Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e15 Episode Script

I Will Head Towards Tomorrow

1 Huge buildings are falling this way! What in the world is happening?! This is the tale of a man who continues to fight against fate.
Damn! Gabal, fall back! Aye, aye! What the hell is going on? What IS all this?! Brother! Quit your squealing, just run! Simon! We should evacuate to a safe location, too! Y-Yeah.
I don't believe it It can't be At that very moment, fate took shape and revealed itself to the men.
A Gunmen?! Gurren Lagann Episode 15: I Will Walk Towards Tomorrow Look at the size of that thing! This has to be against some rule or other I'm getting something from Teppelin's old location! The pattern is It can't be! What's wrong? This signature is It's Gurren Lagann! What?! I'm picking up another reading that's completely identical to Gurren Lagann's! What's that? That's Father! Nia? That means That's the Spiral King, Lordgenome That's him! I just need to defeat him! That's the whole thing? Is that all you have, human? Simon! Nice catch! Ow - Simon, are you okay? - Yeah, somehow I can't believe that the drill tip couldn't penetrate that.
Simon, do this for me.
Take me to my father! Nia? I want to speak to my father.
That's crazy! Lordgenome isn't going to let us get anywhere near him! We should focus on working out a long-range attack plan, not getting close enough to have a chat! Rossiu, have you forgotten? This girl has come all this way to give her father a piece of her mind.
But that's When a girl sets her mind to something, a good man is obliged to let her do it.
Please, I beg you! Sure! Let's go, Nia! Are you serious, Simon? You better believe it! I'm coming, too, Simon! If I don't give that guy a swift kick in the ass, I won't be able to live with myself! - Yeah! - What he said! I hate to break it to you, but that doesn't seem likely.
Say what?! Rossiu was right.
They aren't going to let us just walk up to him.
How many of those damn things are there? I like the looks of this, Kiyoh! Yeah.
With this many enemies, we can finally show the world what the Black Siblings are capable of.
You guys Ain't that right, brother? Yeah, it sure is.
But she's wrong about one thing.
It ain't the power of the Black Siblings that we're gonna show 'em.
It's the power of Team Dai-Gurren! Yeah! Get going, Simon! We'll open up a path for Dai-Gurren! Kittan Give that guy a few whacks for us, too! I will.
Thanks, Simon.
- Here we go! - Ready! Like I forgot how I was before I met you Dai-Gurren, lift off! Lifting off! If I could only forget the days I spent with you we are still here looking for the light Here they come! watching over us tenderly Outta the way! You won't beat us! You won't beat us! Somewhere among the countless star dust happiness might be a little unhappiness because we always recognize that it was a happiness only after it's gone I guess I can make it up even from now - There's a thin patch on the right! - Good! Don't miss this chance! My one and only wish We can do it if Gurren Lagann pools its strength with Dai-Gurren! After I cried same times as I breathed Oh? The end result will be the same.
there waited everlasting world without you - Let's do it! - Let's do it! - Open fire! - Open fire! We are still here living our lives holding only wounds and words as a guidepost that won't heal or can't be said even after 100 years - Fire the Knife Anchor! - Fire the Knife Anchor! happiness might be a little unhappiness because we always recognize that it was a happiness only after it's gone i guess i can make it up even from now We did it! I guess I can make it up even from now We got you to where you were going, Simon.
My one and only wish Explosion in the engine room! My one and only wish Fires breaking out in main shaft and generator room! Fires breaking out in main shaft and generator room! Ron! That last burst was all we had.
It's okay, that's all we needed.
Let's put the old girl to bed.
What's wrong? What was that explosion? Don't worry about us, Simon.
You go to Lordgenome.
Happiness is nothing but a humble little thing Don't worry about us, Simon.
You go to Lordgenome.
Yeah, but Hurry up and get going! Yoko Go, Simon.
That's what we've all been working so hard for.
Happiness is something precious I understand.
that we always recognize what it was only after it's gone Okay, Dai-Gurren.
Time for your last job.
I guess i can make it up even from now I guess i can make it up even from now Set the timers on the explosives in the powder magazine! I guess I can make it up even from now Set! Detonate! I will never stop going after my one and only wish Emergency ejection! It's all up to you now, Simon.
Well, I see that you've somehow managed to arrive, man of the Spiral.
Lordgenome! Nicely dodged! I expected nothing less, Simon! Viral! #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann I'm a whole new man today.
What? I have a new body that can go on fighting indefinitely without needing sleep! I've overcome the limits of the Beastmen! This place will be your grave, Simon! What?! T-This isn't possible! How can this be?! Why?! Why can't I beat him?! Viral, you poor creature.
Majesty? The power I gave you isn't meant to overcome humans.
M-Majesty To begin with, no Beastman will ever be a match against a human who has acquired the power of the Spiral.
Viral, it's true that I gave you a body that cannot die.
But it was not so that you could fight.
It is so you could be a storyteller who will recount for all time the victory of the Spiral King.
Your storyteller? Stay where you are and observe.
Observe the fate of a foolish human.
And until the end of time, tell your listeners of the futility of raising the flag of rebellion against the Spiral King.
Ah, Nia.
It has been a long time, Father.
You're looking well.
I didn't expect to see your face again.
Why are you doing this, Father? You drive humans underground, and kill them if they come to the surface.
It is horrible! Why would you do such a cruel thing? Oh, ignorance is a frightening thing.
You might believe yourselves to be fighting on the side of righteousness, but I am the one who is protecting this world.
It is I, Lordgenome, who is the guardian of humanity.
What are you saying? There can be no such thing as a guardian who kills his charges.
Don't you see that there is something wrong with this world? Nia, this world that I have created is the only path to ensure humanity's survival.
You and your friends have strayed from that path, and I cannot allow that to continue.
For the sake of humanity, you must die.
The Spiral power is strong within you.
Yet you are unaware that such power leads only to destruction.
Allow me to teach you.
Teach you how foolish that is.
You are not the only one who possesses the power of the Spiral.
I will show you what true Spiral power is.
Using my Lazengann.
Father? That's That's a Gurren Lagann-type! Spiral King's Personal Gunmen: Lazengann This is the source of the identical Gurren Lagann reading? Nia, I have no choice but to fight him.
There was once a man who fought as you do.
He also was unaware that his actions would doom humanity to extinction.
What do you mean? You don't need to know.
After all, you will be dead soon.
GIGA DRILL BREAK! Impossible! It's hopeless We can't possibly beat him Don't give up! Rejecting common sense to make the impossible possible is the Team Gurren way.
Rossiu, have faith in me.
Believe in the Simon who believes in you.
We still have some fight left in us! You have strength enough to get back to your feet, I see.
Even so, it's a wasted effort.
We'll see about that! - Rossiu! - I'm all right! I'm not helpless Now's your chance, Simon! Use Lagann! Got it.
You're in my way.
LAGANN IMPACT! You hope to incorporate my Lazengann, too, do you? He self-destructed? Well, well.
I see that it was not a fluke that you made it this far.
However, your mischief ends here.
Now that you have lost your body, you don't have the slightest hope of winning.
Quit your yammering! I'm not gonna lose.
Every member of Team Dai-Gurren believes in me.
The me that my Bro believed in, the me that I believe in isn't possibly gonna lose to the likes of you! You don't say.
In that case, I will pull out all the stops to crush you! I should have known I couldn't trust a Gunmen to do the job! Simon! I can't produce any more drills! What's the matter? Has your Spiral run dry? Simon! Simon, if our faith in you is what gives you your strength, then I'll believe in you with all my heart! So, please! Win! I haven't had this much fun in a long time, boy.
Now, back into the dirt with you! A Core Drill?! My name is Simon.
Simon the Digger, leader of Team Dai-Gurren.
If you decide to be a wall that's standing in my way, there's something that will open a hole in you every time! And that something is my drill! I see Your Spiral power outstripped my own.
You will come to regret it once you learn its importance.
Lordgenome I will leave you with this warning.
When the land comes to overflow with a million apes, the moon shall become Hell's messenger and destroy the world of the Spiral.
What do you mean?! Father! Farewell, Father.
I will walk towards tomorrow.
Simon! What happened? All enemy Gunmen have stopped moving! You mean it's over? Wow! You did it, Simon! Simon It's Gurren Lagann! They're all right! They're coming home! Can you hear? My voice uselessly swallowed up by the darkness if this world has any meaning does my feeling like this also mean something? Squashed by my aspirations I was giving up without even knowing the colors of this boundless sky because i still can feel my heart knocking on my chest just like when it all started the person I am today will build our own tomorrow yes, the answer is always right here Battle of Teppelin The 7th Day Teppelin, the Royal Capital: Fallen To Be Continued Some More! Next Time Next time on Gurren Lagann! We'll relate memories of past battles! Watch and learn! This is how compilation episodes should be done! Compilation Episode