Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e16 Episode Script

Compilation Episode

1 Episode 16: Compilation Episode Underground village Don't call me Kamina, call me "Bro"! Day after day Yours is the drill that will break through the vault of heaven! he digs through the dirt.
I don't run from anything His parents are dead.
Oh, right.
I forgot what happened to you.
Up on the surface, there ain't no ceiling! Somewhere that isn't here When they speak of that paragon of masculinity, they're talking about ME, the mighty Kamina! there's a wide open world.
Dumbass! Reject common sense to make the impossible possible! That's the way Team Gurren rolls, right? He's tough, kind, and big.
Farewell, Jeeha Village! We're off to the surface! Off to the surface I saw as a kid! I want to be like my Bro.
I'm Kamina, and this is Simon.
Listen up, you walking faces! Having left his homeland, he never yields, never retreats, and never regrets! He was still a child.
When you're ready, come up and join me.
Until then! Goodbye for now, Kamina! His father's back.
You got here just in time, blood brother! He takes over That body gives me chills every time I look at it! Oh, yeah! It's all about the fighting spirit! an enemy Gunmen! Let's see some more spirit! Don't screw with me, you Gunmen bastards! Who the hell do you think I am?! All right, you two! Get back! You came from the surface, right? Pretty much.
That's awesome.
So, that's a weapon they use on the surface, huh? A dangerous woman.
Damn, you got a fine body! Surface chicks are a breed apart! A new companion.
It's Yoko.
That's my name.
I never introduced myself, did I? Hold us steady, Simon! Hold us steady, I said! Sheesh! A powerful rival Human Race Mop-up Forces, Far East Theater Commander Viral.
appears! You're not getting away! I never turn my back on an enemy! That bravado will get you killed.
What was Damn, you dodged it Impressive, you managed to injure me.
But a sneak attack is just a sneak attack.
It's only a surprise once.
It's over! A showdown at high noon.
Don't put yourself out on our account.
If he isn't beaten here, we'll lose our home.
You're members of Team Gurren! I'm not gonna let this guy take you out! You never learn any new tricks do you?! On your feet.
Who do you think you are, having two faces! Time for the last resort! It's time to break out the you-know-what! The what? Sorry, I don't know what.
Dumbass! What else would I be talking about?! We're gonna combine! Manly combining is about fighting spirit! The beauty of soaring through the air! Brotherly Combining! Gurren Lagann! You're being awfully understanding! Warriors of the Capital prize decorum above all else! The Capital? It is the sole example of civilization on the surface, ruled by the Spiral King! Spiral King? Civilization, huh? Royal Capital I am one of the Spiral King's Four Generals Thymilph the Raging Wave.
Spiral King Yoko, watch my back.
I'll crush anything that comes at me from up ahead.
So I need you to deal with anything from behind.
Your back is one big blind spot, isn't it? What are you I'll pay that back ten times over.
When we get back, I'll repay that ten times over.
Mark my words.
What's with you? Don't you think you could phrase that a little more romantically? Now, let's head out there and raise a little hell! Take over Dai-Gunzan! We have the edge in spirit, too! Get in there, Simon! You're Gonna Do lt! Lagann lmpact! That was close! General Thymilph, you're in danger here! What are you trying to do?! We merged 'em! We merged our Lagann with your Dai-Gunzan! You've what?! That behemoth is now ours! Damn you, Kamina, you set us up! Yeah, that I did! I put our luck and our mettle to the test! I can't do it.
You guys keep the Gunmen pinned down! I'll see what I can do about Simon! Yeah! Open the hatch, Simon! Let's see you grit those teeth! Bro? Have you snapped out of it? If you ever start to doubt yourself, I'll always come to belt you one.
So don't worry, I'm here at your side.
Believe in yourself.
Believe in the Simon that I have faith in.
I can never be like you, Bro You got it! Bro? Kamina?! I won't hand over my Dai-Gunzan so easily! Thymilph?! Damn, I didn't That day, we lost something that could never be replaced.
#Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann #Encodergasm Presents Gurren Lagann I can't do it I can never be like you, Bro They seek out the light, even though only death awaits them.
It is enough to make me despair at the nature of these creatures called humans.
The Spiral King's daughter Nia.
Hail fellow well met! Why are you the same as I am? You have no tail, nor fangs or scales.
A meeting amidst despair.
Your skin is soft, as well.
Well, that's only natural.
I'm a human being.
"Human being"? Right.
A human being.
A human.
A person.
And what, exactly, is a human? How do you do? My name is Nia.
And what is your name? Enemy pursuit.
There's no escape, human scum.
I know that voice Wha? That idiot, is she trying to get herself killed? Stop this, Adiane! First Princess Nia, daughter of Spiral King Lordgenome, orders you! Leave us, Adiane the Elegant! Are you aware of who I am? Termination orders.
You piss me off, you flake! If you wanna go, take your own sorry ass there! Do you hate me, as well? Hate you? I couldn't care less about you.
I was told to kill you, so that's what I'm going to do! Then if my father told you to die, would you do that, as well?! You are wrong! These people have done nothing wrong! Don't you think that there is something wrong with that? NO, I DON'T! Your father says he has grown tired of you.
Like a doll? I'm told that you asked him, "Why was I born?" That was a bad move.
His Majesty detests human self-awareness.
The valley of discarded princesses.
Who can blame him? Why would a puppet, a plaything, need self-awareness? I am just like that doll That's right.
And once he grows tired of them, they're discarded.
Just like you were Simon will protect me.
You aren't your Bro, Simon.
I think you should just be yourself.
Listen, Simon.
Never forget this.
Believe in yourself.
Not in the Simon that I have faith in.
Not in the Kamina that you believe in, either.
- Believe in the Simon who believes in you! He won't lose to the likes of you.
He will never lose to the likes of you! Nia! I'm here to rescue you! Come on! Simon! Sorry I took so long.
I understand now! So do I.
Thank you, Simon! My Bro is dead.
He's gone.
But he's on my back! In my heart! He lives on as part of me! Believe in yourself! If you're gonna dig, dig to breach the heavens.
Even if it's my own grave I'm digging, I keep going! Once I've dug my way through, that means I've won! What? What are you talking about? Who the hell do you think I am? I'm Simon.
I'm not my Bro, Kamina.
I'm ME! Simon the Digger! Finishing Move! That move, it was GIGA DRILL BREAK! The invincible drill.
Put Nia down! General Adiane! No you don't! The power of the spiral.
Reawakened humans Damn you, Gurren Lagann! Damn! Damn! DAMN! go on the offensive.
The time has finally come to demonstrate my power.
Spiral King Lordgenome, watch closely! All units, advance! A route.
It worked! How can this be?! How can I be losing to a mere human cub?! What are humans? Do you really wish to know the answer? Do you, Viral? Yes! I can never be you, but I'm going off to do what only I can do.
The things that only Simon the Digger can do.
Towards the final battle What's the matter? Has your Spiral run dry? Simon! Simon, if our faith in you is what gives you your strength, then I'll believe in you with all my heart! So, please! Win! The Spiral King, Lordgenome I haven't had this much fun in a long time, boy.
Now, back into the dirt with you! A Core Drill?! And that something is my drill! I see Your Spiral power outstripped my own.
Lordgenome I will leave you with this warning.
When the land comes to overflow with a million apes, the moon shall become Hell's messenger and destroy the world of the Spiral.
What do you mean?! Father! Farewell, Father.
I will walk towards tomorrow.
The royal capital Teppelin falls.
Humanity has broken through the heavens.
And beyond it lies Kimi ni au mae no jibun wo wasureta mitai ni Like I forgot how I was before I met you Kimi ga ita koro no kioku wo wasurerareta nara donna ni ii darou If I could only forget the days I spent with you We are still here looking for the light Kazoekirenai hoshikuzu no naka Watching over us tenderly Dokoka de sotto mimamotte kureteru hikari wo Somewhere among the countless star dust Bokura ha ima mo koko de sagashiteru Shiawase ha itsudatte ushinatte hajimete Happiness is nothing but a humble little thing That we always recognize what it was only after it's gone Shiawase to kidzuku sasayaka na koto Happiness is something precious Shiawase ha itsudatte nakushite hajimete That we always recognize what it was only after it's gone Shiawase to kidzuku taisetsu na koto Ima datte kitto mada ma ni au hazu dakara I guess I can make it up even from now I will never stop going after my one and only wish Negai ha tatta hitotsu dokomademo oikakeru yo Next Time Seven years have passed.
People are indulging themselves in these days of peace, not knowing that their empty stomachs are being filled with the wine of ruin.
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