Hey, who the hell do you think I am? The mighty Kittan, oldest brother of the Black Siblings, right? Kiyoh? What do you think you're doing? I'm here, too! Kiyal? You, too? Come on, you're shorthanded, right? You little twerp, this isn't a training exercise! That's a Four Generals jumbo battleship out there! There's no guarantee that any of us will come back alive! - That's exactly why we're going.
- Besides, we want to avenge Kamina.
You guys Kiyoh! Kiyal! I'll watch over Dai-Gurren, so go out there and give 'em hell! All right, you got it! Let's go show 'em what the Black Siblings are made of! Yeah! Throwing! Sorry for the delay, Gurren Lagann.
Launch! Simon, we're counting on you.
Let's get out there, Simon! Right! Let's do it! Gunmen squadron, follow me! Well, well, the amateur's turned into a first-rate commander! Listen up! We'll handle the cannon fodder! You nail that battleship! I'm on it! - Okay, let's do it! - Yeah! - Okay, Kiyal, time to combine! - Okay! King Kittan Deluxe! - Let's do it! - Yeah! Gunmen squadron has made contact with enemy Gunmen! Good.
We'll let Simon and the others take care of the airborne units.
How are things going? We managed to evade their opening gambit, but things are just getting started.
Enemies also detected on the surface ahead! Impregnable Fortress Gunmen: Dai-Gundo That's the other enemy battleship! Dai-Gundo? So, they've finally sent out both battleships against us.
Have a good taste of my heavy bombardment Gunmen squad.
Take evasive action! Easier said than done! It's a hail of bullets to either side! Crap! This is bad! Dai-Gurren's taking a beating! Can't a few of you head back?! Get real! We don't have time to Simon? Leave these guys to me! You go help Dai-Gurren! Quit screwing around! Are you trying to grandstand or something?! If we lose Dai-Gurren now, we won't be able to take on that behemoth, Teppelin! Then we should at least split up the squadron! That won't work! If we thin out our offensive capabilities, we'd lose fights that we could have won! Okay, you win.
All right, we're all going! Let's smash those surface Gunmen! Yeah! Simon, these guys are all yours.
I'll handle 'em! What a fool! What do you think you can do with a single Gunmen, naked ape? Just try me! That was interesting, human, I'll give you that! Simon, are you all right? You've got to pace yourself! Yeah, I'll take a quick break.
You handle these.
He's willing to kill his own men? Rossiu! Lob it back at them! Right! Not bad, human! But we're just getting started! You still have to face the mighty Cytomander in his Shuzack! Damn! Simon! That's a Four Generals custom Gunmen! And it looks like Gurren Lagann's power levels are falling! Aretenborough! I've been firing and firing for a while now! Move it, you jerks! You're in the way! They're acting as shields for the others It was a valiant effort, naked ape.
Crap! It's no use! It looks like we used too much power all at once! Bro It's all over! What the hell?! It's fire from ship cannons! What happened to my shield Gunmen?! Sir, the fire isn't coming from just one ship! What?! Now! Where's that fire coming from? From the east! On the eastern horizon, it's That's It's Bro's flag! Do you read me, members of Team Gurren? Who are you? We saw those pictures that were floating in the air! Back in that trap? I'm Bachown, and I've come running from Dokkanai Village to the south! I'm Basilia from Hatesai Village! Good to meet you! I'm Sawbow, and I've come from the east! We've been jacking enemy battleships, too! You mean you guys are reinforcements? That big-ass ship up there is the head honcho, yeah? All turrets, cut loose! Reinforcements! Reinforcements are here! Listen up, people! We can't let them have all the fun! We'll smash all the ground units! Make your shots calm, quick, and clean! C'mon, is that all you got?! H-Humans? They're humans?! When did this horde of humans get here?! Direct hits to armor plating! No.
3 ventral levi-sphere damaged! Output is falling! General Cytomander! I suggest a temporary withdrawl! All right, you've had your fun Now, allow me to show you what Shuzack is made of! A knife? Punch it! Dai-Gunten is falling this way! It's on a collision course! No time to evade! Cytomander, you were a fool of a hatchling We did it We did it! We sent two of 'em straight to hell! - All that's left is Teppelin, the Capital! No, not yet! I'm still reading something! #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann A huge explosion like that, and there's not a scratch on it! That thing's hard as a rock! Dai-Gundo's running away! Victory is ours! It's too soon to celebrate, idiot! Blow it to pieces right away! With that armor, nothing we throw at it will work.
I wonder what it's doing? It's spinning! Something came out! Looks like it's time to tidy up.
This is just a last act of desperation! It proves we have 'em on the ropes! Continue the charge! Spin, spin! This is my and Dai-Gundo's Carousel of Death! Energy influx from Teppelin holding steady! - Conversion efficiency over 300%! - Area of effect is expanding! Growing from 4000 to 5000! Keep this up and wipe all traces of these humans from the surface! So, Teppelin and Dai-Gundo combined, and are generating a powerful energy barrier Huh? What? It means that if we don't stop Dai-Gundo's spinning, we'll never get close to Teppelin! - Hold on tight! - Sis! Son of a bitch! What the hell is this?! Damn Beastmen! Don't screw with us humans! Bachown! Simon! It's no use.
We have to do something about that whirlwind! We can't let Bachown's death be for nothing! - We have to go! - We'll ram it, too! Hey! What are you people doing? Are those guys morons?! Hurry! Stop them! I can't! Communications are down because of that whirlwind! If we don't hurry, they'll be wiped out! Please stop! Well met, everyone.
I'm Nia, head cook of Team Gurren.
Looks like they've stopped.
As you can see, Teppelin is surrounded by a tornado-like barrier of light at the moment.
If we don't do something about it, you will blow up just like those gentlemen just did.
Please be patient for a little while.
What good is waiting gonna do?! The whirlwind will stop soon.
Simon will stop it for us.
I say this because Simon's drill is the drill that will break through the heavens! Brother, you moron! Simon? Now that you mention it, there's been no sign of Gurren Lagann anywhere Hey, that's right! Where did Gurren Lagann go? Simon, this is a sneak attack, so we have to get it right the first time! I know! Enemy unit closing in! Beneath us! It's underground! What? It's not working! We're just lifting it up, we're not penetrating the armor! Give it time! My and Kamina's Gurren Lagann can do more than that! Please, Gurren Lagann! If you have a mind, respond to me! Have Dai-Gundo reverse thrust! Reverse thrust, sir? That's right! Flatten them! Gurren Lagann, it's Been crushed? My, my, what a disappointing end to things Still, I suppose I should congratulate these humans for a valiant effort Just a minute, sir! I still hear something! Hear what? It's a rasping noise It's a drill! Thanks, pal.
That impact just now drove the tip of my drill inside! This is just a last act of desperation.
He can't possibly beat my Dai-Gundo's spinning.
We'll see about that! S-Stop! Dai-Gundo mustn't be spun around the other way! Round and round Round and round Are you watching, Lordgenome? Your humble servant Guame is still spinning! That crazy S.
Simon actually did it! The whirlwind has disappeared! You did it, Simon Okay, people! All that's left now is to level Teppelin, so Huge buildings are falling this way! What's going on? - Teppelin, it's - It's crumbling on its own? It's huge What in the world is going on? I-I don't believe it! It's a A huge face? To Be Continued Next Time I've come all this way, just to tell him this.
That the other humans and I have just as much right to be on this world.
I Will Walk Towards Tomorrow Next time on Gurren Lagann, "I Will Walk Towards Tomorrow".